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My night with an Angel

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She was standing at the bar when I arrived. She didn?t see me and I took the time to give her the once over from head to toe. Her hair flowed down in light curls to her shoulders and she had on a very sheer black blouse with a very lacy and sexy bra showing through. It was followed by a short red skirt, so short that if she bent over ever so slightly I?m sure I could see the cheeks of her ass hanging out and I wondered if she had on any underwear. I continued down her shapely legs to the black high heels she had on. I decided to walk over to the bar next to her and get a drink.

As I got close to her I could hear her laughing at the bartender and she turned to me and gave me the cutest smile. Instantly I was drawn to her deep-set eyes and she gave me a wink and turned back to the bartender. I looked over to see the front of the blouse she had on was very low cut and through the sheerness of the material I could see her very voluptuous breast pouring out of the top of the lacy bra. They looked so round and so very soft. I had never seen such voluptuous full breast before. I couldn?t help but fantasize about touching them and how they would feel. I could see her nipples perk up underneath the sheer material and thought about how much I wanted to lick them and keep them hard. She turned again and smiled at me and I noticed her giving me a quick glance over and then realized she saw the effect she was having on me.

She asked the bartender to give her some change and turned to walk over to the juke box. I followed her with my eyes, as did half the guys in the room. She knew what she was doing. She walked with a cute little swing in her hips that made her skirt swing just enough that I was able to see her nice round ass, esp. when she bent ever so slightly over the juke box.

She stood there for quite awhile looking through the songs. As the first song started to play she again started to swing her hips suggestively to the music. God she was driving me crazy. I wanted to go up behind her right then and there and press her up against the jukebox and throw up that little skirt and let her breast spring out of their prison onto the glass top of the jukebox. I wanted to put my hands all over her nice round ass and reach around and feel those big juicy tits in my hands, as though I could hold all of them!

"Bartender", I called, "What is the lady drinking?" I motioned towards the jukebox. "I would like to buy her a drink". The Bartender obliged and by the time she got back to the bar her drink was waiting. She slid past me very slowly and I could smell her perfume as she hopped onto a bar stool beside me. She questioned the bartender about the drink as he indicated I had bought it for her. She turned and smiled again with that cute little smile and thanked me for the drink. I held up my glass to her and said, "You are most welcome sweetheart. May we drink a toast to the evening then?" "Why, of course", she replied. ?What is your name?? I ventured. She replied, No. No names tonight. Just call me Angel.? ?Alright I told her. Angel it is?. After breaking the ice we talked for what seemed to be hours. The bar was starting to fill up pretty good and the D.J. was getting ready to play. He started out with a nice slow song. "Thank you Mr. D.J.", I thought as I asked her to dance. Here was my chance to hold her in my arms and feel her rubbing up against me. I lead her onto the dance floor and she melted into my arms. I pulled her close, as close as I could get her to me. Her hips rubbed up against me. I knew she could feel how turned on I was and I could see her nipples perk up as they rubbed up against my chest. Oh how I wanted to just reach down with both my hands and pull her ass cheeks up against me a little tighter. I could feel she wanted that too as she rubbed her hips slightly up and down my legs and pushed her breasts into my chest. I wanted to rip her clothes off right then and there.

As the song ended she grabbed my hand and we walked back to the bar. "How about we move over to the lounge?" she asked. "It will be more comfortable there", she said. I agreed without hesitation, as I knew the lounge was dark and quiet. We settled onto a comfortable couch together. It was a soft, low to the floor couch and she all but sat in my lap as we sat down. There was only one other couple in the room and they were pretty much absorbed into themselves in the corner. I could wait no longer and took her face in my hands and kissed her in a long, deep kiss that seemed to last forever. I boldly put my hand on her thigh and moved it up until I was reaching under her skirt. It didn't take me long to realize she did not have anything on and I could feel the heat between her legs. She then reached over and stroked me through my pants. God it felt good. Did anybody see what we were doing? She stroked me again. Oh hell. I didn't care anymore at this point. I started to unbutton a few buttons on her blouse. I had to get a better look at her beautiful breasts. I felt her soft skin as I undid them. By now they were all but popping out of the top of the bra. If I just pushed them up a little bit more I would be able to see her nipples. Out they poked from the top of the bra and I couldn't stop myself. I just had to taste them.

I bent down and pulled the tender nipple into my mouth and I heard her moan with pleasure. She arched her back as if she wanted to give me more of it. I sucked on her nipple until it was red and swollen. She squirmed in her seat. I could hear another couple walk into the room. They glanced over and sat down in the couch next to us but I didn't stop. I just kept sucking on her nipple. She then pulled down her bra to expose her other breast and I greedily took the new nipple into my mouth, sucking it to make it just as swollen and hard as the other one. I took my hand and reached up inside her skirt to see how wet she had become. God she was wet and I felt her soft warm shaved mound in my hands. I looked over at the other couple. I could see they were enjoying watching us so I continued sucking her breasts, switching between the two of them. She was moaning softly with pleasure and had managed to unzip my pants and reach inside. As her hand slid in and touched me I thought I would explode right there. I had her beautiful breast in my mouth and her hands rubbing me ever so slightly. I pushed her skirt up now exposing her pussy as I continued to rub it. She wanted me to go further, but I did not. I wanted to tease her and whisper to her that she would have to beg me to probe into her softness. But first she would have to show me that she was ready.

"Come with me", I said as I stood up and lead her out of the room and up the stairs to the second level of the club. The second floor was fairly quiet yet. "Let's get a room", she said. "You are too anxious, I will have to teach you a lesson", I said, as I lead her over to the room better known as the jail. I knew she wanted it. She didn't fight me on my decision. I closed the door and proceeded to slowly undress her, running my hands up and down her body. Then I took her over to the special bed they had for the bad little girls and told her to face the padded leather bed that was on an angle, and I placed her hands and feet in the shackles attached. Little did she know I had a blindfold in my pocket, which I now took out and placed it on her. Angel wiggled helplessly as I ran my hands over her body. She began to squirm even more when I reached to feel how wet she was getting. I slowly inserted a finger to check and she moaned again trying to push up off the bed to make my finger go father inside her. I quickly pulled out and told her she was not even close to being ready. I liked the way the bed had been fashioned as it left her exposed from the back with her legs spread slightly apart and I could still get to her breast which flowed over the top of the bed sitting nicely upon on top with her nipples still begging to be sucked. I walked around to the front where I could reach them and sucked each one until again they were hard and swollen. I then reached into my pocket and pulled out a new little toy I had picked up, strapped it on her and turned the knob. She jumped as she felt the vibration and squirmed even more. I set it to the lowest setting there was, just enough to tease her. I then told her I had to go get my bag of tricks and I would be right back to continue her lesson, walked out and closed the door.

I wasn't gone too long. She jumped a little as I opened the door. I let her know right away it was only me and she relaxed a little. I could see she was enjoying my new toy. I checked to see how much she was enjoying it and decided to turn it off for a while. I told her she would have to earn it back. I lowered the bed and undid my pants to fee myself and told her if she could please me I would turn it back on. She hungrily took me in her mouth, eager to please me. She sucked and licked and pulled as I played with her breasts, which were readily in each as she did so. I then put myself between her breasts for a while squeezing them around my dripping cock. It felt so damn good I didn't want to stop, but I knew I wasn't finished with her yet.

I finally stepped away and took the whip out of my bag. I swiftly smacked her on the rear with it to get her attention and said "This is for teasing me at the bar". After a few more smacks I reached into the softness to feel the wetness. She was totally soaked and begging for more. I then walked over and told her I was going to open the door for all to see just how wet she was. I went back over to her and smacked her a few more times. Glancing towards the door I could see some people looking in. Among them was a totally hot brunette with a cute little redhead who asked if they could give her some smacks too. I told them to please come in and join us.

The redhead took the whip from me and continued where I had left off. The brunette came up to me and kissed me and stroked my cock with her hands briefly before she walked over to the bed. "You sit down and watch", she said to me. She took off her top and then walked back over to the door and shut it on the crowd that had formed in the hallway and locked it behind her. She went back and kneeled down in front of the bed and slowly kissed Angel and fondled her breasts as she lay strapped to the bed. The redhead just kept up the smacking on her ass with a little rubbing in between.

"We need to move her over to the other bed", the brunette said. "And no peeking when we do and no trying to get away". If you don't behave there will be severe punishment". Angel agreed and I helped to untie her and move her over to the large bed. We each strapped her down again. After Angel was firmly in place, the redhead removed her blindfold so she could see. "Hi my pretty", she said as she ran her hands all over Angel?s hot body. They then both turned their attention towards me and came to help me out of the rest of my clothes. I in turned helped them to undress fully and was then firmly told by the redhead to be a good boy and sit down and watch. Now that the blindfold was off Angel, she could clearly see what was going on but still could not move. The two women started to touch each other and fondle each other in front of us. The redhead bent over the bed sucking Angel?s pussy while the other one sucked on her breasts as she lay helpless. They played with her for quite awhile until I thought I would go nuts watching. I finally begged them to let me join. Again I was told no. It was girl time and I was to just watch. If I could not behave myself then they were going to have to tie me up too. I said "go ahead". "O.K." said the brunette. "You asked for it".

The next thing I knew I was the one strapped to the bed and the three of them were loose now. "I think we should make him suffer now that I am free", Angel said. "Let's put the blindfold on him now". As I was then engulfed in darkness, I could only guess what was going on around me. I could hear the girls playing and having fun but I couldn't see them. I could hear the hum of one of my toys being used and the moans and sighs. Damn! I wanted to see. I tried to wiggle out of the blindfold and was able to get a peek. It took awhile before they realized I could see what they were doing. They were all rubbing each other with lotion and sucking each others breasts and kissing each other. "Hey, he is peeking", said the brunette. We will have to punish him for that". She firmly fixed the blindfold. This time I knew there would be no getting out of it to peek. The next thing I felt was the whip soundly being smacked against my thighs and my nipples being pinched. "That's for peeking" she said.

Then they left me alone again to squirm and try to imagine what they were doing. Sometimes they would tell me. Once in awhile one of them would come over and pay some attention to me. Just enough to keep me hard as rock. Finally all three of them came over and started licking my cock together. I could tell they were licking it and kissing each other and still playing with each other while they sucked me. Finally one of them decided to straddle me and put their pussy in my face, but which one? I couldn't tell. I asked who it was but there was no answer. They were all quiet. Each one of them took their turn upon my face while the other two continued to lick and suck me. Finally as the last one was on my face, one of them straddled me and slipped me in. Then the next one did the same until I had fucked them all. Oh my god . . . I could not hold back any longer as one of them started to play with my nipples and pinch them. I exploded into the one I was inside at the time while the one on my face suddenly came with her juices running down all over me.

They finally took my blindfold off so I could watch the brunette and the redhead finish playing together. Then, the redhead and the brunette came over, kissed me and quickly slipped out the door. "See what you get for teasing me all night?" Angel said. Still not done with me she rubbed her body all over me and got me hard all over again and climbed on top. This time she rode me like there was no tomorrow until she came all over me again and again. Finally she agreed to untie me and I quickly took charge and climbed on top of her and pinned her down. "You think I'm done, do you?" I have news for you dear. I'm only just beginning . . .

The End?!

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