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Paid to be watched Part 8 Slave weekend in DC

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The plane was on its final approach to Washington as Barry thought about the fateful e-mail that made this trip happen. He and Elaine, his wife had written stories about their fantasies as sex slaves. They posted the stories on a swingers website and signed them with their screen name. He clicked on his computer, opened his e-mail and there it was. ?Now if the stories are a plan for reality let us know when you come east. Think we can find lots of people who would love to have a sexual slave for the night.? It was signed M&A. He showed the message to Elaine. They never planned to act out this fantasy. But they got aroused just reading it and thinking just maybe it might be possible. After discussing it they contacted M&A to see what they had in mind. Now here they were landing in Washington DC. Since M&A bought the tickets, once they boarded the plane in LA, there was no turning back. They were instructed to bring no clothes. All they had was an overnight bag with toiletry items and make up for Elaine.

Barry noticed them as soon as he walked into baggage claim. Although they had a sign with their name on it, it wasn?t necessary. At 6?5??, M stood above the crowd and he looked just like his picture. He was in his late 50?s, with a solid build, handsome face and a beard. A was more beautiful in person. At 5?8?? she was as tall as Barry and very statuesque and appeared to be almost 20 years younger than her husband. Barry and Elaine walked up to them and introduced themselves. The other couple told them to call them M and A. All they had was their carry on pack so they immediately headed to the car. They were at the house within the hour. As soon as they walked in, M said to Barry and Elaine, ?As we explained the rules before, you will be my property this weekend. You are to serve at my pleasure and must do as you are told. The first thing I need you to do is take off you clothes and hand them to A.? Barry?s cock turned hard, with M?s authority and the anticipation of what the weekend would bring. Elaine was a little unsure but got aroused when she saw Barry?s hard cock pop out his underwear as he pulled them down. Barry thought his cock would burst watching Elaine undress in front of this strange dominating couple. It was so sensual watching her unhook her bra, exposing her breasts to M. Pulling down her panties, letting M see her fill bush aroused Barry even more. After 32 years of marriage, Barry still got turned on looking at his wife?s nude body. He knew she was beautiful woman, even at 53 years old. Noticing the bulge in M?s pants he knew he wasn?t the only one who felt that way. M took his hand to her pussy, rubbed it and placed a finger inside. Feeling that she was already wet, he told her to turn around and bend over. She grabbed the table for support as he lowered his pants to expose his already hard cock. She was surprised with his 10? length. He fumbled looking for her hole, so Elaine grabbed his cock and guided into her pussy. She rocked back to force his cock further in. He reached around her to grab her tits and play with her nipples. They got a rhythm together going back and forth, until he stopped and she felt him explode inside of her. He pulled out, and forced her on her knees so that she could suck his cock clean. When she was finished he said, ?Please rest up and be ready for 7:00. We have guests coming over tonight.?

Elaine got up took a shower and got herself ready for the evening. Barry walked behind her as she applied her make up. He put his arms around her kissed her and asked if she was OK. ?Hey, I?m looking forward to this as much as you are.? Elaine was still standing in front of the mirror, putting on the final touches of her make up when A walked into the room and put her arms around her. Looking at their reflection in the mirror, A told Elaine, ?You?re very beautiful.? She cupped Elaine?s breasts with her hands and planted kisses on the back of her neck. Elaine turned around letting A?s lips meet hers. She opened her mouth to accept A?s tongue as their bodies pressed together. A?s hands went down Elaine?s back stroking her ass, her fingers exploring her crack. A asked Elaine to remove her robe. She opened the robe and let it drop to the floor, exposing her body, all 5? 8? for Elaine. She saw Barry looking at them and told him to help M get ready for their company. He left the room. A took Elaine?s hands rubbing them over the front of her body. She placed a hand on her breast letting Elaine take her nipple and rub it between her fingers. She kissed Elaine again, took her to the bed, and placed Elaine underneath her. She kissed her face, her eyes her lips, then her breasts before she went down to Elaine?s pussy and took in her scent. She placed her tongue between her vulvas and licked the space between her asshole and clitoris. Elaine moaned and shuddered in anticipation of what was to come. A placed her clit between her lips and pulled and sucked as Elaine?s breathing increased. Her body tensed letting out a nervous laugh when she climaxed. A brought her face up to kiss Elaine again. Elaine held A?s face in her hands and said ?Thank you.? With Elaine still lying on the bed, A got on her knees and sat on her face. Letting Elaine?s tongue explore the crevices of her pussy. With Elaine?s tongue sucking her clit she noticed M standing against the wall watching. She focused on Elaine again as she pleasured her pussy. She felt her insides gush when she came. Elaine know she climaxed when A?s juice filled her mouth. Out of the corner of her eye, Elaine could see Barry kneeling in front of M as he watched them. M came into the room knelt Barry down in front of him and fucked his mouth while feasting his eyes on A making love to Barry?s wife. Watching his wife convulse while sitting on Elaine?s face, excited M as he filled Barry?s mouth with his cream. He told Barry to swallow it and had him lick his cock clean with his tongue. A and Elaine watched as Barry sucked J?s hard cock clean.

A told Barry and Elaine to get cleaned up and report to the kitchen to help prepare for her company. Barry and Elaine got everything ready. The tables were prepared, the bar was stocked, and the appetizers were warming in the oven as they waited for the guests. The bell rang and M told Elaine to answer it. Elaine opened the door to two couples. Both were in their mid to late 50?s. The men were tall, both over 6?, handsome faces with middle-aged bodies. She felt herself get wet as she looked at them and thought about the evening. Staring at their faces, she didn?t see the hand come towards her and was pleasantly startled when she felt the finger rub her pussy and then find it?s way inside. Standing there, she spread her legs ever so slightly to ease their entrance and let them explore her insides. She looked to the women for their reaction and saw them smile as she caught their eye. They were both tall, almost 5?10?. The Blonde woman was better looking than the brunette, but Elaine thought they were both attractive. Two more couples were walking towards the house right them and Elaine let them in. At least these couples were shorter, and younger.

Elaine got drink orders and Barry prepared and served them. She watched as the guests stroked her husband?s cock and squeezed his balls when he brought them their drinks. Of course she was groped and fondled as she walked by both the men and the women. She heard M explain to the guests that they were his property for the weekend and he intended to share them with his friends. One of the younger men couldn?t contain themselves. As he sat on a couch, next to his wife, he told Elaine to kneel in front of him and take his cock out of his pants. She unzipped his pants and took his cock in both her hands. She watched the wife look on and smiled at her. She plied the cock with her fingers, taking a good look at it before she plunged it in her mouth. He was big, about 8? and Elaine took the whole length in. She felt cock go down her throat. Then she let up and pumped the cock with both her mouth and hand, pumping her head like a piston for his pleasure. She felt his hands on her head, and then the warm salty fluid in her mouth. She swallowed his juice and then cleaned the rest off his cock with her tongue. As she was still kneeling on the floor, the couple got up and walked away. He was still putting himself away when she heard the wife say, ?What a slut.? Still kneeling there the comment made her feel cheap and used. But when he said he enjoyed the blowjob, it took the sting from her words.

M saw that one of the men was giving Barry a lot of attention. He walked over and said ?Jeff, I?ve been saving him for you. He hasn?t cum in 3 days and will have plenty of juice to fill you up. Why don?t you and Lisa spend some private time with him.? Elaine watched as Barry and another couple walked down the hallway to the bedrooms. He was holding the other man?s hand as his wife was holding his other hand. They walked into the bedroom, and Lisa took off her husband?s clothes. Leaving only his boxers on and presented him to Barry. Barry knelt down to the floor as he took away Jeff?s last piece of modesty. He looked up at Jeff, caressing his balls and cock. Barry kissed the cock and put it in his mouth. Then he stood up, turned Jeff around to face his wife. Standing behind him, Barry wrapped his arms around Jeff and pulled the well-built body close to him, forcing it against his already hard cock. Barry took his cock and placed in between the crack in Jeff?s ass. Barry bent his knees, took his cock in his hand, and placed it against Jeff?s asshole. Then he stood up kissed the back of Jeff?s neck and watched Lisa watching them. He placed Jeff on the bed and ran light touches down his backside. Jeff shivered with the touch. Barry then started kissing Jeff?s neck and ran his lips down his body until he reached his asshole. He licked the hole and probed it with his tongue. Jeff wasn?t sure what this new sensation was, but it felt good. Barry turned him over and again took his cock to his mouth, swallowing its whole length. Then he caressed the tip of his cock with his lips licking Jeff?s pee hole with his tongue. Lisa was watching Barry?s every move. Jeff laid Barry on the bed underneath him, so he could take Barry?s cock in his mouth. Barry looked over to Lisa to see her expression watching Jeff with another mans? cock in his mouth. He was surprised to see that she took off her clothes and admired her body. Jeff pistoned his mouth on Barry?s cock. Barry said,? I?m going to cum.? He didn?t stop, clamped his lips tighter around his cock and waited for Barry?s eruption. Barry exploded in his mouth and watched his juice leak down his face. Jeff relished what he did and motioned for Barry to continue to please him. Barry took him in his mouth hearing Jeff?s groans. Lisa said ? your fantasy was to fuck him in the ass. Do you still want to do that?? Barry got on all fours and positioned his ass in front of Lisa and handed Jeff the lube. He wanted Lisa to see Jeff prepare his hole, with this balls dangling below his ass. Barry instructed Jeff to put the lube on his finger and rub it into his asshole and then place one finger inside and then another. After the 2 fingers were inserted, he told Jeff to twist them around and stretch the hole. He lies on his back, spread his legs and asked Lisa to guide Jeff to his hole. She takes his cock and placed it against Barry?s hole. Jeff pushed it right in. Lisa stroked Barry?s cock while Jeff pumped his hole. Barry motioned Lisa to sit on his face, facing Jeff. She held her husband while Barry licked her pussy, pleasuring both husband and wife at the same time. He loved the feeling. Soon he felt Jeff?s hot fluid in his bowels. And a few minutes later, Lisa?s fluids filled his mouth as she climaxed. They were just getting off the bed when A walked in the room. ?I was looking for Barry and need his help. Are you two finished.? Lisa smiled and said, ?He?s all yours.? Not having time to clean up, Barry walked out with his soggy asshole.

He walked in the main room and saw his wife sitting on a couch between two men. Their hands roaming her body seemed to focus on her tits, squeezing and playing with her nipples. One took a vibrator off the coffee table and plugged it into her pussy. The smile on her face told Barry she was doing just fine. He walked over and asked the two gentlemen if he could get them anything. As he walked away, Elaine said, ?Honey, you?re dripping and it?s running down your legs.? He went into the kitchen to wipe off the excess cum. When he returned with the drinks, both gentlemen complimented him on his wife, saying they loved the way she felt, as he watched them fondle her breasts.

A asked Barry if he could hurry and get the dirty dishes and glasses cleared away so that they could start the next part of the evening. Working as fast as he could he could, he did what she asked. Barry and Elaine were both asked to leave the room, get cleaned up. M told them he would let them know when he needed them to return.

Barry and Elaine stopped when they entered the room. They noticed all the couples were nude including M & A. The couches were pushed away. The coffee table was placed in the middle of the room, with heavy cushions secured to the top. The woman, who called Elaine a slut, walked over and placed collars around the necks of the slaves. She attached a length of chain to each collar and led them around the room allowing each couple to check them out. As Lisa was looking Barry over she stuck a finger up his ass and was glad to see he cleaned it out. The slut woman glared at Elaine forcing her legs apart so that she could jam her finger in her pussy. Barry thought Elaine was taking this mild humiliation well. They were instructed to get on the table, side by side, on all fours. The chains attached to their collar were tethered to the table. M handed the lube to 2 of the woman. Slut woman got behind Elaine, raised her hand and slapped her bare ass. ?Crack? and again ?Crack? ?Crack? ?Crack? Elaine?s body tensed with each slap. Barry saw the tears forming in the corners of her eyes. The other woman stopped her ?You?ve left her ass red with your handprints.? ?She a cock sucking slut and needs to be treated like one.? Slut woman was about to take one more whack, when M stopped her. ?Please this is my property, and my place to discipline, so please let me.? He instructed the women to prepare the slaves. Slut woman smiled as she got in back of Elaine with the lube. She rubbed it over her asshole, and jammed three fingers in, while fondling her clit with the other hand. She took her fingers, turned them and pushed in even more. Slut woman was rough with her ass, but gentle with her clit. Elaine found the experience painful, but arousing. Barry was grateful that Lisa was gentle with his hole as he was being prepared. He saw four men approach the table. They were having a contest to see who could last the longest. Elaine felt the cock go up her ass. She looked over at Barry and saw him wince as Jeff placed his cock in Barry?s hole. A hand turned her head and another cock went in her mouth. The gentleman standing in front of Barry, stroked his cock with his hand and guided it into his mouth. Elaine started rocking back and forth trying to get both men going with the same rhythm. She liked the feeling of a cock in her ass and relished it as she went back and forth. Balancing her self on one hand she used the other to stroke the cock in her mouth. She got a gentle rhythm going and could keep this up for a while.

At this point Barry was so aroused, he thought the might lose his load right there in front of everyone. No one was touching his cock. Just watching Elaine out of the corner of his eye was turning him on. But with one cock pumping his ass, and another pumping his mouth, he thought he might be the first to cum. But then he noticed the body in front of him get tense and next thing he knew his mouth was filled with the guy?s juice. A few minutes later, Jeff released his second load of the day inside Barry. He looked over to Elaine and saw that her train ride was still going. But then he heard the grunt, then the groan and knew that Elaine?s mouth just got filled. That left the guy in the back to last one to cum. He finished off, filling her holes with his fluid. Barry found out later that the winner gets to bring Elaine home for the night.

The chains were loosened and Barry and Elaine were able to get off the table to stretch. But they had to get ready for the women?s round. They moved into the bedroom. Elaine saw that two of the women were wearing harnesses with strap on dildos. She was glad to see that slut woman did not have a harness. Elaine and Barry were next to each other on the bed, on all fours. Elaine felt the dildo go in her ass. It seemed harder and more plastic than the real thing and she didn?t enjoy it as much. Slut woman lay down in front of her. Elaine was determined to show her just how good of a slut she could be. With the dildo up her ass, she knelt down to reach Slut woman. She licked her pussy, sucked on her clit and she would keep it up until she begged no more. She took her clit and rubbed it between her lips, sucking and kissing it. The dildo still bucking her rear made it tough, but now they were on Elaine?s turf. And she wanted to prove that she could be as good a pussy licking slut and a cock-sucking slut. She didn?t have to wait long before Slut woman climaxed in her face.

Barry was next to Elaine. He also was on all fours, with a dildo up his ass. Yet he had the most sensual pussy in front of him. It was shaved clean and a joy to lick. He licked her pussy, and all around. It felt so good. He wasn?t crazy about the pounding in his ass. This woman was rough. The only thing that made it worthwhile was to watch the facial expressions of the men around him as their wives use the slaves for their pleasure. He caught the woman?s clit with his lips, pulling and tugging on it. He licked it with his tongue, sucking and slurping when all of a sudden she let out a scream. He felt good at what he accomplished. He pulled away so that the dildo fell out of his ass. He turned around placing his head underneath the woman. He took off the harness and guided her pussy to his mouth, where he lapped her juices, probing her hole with his tongue. Barry found his way to her clit. It wasn?t long before this woman screamed in climax.

The two women got off Elaine and three men got on the bed with her. They massaged her body with their fingers, making sure to play with her breasts as they drooped down. She notice one man get under her, and placed his cock in her pussy. Another got behind her. She raised her ass a little to accommodate him. And the last one took his cock in his hand, guiding it into Elaine?s mouth. The wives looked on in amazement as Elaine?s three holes got plugged and she took on the three guys. She loved the attention she was getting, not only from the men inside her, but from their wives as well. The looks on their faces were turning her in as much as the men. She kept rocking back and forth feeling the cocks rub the inside of her. She felt another rush of fluid in her pussy. Then a second rush of fluid in her ass. The cock in her mouth changed positions and he placed in Elaine?s pussy hoping that the extra friction. With all the cum inside, there wasn?t much relief for him. He pulled out of Elaine and she began to massage the cock with her hands. She massages his asshole at the same time. Then she notices the extra goo on his hands.

M thanked everyone for coming. Elaine went home with one of the guests. Barry cleaned up, put everything away and went to bed.

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