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One Christmas Party Ill Never Forget

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A day before our office Christmas party, a divorced female co-worker asked me if she could talk to me. Sure why not I thought. Michelle is blond fireball that stands about 5 '3" and weighs around 110 pounds. Since her divorce, I had heard that she was living with another women.

Michelle asked me if my wife would get mad if she asked me to slow dance at the party. I just laughed. I told her that my wife Lynn liked her and that there wouldn't be any issues. I then turned the tables on her. So Michelle, what about your new friend, will she get mad? Michelle stood silent for a second, then said while were dancing, maybe we could get Lynn and Jill to dance together. What Michelle didn't know yet, was my wife is bi-sexual. I took Michelle into my arms, kissed her and pushed my cock into her crotch. I immediately stopped, and told her that I would see her tomorrow. Michelle just stood there. Shocked would be a understatement. You tease she yelled as I walked out the door.

When I got home I told Lynn about what happened. Lynn just smiled. The wheels were turning in her head. Lynn is simply what some would call a MILF. Lynn is 5 '8" and weighs about 140 pounds. Her body is firm. Her 34 c tits stand out nice and she is simply one sexy women. Lynn asked me if I wanted to have sex with Michelle. Sure I said. Great. Lets see what Jill looks like and maybe we could have some fun she said. Maybe both of us could get some strange.

Saturday evening arrived. Lynn took her time getting ready for the evening. My wife had shaved her legs and her pussy. The dress she wore was showed more leg than usual, but was tasteful. Her breast were tastefully displayed and she told me that she had on crotchless panties. It was all I could do not to fuck her before we left.

Lynn and I arrived before Michelle and Jill. We reserved seats for them at out table. A few moments later Michelle and Jill arrived. Michelle was dressed a tight red dress that showed off her 34 c chest and firm but. Jill was dressed to kill. Her black body hugging dress showed of her tight ass and her breast were on display. I'm guessing that she had 36 dd's. The other guys from work stared at Jill, but they knew she was with Michelle and behaved themselves.

Lynn greeted both Michelle and Jill with a soft kiss and a warm hug. My dick got hard watching them. We had a nice dinner and the girls got along great. Soon after the band began to play and the alcohol began to flow. Just on cue, when a slow song came on on, Michelle asked Lynn if she could dance with me. Lynn agreed. This would give her alone time with Jill. Once Michelle and I were on the dance floor, she whispered in my ear that she waited all day for this. I asked her if she wanted a surprise. Sure she said. I informed her that Lynn was bi. What she whispered in my ear. Yes I told her. I also told he that Lyn and I are swingers. Michelle just smiled. I took it to another level with her. If you and Jill want too play, let us know. The song ended, I followed Michelle off of the dance floor. I kept her ass close to me, as to hide m raging hard-on. Lynn and Jill smiled at us as were arrived back at our table. I whispered to my wife what I had told Michelle. Michelle was now informing Jill. At the same time we all smiled at each other. I suggested that we go to our house for a few drinks. Lynn rode with Jill and Michelle rode with me as we made the 15 minute ride to our house. Michelle, once in the car, sat next to me and stated she couldn't believe what was happening. I grabbed her crotch and kissed her. Michelle's hand found it's way to my crotch. She would rub me and then stop. You tease I yelled at her.

We arrived at our house and I started a fire in the fire place. Lynn got drinks for all of us. I took Michelle into my arms and began to kiss and undress her. Jill was doing the same to Lynn. Once Michelle was undressed, I had her lay back on the couch as I began to lick her small tight pussy. Jill did the same to Lynn. As I was licking Michelle, Michelle and Lynn began toe kiss. I thought my dick was going to explode. I stopped for a second, so that I could undress and then I helped Jill remove the last of her cloths. Jill suprised me by sharing Lynn's juices with me in a hot kiss. Michelle was completely shaved. Her scent was sweet. I licked and sucked on her pussy until she begged me to fuck her.

I had Michelle get on all fours. Jill and Lynn were now beside us on the floor. Lynn was on top. Lynn was grinding her pussy into Jill's crotch and Jill had her hands full of Lynn's ample breast. I slowly slid my manhood into Michelle. She cried out as I worked my way into her. Watching Lynn and Jill made my dick grow to new heights. I began to fuck Michelle slow at first, but as I gave her more cock, Michelle begged me to fuck her harder and faster.

I held onto her slender hips and fucked her as hard as I could. As Michelle and I worked fucked at a furious pace, Lynn had now worked her way down to Jill's pussy. Jill had her head back and was holding on to Lynn's head with her legs. Not letting go, she cried out in pleasure. Fuck her Lynn Michelle yelled out. Lick that pussy. This sent me over the edge. I exploded in Michelle's pussy. As soon as I pulled out, Michelle sat on Jill's face. Jill licked all of my cum out of Michelle's pussy. Now Lynn, Michelle and Jill decided to have a three way kiss. My dick was recovering faster than I could have imagined. Soon it was hard again. I wanted to fuck Jill. I asked her wwhen was the last time she had been fucked. About 5 years ago she breathlessly answered. Do you want some cock I asked her.

Michelle said fuck him baby, he's got a nice cock. Jill looked at Lynn. It's ok Jill, you can fuck him if you want too. Jill asked me to take it slow. With Jill laying on her back and Lynn and Michelle on each side of her, I began to insert my cock into her tight pussy. As I worked my way in to her, Lynn kissed Jill. Michelle was playing with my balls as I slowly fucked her friend. Once Jill and I got in a nice rythem, Michelle and Lynn made there way into a 69 position next to us. Lynn was on the bottom and was tearing Michelle's pussy up. Michelle simply moaned in pleasure. As she finger-fucked Lynn's wet hole.

As I fucked Jill, I asked her if she liked getting fucked. Yessss she stuttered. I love your dick. Ohh mmyy she moaned as I began to give her everything I had. After about 15 minutes, I finally came in Jill's pussy. I layed on top of her and kissed her for a long while, before I pulled out. Lynn and Michelle were reaching there climax with each other as well.

When we were all done, we all kissed and went to bed together. The next morning at breakfast the girls made plans with each other for some one on one time. Merry christmas everyone.

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