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One Of The Boys

Like most guys, I jacked alot when I was younger. I remember the first time I came, in the shower. I told my buddy, Dave, what I had done. I remember him saying " Really did you shoot far?". So we'd tell each other jacking stories. It wasn't to long after that, I stayed the night at his house, with another one of our frineds from school, John.

I remember we were up late watching videos, when Dave, started talking about jacking. So I looked at John, and said I could do it right now. So at the same time we all pulled off our underwear and proceeded to jack alil. This was the first time I had seen another guy my ages dick. It was interesting. I'm a guy that like to compare, hell, still do, so I stared alot. Dave's was the most interesting. It was probley 5 inches long and curved right to his belly button. John was probley the same length but soft looking, even when hard. As for me I was about 1/2 long but with a more pronounced head.

We decided to watch each other jack. John went first. He was cut, but still had alot of skin, that with every stroke would pull over his head. It looked like it hurt, he'd pull it so hard. He must have jacked it for 10 min, when he said " Here we go!" and had an amazing cum shot. It landed right under his chin. Dave and I have been slowly tugging the whole time, but Dave pronounced " I'm ready" and he was it was less than a min when he went. It was a drooler, but I can still remember the way his stomach muscles contracted. I was about to bust myself. John was like, "your head looks huge, jack it man." I did, fast as I could. Now I had never had a good cum shot before, so needless to say what I did that day was suprising. Now we were setting side by side by side on a couch, with a coffee table in front of us, so when I shot over the table, we were all like WHoa!!!!!!!!! They coulden't believe it, I coulden't either. It must have went 5-6 feet. Dave, and John were hard again, so throughout the night they tried to get a shot like that, but they never did.

That night anyways..........

End of Story