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Our Group Massage Class Gets Out of Control

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When we started to branch out and have sexual adventures with other couples, we had no idea where it would lead us. For example, once we attended a couple’s massage class.

My beautiful wife had been a bit shy to this point, but she was ready for this class. She took charge from the beginning by collecting a group that included three other couples. Just before class started, a woman came in with her husband. She asked if he could join us while she went off on an errand. My wife readily agreed.

The class teacher had us all remove our clothing, and asked for a volunteer to be massaged first. A taller, lithe woman lay down on the narrow, low bed we were using. The instructor told us that with so many of us to massage, we would only be doing one side, the front or back. Our volunteer quickly lay down on her back. Following directions, we surrounded her on all sides and started to put massage oil on our hands. Then, 8 sets of hands went to work spreading oil all over her body.

We were directed where to massage her, but hands started to move to particularly stimulating locations. Her smallish, pert breasts received a lot of attention, and were thoroughly covered in aromatic oil. We were careful to massage her face, hands, arms, feet, and legs. Once she was smooth and glistening everywhere, we started to focus increasingly on her shaved pussy. We took turns stroking her clitoris. We massaged her legs farther apart until we were massaging all around the area. With her eyes closed, she would have had no idea who was touching her where. She was enjoying it, too. Her back arched up against the hands that stroked her in that sensitive spot, and her groans of pleasure began to get louder. We made eye contact as a group and smiled as we enjoyed stimulating her together. Sounds of similar pleasure were building throughout the room. There was a different groan when the instructor said it was time to stop, and give someone else a turn.

As our first “victim” got up, one of the men quickly took her place. As men, we were a bit uncomfortable with the idea of massaging another man, but our instructor was ready for this. He suggested that we had two options. The first was to choose parts of the male body we would be comfortable with touching. I was more fond of his second suggestion. We could massage nearby women from our group.

The four women of our group went right to work on him. I was near his head and my wife was near his feet. I watched as a man at her side put oil on his hands, and then started to massage her body. He moved to the man’s feet occasionally, but most of the oil made its way onto my wife’s body. She has beautiful, largish breasts with incredibly soft and smooth skin. I could imagine how wonderful it must feel to this man to feel her warm, smooth breasts. Then I watched as my wife added more oil to her hands and started to work her way up the man’s legs as he lay on the table. As she did, she looked up at me and smiled. Her hands reached his balls first, and his cock hardened. She moved up his cock from the base, smiled up at me again, and then proceeded to give his cock her full and skilled attention for several minutes before she gave one of the other women a turn.

This was a new adventure for us. I had never had the opportunity to see her displaying her technique on another man’s cock. I would learn later that I had not noticed that she had gotten additional attention of her own while she was rubbing the man on the table’s cock and balls. The man next to her had proceeded down her body from behind. His fingers had found their way to her pussy, and she had spread her legs wider to accommodate him. He had not entered her with his fingers, but did stimulate her to one of her small orgasms.

Like before, the sounds of rhythmic groaning were getting ever louder in the room, now mixed with sounds from some of the ladies around the room enjoying some extra-curricular massage. Also, like before, the groans changed when the instructor announced another change. Reluctantly, the man got up from the table with a very erect cock.

In his place, a woman with short hair and large breasts lay down. Eight sets of hands went to work on her face, hands, arms, feet and legs. We were less shy about moving to the center of her body than before. Soon her breasts glistened from the attentions of 16 hands that all wanted a chance to circle the edges of her breasts and work their way inward to her nipples. All hands were drawn down the slope of her body to the soft area above her pussy. We men particularly enjoyed spreading her pussy lips slowly and stroking her. I enjoyed rubbing massage oil at the top of her clitoris. I moved my finger back and forth gently. With the oil lubricating my moves, I increased the pressure and her clitoris got harder and harder.

We all took our turns, and her pleasure as measured by the sound of her moaning, built. Again the sounds of pleasure in the room increased, and again the groans of disappointment rung out as our instructor signaled a change of massagee.

A man with a cowboy hat on lay down putting his hat on his cock. One of the ladies quickly removed it with a smile, patted his cock, and place the had carefully aside. By now, we men were concentrating less on the man on the massage table, leaving that to the women in the group. We were offering our support by massaging the women near us. I massaged the woman’s shoulders, back and backside on my left. I took a moment to look around the room. All around were couples, maybe 40 of them, in various states of stimulating massage. I became even more aroused watching all of those hands touching all of those bodies in all of those places.

I turned my attention back to our group and began to massage the shoulders of the woman next to me. As I looked down the man’s body, I saw my wife taking this man’s cock in her mouth. She’d obviously planned ahead to make sure she did this before his cock had been oiled. Two of the other women each took a turn sucking on his cock, too.

To one side the first two people to be massaged were starting to lose track of the massage on the table. They had not known each other before class started, but they were really getting to know each other now. Their bodies were already well oiled and so their hands were smoothly gliding over each other’s skin. As I watched, they moved off to a nearby couch. He slid a condom onto his hard cock. She laid back, and he slid into her. Needless to say, we were going to need to get by without them for awhile.

Around the room the sounds of people working towards orgasms were getting louder, and our instructor interrupted. Another change was due. We had a rather shy woman in our group. She got into position to be massaged, but she became uncomfortable pretty quickly. We helped her up, and my wife took her place. As she laid down, I leaned down and gave her a deep kiss. Whispering into her ear, I asked, “Are you enjoying yourself?”

She answered, “Can’t you tell?”

By now our group was well coordinated in its movements. My wife closed her eyes, and I opened mine. I loved seeing all those hands caressing, massaging and stimulating her breasts and nipples. The men took particular interest in fingering her clitoris. She started having a long series of orgasms. The men on either side of her were leaning over her, kissing her lips or teasing her body with their breath. I learned later that they were placing their cocks into her hands. She talked about how much she enjoyed the sensation of holding hard cocks while being stimulated by so many sensations. When my wife is really enjoying herself, she doesn’t make much noise, but the groans were building elsewhere in the room. Our instructor called an end to my wife’s turn.

She got up between the two men whose cocks she had been stroking. She kneeled between them, and took one of their cocks into her mouth. She moved her mouth back and forth on his cock, and used on of her free hands to play with his balls. Her other hand was being used on the other man. This was exciting new territory for our adventures, and I was really getting turned on watching her suck and play with two cocks at once.

I’m certain she would have sucked on the other man, but it was time for him to get his massage. Off to the side, the couple had changed positions. Now she was on all fours, and he was entering her pussy from behind. They were starting to make continuous sounds of pleasure. We were listening less and less to the directions we were getting from our instructor. My wife leaned over the man on the table and started to give his cock a lot of attention using her mouth and both of her hands. Behind her, the other man was playing with her ass and pussy which was exposed due to her position. The man being massaged had his hand on my wife’s pussy from underneath. The man behind her put on a condom, and my wife reached back to guide him in. I was trying to memorize each beautiful detail as my wife started to rock with the motion.

That’s when I started to get more involved with the short haired woman. By now her body had absorbed most of the massage oil we had put on her before. So, I started to add a new layer to her breasts. I moved down her body with my hands. She leaned back onto a little bit of free space on the bed, and I started to tongue the top of her clitoris. I moved my fingers down to either side of her pussy lips and gently pinched them together to stimulate the sensitive areas there. When her moaning got louder, I put on a condom and slid into her. She felt so good as I moved in and out of her. I got a nice rhythm going only stopping occasionally to indulge my desire to fondle those magnificent breasts or stroke her clitoris. Here I was living out an incredible fantasy. I reached out several times to play with my wife’s hair as she enjoyed her multiple orgasms nearby.

Then a sad thing happened. The instructor started to bring the class to an end. I eased out and gave the woman a kiss and hug. The man behind my wife stopped. My wife wasn’t done, though. She rolled a condom onto the man she had been massaging. She placed her knees on either side of him, reached down and guided his cock into her pussy. She didn’t have much time, but she was determined to enjoy a quickie. As she did, the group surrounded them. We all enjoyed massaging their bodies as she moved up and down on him. This didn’t get to last nearly long enough. The lights were starting to come up in the room, and the instructor was reminding us that the room was going to be needed for another purpose soon.

We’ve had massage classes since then with this instructor. He refers to this, his first group massage class, as the class that got out of control. He now does the class in a different way, a way that keeps it more under control. Darn it!

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