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Our memorable trip to Philly

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This trip is base largely on fact about an evening we enjoyed in is still one of our favorite conversation pieces. We cannot wait to return to Bar E!

Chapter 1

We decide to drive to Philly so we don't have to deal with the airports or large crowds...we are going away for your post-deployment getaway and all we want is each other and silence.

I booked us the Presidential Suite inside the L Hotel in downtown Philly. It overlooks the skyline, including Independence hall and various other hotels and business. I scheduled a late check-in so we did not have to stress about the late arrival because of traffic.

We check into the large marble lobby where a friendly concierge takes our bags and offers to show us to the suite. We are tired from the drive, not because it was too busy, but because it was slow and peaceful. The trip involved several stops in great places...Richmond, Baltimore. We stopped at roadside dives and now we were exhausted from the trip. All we did was talk and hold hands.

As the concierge takes us to the suite on a hospitality floor (you need a key card to enter the floor), he whispers something in your ear that I cannot catch, but by the tone of your return it is sexual. You tell him, "not tonight", "We just had a very long drive." He leaves you his card, opens the suite door, drops the luggage and leaves us alone.

We inspect the room. The first is the entrance or parlor. The couch and chairs are black-lined khaki tweed that seems to fit the name of the parlor. The lines are clean, the coffee table is modern and glass. We open the curtains to reveal the skyline. Philly looks so peaceful and beautiful from 22 floors up; we take a moment to enjoy the silence and solitude of the beautiful vista.

We continue to walk the up is the bedroom. The bedroom is modern as well. The bed has a deep purple chamois leather covered headboard that is soft and almost velvet to the touch. The linens are stark white with a down comforter. The room has accents of white, black, gray, and deep purple. It seems feminine at first, but the black creates drama and solid lines that ease the stroke of femininity. You decide you like it. We grab our bags and begin to slowly unpack while we talk about nothing important. We want each other, but we know we need to get the place ready, clothes ready for the next week.

I need to freshen up to prepare for the night...we have decided that nasty fish and chips from Bar E would hit the spot...along with some frambois and the memories.

I head to the suite's bathroom to clean up, you decide to join.

Immediately you are struck by the beauty of the bath. The floors are dark with light flecks, so dark that you can barely tell if they are brown or purple. The tub, in contrast, is a light shell color; the shower runs separate across from the toilet. Even in here you cannot escape the beautiful view of the city. However, what grabs your attention is the rounded out marble sink with large mirror. You have been waiting all day and you decide you will wait no longer. You lean me against the sink and slowly lower my panties. You lick your two forefingers and slide them into my hesitation or reserve. You pull them back out and lick the juice off of them and offer me a taste. I gladly accept the invitation. You lower your pants and your cock springs from their captor. You have been erect most of the day, so the freedom, the air conditioning and the cool of the marble feels like freedom. You bend me over so slightly, the clear line of view is open and you slowly ease your cock into my dripping pussy. You hold my hips tightly and watch my face in the mirror as you enter me. It is hot, moist, swollen with lust and desire for you. I let you fuck me for several minutes. I enjoy feeling your cock slide in and out and watch your face as you get close...I can feel the individual ripples of your cock glide in my pussy and I too feel close to orgasm.

You stop thrusting my pussy and just stand there inside of me. I can feel your veins throbbing with blood, begging you to explode inside me. I slowly pull you out and offer my mouth your cock. I lust after it...I stick just the head and run swirls around your head. I have my hands on your ass, your back, your thighs...scratching, tickling, all while I lick on you. I decide to take you deeper so I sit you on the edge of the Jacuzzi and thrust my mouth down over your whole shaft. I sit with it deep in my throat, deep enough that you can feel the head pushing the back of my throat. I stiffen my tongue as erect as your cock and I run it down the back of your shaft to your head and back down to the deepest part of my throat. Then, I lightly brush my teeth down your shaft. The pressure is light enough to create chills in your back but hard enough to give the slightest touch of pain. You gasp for air. I can feel your cock throbbing and your balls tightening in my fingers. You are really close to the edge, so I stop. I stand you back up on the marble floor and strip-tease in front of you and the mirror and the window. I get completely nude then offer to undress you. I run hot bath water to the tub and add the oils that are sitting on the apothecary shelf. It smells of delicate lavender, primrose, eucalyptus and jasmine. It is the essence of erotic and I dip slowly into the water. You follow me and inside the tub we continue our passion. I let you sit comfortably on the back of the tub as I straddle you. Your cock, once again, glides easily into my pussy. Not even the water can stop the desire. I rock back and forth. The water ripples up my back and over my shoulders onto your chest. I am close and I want it. I want all of it. I want to fuck you at Bar E and suck your cock at the table with the waitress watching, so I decide I want to empty you now so she can not enjoy you half as much later. I ride you and thrust your cock into me. Then I shift and turn around to lay my back on your chest. As I lower myself down on you, you realize that I shoved your cock into my ass. I am begging you now.

The thought thrills you and you quickly climax to the point of no return. You scream in amazement as your cock shoots hot cum in my ass again and again. Minutes later you are still throbbing deep in my ass and another rock of my hips sends both of us over the edge again. I release you and we stand to clean up in the shower.

We get dressed separately to hide what we are (or are not) wearing and we emerge ready for the evening.

I have on a low cut party dress. It is not a cocktail dress with glitter or anything fancy, but the front has a scoop with free-flowing fabric that ends right on my breast plate. You can see very easily that I have no bra on. The back scoops like the front, only it stops near my ass line. My back tattoo is easily exposed and I have a pair of high strappy heels on. I put on a nice dress jacket and we head out into the crisp April air.

As we walk you are looking into my dress and running your hand on my ass. I cannot decide whether or not to tell you what it is that I am wearing...I decide to hold off.

We get to Bar E and it is busy, but not so much that we cannot find "our table" upstairs. We are escorted by an older woman, maybe six years older than me. She is slender, but not too much more than me and she has beautiful, natural tits that are slightly more round and larger than mine. She is wearing the simple uniform, her hair is a lighter auburn than mine, but she highlights it heavily with blond. She is extremely attractive to both of us (mostly me). We order our drinks and as she heads off I notice that she has the kind of ass you like...I comment on it, you say you will look.

The beers come and we find the first goes down very easily. We order another and by our third we cannot keep our hands off one another. The waitress notices, but remains polite. She goes to put in our order....twice fried French fries and fish/chips platter. As she leaves you notice her ass and as I watch you I grab your cock and see that it is already hard. I slowly lower my head to your lap and unzip your pants. I want to feel you in my mouth again. As I open your pants and begin to stroke you with my hand I can feel pre-cum on your tip, so I reach down and suck it off. You gasp in excitement.

As I look up the waitress is walking into the room. At first I cannot tell if she saw your cock, but I quickly realize from her glare that she did and she is craving you. I let her take a taste, but I control the actions. First, I wet her mouth by kissing her and sticking my tongue in her mouth. She is aroused. She sits down beside you so that you are placed in the center. As I kiss her I begin to reach under her shirt and fondle her breasts. I take your hand for assistance. I then grab her hair and force her onto your cock. She likes the feel of you in her mouth and she moans as I pull her deeper onto you. When she comes up I kiss her again. I want her.

I begin to fuck you with my mouth again and we can tell that you are once again near your climax. We both stop sucking and fucking you cock. She goes to get the dinner while I slowly continue to rub your shaft.

Chapter 2 The waitress is gone now. She is off taking care of our order and taking the order of other customers. My hands are still slowly manipulating your cock. I continue the slow rub and scratch lightly with my nails. Your arms are around my shoulder so that both of your hands can play with my breasts. You rub them on the outside of my dress first then you slowly move your hands under the dress. You can tell that I am enjoying your hands but the heaviness of my breath. As you let one hand continue to play with my breasts, you let the other hand drift to my exposed legs. You open them slightly to allow for easier access. You start at my knee and slowly work your way up my thighs; you can feel the heat and wetness radiating from my pussy. You rub your hands around the vicinity of my pussy but you don't touch it yet. You are teasing me, playing with me, to heighten my desire for you and the waitress. You want me to crave want to hear me beg.

At this point in time we are lost in our own world. The bar is busy but we don't care. We have our table we have our old memories, and we are creating new ones.

Before the waitress left we ordered another round of beers and we notice she is on her way back with them. She doesn't have the time to sit and play right now, but we notice she has started to unbutton her shirt to expose her breasts slightly and that her nipples are erect. She has also shortened her skirt and we notice the lust of wetness on her thighs. She gives both of us a wink then turns and walks off, her ass cheeks hanging slightly from her skirt.

We take a sip from our beers. I lean in and kiss you passionately with a deep, long kiss. Our tongues are intertwined. Chills run down our spines. It is like our first kiss all over again. Your already throbbing cock jumps in my hand, my pussy opens more and the smell of sex radiates from us...I let your hand slide back down to my legs and then up to my pussy. You pull my panties to the side and slide your fingers in. Your fingers slide easily in and out of my pussy. Your thumb rubs my clit. You put just enough pressure on my swollen clit to make me gasp a small, audible scream. I bite my lip as your finger continues to slide in and out of my pussy. You decide to push me further. You pull your finger out of my pussy and rim it around my ass.

The waitress starts making her way back, this time with the food. She puts it down and I bend her over to kiss me...she pulls my dress to the side and gives my nipples a quick lick as you stare at the both of us. She whispers in my ear as she reaches down my shirt...your cock is throbbing as she pulls out a pair of black silk panties and hands them to me. You are dying to know what she is telling me, but you wait.

We take a break from all of our playing to enjoy the amazing food and drink. We use the time to stare into each others eyes, to hold hands and converse about what we were up to over the past seven months. The longer we talk, the more we want each other, the more we are craving.

We finish our dinner and beer and you start playing with your cock, letting me know that you are ready again to play. As I start to suck it you can feel the cool chill still in my mouth from the beer. I continue to suck harder and harder. While I suck, my fingers slowly rub your shaft and balls. You grab my hair and shove my mouth down harder on your cock. Your veins are cant take it anymore and explode in my mouth.

The waitress is back to clean up the plates and brought us a round of beer on her. I once again reach up and start fondling her breasts and pull her in for a kiss. Your hot, salty cum is still in my mouth and as I kiss her, I slowly shove some of your juices into her mouth with my tongue and then I swallow the rest. She takes my hand and puts it in between her legs. Her pussy is wet...she smiles, moans slightly and takes the dishes away. My fingers are soaked from her pussy. I take a small taste before sticking my fingers into your mouth to taste the waitress. I kiss you. You tell me she tastes good, but you want to taste me...I remind you in time, you will.

While you start to sip on your beer I lean in and start to nibble on your ear and kiss your neck. I can feel the hairs on your neck stand up. You hold my hand and take it with yours to rub my breasts. You want me to know how you feel them...

The bar has started to clear out and very few guests remain, they all seem oblivious to the world around them. We enjoy the game, a sexy twist to cat and mouse. I tell you that the waitress gave me her panties; they are wet from her excitement. I pull them out once again and begin to stroke your cock with them. I want both your juice and hers all over them. A souvenir of another night to remember...

She walks back to let us know that she is almost done for the night, then quickly heads to clean up the rest of the tables. The only people left in the restaurant are the assistant manager, an older mature man, the manager, a sexy older 20-something female and a dish girl. The assistant manager has had a long standing affair with our waitress and knows what she has been up to for the evening. The manager is still young, not quite open to the world of sexual exploration and the dish girl seems indifferent to most anything.

The waitress returns. She has taken off her Bar E top and put on a white silky top that exposes her breasts. It is in wonderful contrast to my black dress, but the material slides well against mine. I immediately order her to sit on my lap with her legs spread, straddled over me. She sits on my lap and we immediately begin to fondle and kiss each other. I can still taste your cum in her mouth and I kiss her hungrily. My one hand is busy fingering her pussy, making sure she is good and wet while my other hand is still holding her silk panties, stroking your cock. The play is erotic and slow, but I have been playing with you long enough that you are close again. I slow down on you and eagerly begin to finger fuck the waitress. She is wet and sweating; she is panting and calling to both of us. Your cock is throbbing and jumping...I know you want something more than my hand.

We move between the tables so there is more room for all of us and I decide to take it to the bar. I get her to climb up and spread her gorgeous legs open. I sit on a low table chair and place my tongue for the first time in her pussy. I start slow. Her slit is exposed and I place my erect tongue on her clit. She jumps in anticipation. I bite on her lips, her clit and then I shove my tongue deep into her pussy. She arches her back and opens up wider so I can play her clit...and so you can see it. Your cock is throbbing harder and harder and I pull her off the bar. I get the bottle of amaretto off the shelf and dump a shot down the crack of her ass. I lick it off and it looks like you are going to cum. I bend her over and finger her pussy so you can watch, I bend down and take turns shoving my tongue into her pussy and sucking your cock. I want to kiss you, but I need to clean my mouth, so I step slowly away from the girl and place you behind her. I bend her over by holding her shoulder and I guide your erection deep into her ass. It feels amazing. You go slow...she has never had a dick in her ass before and she is mildly hesitant, but excited. You start slow but the tightness is amazing. You go faster and faster and soon you are pumping her ass. I go to the bathroom to clean up and clean my mouth. I quickly return to see that you have her bent over, ramming her pussy and pulling on her hair. You are lusting for her, but your eyes quickly meet mine and I know what you really want...but I am going to make you wait. I am going to make you fuck the waitress like a slut.

As I walk closer to you, I strip off the dress that I wore to the bar to finally expose what I have. I have on tiny hot red sequin pasties around my tits with a glitter, edible tattoo that wraps from my one tit, down my waist and belly and straight onto my clit. The same tattoo is dr*ped along my lower back and down onto my ass. It is cinnamon.

I have a small anal plug in my ass and benwa balls in my pussy. I am ready to fuck you and the beautiful waitress.

Just then, the assistant manager and manager walk in. Your cock is still buried deep into the waitress's pussy and the thought of a crowd almost sends you over the edge, so you pull out to save your explosion. The assistant manager is immediately aroused and his cock desperately tries to escape his pants. The manager does not know what to think or do, but her nipples are betraying her and quickly erecting through her shirt. The waitress and me see the manager's excitement and walk over to her and strip the top off of her. She is pretty...modest, slender, with nice round tits and dark nipples. The waitress grabs one and I grab the other and soon all three of us are sucking each other.

I can't take much more so I walk over to my bag and pull out a strap-on dildo with a dual vibrator. I pull it over my legs and get dirty. I tell you to come over, submissively and lick my tattoo off, from my tit all the way to my pussy. You take your time and I am squirming more than ever! You stick your face into my pussy and suck all the juices out as you pull out my plug and stick your finger up my ass to seduce me. I pull you off and begin to stroke the dildo like you rub your cock. I tell you to spit on it and you know what I want. The waitress comes over and straddles my pussy and dildo. She slides down onto it and our clits are rubbing together as I slowly fuck her. I order the manager over and tell her to sit on my face. She is hesitant at first, but the asst. manager gives her a nudge and she comes over. She too is wearing a little black dress. Her legs are athletic and she can easily straddle my face. She is completely clean shaven...all of it...her clit, her pussy, her ass. I shove my tongue deep into her very pink pussy and she rides me like she would a cock. The assistant manager and you are off in the distance, each of you stroking your cocks, each of you dying to get into the action. You both walk over gingerly. You come up behind the waitress and once again shove your cock into her ass. The asst. manager shoves his cock into her mouth. She is getting it all three ways and she can not take it anymore. I don't know how much longer I can either. I feel her wet clit and pussy riding mine and your hands are rubbing all over my legs and fingering my ass as you ride hers. Her ass is tight and wet and ripping from all the pussy juice I am creating. You are not going to last much longer either. You can feel the dildo rubbing against her vaginal wall and it is in sync with your thrusts. You want to fuck her in the ass as hard as possible. Finally, as you hear the manager scream in orgasm and the asst manager pull his cock from the waitress's mouth and cum all over my tits and her face you loose what self control you have and you thrust one last time as hard as possible. You explode in her ass, your cock pumping and pumping her full of your hot cum. That last violent thrust pushes me and the waitress over the edge and we scream in climax together. I am holding her hips down and rocking hard until my pussy stops throbbing.

The asst. manager licks the manager's throbbing pussy clean while I suck and lick and kiss the asst. manager's cum of the waitress's mouth. She licks my tits clean and at the end you lick my throbbing pussy until it is dry...

In walks the dish girl...

What none of us has realized is that she was watching the whole time. As soon as we see her she strips down to nothing but her panties. They are a simple string bikini, blue, low cut. She is mostly tan, except for the tan lines at her breasts where you can tell she was wearing a bikini top. She has smaller breasts, but a good round ass. She has seen the interaction between the five of us, and we can tell by the wetness in her panties that it has turned her on. She knows we are dirty too...

She comes towards the group with a huge bowl of warm water and clean washrags. She takes the time to wash each of us individually. As she washes me, the waitress and manager she kisses me and fondles mine breasts and ass. As she washes you and the asst manager she gently strokes both of your shafts. We don't know why she has felt the need to do this, but it is refreshing to all of us and it gives me the opportunity to wrap my arms around you and feel your skin against mine as the others stare at us. As I hold you I kiss the back of your neck and caress your whole body. I start working my way down to your shaft want to lick off the edible tattoo on my back. The cinnamon taste sends a tingle to your tongue...but you send tingles through my whole body. You can tell how much I want you, desire you, crave you. These others fail to realize they are our play things.

The dish girl has finished washing everyone. She climbs up on the bar and proceeds to put her hand down her panties and starts to play with herself. You rub your cock between her ass while we both rub her pussy. The dish girl lays herself on the bar and spreads her legs wide. Her pussy is gleaming with wetness and her nipples are hard and erect. I am stroking my cock and squeezing your balls softly. As she lays there and starts playing with herself, you slide into my pussy. We slowly rock together and take short pauses just to feel each other throb. The waitress and manager start playing with each other and the asst manager strokes his cock watching it all.

The dish girl begins moaning.... She screams "fuck me! All of you fuck me!!" She is so horny she wants it like a slut. We too are horny and gladly comply...

The waitress starts to lick the dish girl's pussy, spreading her lips and plunging her tongue deep inside. She gently bites her clit and sucks her til she is close...the waitress is covered in her pussy juice...The manager focuses on her tits. She sucks her nipples and rubs them and gives them a tug. She scratches her stomach as her pussy continues to get wetter. I climb up on the bar and sit on her face. She sucks and licks my pussy and ass. I rub my pussy all over her face riding it like I ride your cock. The asst manager and you are on opposite sides of the bar. The dish girl's hands reach down and grab your cocks, stroking you. She is squirming and wiggling with delight. As I ride her face, you play with her tits and ass and kiss you. The manager is on my side of the bar and I give her ass a couple good smacks.

We can tell by the moans and groans that we are all getting close to climax. The whole night has been full of them and this one is going to be good. The first one to cum is the waitress. You get an eyeful because you have turned to watch all the action. She screams and grabs at her breasts and pussy and shoves one of her fingers up her ass. She wants it in her ass again after we showed her what it was like. The next to cum is the manager. Hers is not as explosive as her first but she definitely enjoys it. I come next and my juices flowed all over the dish girls face as she licks my hard clit. I want her to cum now. So far she is the only one tonight that hasn't and it has become my goal. I look at you with my devilish smile and I stretch myself across her and begin to lick her pussy in a 69ish fashion. I can feel her pussy swelling so I rub her clit faster and faster. Her legs begin to tremble and with one last rub she explodes. Squirting and covering the waitress in her cum. You and the manager suck on the waitresses tits to get a taste of the dish girls cum juices. As you kiss me I can taste the residual. Because of her explosion she has slowed the stroking on you and the asst manager. You take her down from the bar and put her on her knees. The waitress and I bend over to triple kiss with her. While I kiss her, you slide your cock into my pussy and the asst manager slides his into the waitress. I can tell we are getting close. The wetness of all the pussies mixed with the smell of sex in the place is driving you to the edge quickly. The waitress and I decide to pull both of you out of our pussies. With your cocks in our hands the waitress and I grab the dish girl by the hair and point your explosive cocks straight at her face. I make you and her beg for it. I stroke you harder as I yank at the dish girl's hair. I scratch your back and kiss hands are everywhere that I can possibly touch. Between my hands, the excitement and the voyeurism; you and the assistant manager simultaneously cum on the dish girl's face and tits. I lust to taste you again so I take your still throbbing cock deep into my throat and suck it before I head to the face and tits of the dish girl. With the manager's assistance, we lick and suck the dish girl clean, and then we suck and lick and kiss the dish girl as she comes down from her high.

We are all glistening with the sheen of sex. The bar has a wonderful mix of aromas now between the food, the beer, and the play. The manager and asst manager start pouring drinks for everyone as we all sit naked, talking, getting to know each other. This is different than the beach where we would never see the people again. We have a strange feeling we would meet these people again.

The time comes for us to make our way back to the hotel...

The Final Chapter We slowly dress and find all the remnants of our belongings. We have been at the bar for a long time and with all the commotion, it takes us a minute to pack up. We get cleaned-up (slightly) and head back to the hotel via a cab. While in the cab we talk about the evening and I can tell that the taxi driver is slightly aroused and disgusted. We ignore him, we could care less.

We arrive back at the hotel and I am exhausted from all of the play. You are barely standing up. We head to the bedroom, strip down naked and plunge ourselves into a hot bath. It feels amazing on our bodies...both to be clean again and to rub away the soreness in our muscles from all the activity. We have a cold beer in our hands and we slowly sit and relax while we savor the cold against the hot.

We finally rinse off and head to the parlor to sit on the couch and look out over the view of the city. It is a beautiful city from a distance and although I have enjoyed the stay, I look forward to moving on in our adventure tomorrow. We dry and I tell you to go lay on the plush bedding. I have a special treat for you.

I pull out a small black velvet bag and a feather brush that fits in my hand. I open the satchel and the sweet aroma of honey fills the bedroom. I push the feather tickler into the honey dust and slowly begin to saturate your body with the fine powder. I start at the base of your neck while I sit naked on your ass and I slowly work down your shoulder blades, through the center of your back on the spine and further down onto your ass. I place the duster and the satchel down and begin to kiss and rub and lick the spots that I just placed the dust. It is exquisitely sweet and it mixes well with your body. I go to the bar and pour two glasses of a light bubbly wine and bring a plate of cheese and strawberries over to the bed. I lick and caress you more. I roll you over gently onto your back and give you the same treatment all over again. I am watching the feather and the powder dust your neck, your nipples and your erect cock. You know what will happen next. I spend the next hour sucking and licking all the honey dust of your body while we periodically sip the wine and nibble at the snacks. I take the cold strawberry in my mouth and hold with my teeth and spread strawberry juice all around your nipples and the ticklish part of your hips. I dip my finger in the wine and brush over the strawberry and suck you clean. I have barely touched your throbbing cock and you are getting slightly impatient, excited over the fact that it is just us and that you want me. I play with your hair and slowly begin to suck on your cock. I feel you grow inside my mouth as I simultaneously scratch the back of your neck. I suck on your balls. I want to hear you scream again in ecstasy and I want it now. I wrap my hair (longer while you have been gone) around your cock and continue to stroke it with my hand and my hair. I suck on it as you tell me you are close again. I put your head in my mouth and wait for the first shot of cum, it jets into my mouth in a short burst. I remove my mouth from your shaft and begin to suck your balls lightly while you are cumming all over my face and my hair. I finger your ass lightly. You groan and shake and moan as you empty your cock all over me. You take your still semi-hard cock and spread your cum on my face and tits. I suck you clean and head for the shower.

The shower is hot, but I want to make it quick. I have a surprise for you...the last surprise of the evening.

As we dry off a small knock at the door arouses your curiosity. I tell you to answer how you act shy and wrap the towel around your body and head to the door. You are gorgeous with the towel wrapped and your hair still wet, slicked back from the shower. You open the door and your surprise is better than I had expected.

The waitress from Norfolk's Gators is standing at the door in a tiny black raincoat and black boots. The smile on her face is priceless, your shock is even better. I quickly walk past you and invite her stand at the door looking still in disbelief.

I quickly tell you that while you were gone, she and I had developed a friendship and I found out the she use to waitress in Philly, her home town. Where else? She grew up waitressing at Bar E. I go on to explain that I told her all about the trip and she mentioned that she was heading this way a day after us to see some of her relatives. One of her bestfriends in town was the bellhop from earlier. Whatever question he had asked came from her. She checked in shortly after us and had waited for our return. I wanted you to have her. I knew how much you lusted after her at the restaurant, so when she asked if I would fuck her, I told her only when my boyfriend came back home....she would not be disappointed with the wait. I told her what I wanted to see and she agreed. So, what was it that I wanted?

I moved you slowly to the bedroom again as she pushed you and gently nudged you from behind. Her hands slowly explored your back and then she gradually moved one hand up your towel and gently scratched your ass. I was looking at you while I pulled you and could see your cock begin to jump in response. I stripped you of your towel and laid you out on the bed. She was amazed by the size of your gorgeous cock. I had told her about it and how good you were at using it, but I guess she mistook my excitement as love and biased vanity. Now she too knew that you were gorgeous and she dipped her head down to meet your rising cock. At first, you do not know if you can handle yet another round of fucking tonight, but your cock quickly disagrees and begins to throb claim that you are raw, but her warm lips and piercing tongue around and on your cock provide nothing more than a groan. She straddles you and instantly begins to fuck you. Her pussy is really wet and hot. She has not had sex for some time and she wants you bad. You are rocking so hard that I can see you building quickly, a feat that still amazes me. I tell her to ride your face...she quickly jumps off and begins to obliged. She turns to face me as I straddle your cock. I slowly place your cock's head on my pussy and then sit all in one stroke. I come off of you and suck on your cock. I can taste your pre-cum, her pussy and mine all at once and I want the both of you. I slide back on to your cock, facing the waitress as she slowly places her pussy and ass on your face. You can't "see" what is going on, but we both let you know that we are kissing each other, rubbing each others breasts and fondling each other's clits as we ride you. Your tongue is sliding deep into her pussy and she is fucking your face faster and faster. I watch her ride your face and her tits bounce and her clit harden in my hand and I can't hold off any longer...

Just then the door bell rings. We all stop what we are doing and I head to the door with the waitress while you put on a robe. It is her male friend, the bell hop. He walks in with a huge platter of strawberries, cheesecake bites, chocolate syrup, caramel, fudge pops and other assorted treats. We all sit and enjoy a few snacks, but I want you again. I strip you down and rub a fudge pop all over your body. As I do, the waitress is slowly licking it off. She takes a big drink of hot chocolate and the heat on her tongue mirrors the intensity of the cold and it feels exquisite on your body. The bellhop has stripped down and he is rubbing the small pieces of cheesecake all over my body. It leaves a smooth trail and both of you begins to suck and lick it all off of me. I take the caramel and dip his cock into it....I suck on him long and hard.

We move back to the bedroom and once again I am riding your cock while the waitress rides your face. You are still hard from earlier and the bellhop is sitting on the bed, rubbing my ass while he strokes himself. Your cock is growing increasingly hard and I know you are close again. I pull off of you and have the waitress mount you. She slowly rides you, keeping your orgasm at bay while the bellhop licks and fondles my ass. I am watching you. I am so horny from all the sex, but I still WANT you. As she rides you the bellhop gets behind me and shoves his cock in my pussy. I scream in delight and it almost forces you over the edge, but I tell you to wait. I move to a position where you can see the bellhop's cock slide in and out of me. I am thrusting my hips and wiggling as he fondles my tits. You are biting on my neck and the waitresses. You slap her ass and her tits as she rides you. You grab her nipples and fuck her as hard as you can.

When you get close, she steps off of you and I easily fit into her spot. She came all over your cock and her pussy juice is covering your balls and your pubic hair. Your shaft is dripping wet from her pussy and I ride you more. I lean over to the waitress and kiss her while I fondle her tits and suck her pussy. The bellhop wants a taste, so I let him kiss me as you continue to fuck me. I put his finger up her pussy and I let him rub her juices all over my ass. I slowly unmount you only to stick your cock back in...this time, into my ass. I rock and lean forward as the waitress sucks your balls and licks your shaft. The bell hop is sucking my tits and pulling my hair. You are too busy riding my ass to care. I turn around and give you my ass doggie-style. You thrust harder and harder. The waitress is behind you, fingering your ass, scratching your back and biting on the back of your neck. The bellhop is licking my pussy and fingering my clit. I explode all over his face and on your cock. Feeling the build-up and tension, you begin to cum again. It is so intense that it borders on pain. I feel the hot cum in my ass and I pull off of you quickly. You bend over from the force and waitress gladly steps in and swallows the cum as it shoots from your cock. I join her. Head to head we are all over your cock and tastes like all three of us and we suck on you until the throbbing stops. The last few drips you shake on our faces and we kiss and lick it off of one another. I get up and kiss the bellhop, the waitress kisses you. We have all shared our juices and we walk them to the door. They kindly leave and we spend the rest of the night, past the morning and into the afternoon sleeping off the night. What a great trip to Philadelphia.....

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