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My three sisters

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I am the only boy and have three sisters: Emma, Melissa, and Karyn. Melissa is the oldest one, and Emma and Karyn are fraternal twins, and a year younger than me. We grew up in a very backward, rural area, without a dad, and with a drunk for a mom. Our mom's brother was the only man we ever met in the family, and he was a violent abusive drunk. So much so that all I remember from him is how he'd kick our asses up and down the halls of our house. When I turned 12, I was finally big enough to not let him hurt us anymore, but it wasn't until the following year that I was at last big enough to beat him into a shapeless marmelade.

I remember that night very vividly. I beat him so bad my drunk mom was clutching at me to try and stop me from killing the fucker. I kept telling her that I wasn't going to kill him, but she was so drunk and freaked out that all she could do was cry uncontrollably and yell nonsense. When I was done with him, I simply threw him out of the house. My mom was kneeling down on the floor, hanging her head and sobing heavily. After a little while she started apologizing for never having protected us from him, and kept going on and on about how he was the only male around, and we needed a father figure. That's when I understood what kind of relationship the two had. They fucked! How fucking obvious! When I confronted my mom she became very defensive, accusing me of not understanding what it was like for her without a man all these years. How our dad was so good and she had needs. Then she started going on and on about how our dad's dick was SOOOOO big, and he'd fuck her raw with it. She was stumbling and studdering and could barely stand up she was so drunk.

She finally turned hostile and started accusing me of not being half the man my dad was, and that I could never satisfy a woman, and that she could fuck me for a year straight and still not be as satisfied as she was in one night with him. By then she was pushing me in the chest and hitting me. And very suddenly she undid my belt and said: "I'm gonna fuck you you little shit! I'm gonna show you! I'll blow your mind! You're the only man around now, you're gonna have to take care of my needs. I'm a woman, I need a man inside me every once in a while". Of course as a 13 year old virgin, it's hard to say no to sex, and so without too much of a fuss I let her get down on her knees in front of me, and pull my dick out of my pants. She dove right in, mouth wide open, and sucked my cock for a full two to three minutes before I came in her mouth. To my surprise, she swallowed all of it, and kept sucking and sucking until I was ready to come again. I'm not even sure that I ever got soft in fact, but I was ready to come again, and she pulled it out of her mouth and just started jerking it fast and hard, her mouth still wide open in front of my tip. This second load went right in there, and when she was done swallowing all of it she again took my cock into her mouth and continued to suck it. Melissa had come out of her room and saw us there at the end of the hallway. And if it wasn't for her telling me later about it, I would never have known she saw us. After my second ejaculation, my mom only sucked my dick for a short while, this time rubbing her tits and her pussy after opening her robe. Feeling sick all of a sudden, she stopped, got up and stumbled to her room where she crashed flat on her face onto the bed. I was still very horny, and followed her in there, closing the door behind myself. I pulled her robe up, revealing her flat white ass slightly parted as her left knee had fallen to the side of the bed. She was passed out, and I still had my dick out. I grabbed her ass and spread it apart. I didn't know a thing about sex or the female anatomy, but knew her butthole to be a hole, and one that I very much wanted to put my dick into. So I got up on the bed, and crouching above her ass, I began to push my dick in between her butt cheeks. I couldn't put it in her anus, try as I might. So after a while I gave up trying to fuck her, and just started rubbing it in her ass crack. It was good but rough. And so in a stroke of inspiration, I decided to use a little spit to make the sliding easier. It took a lot of spit. But soon I was sliding my cock all over her barely open crack, and was going to be ready to come anytime. That's when I decided I wanted to try one last time to penetrate her. This time it seemed like it was going to work. The spit made it so that my tip could open the very outside of her anus without pushing it inward too much. This was so encouraging, I applied more spit to her hole, and again pushed the tip of my cock against it, this time feeling her sphincter open, and actually seeing my tip move slowly into her wrinkled opening. In a few seconds it had disappeared along with an inch or so of my shaft, and I could go no further. So I started fucking that tiny hole with my inexperienced cock, and soon was exploding one more time inside my mom's pooper. After coming, I stayed in and kept thrusting, still so horny my dick would not soften. That's when she woke up, and realizing what was happening, started encouraging my efforts. She reached back and spread her ass, tilted her hips back and propped her but up a little. That was all I needed to go in all the way. With my cock now entirely and firmly inside her rectum, my thrusting became much longer and smoother, and I layed flat on top of her, pounding the inside of her ass with my cock until again, the now familiar sensation of an orgasm came over me, and I shot another load up her hole. Once done, she made me pull out and grabbing my dick to make it face her pussy, she asked me to push in again. This was amazing! I had no idea what was happening, or why it was different, but I loved the new sensation. The softness, the texture, the lubrication. I pumped her pussy furiously for what seemed like forever. At least it was long enough for her to give herself a happy while I was plowing her fuckhole. When I finally came, it was litterally painful. And this time my dick went soft as I kept thrusting and thrusting. When finished, I got up and left the room, not saying a word to her.

The next day, after she left for work, and before Emma and Karyn were up, Melissa and I had breakfast and she told me she saw mom give me a blow job. I was embarassed, and didn't know what to say. But she changed the subject quickly and thanked me profusely for standing up for my sisters and kicking our uncle's ass. Then she asked me if mom gave me a blow job to thank me for it. When I said she wasn't happy about it, and explained I thought she was fucking him, Melissa said she'd had a suspicion for some time now. Then she said: "You're the man of the house now. She probably thinks she owes you sex. It's a very instinctive thing, and she's not much for using her brain. We do irrational things when we're horny."

I was surprised and embarassed by this revelation: "We do irrational things when we're horny". "We"? Does she do irrational things we she's horny? My sister the insanely hot Melissa? Could her irrationality ever make her want me to put my dick inside her? I was feeling terrible about wanting to take advantage of my sister. But I was young an horny all the time. I masturbated countless times thinking about fucking her in all kinds of dirty positions. I would avoid fantasizing about my little sisters, but Melissa was open for business, I knew it. I saw her touching herself in the shower several times. Without women around, all I was exposed to were my mom and sisters' bodies.

When Emma and Karyn came into the kitchen, and we fixed them some breakfast before school.

That night, when mom came home from work, it got really awkward. We wouldn't look each other in the eye, or talk, and she was guzzling her booze even faster than usually. Frantically really. By the time she was getting drunk again, dinner wasn't even half ready, and Melissa had to help if we wanted to be able to eat that night. That's when it got even more embarassing and awkward. My now drunk again mom felt like it was now ok to make an announcement in front of Melissa: "you're bigger than your dad." She blurted out. "Your dick is bigger". The look on Melissa's face was that of pain. Our mom then came close to me, and whispered drunkly in my ear: "You fucked me in the ass, you little..." Then even more softly so that Melissa couldn't hear: "Do you want to do it again?". I wasn't about to admit that to Melissa or let her know I wanted to fuck my mom's ass again. So I pushed her away after whispering "later". She did not have dinner with us that night. And after we all went to bed, she came into my bedroom, as quietly as she could.

Once she had closed the door behind herself, she turned on the light, came to the bed, turned around, pulled up her robe to show me her ass, then leaned forward and reached back to open her butt for me. Without even blinking, I got up, pulled my dick out, spit on her asshole, and in one brutal thrust, penetrated her butthole as deep as I could. She fell to the floor, my dick still buried in her bowel, her ass still high up in the air and her shoulders flat on the floor. I fucked her in the ass like a madman, pulling my dick out and repeatedly re-inserting it into her tight anus. In less than two minutes I was coming in large gushes, filling her rectum up with my first load of batter of the night, and not stopping until I had come a second time. After that, I got in her pussy, then back to her ass, and alternated like that between her two holes until I was ready to blow up a third time. That night I finished in her pussy as she was again climaxing from rubbing her own clit. I also had two fingers deep inside her asshole, and my other hand gropping her large, low hanging tits.

This went on for quite some time. Almost every night she would come into my room or I would go to hers, and everytime she was drunk. We'd either start anally, or with a blow job, and not once made eye contact.

That same year, while our mom was fixing dinner and getting drunk one evening, I saw Melissa masturbating in the shower. The bathroom didn't have a door or a sink, and the shower was this hole in the ground with a curtain in front of it that wasn't long enough to reach the floor. I would look underneath when Melissa was in the shower, and would oggle at her beautiful body while she unknowingly was soaping herslef up, then rinsing, spreading her pussy and ass, and sometime fingering herself in the process. This time she was sitting on the floor, legs wide open, rubbing her clit and fingering her spread pussy. She was enjoying herself and moaning quietly when she stopped all of a sudden, and looked under the curtain right at me. "What are you doing you perv?" She asked. "You're the perv" I said. "You're having fun touching yourself there, sis? Need some cock to go with that finger?"

"You don't have the balls to show me your dick!" She dared me. In a split second, I was naked and, hard as a rock, pulled the curtain to reveal myeslf to her before stepping into the shower, right above her. She was staring at my dick with wide open eyes and a look of utmost surprise, that quickly turned into the animal urge she had described to me earlier. So she does get horny, and now I was going to see how irrational she would be. I started jerking my cock slowly, while lowering myself toward her. She, in response, was moving forward, tilting her head up, her lips parting slowly. Then her mouth opened wide as she made contact with my cock and started sucking the bottom side of it. In no time she was devouring my engorged member, touching it and my balls with both hands, rubbing her fingers all over, and grabbing my shaft with strength, passionately licking and sucking it. In the meantime, I reached down, and started playing with her pussy, touching it the same way I had seen my mom do to herself. I was thrusting into her mouth, and she into my hand when we both came at the same time. I was pumping her mouth full of cum, and she was pushing my hand into her crotch, grinding her pussy against it, both spasming furiously and trying to muffle our groans as the hot water was flowing over our convulsing bodies. She didn't swallow any of it, and my cum simply dripped out of her mouth as she continued to take my cock in her mouth and her orgasm was nearing an end. Before she was fully done, I got down on my knees, and lifted her up off the floor, embraced her tightly against me, then let her slide slowly down my body until her pussy was in contact with my still erect cock. She was so wet and relaxed it went in without much of an effort, and she moaned and groaned, frowning in intense pleasure as I slowly penetrated her tight little pussy. She apparently was still a virgin, but very experienced already with large insertions. She admitted later to having been fucking herself silly with the wooden handle of her hairbrush while she masturbated in bed. It was amazing. Completely different from my mom's loose baby squirting device. I could only fit 4 of my 8 inches in her, and I could feel pressure along the entire depth of the penetration. She was tight, she was shallow, and as she started to slide up and down my cock, she felt like she might get hurt. Maybe sensing my concern, she whispered in my ear: "let me do it", then really started to pick up speed. Her pussy was stretched really tight, but kept sliding lower and lower down my pole as she was relaxing and her orgasm was finally over. She was still twitching every so often, but all in all, she was done and was now just enjoying the penetration. After a few minutes of her greasing my pole while I held her tight in my arms, her firm little titties sliding up and down my chest and her butt cheeks doing the same in my open hands, she had me close to orgasm again. I could feel that I was getting better. I had more control over when it happened, and could delay the explosion for a bit. But this was mind blowing, and no amount of concentration could delay this one. She was now going a good 5 to 6 inches down my cock and was so tightly wrapped around it I finally gave in, tilted my head back, and let the orgasm take control. It was phenomenal, and her pussy felt amazing. She fucked me until I was completely done, and then some more. I was getting soft now, and she was slowing down, finally pulling herself off of me very gently, getting up to face me. Her pussy was level with my face, and she was spreading it for me to look at. It was beautiful and dripping cum onto me. She was panting lightly, and looking down at me while I admired her beautiful body. Then she turned around and, still straddling me, pushed her butt into my face. It was clean and warm, and without thinking about it too much, I started licking it. First I licked the inside of her cheeks, at the edge of where they delve into her crack, and as I was running my tongue farther and farther inside her warm crevass, I started spreading her butt apart and licking the delicate pink areola surrounding her anus. She was now leaning slightly forward with both hands flat against the wall in front of her, and was moaning softly as if to encourage me to explore her further. I did. I was now applying my whole mouth to her backdoor, grabbing at her hips and pulling her into my face. Before I knew what was happening, she was down on all fours, her ass high up in the air, my tongue still running up and down her ass crack. She reached back and grabbed my face. My dick was getting hard again and she was really starting to get wet and to moan loudly. Right then, our mom yelled our names to come to dinner. We rushed out of the shower and dried ourself as fast as we could so that she wouldn't come looking for us. I saw Emma and Karyn run past the bathroom as I was putting my pants back on and Melissa was putting on her bra. I was still hard and seeing her beautiful body for the first time outside the shower, I got down on my knees in front of her and started licking her tiny wet slit while she was reaching for her pants. She put on the first leg and lifted her left knee as if she was about to put the other one on. But she paused to enjoy my mouth applied to her beautiful little bush. Then I got behind her, and licked her butthole while massaging her clit with my right hand. She just leaned forward to allow me better mouth access, then kneeled in front of me, her ass spread wide open. I licked her anus the whole time I rubbed her clit, and when she finally came, I pulled my dick out, and penetrated her. I started pumping her pussy slowly, while touching her anus with my right hand and supporting myself against the wall with the left when our mom yelled our names again. "Come" said Melissa. And within a few more thrusts I was emptying a very small load into her tiny little pussy. Then we finished getting ready in a hurry and ran to the kitchen. Mom was already stinking drunk, and gave us an earfull that probably lasted the whole dinner.

She did not come to my room that night. So I went to hers. I found her laying on her back on the bed. Her robe was open, so were her legs. I wasted no time positioning myself on top of her to fuck her pussy. She never even opened her eyes, and let me pound her without saying a word, a faint smile on her lips. Then I got up and crawled up to her head to put my cock flat against her mouth. I slid my meat against her lips for a while before penetrating her mouth. I pushed in deep, making her gag. I kept doing it and thrusting somewhat hard into the back of her mouth. She was enjoying it. But licking Melissa's ass put me in the mood for anal, and my mom was always in the mood for anal. So I flipped her onto her stomach and, not surprisingly, she propped her butt up for me. For the first time that night I licked my mother's anus. It was much wider than Melissa's and was a pinkinsh brown, with deeper wrinkles. Long thin hairs lined her anal area. She was relaxing fast and her sphincter was now loose and wide. I licked it for a little longer, in long strokes of my tongue flattened against the bottom of her crack. I fucked her ass more gently that night, and for once, rubbed her clit myself until she came while I was penetrating her anally. I took my time coming, enjoying the tightness of her rectum around my shaft. It was a long powerful orgasm. I emptied a huge load into her, pressing myself hard against her with both her tits in my hands. I also stayed longer in her ass than I had before, enjoying the embrace my spasms were fighting, and eventually letting myself soften up in there before fully exiting. In a show of physical control over her, I fingered her anus for a minute or so once I was out, spitting on it and pushing two entire fingers in as deep as I could. After that, I left the room, as always without saying a word to her. I wondered if I could do the same to a sober version of my horny mom.

Months went by before Melissa and I fucked again. In the meantime sex with my mom had gotten more reasonable quantity-wise, but more interesting quality-wise. We were now having sixtynines, doing it in more positions, taking our time more. She was letting me come all over her, and I was letting her play with my ass. She liked seeing me squirt all over her tits and pussy, but also let me come in her face in a show of submission. She also shaved her pussy, and let me fuck her whenever and however I wanted. I was truly the man of the house.

When Melissa and I fucked again, she asked me why we hadn't done it before, and I found myself at a loss trying to explain it. She probably suspected I was fucking our mother, but didn't say anything. We were in her bedroom, and fucked for an entire night, in more positions than reasonable. We probably did everything under the sun. We had nothing but oral for a long time, then oral and vaginal for the first two hours. But after that, we got a little dirtier and started doing anal, outside ejaculation, and even some dirty talk. She liked anal a lot despite the pain of the first couple of times. Her hole was much tighter than our mom's, and she was not able to relax as quickly and as fully as her either. But she still managed to take all of me, and even climax anally it seems. As we got to talking, she mentioned that Emma and Karyn were wanting to fuck as well. They were asking her all kinds of questions, and seemingly spending a lot of time in the shower, no doubt pleasuring themselves. Was she asking me to fuck my little sisters? After all she fucked me and I'm her little brother... Or was she just in the mood to talk about sex, no matter who's sex it was? By now they were 13, and certainly interested in sex, like Melissa and I were at the same age. Melissa admitted starting to masturbate when she was 11, and I'm pretty sure I did too. So these two had probably also been at it for a couple of years. I felt I had my hands full already with my mom and Melissa. And I was fully satisfied sexually.

Still, as time went by and I kept fucking mom and Melissa on a regular basis, I found myself having to answer some pretty raunchy questions from Emma and Karyn. I even saw them trying to (and probably succeeding) to look at my dick while I was in the shower.

The following year things got even crazier. They both were talking about boys and sex non-stop, telling me how some boy in their school was hung like a horse. According to them he had a 24 inch dick... Ridiculous. Isn't the world record 13 or 14 inches? Either way, I was starting to think that they were getting irrational as well. They were now asking me to show them my dick when I was in the shower. Sometimes even trying to pull the curtain when I was in there, or trying to look at when I was peeing. They would even come out of the bathroom after their shower, barge into my room wearing nothing but towels, and removed them in front of me to show off their maturing bodies. They were beautiful to tell the truth, and I wondered often whether they really wanted sex from me, or whether they were just being silly. But soon they were telling me how this 24 inch cock could go all the way up to their small intestine if flexible enough and inserted into their asshole, then asking me how far mine would go if I fucked them in the ass. After that, they would literally show me the inside of their pussy, pretending to ask me whether men liked to see that sort of things. Melissa was right. They were irrational.

Finally, one night that I was fucking our mom doggy style in my room in front of the mirror that was hanging on the back of my door, they walked in wanting to ask me who had the prettier pussy. My mom's right knee was on the floor, but her left leg was up, her foot flat on the floor so that we could see in the mirror my cock plunging into her pussy. Of course that also is what the twins first saw when they walked in. The look of surprised on their face quickly turned to arousal, then just as quickly to anger. How dare I fuck this old woman but refuse their advances for so long? They ran out, fuming! I closed the door, a bit annoyed, and finished pounding my mother's pussy until she came. Then I proceeded to lick it for a while, admiring my handy work in the mirror, and later that night I came in her face while fingering her. Once she had left, I ran out to the girls's room, where they were not. So I went to Melissa's room. All three of them were there, talking about me and mom of course. Melissa had been suspecting it for a while and did not seem more surprised or disappointed than that. The twins were. But she had told them while I was finishing mom's pussy, about what happened that night a while back with our uncle. They already knew I wooped his ass for good, and that he was not ever going to be able to hurt any of us again. They liked me for it. They loved me for it. But when they learned that I got a blow job from our mom that night, they really got mad. "So you can fuck her, but you won't let us have some fun? We were ready to suck cock even then! That's it, you're letting us have it! It's only fair!" They were adamant. Melissa was, curiously enough, on their side. I'm not sure if they knew she and I fucked, but boy, they were going to be mad at me for a long time if I didn't satisfy their dirty cravings right then and there. In the end, it was agreed that I was going to clean up, then go to their room and let them have their way with my cock. I was in a daze from the moment I left Melissa's room to the moment I got in their room, all cleaned up and limp. They made me get on top of their joined bed, and proceeded to suck my soft cock. They were both naked, and as beautiful as Melissa. Their little pink bodies wriggling as they were hard at work on their very first cock ever, made me really hard. They were really impressed about the size of my dick, and really into having it in their mouths. They must have gnawed at my cock for an hour before they finally decided they wanted more. They threw me down on my back, and as one came to sit on my face, the other kept sucking my cock. Emma was the one who's little pussy was dripping into my mouth, and Karyn, whose tits I was now rubbing, was the one chocking on my dick. Before long, Emma was climaxing, and Karyn was positioning herself for insertion. Her pussy was just as tight as Melissa's was when I first fucked it, but it was a bit deeper. She was able to handle a good two thirds of my pole after a few minutes, and almost the entire thing when she finally came as I rubbed her clit gently. Emma was still grinding into my mouth, probably not aware her clit was now too sensitive for tongue stimulation, and now that Karyn's orgasm was subsiding, she wanted to fuck. I made her wait until her sister was completely finished by licking her ass while fingering her pussy. Once Karyn was off my dick, there was no more holding Emma back. She straddled me, lowered herself, spreading her pussy wide open with her fingers, and positioning its orifice at the very tip of my cock. It took some doing for her to take even just the tip in. Although she was taller then Karyn, her pussy was a size smaller. In fact, she was even smaller than Melissa, and was struggling to fit her soft little tunnel over my large cock tip. She took several breathers and went as slowly as possible, sliding a fraction of an inch at a time before pausing and trying to relax. She was the tightest of the bunch, and I had a feeling she was going to be shallow as well. Sure enough, after five minutes sliding slowly down my cock, she bottomed out. A mere three inches of me were buried into her tiny hole. I felt bad, and kept asking her if she was ok, and telling her she didn't have anything to prove. But she was determined, and frantically horny. Her pussy was in fact so wet she was sliding without much effort up and down my cock, and I could feel her putting quite a bit of weight into it as I hit bottom time and time again. Karyn was now rubbing her slit all over my mouth and I in turn licked it thoroughly up and down until she too, was ready to orgasm in my mouth. By now Emma was going at a reasonable pace, and was a lot more relaxed, sliding a good 5 inches or so up and down my robust erection. I could tell she was at her very maximum there, and being really rough with herself. But she seemed to enjoy it, moaning and groaning while holding my wrist with both hands as I rubbed her little clit with a little more urgency now. Karyn was controlling her orgasm well, keeping her clit away from my tongue as she started spasming randomly. Finally she let herself down, bearing heavily on my mouth, surrendering to my licking, and grabbin my head as she was coming in a storm. Her pussy was sopping wet now, her juices flowing into my open mouth for me to swallow. She was so excited and out of control I think she may have peed a little too. Oh well, I certainly won't die from swallowing a little pee. Emma was staring to come as Karyn was finishing. Her orgasm was just as crazy as her sister's. She lost complete control and collapsed onto me, shaking in huge spasms. As Karyn finally got off of me, I straightened up, and rolled from under Emma, a couple of fingers inserted into her pussy, then got on her back and penetrated her again, and fucked her as gently as I could while groping her beautiful tits. She was moaning and breathing heavily, and I wanted it to be as good as possible for her. After a few seconds she started to calm down, and I started to accelerate, filling her up the way it seemed she wanted, but not as hard as she did herself. Karyn wanted to do that position too, now, and so I had to let go of Emma, and take Karyn instead. The rest of the night was pretty crazy. They wanted to try everything, and it wasn't long until they had exhausted me. They came in my mouth, on my cock, in my hands. They made me come with every orifice they have, and with their hands. They too enjoyed anal just like Melissa did. Emma seemed to love it the most, requesting the most of it. By the time five o'clock came, we were all finally asleep on the beds, naked and spent. I woke up to their little bodies pressed against me and their hands on my dick, already hard at work with my morning boner. I only had time to fuck each of them once before Melissa was calling us for breakfast.

The coming days and weeks saw so much sex I was sore everyday, and several times had to fend off my sisters. I could not do that to my mom of course, or she would have become suspicious. She kept coming to my room after dark and letting me have my way with her. she did find my lack of interest for anal all of a sudden to be a little odd. But my cock was simply too raw to handle that much tightness on a daily basis. So I satrted licking her ass everytime we fucked to dispel her surprise.

Time passed, and with some maneuvering, I was able to satisfy every body without our mom finding out. I was even able to get along with her a lot better, and We were now on fairly good terms. In fact, I had even been able to fuck her a few times when she was sober. Imagine that. I went to her bedroom in the morning, naked and with a freshly deflated morning boner, pretending I thought it was earlier than it actually was. The early morning sight of my large meat evidently had an effect on her, and she was all over it in a manner of minutes. Once hard and ready, I slipped out of her busy mouth and into the bed with her. I started fondling her gently while asking her for once what she wanted me to do. She had me lick her for a bit, then relinquished control as she usually does. Her pussy was freshly shaved then, and I really enjoyed licking it. Her anus was also nice and clean, and got some tongue action for a bit before I fingered it, and finished by sodomizing her. And all of that sober.

My sisters were also getting nastier and more refined in their fucking. They were also ganging up on me whenever they could. We spent countless hours in the twins bedroom since their combined beds were by far the best place to fuck, and they also had a huge mirror on one of their walls. They would line up in front of it, butts up in the air, and let me lick their asses one after the other while they were touching themselves. I would lick one of their beautiful rosebuds while rubbing the others with my hands. The one in the middle would of course get licked a lot more than the two on either side, which would see more finger action. They would also bunch up together, so that I could go from one asshole to the next without having to move anything but my head. We would also have anal sex in front of the mirror, and they would make me fuck their tiny little rosebuds in shifts for almost hours on end. They liked to be a little sideways in front of the mirror, to see better what my massive cock was doing inside their beautiful little asses. I loved rubbing my cock into their ass cracks before fucking them silly too, and never missed a chance to blow my load all over their anal areolas, sometimes spraying all of them in one orgasm. Each one of their rectum was unique. Our mom was very shallow and loose. she could take three fingers easily. Melissa was tight and decently deep. Karyn was tight and extremely shallow. And Emma, who had the shallowest pussy, had the tighest anus and rectum of them all, but was also the deepest. she could take me whole and take it for longer than anybody else. She was really the anal queen of the bunch and was often the one suggetsing anal games in front of the mirror. She could have anal orgasms like Melissa did, and was almost obsessed with it. If I listened to her, I'd never fuck her tiny pussy. In fact I rarely was able to. Anytime she caught me alone, she wanted to start anally and was very vocal about it. She would lube herself up and get herself ready even before coming to get me, so that I could enter her right away in one thrust. She often sat on my cock in the living room while we watched tv, to Karyn and Melissa's annoyment, or maybe jealousy. She'd wriggle herself onto my cock until I was ready to take that tight little ass for good, then she'd drag me to her bedroom and make me sodomize her in front of the mirror. She liked all positions, especially the ones where she could see the penetration in the mirror. She loved sliding it all the way out and re-impaling herself over and over again. She really enjoyed rimming as well and was the only one to ever request it. She'd clean herself inside and out, and would ask for me to lick then fuck then lick her again. She was so clean it was actually enjoyable. Her anus was so lively in my mouth I would do it without even being asked to. She would also let me fuck her mouth in the middle of a sodomy, and was the only one who licked her sisters' assholes. She let me fuck her in the ass anytime I wanted to as well, and I even tried to find her limit by going to her and asking for her ass constantly, but was always received with enthousiasm. In the shower, in bed, in the hallway, at night during the day, during breakfast, during lunch, in my mom's room, in the closet, in the yard. I even fucked her in the ass under the house. We went to the crawlspace and rolled around in the dirt having anal sex. We did it on chairs, on table, on the floor, on the toilet even. I could ask ten times a day, and ten times a day she would take me whole, and slide that glorious little anus up and down my pole until I came.

Of course, our fucking was not preparing us for having healthy brother/sisters relationships later in life, and we ended up groing apart, embarassed to be around each other until our early thirties. We're still not quite comfortable around each other, but after all these years, we can talk about it as adults, not blame each other, and not judge each other for having so completely surrendered all control to our hormones when we were teenagers.

As for my mom, she has re-married, does not care about any of us, and has been out of all of our lives for two decades now. And sober from what I hear.

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