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Party All Night

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Debbie and I decided to meet a guy (Kelly) that we had chatted with online. We set up a time to meet at a bar in a local hotel.

We checked into the hotel just before dinnertime and began to get ready for the evening. Debbie was in the bathroom getting ready when she stuck her head out and recommended that we “warm-up” before meeting with Kelly. She wanted to have both holes filled tonight and she needed to get loosened up in advance. A minute later she came out of the bathroom, completely naked and climbed onto the king size bed. There she was, on all fours, waiting for her “warm-up”.

Without saying a word, I stripped off my clothes and moved to the edge of the bed behind her. I grabbed her hips and just admired her beautiful ass for a minute and then went down to alternately lick and tongue her pussy and ass. She moved with my motions and began to moan softly. After a few minutes of juicing her up, I stood up and moved in behind her. My cock was hard enough to cut diamonds.

I pushed the head of my cock against her ass. The precum oozed out and I began to rub it in with my cock as it circled her tight little bud. A gentle push here and there and then soon the head had penetrated the rim. She moaned slightly and steadied herself for what was to come. Slowly and surely I pushed my cock in deeper and deeper. A little at a time, until my entire shaft was buried in her sweet asshole.

I began to slowly thrust in and out of her ass and she began to loosen. Soon, Debbie was rubbing her clit wildy and begging me to fuck her ass harder, faster and deeper. I obliged, picking up the pace and slamming in and out of her ass. I would pump her hard and fast for a few moments and then switch to slow long strokes. Her ass was so ready and wanting that I could pull completely out and then slam back in with complete ease. The first orgasm hit her hard. I felt her body shudder and and she screamed “OOOH FUUCK!” and then a in whispery voice said, “baby you fuck my ass ssooo good..mmmm”

I thought to myself “you’re not kidding”. I felt like I could fuck her ass all night long, anyway she wanted it and for as long as she wanted it.

NOTE:When I fuck her ass, I feel like I can cum on demand or hold off as long as needed. If I was fucking her pussy, my cock would be begging to explode much sooner.

Anyway, I slowed my thrusts to long and slow movements and she quickly began to recover from her first orgasm. Soon she was telling me again, “c’mon baby…fuck my ass harder….deeper……deeper.”

I answered, “ok baby, I’ll fuck your ass good. When you get ready to cum….tell me and we’ll cum together. I’ll fill your ass with a HOT load!”

We were really going now. Slamming my cock in and out of her ass while she furiously rubbed her clit. The moment was building and in a few minutes she grunted “I’m cumming baby…I’m cumming!!!!” Her body shuddered slightly and her asshole tightened around my cock. I began to deliver my load deep into her ass. I came like a firehose in her ass… four or five powerful blasts and then draining the remaining cum from my balls. I could feel it overflowing from her ass. She moved her hand from her clit and captured some of the overflow – rubbing it into my balls. She then said, in a quiet voice “ok baby, now I’m ready for tonight”.

We got cleaned up, dressed and went down to the bar to wait for Kelly.

The bar was dark and relatively quiet. It was still early and there was only four or five patrons, mostly sitting at the bar. We took a table near the empty dance floor. The bartender came up and took our order. She was a gorgeous young blond girl with at tight tee shirt that had “PARTY ALL NIGHT” across the front.

Soon we noticed a young guy enter the bar as if looking for someone. It was dark, but as he got closer we recognized his face from the picture. We introduced ourselves and began to talk and relax.

Kelly was blond, medium build and had a “boyish” face. He was 31 years old but looked much younger. The bartender carded him when he asked for a drink. We talked for a while and in a very soon we all felt like we had known each for a long time. It was clear that Debbie was interested and couldn’t wait to see his “package”.

We have another round of drinks and then left the bar, got into the elevator and headed up to the room. As the elevator began to rise, Debbie took her left hand and reached under her short black skirt, (I knew she didn’t have any panties on) she rubbed for a moment and then brought out her wet fingers and stuck them in Kelly’s mouth. As he tasted her juices, it was clear that he was turned on. He dropped to his knees and turned Debbie around so that she was facing me. As I watched he raised her skirt, parted her ass cheeks and begin to tongue her. I watched her eyes and smiled as she enjoyed the tongue action. Just as I was about ready to slip down and join the action, the elevator door opened.

We went to the room and as soon as we got in the door, Debbie began undressing Kelly. As she pulled down his pants, his 8 in. cock sprang to attention. He hadn’t even stepped out of his pants before she was working her magic on his cock. Now Debbie knows how to suck a cock – she is an artist. She worked the shaft, nibbled on the head, licked his balls and then began to deep throat him. After a minute or so, you could tell he wanted to put his cock in her so bad. Probably still tasted her sweet juices.

I interrupted her gently, pulled her to her feet, turned her towards me and kissed her deeply. Kelly used the opportunity to move up close behind her and start to feed his big cock between her legs. She leaned slightly forward and mimicked the movement of his cock with her tongue. As he pushed into her, she pushed her tongue farther into my mouth.

We all got the rest of our clothes off and jumped on the bed. Debbie got on all fours and took Kelly’s dripping, rock hard tool in her mouth. Kelly began fucking her face. His going in and out for the full length. I moved under Debbie in a 69 position and started to lick her pussy and ass. I am jamming my tongue in and out of her holes as he is filling her mouth. Soon, I felt her mouth working my shaft. As she began to suck my cock, Kelly moved around to fill her doggie-style. As he pushed his cock into her pussy, it rubbed across my forehead, and pushed my tongue out of its way.

Now, I’m not bi, but I said – what the fuck…if it feels good….do it. For the next few minutes Kelly and I took turns filling Debbie pussy with his cock and then my tongue. All the while she was working up a fever pitch on my cock. I was about to explode and didn’t want that to happen, so I moved out from under her and moved around beside Kelly. He and I began to tag-team her. He would fuck her doggie-style for a few minutes and then I would mount her. We went back and forth, increasing our tempo each time.

Kelly seemed to be holding his own, but I was ready once again to explode. So, when it was my turn again, I moved up and slipped into her ass instead. I knew I could fuck her for hours that way – and so did she.

She motioned for Kelly to come around – which he did. Then she began to suck his cock again while I pounded her ass. The sucking sounds were only interrupted briefly as she would scream out “FUCK ME HARDER…DEEPER….DO IT…..DOIT.

This must have really turned Kelly on because in a few minutes we heard him gasp and say “I’m gonna cum…” He said it twice more, like a warning to her that he didn’t know if he should cum in her mouth. When he said it for the final time, she took him in her throat deeply and held him there. He shot his load into the depths of her throat and she swallowed it down and then gently sucked the last remaining drops out of his wilting cock.

As she recovered from swallowing his load, I slowed my pace and continued to thrust into her ass with slow, deep strokes. Just when I’m feeling in complete control, I feel a tingle and it is Kelly. He has moved around and under us and is alternately licking Debbie’s pussy and my balls as I assfuck her. At first I’m taken a little aback and then I think – “what the hell---if it feels good ----do it!”

I must admit, he had the right touch and before too long I am ready to cum. I give her three to four hard deep thrusts and then pull out and shoot my load. The first blast shoots across Debbie’s back and lands between her shoulder blades. The second and remaining ones splash on her ass crack and run down on Kelly’s chin.

We decided to get cleaned up and go back to the bar for a “last-call” drink to finish the night. The bar was a little more crowded than before, but it was very late and the crowd was thinning. We all sat at a high bar table in the corner. The blond bartender came over and took our orders, reminding us that is was last call. When she came back with the drinks she said to Debbie, “I was going to ask if you needed anything else, but it is obvious that you do!” I looked over at Debbie to see what the bartender was talking about. Debbie was turned towards Kelly, had his cock in her hand and was stroking it as she whispered in his ear. The head of his hard cock was sticking up over the top of the bar table and had gotten the bartenders attention. Then Debbie whispered something to the bartender who immediately smiled and laughed.

Debbie leaned over to me and said “we have one more thing to do tonight!”. I knew what she meant. Her and Kelly got up and started to the room and I went over to pay for the drinks. When I gave the bartender the money she said “ Looks like someone going to have some fun tonight”. I replied jokingly , “yeah…..some MORE fun and you’re welcome to join us….Room 1134”. She smiled politely and I left to go to the room.

When I got to the room the door was slightly ajar and I could easily hear what was going on inside. Debbie was bent over holding onto a nightstand and Kelly was behind her slamming his cock into her wet pussy. I could hear the sloshing sound as he pounded her. She was dripping and screaming at him to “FUCK ME HARDER……FASTER…..FASTER”. They were making so much noise that I thought we would get thrown out of the hotel. I wanted to do something to quiet things down, so I went around in front of Debbie and stuck my cock in her mouth.

We heard the door open and close and saw the Blond bartender has come into the room. Holy shit….she had taken my invitation seriously. As it turns out, here name was Cheryl and she had been a friend of Debbie’s while they were in school. The whole thing was arranged by Debbie during our first visit to the bar. Our second trip to the bar was Cheryl cue to join us.

Debbie walked over to Cheryl and began to undress her. Soon the were on the bed together, kissing each other passionately and then maneuvering into a 69 position. Kelly and I sat there transfixed as these two beautiful women enjoyed each other.

After a few minutes, Kelly and I moved over to the bed as Debbie said “Guys, I want both my holes filled at the same time – let’s do a double. Cheryl moved over to me, took my cock in her hand playfully and said “ let me help get you ready”. With that she began stroking and then sucking my cock, loudly slurping as it quickly grew to a rock hard state. “Damn,” I thought, “If her mouth is that good……..” Cheryl interrupted my thoughts by pushing back down on the bed. Debbie came over and straddled my cock and began riding it slowly. Cheryl was now working on Kelly and it didn’t take long until he was ready.

Debbie leaned forward as Kelly moved in behind her. I held still inside Debbie’s pussy as Kelly began to slowly push his cock into her ass. She would shift slightly and he would slip in deeper, until finally we both had our cocks buried inside her. I could feel Kelly’s cock rubbing against mine as we alternated our thrusts in and out. Debbie was going wild and screaming right in my face about how good it felt. Then Cheryl lowered herself into position over my head, where Debbie and I both could lick her pussy. Which we did as best as we could. For the next several minutes it was shear ecstasy. Debbie’s tongue and mine were exploring Cheryl’s pussy lips and Kelly’s cock and mine were filling Debbie.

For some reason we broke our sync and Kelly’s cock slipped out.

Cheryl comes to the rescue and soon she is riding Kelly. They are going at it hard and soon Kelly is read to cum. Debbie and I just stop and watch as Kelly reaches his climax. Cheryl lifts off him and sits forward on his stomach. His cock is sliding up and down in the crack of her ass when he begins to let go. His first cum load shoots up through the crack onto her back and then the remaining cum slowly erupts from his cock , filling Cheryl asscrack and dripping down on his balls.

Watching that just drives me nearly over the edge. I want to fuck Cheryl so bad and Debbie can tell. Debbie smiles at me and says “go ahead, finish her, but save some for me”.

I move over and gently lift Cheryl away from Kelly’s wilting, but still oozing, cock.

Cheryl get on all fours and I mount her doggie-style. God, she has a still tight, sweet pussy. I begin pumping her faster and faster and Debbie begins lightly squeezing and massaging my balls (when she can catch them!). Soon I know that I am ready to cum and I announce it loudly to at least three floors of the hotel. “GODDMAN ……I’M CUMMMINGG!!!!”

It washes over me and the first flood of hot cum gushes into Cheryl’s tight pussy. I feel Debbie pulling on me. She pulls me back. My still spurting cock comes out of Cheryl and I spew the rest of my load in Debbie’s waiting open mouth.

I am spent. Debbie licks my cock clean and then gives me a sloppy and salty kiss.

What a night.

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