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Our New Year’s Eve Tale 2010

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Our New Year?s Eve Tale 2010

Many of you know Skybabe and me, Dog. You have met us at different parties. Those of you who have been around us know we love the erotic extreme, the dark and seedy side of slipping off into an altered state, where anything goes. We have played in Dungeons in San Francisco, and in the masses of bodies at on premise clubs, where she and I both become like two animals, in lust, wanting more and more sex, wrapped in each other clutch driving each other to frenzy.

You know about us, those of you who have been with us, or even those that have read about us, but you don't know what happened with us last New Year?s Eve. I am going to share this now, while I still can. You will understand why now, why I cannot wait.

We had only been home from for a week from an orgy we had driven to hundreds of miles away, and we were still high from the raw sex. But even more so, we had met another couple who invited us to another private party on New Year?s Eve. They described the party, and it sounded like one that reminded us of the dungeon in San Francisco we loved to party and play at. We of course, said yes! We love to bind and tie each other so all those around us could see us, smell us and feast on our passion. It was only a few days before the New Year?s Eve party and I could see Skybabe had been worked up all week, her thinking about this next party. When we would talk about going, her legs would start to quiver and she would rub her thighs together, and my cock would pulse and throb when we would talk about another new sexual adventure. Several times this week, we had to stop what we were doing and drop to the floor just to lick and suck each other to completion, just thinking about this new couple, their place and how we would bring in the New Year.

They had described it to us in detail, how in the back of their home was a steep staircase leading down to their private dungeon. They described how it was lit in dim red lights, and how this next party was also an initiation of new couples into their circle. We love the excitement of new people and places, and when they described how everyone would be wearing dark, black robes, with new comers dressed in only bondage attire, wrists and leg restraints, we knew we had to go. But there was something about this couple that also deeply attracted us, something dark and erotic that appealed to a dark craving inside us both. One, which we had touched several times, in our most intense sexual experiences.

You see, Skybabe and I, we often give up our very essence to each other when we fuck. We can get so carried away, that we suck in each other?s life force, drink each other?s juices and become almost insane with lust. Sometimes, when we get each other in that space, and there are others around, we will take them in our circle, and suck and fuck them for hours and hours and hours. We have gotten so carried away, that at on premise clubs, we would be there for eight hours, loosing track of time.

So here it was, another party night, this one the end of 2010 and we were driving three hours to meet people we barely know, to play and party with them, in their dungeon, and hope to be carried away in the deep lust we both crave. When we arrived, we were met by the couple at the front door. We asked where everyone was, and they explained to us that all else had arrived just before us, and had already gone downstairs. For a moment, we looked at each other, as if to say, do we know what we are getting into, but when she saw my cock already so hard and I could see the lips of her pussy already wet under the short skirt she was wearing, it was already too late. We spent the next have hour just talking with our hosts, they pouring us a glass of champagne which we quickly drank, and then another and then they asked if we were ready to go down to their dark room, to meet the rest of the guests. We could hardly wait, and followed them to the doorway leading down to their party place. There was no turning back, and as we stepped across the threshold into the dark, to descend the stairs, we both knew something very different was about to happen. We could feel the shiver in our bodies, our mouths pursed open, as if some unseen force prying open our lips, and both our asses. Skybabe?s pussy and my cock felt as if they were already on fire, lusting for something to be around them and deep inside. We descended into the dark, and stepped into a place some only dream about in their deepest, darkest and most decadent recesses of their minds. We were where we knew we always wanted to be, and were ready for what would come, but never knew how far we both would really go, to satisfy our thirst for sex and lust.......

Skybabe, she as usual was dressed in as nasty and slutty a way as possible. She loves to show her hot body, and tonight was no different. The little ruffle skirt and fishnet body stocking made it clear to anyone, she is hot. She has a way of driving men crazy, and a few women too. As we walked from the dark hallway at the bottom of stairs, and our eyes adjusted, we could see about a dozen men and women, all in their black robes, some lying back on the leather couches, with their legs spread wide and either being sucked, licked or fucked. As we entered, almost everyone in the room looked up to see us.

Our hosts came up behind us, and put their arms around each of us and turned us around, each reaching down to slide their hands up between our legs, starting to rub my cock and Skybabe?s pussy, making me harder and her wetter. We both could hardly contain ourselves. We noticed a large round bed, leather with straps on it in the middle of the room, and started to move towards it. We wanted to get started, to open up our bodies to be serviced. We were already in lust, and were ready to play........

And then our hosts, their party names, Sucue and Incue, took us over to a dark corner of the room, where there was a dark colored bowl full of a liquid. They told us that it was an intense aphrodisiac, and it would cause us to want sex and be lustful in ways we never thought. I was hesitant at first, and before I knew what was happening, Skybabe has grabbed a small metal flask next to the bowl and dipped it in, and drank the contents. She has no self-control, she is only driven by a craving for more sex, more intensity. It was too late for me to even question, as we always do everything together, so I took the next drink.

Sucue saw I was nervous, but turned to me, and took my face in her hands and looked deep into my eyes, with her, almost black eyes and black hair and kissed me deeply. She whispered in my ear, don't be afraid. This is what you and Skybabe have always wanted. You are about to step into another world. I asked quietly, what we had drunk, and Sucue just whispered to me, "pure lust".

You and Skybabe have drunk the essence of all in our family here. You have started to become one of us. At this point, I really did not care, because I looked over to see that Skybabe had dropped to her knees and was sucking on Incue's cock. I marveled at how she was able to take so much of it down her throat. He was huge, and she was in obvious abandon, sucking and moaning, shaking, rubbing her clit, which had swollen larger than i have ever seen. We were beyond reason by now, and I started to feel like my body was on fire, my cock burning, and swelling larger than ever before. I wanted to fuck her right then and there, and drink her pussy, her juice, so I reached down and slowly lifted her to her feet, and guided her to the bed in the center of the room....

We were both panting, breathing rapidly, like never before, as I laid her on her back on the bed. Everyone in the room then gathered around us, sucking each other, rubbing each other, and further driving us wild. Skybabe motioned me between her legs. Her pussy was dripping more juice than I have ever seen before, as I glided my cock deep inside her. She felt like never before, I felt consumed by her hot hole, felt that all of me was inside her. I fucked her and we kissed deep and breathed in each other?s air, sucking as we often do, each other life force, drinking each other?s spirit in the midst of passion and lust.

The room we were in, it seemed to get hotter and hotter, and we were sweating and swimming in our own juices as I felt my cock grow larger than ever before. I could feel her tong grow longer, feeling its way down the back of my throat. We looked into each other?s eyes, feeling each other but also all the others who surrounded us, almost chanting us into frenzy. We could feel something inside us growing in energy, in passion, and as we often do, we suck on each other?s throats, giving each other long and deep hickeys. I knew she wanted to wrap her mouth around my throat and suck, and I laid my head back so she could mark me. She grabbed me by my head and pulled me to her mouth, as I continued to fuck her, and started to suck. I was lost in her, lost in our lust, and for a moment, she pulled away and looked into my eyes, and I could see that her eyes were blood red, glowing in the dim light, when she pulled me again to her mouth, and slowly bit into my neck, just enough to draw blood and suck. Suck and drink. My cock began to erupt, but not like ever before. As she drank me, I continued to shoot more and more of my hot cum deep inside her, as she came over and over. My cock never stopped it seemed, and she milked me until she pulled her mouth away and smiled at me, a deep and lustful smile, and reached down to her pussy and swirled her fingers in her pussy to draw out my cum, and her cum and drip the hot, fiery liquid into my mouth........

The room was spinning, and Skybabe, she wanted more. It seemed that we both had crossed some boundary, but all we both knew is our passion was only higher. She was shaking, and my cock was throbbing. We wanted more, and would do anything, and then we looked around, and saw all the hard cocks, the dripping wet pussies, and we each crawled to the edge of the bed, and began to suck, began to open ourselves to anyone that wanted us. We knew no bounds, and took everyone in the room.

As we sucked and fucked, the room became hotter and hotter, and the light grew deeper red, along with everyone's eyes. They were all red, glowing, as we took everything they wanted to give us. Hours had passed when for a moment, there was a pause, as our hosts parted the crowd, and approached us, with the bowl we had originally drunk from in their hands. It was time, they told us, time to choose. We knew what they meant, and knew that we had found what we had always sought.

Skybabe looked at me, her eyes red, her tits hard, her pussy filled with cum and said what I thought, we wanted this forever, to be one of the group, and we each leaned our heads forward to drink further from the bowl, knowing that this was the elixir of lust, the juice of hedonistic desire that could go on forever, but we would have to give ourselves finally to Sucue and Incue, let them possess us, fuck us and feed from us, as we had from each other.

We drank all there was to drink, the juice of all in the room, and laid back and looked into each other?s eyes, and pledged our undying love for each other, and our souls to Sucue and Incue, and they took us. For the rest of the night, I don't remember much, only that we were consumed in each other and all the others there. We both submitted, allowed ourselves to be bound by our own restraints, and used and pleased, like never before......

We went to our hotel in the morning and slept for the next day, waking only long enough to kiss, lick and fuck a little more. We drove home the next day and took another day to recover our strength, but we both kept having deep feelings in our groins, in our minds. We were linked in a mysterious way to each other, and all the others....

A week ago, we received a package in the mail, and inside was a small vial and two black robes, with a note which only said, "Come home this weekend and be with us for New Year?s Eve, we are all here waiting for you". Skybabe looked at me and opened the vial, and drank, only keeping enough in her hot mouth to feed me the liquid from her lips. I could see immediately, the red glow starting all over...

Skybabe told me, I should write this letter, because, we might not return. This might be our final letter. So, there it is. I got it all down, and as she packs her nasty little clothes, her toys and more, I send this to you.... If you never see or hear from us again, but get an invitation to a private party, a party hundreds of miles away on a New Year ?s Eve, and it is addressed from us, come join us. We want to take you in too.

Skybabe & Dog

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