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New Neighbors Chapter 1

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New Neighbors Chapter 1

Jimmy was still in shock over the new condo that he and Dana had just moved into. They had saved up the down payment over a period of about 3 years and now were realizing the dream of having their own place. It was a very nice area and the complex they were in and it had a pool, recreation room and tennis courts.

They were still in the stage of unpacking and hadn't had a chance to meet any neighbors yet. He and Dana had put off starting a family until they were settled into their own place. It was June and after unpacking for most of the day, it would be a good time to check out the pool. As they put on their suits, Jimmy couldn't help but watch Dana as she changed. He had always been amazed by her body. She was very thin except for her chest which she was now trying to stuff into the top of her bikini.

She remarked that she didn't know if she should go to the pool the first time with half her chest hanging out.

Jimmy would be glad to have the men there drool over her, but he dared not say anything since Dana was pretty conservative about things like that. It had taken quite awhile for her just to get comfortable around Jimmy after they got married. She had been brought up in a pretty religious family and it had taken Jimmy a long time to convince her that whatever a man and wife do in privacy is ok.

Actually, she had gotten to where she would do just about anything he wanted short of having other people involved. This of course was Jimmy's strongest fantasy, but he could never tell her this.

You see Jimmy had always wondered what it would be like to have 2 women with him at the same time, or even another woman watch him & her make love! The only thing was that he had brought the subject up once but she seemed not to want to talk about it, so he let it alone until later. Jimmy did, once, get to feel what it was like (a long time ago).

His best friend, his girl and he had tried it.

As he came out of his thoughts, he realized Dana was waiting for him to answer her. "Oh, honey, don't worry about it. You'll be the best looking one there." They put on their pool jackets and thongs and headed for the pool.

It was a very warm day and the pool was pretty busy.

As Jimmy looked around, it was obvious the people here weren't modest. There were several women there with a lot more of their bodies exposed than Dana. In fact, most of them had on very small bikinis and some had on the kind that showed their entire ass with just a string up the middle.

Needless to say, Jimmy was in heaven.

Dana looked around and thought to herself that what she was wearing was pretty conservative compared to the rest of the women here. She got more comfortable by the minute.

They found a couple of lounge chairs and took off their jackets and lay down to get a little sun. A few people passed and spoke but no one really struck up a conversation.

After awhile, it got pretty hot and Jimmy suggested they take a dip. They jumped in on the side of the pool and just kind of stayed in the water holding onto the side of the pool. Jimmy was taking in all the women and was more than a little surprised by the number of men wearing bikini style swim suits. He always wore the boxer style, but was thinking maybe he would get a new suit since no one seemed to mind all the bulges around the pool.

Dana said she was ready to leave after about an hour and they started gathering their towels and things. A couple walked up and asked them if they were new. Jimmy looked up into the firmest set of tits he had ever seen.

Dana couldn't help but notice that the guy was wearing a very small bikini suit that barely covered up what he had.

Jimmy said that they were new and introduced themselves.

Mike and Barbara were the other couple's names and they said they had moved there about a year ago. They asked Jimmy and Dana if they would like to come over for drinks later and they said they would like that. Jimmy and Dana were glad to finally meet someone since they had been spending all their time unpacking and getting the condo in shape. It was about 6 and Mike said 8 would be a good time.

Dana got out of the shower and was trying to decide what to wear. She figured she'd wear something fairly conservative since she wanted to make a good impression with their first acquaintances. A pair of slacks and a blouse was what she decided on. In the back of her mind, though, she couldn't help thinking about the bulge in Mike's suit.

Jimmy was the only man she had ever been with but the size of the bulge in Mike's suit definitely convinced her that there were cocks out there larger than Jimmy's. She tried to shove the sight out of her mind.

Jimmy decided he'd just wear jeans and a pullover shirt. He kept thinking about Barbara's tits since he had always been a tit man. Her tits weren't huge, but they definitely were more than a mouthful and seemed to be the firmest he had ever seen. Otherwise she was definitely alright in Jimmy's book. She was about 5'4" tall, tan and slim.

They were both trying to be nonchalant about tonight but both were preoccupied with thoughts of lust since they had both been too tired to do anything in bed for about a week.

Meanwhile, Mike and Barbara had thoughts of their own.

Barbara was planning on wearing a halter top and some very tight jeans. Mike was trying to figure out what pair of pants was tightest in the right area and which muscle shirt would look best with them. They had discussed tonight and had a few surprises for Jimmy and Dana when they got there.

8:00 came and Jimmy rang the bell. Barbara answered the door and Jimmy immediately began salivating. Dana was a little surprised that Barbara would wear something so provocative for their first visit. Then when she saw what Mike was wearing, she forgot about it. He had on a too small pair of sweatpants and obviously nothing under them.

He also was wearing a see through muscle shirt that Dana immediately liked. Barbara invited them to come in and asked what they'd like to drink. They all sat down in the living room and chit chatted for about an hour. They discussed what they did for a living, their families and where they were, etc. Pretty boring stuff until Mike went to get fresh drinks and asked Dana to help him. They went into the kitchen and left Jimmy and Barbara to chat.

Barbara turned toward Jimmy and he thought her tits were going to fall out of the top. He could tell easily that her nipples were hard as rocks. Of course, something of his was getting hard, too. Barbara suggested that they go help with the drinks. They started for the kitchen.

As Jimmy turned to go into the kitchen, he froze in his tracks. Dana was standing in front of the counter where the booze was with her hands on the counter and Mike was behind her with his hands around her massaging her tits while he was grinding his groin against her ass. She had her head thrown back and was grinding back against him. She definitely was enjoying what he was doing and was oblivious that anyone was watching. Jimmy couldn't move and was speechless. Barbara grabbed him by the arm and guided him back to the living room.

They sat down on the sofa and she asked him if what he saw bothered him. He said he was just totally shocked that Dana would go along with what Mike was doing. She had always been so straight laced. Barbara reached over and rubbed Jimmy's cock through his pants and said that it appeared Dana was enjoying herself, so he should too. Jimmy just sat there in shock for a second and realized that Mike and Dana were still in the kitchen and things were very quiet. He reached over and put his hand on Barbara's breast and started pinching her nipple through the top. She moved over and proceeded to cram her tongue down his throat and unzip his pants. He managed to pull the halter top completely down and saw the most beautiful breasts he had ever seen outside of a magazine. Not large, but definitely ample, a slight droop and huge nipples that were standing almost straight out. He immediately moved down to get a taste of them. By this time, Barbara had freed his cock from his pants and was rubbing it lightly with her long fingers.

In the kitchen, Mike had unbuttoned Dana's blouse and unhooked her bra to reveal a luscious set that he was feverishly massaging. Dana had reached behind her with both hands pulling Mike's hips into her while he was still grinding his cock into her ass. He put both hands down the front of her pants and started trying to pull them down and that's when Dana hesitated. She said she wasn't sure about this and Mike suggested she peek into the living room and see what was going on there. She walked over to the corner and looked in.

Her chin hit the floor when she saw Barbara and Jimmy completely nude 69'ing on the couch. Barbara had her legs clamped around Jimmy's head and all she could see was his head moving a little. She had his cock in her mouth and was moving back and forth from the shaft to his balls. His cock was glistening in what little light there was.

Mike pulled her back into the kitchen and asked her if she wanted to join them. She just stood there speechless.

She was trying to quickly analyze and make a decision.

Then she thought, I'm always too analytical, this time I go with my body and told Mike ok. They walked into the living room and Jimmy and Barbara both looked up to see them standing there and of course noticed that Dana's blouse was open and her bra completely off her breasts. Jimmy jumped up and opened his mouth to say something, but Dana put her fingers to his lips and said "If it's ok with you, it's ok with me".

Barbara had gotten up and was standing next to Mike, who said that they should follow him. They walked down the hallway to the bedroom. It was a beautiful room with a king-size bed and thick plush carpet. It was a very comfortable room. Mike reached for Dana and removed her blouse the rest of the way. She wrestled out of her bra and dropped it on the floor. Mike laid her on the bed and took off her shoes and pants to notice that that's all she had on.

Jimmy was a little surprised too, since she had always worn underwear before. Barbara pulled Jimmy onto the bed and took up where she left off. Mike was gently sucking on one of Dana's nipples and she was stretched out like a cat enjoying every minute of it. She heard someone talking but was sort of in a daze and she was so enjoying the licking Mike was giving her, she didn't pay any attention to what was said. She felt a tongue moving her lips apart to gently suck on her clit. It was the best feeling she ever had.

Her chest had turned a deep shade of red as the feeling of euphoria rose in her.

All this time she had her eyes closed and then felt something pushing on her mouth. She opened her eyes to find Mike's cock in her face and she began to gently lick it.

But wait, if this is Mike's cock, who is licking me? She looked down for a moment and saw that it was Barbara licking her. She flinched a little and Mike touched her forehead and said "Enjoy". It felt so good, she didn't argue. Jimmy had performed oral sex on her several times, but it never felt this good. Barbara's mouth seemed to know exactly where to lick or probe and when.

At the same time, she saw Jimmy on his knees behind Barbara holding his cock in his hand guiding it into Barbara's cunt. She was enjoying Mike's cock since she had never seen one this big. It wasn't any longer than Jimmy's, but definitely much thicker. She swirled her tongue around the head a few times and then would gingerly suck on it.

She couldn't come close to getting the whole thing in her mouth. She moved down to his balls and managed to get each one in her mouth for a few seconds. Mike had wet his fingers and was pinching and rubbing her nipples. Dana had never felt this good before and knew she'd come any minute.

Jimmy was buried in Barbara's pussy and was fucking her with very long, slow strokes. He was the one that had a view of everything going on and couldn't believe this was happening. All of a sudden, Dana let out a yell and started shaking uncontrollably. She was trying to move away from Barbara's mouth since the orgasm was so strong. She moaned and writhed for about 30 seconds and then slowly calmed down.

Mike moved over and Jimmy pulled out of Barbara and Barbara moved up Dana's body and kissed Dana deeply. It was quite a sight for Jimmy. Barbara moved off of Dana and pulled Dana over to her. Dana instinctively moved down to Barbara's cunt and started licking her. Mike moved under Dana and started licking her cunt while Jimmy positioned himself so Barbara could finish what she had started in the living room. Dana stopped for a second and told Mike she wanted him to fuck her, not eat her. Jimmy almost fainted.

He couldn't believe this was his conservative wife eating another women's pussy and telling a stranger to fuck her in front of her husband. Although he was enjoying it, he was still in a state of shock.

Mike moved up behind her and with one shove, was in her all the way. She moaned a little and put her ass in the air for him. Barbara was really getting into Jimmy's cock.

She had the whole thing in her mouth and Jimmy couldn't figure out why she wasn't choking. He could feel the head touching the back of her throat and he knew he wouldn't last long. Dana was really sucking and licking now and Barbara was starting to tremble slightly. Mike was pounding her pretty hard, but not hard enough to make her hurt Barbara with her teeth. Jimmy felt his cum rising and Barbara could feel the spasms starting in his cock. She moved up on his cock to where she only had about 3 inches of it in her mouth and started moving her tongue around the head very fast while sucking. Jimmy shot what felt like a quart into her mouth and she drank every drop.

About the same time, Mike let out a yell and shot his load into Dana's drenching cunt. He collapsed onto her back and she lay down on the bed still working on Barbara.

Barbara started moaning a little and was glad Dana could concentrate on her now. Dana was rapidly sucking on Barbara's clit and had two fingers in her cunt as well.

Barbara started moving around and Dana had to almost follow her around the bed. Of course, the guys were just sitting back watching now. Barbara started pitching and bucking and reached for Dana's head. She grabbed Dana's head and pulled it into her crotch and let out a scream. She shook for what seemed like a full minute. When she calmed down, Dana pulled away and her mouth and chin were drenched. She licked her lips and said, "That was good!" Her face smelled of Barbara's muskiness and she lay back on the bed. They had both been in heaven or at least so they had thought! Barbara couldn't tell which of the guys it was who smeared K-Y jelly on her ass, but without opening her eyes she pulled her knees to her chest and felt warm hands caressing her back door. Fingers played in and out of her until she could tell that what began slipping in was not a finger. Her muscle resisted and protested a little, but then she relaxed again and gave into the insistent thrusting until she could feel his hips bouncing off of her cheeks.

She first looked back to see that it was Jimmy giving it to her, and then over at Dana who was dreamily staring at the scene and licking her lips. Dana then moved her own twitching cheeks closer to Barbara's wet mouth.

Even as Barbara's own ass was being rhythmically pumped she tongued and fingered Dana's tight bung hole. Dana's own fingers were down there also, working her clit to the beat Barbara was setting with her tongue, which she was moving in sync to the reaming she was getting in the rear. Dana was working frantically with her fingers, and even helped grease her own anus with the cunt juices, the taste of which only drove Barbara to lick and probe more heartily.

And when the 3 of them thought that the entire ass was taken, Barbara sensed the only one left out, Mike; move up behind Jimmy who was behind her. He knew that the 2 ladies' back ends were taken, so he took the only available derriere left. Getting into the rhythm of the other 3 he amateurishly tried to just thrust on in, but after a quick failure he too scooped the K-Y jelly, smeared it into Jim's ass, and rammed home! Aah! Spent, they all collapsed on the large bed and fell fast asleep.

Later that evening they awakened, dressed, and went out to the dining room for that dinner Jimmy and Dana had come over for. They talked like old friends though they had just met. Their shared experience had brought them closer together than a month of dinners alone could have.

They made plans to meet at the pool the next day, and as they parted Mike winked at Jimmy and said they had a surprise for the two of them when next they met.

Dana and Jimmy went to the local mall the next day to do some shopping. Jimmy was excited about their encounter, but Dana seemed transformed by it. As they went through the clothes racks, Dana frowned at the more conservative choices and spent a lot of time in the lingerie and swimsuit departments. They each did a little shopping on their own and then met again to go home. When they left Jimmy knew that Dana's choices boded well for the future.

They arrived back home only a short time before they were to meet Mike and Barb, and the suit Dana chose to wear may as well not have been there. A pale pink thong bikini snaked its way around her waist, over her neatly trimmed bush, and tightly up between her cheeks a hint of lace the only part peeking out. The bra was tight, but not uncomfortably so. The material was nearly sheer, and her nipples, while not completely revealed, surely would be so when she got wet.

Meanwhile Jimmy put on a striped Speedo suit, but when he got a look at his voluptuous wife he wondered how he would ever stay inside the small piece of fabric. Donning their robes they went out hand in hand to the pool area.

Mike and Barb were sitting by the pool sipping drinks when they arrived. Mike was wearing the same small black suit as the day before, but Barbara was wearing a yellow and green one-piece that was see-through even without being wet.

Jimmy and Dana unrobed, and flushed at the appreciative stares they received from Mike and Barb.

Barb peeked over the rim of her sunglasses at the bulge in Jim's lap, and her hand unconsciously went to her own crotch for a second.

After a few minutes of chit-chat Mike said that he wanted to show them the surprise he had mentioned the night before. He walked over to the pool's edge, knelt down, and motioned to someone on the other side. There was a splash, a pause, and then he was helping a teenaged blond out of the water.

The sun glistened from her green eyes, and the water clung to her tanned skin, almost like it was reluctant to let go. She had narrow hips but long legs that made her seem taller than her 5'6" height. Her hair hung wetly down to an ample chest, but the most striking thing about her was her smile, set amidst a model's face. Her smile was warm with just a hint of mischief as she accepted Mike's hand and walked over to where the other 3 sat.

"Tanya," Mike said, his eyes never leaving her, "let me introduce you to two very close friends Jimmy and Dana." Jimmy started to get up, but became afraid he would literally poke up through his suit, so he just leaned forward and shook her hand. Dana followed suit, and found herself staring at this lovely young creature in spite of herself.

"Tanya," Mike explained, "is our niece, just in this morning from across the state. She was in our wedding as a junior bridesmaid 5 years ago when she was 14. She has slept and he paused for effect, with us whenever there was a concert in the city she wanted to attend. We try to make it a habit of having her here at least once a month. Tanya then skipped off to the diving area and began to show off her form on the medium board, doing double somersaults and entering with hardly a splash. Jimmy leaned back, waved for a drink from the bar, and wondered how he had ever gotten so lucky. Dana's eyes were glued to the nubile girl's acrobatics, and she caught herself licking her lips.

An hour later they decided to go in from the sun, and all 5 hurried to Mike and Barbara's apartment. The air conditioning felt great after the heat of the day, and no one dressed any more modestly than they were while Barb went into the kitchen to fix a pitcher of cool drinks. Tanya told Jimmy and Dana that she was in town to see a hard rock band the next night. Mike then explained how Tanya had walked in on Barb and him making love accidentally nearly 6 years ago, and they had spent time with her explaining the mechanics and the emotions, but had not done more with her until her 18th birthday. That was when the monthly visits had begun, and had continued for nearly a year. Barb returned with the drinks, and as everyone sipped Mike asked Tanya if she would like to expand her horizons. The mischievous smile reappeared on her face, and she reached out both hands to Jimmy and Dana, and led them back to the bedroom with Mike and Barbara following close behind. She motioned for the 2 couples to sit on the bed, and then she began a slow striptease that sent shivers down their spine.

When her suit was off she turned her back to them, but they could see her fingers moving back and forth between her legs as she swayed her hips. Her motions picked up tempo and she turned and faced them, her eyes closed, but her fingers massaged her slit, and now and then dipped inside for lubricate herself. One hand reached up and began pinching a nipple and a gasp escaped her lips. Slowly her steps moved her closer to the bed until she masturbated right in front of Dana. She moved and swayed closer until Dana couldn't help herself and she leaned forward and suckled the upturned breast. Her own nipples were stiff, and Mike reached from behind and massaged them vigorously.

Barbara was sitting behind Jimmy, and her hands encircled his waist and then found his rod still straining inside his bikini. She freed it and kissed his neck from behind, pressing her own straining breasts against his back.

Jimmy alternated between closing his eyes in ecstasy and peeking over at the show going on with his wife and the nubile young co-ed. He saw as Tanya's lithe body pressed up against his wife's eager mouth, and how she sucked, nibbled, and licked in eager return. Tanya's tight body showed no tan lines a fact Jimmy decided to inquire about later.

Barb pulled him backwards until he lay back on the bed Barb moved around and off the bed, pulling his trunks off as she went. She pulled the top of her own suit off down to the waist, exposing her perfectly round firm breasts, and he finally had cause to tear his eyes off his wife and Tanya.

Jimmy was a sucker for a chest like this and he watched as she leaned over and pressed his stiff member between them.

The tanning oil that had been applied earlier felt delicious to his engorged penis as it slipped in and out of her golden mounds.

Next to them Dana had stood up and given Tanya a tender embrace. They stared into each other's eyes and then tentatively kissed, their tongues circling and probing gently. Mike felt a little left out, but then decided to do something about it and joined them in the embrace.

The two ladies parted, the young blonde on his left, the brown-haired new neighbor on his right, and then they both dropped to their knees and took turns engulfing his cock. Dana marveled at how deeply Tanya could swallow it, and after a couple of tries found that she could suppress her gag reflex and hold it deeply in her own mouth. The little "yesses" she got from Tanya encouraged to continue mimicking the technique Tanya used, obviously practiced extensively on Mike. Although she was nearly 6 years older, Dana found herself anxiously learning at the side of her newest lover. In between turns Tanya would reach over and caress Dana's tits, and occasionally reach down and tease her pussy.

Mike's hips had been slowly pushing and retreating to this treatment, but when he closed his eyes and began to push in earnest Tanya reached up and pinched the end of his cock with one hand and held him tightly around the waist with the other. Eventually his rocking slowed down and he was able to open his eyes.

"Why did you do that?" Dana couldn't help but ask.

"We don't want to bring this to a climax too quickly, now do we?" she asked back, the smile still playing on her lips. "Come with me and let's try my favorite position," she winked to Dana. They moved up onto the bed where she bid Dana to lie down spread-eagled. Tanya then motioned to Jimmy to move up behind her as she got onto all fours, her face leaning down towards Dana's snatch. Barb gave him a "go ahead" smile, so he took up position behind her tight little ass. Mike moved over to his wife and the two cuddled as they watched their protégée do her "work." Tanya ran her fingers up and down Dana's legs, massaging her way higher with each pass until she was combing through her curly bush.

Jimmy fondled the well-tanned cheeks, savoring the moment. Finally he couldn't resist her upturned pussy peeking out from the top of her well-muscled legs. He thought he would easily slip his meat in, but her young pussy was tighter than he had anticipated, and he slowly pushed and rocked his way in. The resistance felt incredibly good, and rather than sliding in and out he found that his cock was practically hugged on its way out, as if she could reach down and grab him with her pussy's muscles.

The slow-fuck was as close to heaven as he'd ever been, and when he would reach the furthest point in he could go on each pass, instead of just pulling back to start another stroke, he would pull her hips into him with his hands and feel her tight cool cheeks against his belly.

While Jim slowly moved in and out of her Dana felt a warm moist tongue working its way through her pubic hairs towards her clit. It ached for a good tongue-lashing, and she squirmed in anticipation. She felt her juices running out and down her leg, but the beautiful face dipped suddenly and lapped them up. Finally she felt her pussy lips parting to the insistent thrusts of Tanya's tongue. She writhed in pleasure as her little knob nearly burst. The juices flowed faster and she met Jim's gaze with almost guilty feelings.

But he looked just as content as she, buried up to the hilt in pussy. Tanya began rocking forwards and back until with his deepest thrust yet Jim yelled "Good God!" and filled her with his juices. He pumped into her for what seemed an eternity and then collapsed back in exhaustion.

Dana and Tanya, meanwhile, were no where near done, and Tanya's tongue was giving her slit a real work out.

Mike and Barb, though, seemed to be having a disagreement.

"But we this is HER birthday present, not yours," insisted Barb. "I know, but look at her..." Mike mused. Barb gazed at the arched back and the upturned ass and relented. How could she refuse him such a tempting sight? She leaned across Jim and began tonguing his limp member to keep herself occupied.

Mike took up the place recently vacated by Jimmy and filled the position with relish. Tanya felt the warm cock entering her and oohed and moaned as her own sensations rekindled. Mike leaned forward and reached around her to squeeze her free-swinging boobs.

Dana had reached up and grabbed a hold of the headboard post to keep herself from lurching off of the bed.

Each stroke of Tanya's tongue was like a spasm of fire, shooting up from her crotch to her chest and she couldn't help but buck and jump, it felt so good.

Just as Dana's body quivered and shook Barb's ministrations to Jim's limp member began to bear fruit.

Dana, though, was not concerned with anyone or anything else except the fireworks of pleasure going off where Tanya's loving licks lit them. Tanya used circling motions, back and forth, quick flicks, nibbles and sucking with her mouth in conjunction with the probes of 1, 2, or 3 fingers at a time into Dana's dripping crotch. She wondered if the explosions of nearly painful pleasure would ever end? She had had multiple orgasms making love with Jimmy, but this was like one long, continuous, earth-shaking orgasm! She gave herself over completely into the care of this teenager who seemed so much older than her years, at least when it came to pleasures of the flesh. Her nipples ached and were as hard rocks.

Eventually she noticed that Barb had left Jimmy and had straddled her face and was lowering her own pussy down onto her waiting mouth. Barb had seen her ecstasy and had had to get in on the action. Dana's inner fire had been sated for the moment, so she gripped her aching breasts and did her best to give Barb a "taste" of what she had just been through.

Tanya had finished her tongue-lashing of the brunette and turned her attention to her aunt's husband. She pulled away from him, leaving him with a pained frown on his face.

"Hold it just a minute, would you?" and he smiled at her double-entendre. He complied happily, seeing that she had something up her sleeve (despite her nakedness).

She moved over to where Jimmy was lying with a once again hard on. Reaching over him to the night stand, she picked up the bottle of tanning oil and poured some on her back. She kept pouring until it ran down the small of her back and onto her ass, eventually finding its way in between her cheeks. She then reached back and smeared an ample amount into and around her anus. Then she got a palm full and greased up Jim's cock, leaving a good bit up around the tip. "Stay on your back, please," she requested of him, "and hold yourself straight up in the air." Mike continued to palm himself as he watched this unfold. She then straddled over Jimmy, her back to his chest, and did a gymnastic split. She had lined things up pretty well, and slowly she brought her little hole over his slippery prick.

She allowed gravity to drop her down bit by bit, and with the oil helping he was able to penetrate the head inside her before she had to come out of her split to then sit all the way down. Jimmy gulped at the feeling of slippery tightness as her greased up buns planted themselves down onto him. When she was as far down as possible she leaned back and lay on his chest, her blonde tresses smothering his face. She hooked an arm under his and then pulled them both over onto their sides. She then motioned Mike over to her front. He got the picture right away, and moved to sandwich her in between himself and Jimmy. She was slightly curled up into Jimmy, but she straightened out as far as possible and he was able to guide himself into her available hole.

The three tightly pressed bodies then began to screw and hug. Jimmy was amazed to feel Mike's cock rubbing his own through the vaginal wall and it felt incredible! Tanya now knew what Mike and Barb had meant when they had urged her to visit that weekend for her birthday.

They had taught her well, but she had been fantasizing about this encounter since they'd called the night before. This position was the best she'd ever tried to be filled by two men at the same time! The only thing she could imagine that could be any better would be to have an engorged cock in her mouth at the same time.

Getting back to what she had at the moment she kissed Mike and allowed his tongue to fill her mouth, his dark moustache tickling her upper lip as usual. Now he and Jimmy were moving and thrusting in unison, and she reached back with her free arm to dig her nails into Jimmy's cute tush, to which he responded with renewed vigor. The feel of her oiled back rubbing against his chest, the proximity of someone else making love so near by, and seeing his wife pleasuring another woman all added up to a head-rush for Jim. But this was a head rush down below, and it felt oh so sweet.

"I need to taste a cock," Tanya finally moaned, but Jimmy wasn't giving up his place in line, so Mike withdrew and sidled up higher along her side and presented his penis coated in her love juices. She parted her cherry red lips and out snaked her tongue. She began at base of his cock, just above the balls, and ate her own muskiness off of him.

She gave him long hard licks and finished each stroke off by sucking on the head for a few seconds. Then she licked one of her fingers and reached under his scrotum to tickle and play with his anus swirling it around and finally in. Mike couldn't hold back any longer but did refrain from grabbing her head to ram his cock down her throat. He and Barbara had never forced Tanya to do anything she hadn't wanted to, so he clasped his hands behind his neck and let her do his thing. She expertly squeezed and sucked him to the beat of his spasms, and milked him for all he was worth.

Jimmy's renewed hard-on lasted longer since this was round number two for him, and he enjoyed each thrust as he squeezed into and out of her ass. He reached around her thigh and began to finger her pussy, and she then responded with harder pushes to his thrusts, quickening the pace, and moaning around the gushing prick in her mouth. Mike finally gave out and she dropped her hands to her crotch to add her ten fingers to the action of Jimmy's five. He reached up with his other hand to pull the golden tresses away from her neck. He kissed and nibbled the back of her neck and chewed on her earlobes, flicking his tongue in her ear now and then.

Her pushes against his hips became harder and nearly frantic, and this allowed him to screw her ass deeper and deeper until he almost could imagine being entirely engulfed within this gorgeous girl's cheeks. Soon part of him was as he flooded her with his delight. They finished their entwinement, and when they were able to open their eyes they noticed that they were alone in the room.

Jimmy found his tank suit and a towel for Tanya, and they ventured out of the master bedroom. No one was in the living room, but they did hear some giggling coming from the back bedroom. Hand in hand they headed for the sounds, and found the other three beginning a whole new venture.

This was technically a bedroom, but it had been outfitted for other activities besides sleep. There were pulleys and ropes attached at various places around the bed, which was covered in pink silk sheets. On the dresser there was an array of devices made of rubber and plastic. There was a video camera on a tripod, track lighting, and many mirrors located around the walls, as well as a large one on the ceiling.

Off of this room was an outdoor deck completely surrounded with a fence, and Jimmy remembered that he had wondered how Tanya had achieved such an all-over tan.

Apparently she had been in, or at least through this room before.

The giggling was coming mostly from Barbara, already secured to the bed at the ankles, and was laughing as Dana tickled her and Mike tried to tie her wrists.

Jimmy also noticed a large bowl of ripe fruit on the nightstand next to the bed. Tanya gave his hand a squeeze, picked up an apple, took a juicy bite from it and headed out onto the deck. Jimmy poked his head out into the bright sunshine to take a look. The architecture of the complex allowed each condo to have a completely private piece of the sky. The deck above theirs was recessed back a little, but each was surrounded by a wall that didn't allow easy peeking over. There was a picnic table and benches, and a large gas grill next to it. On the other side were 4 lounge chairs, an outdoor refrigerator, and a pile of neatly folded towels. Tanya sauntered over to the pile of towels, her golden skin nearly glowing in the afternoon sunshine. She reached under the pile and pulled out sunglasses, tanning oil, and a magazine. She spread out the towel on a lounge chair which she laid flat, slipped on the glasses to protect her green eyes, and stretched herself out in the warmth of the day like a cat in a spot of kitchen sunshine. Looking over her shoulder at Jimmy, she asked, "If you want to go back into the play room you're welcome to, but I could really use some lotion on my back. Would you please?" The giggling had stopped in the "play room", as she'd called it, and he was curious about what was going on in there, but he could hardly refuse such a nice request.

Timidly he stepped out onto the deck, glancing around to see if there were any vantage points from above that could see into this space, and gained confidence as he saw how isolated they were. Kneeling down beside her he dribbled the oil out onto her back in teasing little drops.

Goose bumps sprang up on her skin, and she shivered with delight, but he warmed her up with his hands as he worked it into her back.

She loosened up gradually and he felt her muscles slackening under his ministrations. She opened her magazine, and he saw that it was a "couples" kind. She gazed at the pairs of lovers on each page, man and woman, woman and woman, man and man. Jimmy allowed his hands to wander a little farther down her frame, marveling at the petite waist, tight cheeks, and muscular legs. He added some oil to her thighs, and really massaged her legs, working his way down to the calf?s, the ankles, and the tiny feet.

Tanya luxuriated in the warmth of both the sun and Jimmy's knowledgeable hands. Usually her feet were quite ticklish, but his fingers kneaded and caressed them without any discomfort. She turned her head to the side and was aware of the colors all around her. The bright blue sky with its cottony white clouds. The red brick walls around them, and the florescent pink plastic lounge chair she was lying on. She propped herself up on her elbows and turned to look back at this hunk giving her a massage.

He was so unlike the boys she had gone out with. He was willing to give as well as take. She admired his muscular chest that was almost hairless. His short blonde hair made him look young, but she knew he was an experienced man who knew his way around the block. She gazed lower at his tight stomach muscles and the beginnings of his pubic hair before her legs and the chair blocked her view. They had made love not long ago, but with so many involved she hadn't really been able to appreciate his special attentions the way she was now.

Ooohh it felt so good. His hands working her feet and then her ankles. Her legs felt like jelly as he massaged up her calves and then the back of her knees. He made his way to her thighs and lingered there a bit, rubbing in a little more oil, spreading her legs a little to get at the muscles of her inner thighs. Then, aaah, his slippery fingers found the place where her legs came together. She allowed him to massage and caress her lips, but then turned over and sat up.

Jimmy looked surprised and asked, "Is something wrong?" "No, not a thing," she smiled back at him. "But here you've been making me feel so good, I just want to return the favor." She got him to straddle the lounge chair sitting up, and then leaned over and sucked his cock as deeply into her mouth as she could. He leaned back and braced himself with a hand on each side of the chair. She then gave his shaft a tongue-bath. The tip steadily grew and filled with blood until it looked like a mushroom. He was so hard that it grew a dark red, almost purple color. He didn't poke straight out but slightly curved upward. Tanya covered her teeth with her lips and slid her mouth up and down, squeezing with her fingers, and sucking as hard as she could. Again, she thought, it feels so good to be with a real man! Outside, the two blondes, the little teenaged girl celebrating her 19th birthday, and the neighbor from across the way, continued their activity.

Inside, Barbara had been secured to the bed by her husband, with Dana helping out. Dana noticed that all the straps holding Barb to the bed had snaps on them that Barbara could reach and undo any time she wanted. Dana relaxed in the knowledge that anyone involved in this kinkiness was doing so of their own volition. The straps really held her securely, but could be easily released any time the one bound chose. Mike opened a closet door and pulled out a belt, collar, bracelets, and anklets all made of leather with silver studs on them. Then he got out a second set. One he handed to Dana and the other he began to put on his wife. Dana put the collar on, then the anklets and bracelets. She had momentarily wondered about the belt, thinking maybe Mike had meant to use it on Barbara, but then she saw him hooking it around her waist.

She followed suit and admired herself in the mirror.

The feel of the leather and the smell of it aroused her.

She looked so different from the prim and proper wife she had always thought herself. She was slowly changing her self appraisal, and she liked the changes. She felt more powerful, more in control, more willing to accept that pleasure was alright to receive.

When she turned back to Mike and Barbara she had a glint in her eye not previously there. "Don't you look good?" admired Mike. Dana then walked over to the dresser and considered which of the "toys" she would try.

Her eyes roamed over the assortment of dildos, vibrators, handcuffs, benwa balls, creams and jellies. She also noticed a couple of masks. She picked up one that would cover a face from the nose up, that was in black velvet with colored feathers lining the top edge. She tried it on and looked in the mirror.

What stared back was a sexy young woman with leather adornments on, a woman with no identity because of the mask, a woman of mystery. She gazed at the body in the mirror and saw a medium frame, brunette hair, slim legs, and a pouting mouth below the mask. Satisfied with what she saw she picked up one of the vibrators and headed toward Barbara's prone body.

Mike watched as she leaned over and gently kissed his wife. Their kisses then took on greater urgency, Barbara tugging at her bonds in an attempt to return the caresses Dana was giving her smooth belly with her free hand. Then he saw her hand glide up onto the left breast and give it a hard squeeze. Barbara gasped in pain but then responded by forcing her tongue deeper into Dana's eager mouth. Dana stepped over Barbara's body all the while kissing and caressing her roughly. She turned on the vibrator and guided it unseeingly down Barbara's body until she found the spot she was aiming for. She knew when she had reached it, for the body beneath her arched its back.

She withdrew from the kiss, but never said a word. She was no longer Dana, she was Aphrodite, the goddess of love.

She presented her "subject" with a wet smile, rubbing the vibrator around the dark-haired mound, watching to see what effect it was having. She then leaned down and sucked the reddened nipple she had been harshly fondling. The breast was firm beneath her tonguing, the nipple hard. The areola was large in circumference and nearly as dark as Barbara's brown eyes. She sucked the breast hard and then lightly bit it. Barbara began thrashing on the bed at this treatment but didn't verbally object. The masked lover teased her with the vibrator, dipping it in her now and again, but mostly circling around the clitoris. She then allowed it to briefly come into contact with the clitoris, and Barbara cried out, "Yes!" The teasing finally stopped as the vibrator was inserted as fully as it would go and a tongue found its way down to her dripping pussy. The hum was nearly inaudible now buried within her, but the feelings continued, and the tongue and mouth eating her increased the sensation a hundred-fold! Barbara gave in to the sensations completely.

In the back of her mind she smiled at the "rough" treatment she had received at this masked creature's hands.

She had gone along with the little pinches and nibbles as though they were truly painful, adding further ambience to the scenario her neighbor seemed to be creating. She was delighted at the climax to the scene that Dana was playing out.

She also knew that the whirring noise in the background was the lens of the camera focusing in and out. 'Mike must be getting all of this for posterity,' she thought. She saw Dana look back at the camera noise also, but she turned back to her "work" with a smile on her face. As her head dipped back to where the vibrator was humming away within Barbara, the feathers of the mask tickled Barb's tummy muscles.

Mike zoomed in for some close-ups of the action Dana was giving his wife. He was entranced with the change that had come over their new neighbor and wanted it on tape. She had come into their lives only the day before, and when he'd first met her he had sensed a repressed sensuality. That night the four of them he and Barb, Dana and Jimmy had broken through a few walls of reservation, but what was playing out here was a quantum leap farther. Dana had shed her inhibitions like they were an old skin, and was acting out some of her deepest fantasies. For the moment Barbara was the benefactor of this coming-of-age, but he was determined to probe it for himself.

Dana felt powerful behind the mask and wearing the leather accessories. Barbara was bound hand and foot to the bed and was at her mercy something she didn't plan to show much of. She had her "victim" writhing in ecstasy, and was putting on as much of a show for the camera as she could.

She pulled her legs up so that she was eating Barbara from all fours. This made it easier to spread her own legs and sway her ass right into the camera which was positioned just to the side behind her.

Eventually she reached back with one hand and began masturbating into the lens. The idea of this being on tape for later perusal got her hot, and she really began getting into it. She pulled the vibrator out of Barbara, licked off the juices with long strokes of her tongue, and then reached it back to her own dripping slit. Barbara began moaning for her to finish what she had begun, but now Dana was too caught up in the thrill of the buzzing in her own basement to be attentive to Barbara's demands. Mike finally came to the rescue when he undid one of Barbara's wrists and handed her one of the other, even larger vibrating dildos.

He then lay down on the bed next to his wife (who was keeping herself quite busy, thank you) and presented his body to Dana. She then straddled his midsection and lowered herself down, back to his face with her pussy wet and waiting, onto his straining prick. She didn't, however, give up use of the vibrator on her swollen clitoris as she moved up and down slowly on Mike's manhood.

The sounds of 2 vibrators and a camera were drowned out by the moans and sobs of the three on that bed. Outside Jimmy was pumping his juices into the warm mouth, his fingers tightly entwined in her golden curls, of the nubile girl. She licked and sucked his engorged cock, trying to take it all in and not miss a sticky drop.

Inside Dana and Mike were hitting the heights of passion as Barb about passed out in pleasure from Dana's attentions followed up by her own. The sounds both inside and out finally abated, but the musky smell of sex lingered on.

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