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Part 3 My Wife And Her Real Estate Agent

Well, When I last left you, My wife had a husband(me), a girlfriend(Kathleen) and two boyfriends(Marc and Bob). They have been coming over more and more lately. Lets just say my wife loves the attention and the fucks.
The latest was the past Saturday. The other three came over with a bunch of other friends for a bbq. No one else knows about the set up.
My wife wore sneakers, spandex shorts and a tank top with a sports bra underneath. I could swear Marc and Bob look like they might convert to the other team. Because every opportunity, they are helping her, arms around her, trying like HELL to be alone so they can get a cheap feel.
Well the end of the night came. Kathleen and the rest went home. But of course her boy toys stayed. Lets say we were all buzzed. Lisa, my wife came over to me and sat on my lap and we made out. As we were, Marc came over and cupped her titties. Man I was rock hard. We made our way to the bedroom. Bob has been wanting to videotape it. So he set it up. The 2 of us stripped and got on the bed. I didn't want to waste time. I was obliviious to everything around me. I got on top and rammed her good. The next thing I know Someone is slapping my ass and telling me to fuck her nice and hard. After the 3rd slap, I came sooooooo much. I pulled out and Marc took my place. The noises coming from my wife were unbelieveable. Marc shot his load. He pulled out and then finally Bob came over and slopped up all the cum

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