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My side by David

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Yes I was wring for not telling Sue I was bringing a freind home but I had no idea she would come out the batroom naked and greet me. I know no one other thatn me had ever seen her naked, and she was really shy when we got married. We were both virgins when we married and it took her a while to let me see hr naked. When she realizeed Peter was standding ther looking at her naked body she backed off and started back to the bedroom. I had kind of an excited feelling about it but I could tell she was embrassed and kind of angry. Peter wasgrinning fm ear to ear and i told him that he was only the second man to see her naked.

Peter stayed for dinner and he complemented Sue on her body and how sexy she looked naked. Then he said it was his honor to be only the second man to see her naked. She blushed and thanked him but her look at me was like two daggers. I guess Peter and i got carried away because we started making jokes about her being naked and how good she looked and then we wouldive a wolf whisle when she walked by After Peter left Sue came at me with a vengance and laid down the law about me not letting ehr know when I was bring someone home. I tole her o.k. then we laughed a little I tole her it made me excited that someone saw her naked she said she liked it too. but if i ever did anythign like that again or talked about her with my frinds like i did with Peter she was going to put on a show like i had never seen. i knew she was selfconcious about her body and being anked so i said yea i dare you.

I tole her later that Nahan was supppose to hose the paoker party at his house thsi weekend but his wife was giving one of ther frineds a baby shower so they were coming over here if she wanted to go out. She said she would call a freind to go out with for a while. Well Friday night came and her friend cancled so she said she was going ot catch up on her work and studies in the den while we layed in the kitchen.

It was about 7 PM when Peter ,Nathan, Tom Charles, Leroy and Preston arrived to play poker.

Sue let them in and we sat down to play and Sue went othe den well one thin led to another and When she came back in the kitchen to get a diet coke Tom commented on how nice she looked she blushed and went on her way she was in a sweat shirt and jeans at teh time. Peter not thinking sais yea and you should see her naked she is fantastic. I knew I crossed the line but i could not help myself i told them what had happened and they all laughed and started making jokes.

What happened next was to blow my mind Sue got up and did not say a word as she passed th table and hit me on the head. She went ot he bedroom slammed the door and i knew she was mad. The guys were silent at first then Peter said we crossed the line didn"t we and Charles kind of loudly shouted out we are sorry Sue.

Whe Sue came out he bedroom you could have knocked me over with a feather she had on a green and pink lace panty and bra set with a sheere white nittie. It really did not cover much and I was really shocked and suprised and kind of excited as she walked in the room. I glanced over at David and his mouth was open like a kid in a candy store.

Sue proceeded to ask if anyone wanted a drink and as she served drinks and snacks she wouel bend over to stretch the fabrick of her panties and let her bra fall open ot see her tits. We wer playig an Nathan asked me if she had ever done anythgin like that befor and i was shocked and said no. The bra did little to hide her little 34b breast that wer sticking out so proudly right now.

Tom looked at Sue and asked her to take her nittie off and just go around in her bra nd panties she laughed at him at first then he offered her 25 dollars to do it. she stopped looked at him and then walked over to him. What happened next was a complete exciting shock to us all she tol him to hand her the 25 dollars. He handed her the money she put it on top the fridge and the told him to stand up and she put hiis ahnd on the bottom of hte nitie and tole him to take it off of her. Here I was watching my wife in front me and five of my friends as another friend was taking her nittie off. I saw a look in her eyes i had never seen befor and i could tell she was lovign the attention. After seh had on y her bra and panties on she continued to walk around the room and everyone was getting excited. Peter then asked if 25 dollars would be enough for him to see her nice firm breast again. she walked over to him took his money and then put hsi hand on the clasp on the front of her bra nd tole him to remove it, and touch them if he liked she then went around the table and let each of he men rub her breast. After a while I do not know what possessed me but I looked at ehr and said i dare you to take your panties off and be completly naked. She got beet red and then said she had a better idea she got a bowl down and told everyone except me to put there name in the bowl. She the nlooked at me adn said whoever I pull outhe bowl is going to get the privlage to take my panties off. I was so harda nd my groin hurt as i was seeing something i coudl not have imagined a week before. She reached in the bowl and Pulled out a name.

she did not say who it was but walked aroudn the table three times and then sat on Leroy"s lap kissed him on hte lips and toe him to take them off. For the next 30 minues seh walked around naked letting the men touch her breast and ass and pussy rubbing and sometime kissing them. When it came time for everyone to go we walked them to the door and told them good night Tom was the last one to leave and asked if eh coudel bring his wife by tomorrow to talk to us about sometihg we said yes. I turend to Sue dn animal instenct tok over we wer both aked on the floor befor Tom was in his car I was falton my back and /sue was stradling me as i tilted my head back i coudl see Tom staring at us and it mad em more excited whe Sue fainaly came she must have squrited a quart of fluid out and i had not had a explosion of cum like that before. I toel her as she laid on me the door was still open and Tom was watchign and all she coudl say was so what i loved it.

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