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My Loving Family

My Loving Family
A true story from Texas.

My mom died before I started to kindergarten. When I was in the fifth grade, dad remarried a beautiful lady, and I instantly got a new mom and a new sister who was also in the fifth grade. Lisa and I became best buddies and she turned out to be a great short stop on our baseball team, and she also led our team in stolen bases. We became inseparable. However, by sixth grade hormones were stirring and we began playing I will show you mine if you will show me yours. By seventh grade I was jacking off regularly, and Lisa was playing with herself as well. We had just started our eighth grade, mom and dad were in a couple’s golf tournament, and Lisa and I were left at home for the day with a short list of chores to complete. Once they were done, we showered and I went to my bedroom. I slipped on a pair of grey gym shorts, found a fuck magazine I had gotten from my friend James, and stretched out on my bed. I was engrossed in the magazine and had quite a hard on. I did not even know that Lisa had entered my room until she said that must be quite a picture book, pointing at the tent pole in my shorts. Embarrassed, I tried to put the magazine away, but my sister insisted that we look at it together, which we did.

Lisa, dressed in a very short house dress, propped upon the pillow beside me and we looked at the pictures. The more we looked the more we got aroused. There were pictures of several naked girls and some couple fucking. I soon had my hand under that dress playing with Lisa’s wet spot on her panties. Lisa was fondling my hard dick through my shorts. We came across a center fold type page that had a close up shot of a huge long hard cock with a big glop of cum that had been launched into the air about three inches from the tip of the head. Lisa asked if I could do that, and I said yes, and she said show me. So we both got naked and I began to pump my hard dick with dedication as I had never had an audience before. Pre-cum was pouring out the pee hole so that my dick head was wet and shiny. I soon began to feel that surge in my balls and told Lisa that I was about to cum. Laying on my back, I shot a wad into the air that reached almost to my chin; the next two or three squirts landed on my belly. Lisa was impressed. She rubbed her fingers in it and played in the pool of cum I had just produced. Knowing our parents would be back soon, we cleaned up and redressed. However, we repeated this little exercise several times over the next few months. And then one day during the Christmas holidays, when I was about to jack off for Lisa, she asked if she could do it for me. So I got a bottle of baby oil, put some in her hand, and showed her what to do. She quickly got the hang of it and soon had me shooting cum everywhere. She even tasted it. She was delighted and started jacking me off two or three times per week.

One cold winter day we were at Amy’s house, and Amy’s parents were gone. Lisa told Amy what I could do, so the two girls wanted a demonstration. Lisa and I stripped naked, but Amy hesitated. I told her I would only jack off if all three of us were naked. She slowly stepped out of her clothes. Sister was slender and had begun to develop some tits, but Amy was skinny and as flat chested as I was. Sister had the good beginnings of dark brown pubic hair, but Amy’s meager pubic fuzz was blondish red like her head hair. I rubbed the girl’s pussies some and stroked my dick. When I was about to cum, I stood up and shot my wad all over Amy’s belly as she stood beside me. She squealed as it ran down her belly onto her leg, but she rubbed it all over her body like lotion. The next time we three were alone together, Amy did the hand job honors, and had me shooting cum all over the towel on the bed. The two girls played in my sperm and tasted it. They also licked my dick.

Fast forward a few months. All three of us had just finished eighth grade and were ready to enjoy the summer before our freshman high school year. Mom and Dad were at the Country Club for the day, and Lisa and I were home alone. By now sister’s boobs were really developing into a magnificent set of titties, and her pubic hair had begun to thicken. I had a full growth of hair around what was developing into a man size dick. We got naked and were on my bed inspecting each others bodies, and kissing and fondling each other in the process. She showed me her clit and I let her play with my balls, and kiss the head of my dick. I slipped my finger into Lisa’s warm tight pussy and she gushed pussy juice. She moaned and squirmed with pleasure. My hard dick was pumping large amounts of pre-cum; as it ran down the shaft, Lisa licked it off like my cock was a lollipop. Without either one of us saying a word, she leaned back on the bed, and I climbed on top of her. Lisa spread her legs as far apart as she could; her pussy was wet and ready. I placed the blood swelled head of my dick at her pussy opening and pushed through the opening. Both of us were so slick it slipped right inside. I was in heaven as I felt my cock slide down the vaginal walls, and in one stroke sank my hard dick into her fresh wet pussy, popping her cherry. At first, she wanted to push me off, but as I began to pump her feet locked around my waist and she gave herself to me. It only took about eight or ten stroked for both of us to reach a climax. My body tensed as I shot her pussy full of cum as she shook with an orgasm. As I got up, cum ran down my sister’s ass crack onto the sheets, and my dick was dripping cum all over the tile floor. I had just enjoyed my first piece of pussy, and Lisa had just enjoyed her first fucking.

Nevertheless, once the adrenaline rush subsided, we realized that we had just done something bad, as we had enjoyed unprotected sex. We knew how girls got knocked up as our parents called it. Lisa had heard from the older girls at school that a shook up bottle of Coke Cola made a good douche in an emergency, so she got one from the kitchen and laid down in the bath tub. I shook the bottle vigorously, and gave it to her. She removed the cap and stuck to entire neck into her pussy opening. The coke and the effervescent washed her out. We then showered together. While we enjoyed fucking, we realized that we needed a condom next time. We were sexually stupid, but at least we did understand unwanted pregnancies.

The next weekend, Lisa and I were able to get three condoms from a machine in the men’s bath room at the corner convenience store. We figured our how to get the condom rolled down my dick, and were ready for a second fucking. Just getting the rubber on was foreplay enough and I soon had the head of my dick at the opening of sister’s pussy. Lisa hooked her heels in my butt cheeks and pulled me in, but this time we agreed that we were going to go slower and take our time to enjoy the sex. I made a few strokes and then let it soak a little. However, Lisa said she couldn’t wait and begged me to fuck her which I did. As Lisa’s pussy juice gushed all over my dick, we both reached a spine rattling climax as I shot my wad in her pussy. Lisa then emptied the contents of the condom into her hand and licked some of it; she then played in the pool of sperm in the palm of her hand.

Later in the week, Lisa talked Amy into swiping a big box of condoms from her dad’s pharmacy. However, that deal was done on the condition that Amy got to watch us fuck four times. We had no problem with that. On the last Saturday before our freshman year started, the three of us went to Amy’s grandparent’s home. They were out of town for the month of August, and Amy knew where the spare door key was hidden. We were soon naked on her grand parents’ big bed. Amy’s pubic fuzz had begun to thicken up, but she was still skinny and still didn’t have very big boobs. However, she had developed some nice puffy nipples. Sister was slender with some rapidly growing titties. While the two girls started out fondling and kissing me, they soon turned their attention to each other. This was their first experience at the girl/girl thing, and they apparently were enjoying it. The girls rolled a condom onto my dick, and we let Amy have a good look as my cock’s hard shaft disappeared into Lisa’s wet willing pussy. I picked up the pace of my strokes and sister kept getting hotter and hotter. She was soon squealing and moaning with an orgasm, as I shot my wad in her tight teen pussy. Amy watched intently as I slowly pulled out of Lisa’s pussy. After we caught our breath, I showed Amy the cum filled rubber; she was impresses.

We three continued to lay there naked and fondled each other. Things began to heat up again. I had a finger in Amy’s pussy and a finger in Lisa’s pussy. I was in heaven! My cock was soon hard again. It was also the first time that I licked a pussy, as Amy and I took turns licking Lisa’s cunt, and later Lisa and I took turns licking Amy’s cunt. Lisa suggested that I fuck Amy, but she refused at first. I wiggled the finger I had in her pussy, and she said yes. Lisa put a condom on my rock hard dick. Amy laid back on the bed and spread her legs wide open; her pussy was glistening it was so wet. I got on all fours over her, and Lisa guided my dick head to the opening. I pushed in and it went all the way to the hilt the first time and popped her cherry. I set upon a steady rhythm as Amy enjoyed her first fucking. She soon said that she was getting an exciting funny feeling; I knew she had an orgasm coming. When she reached her climax, I filled the rubber full of cum, but wished I had pumped my sperm into her juicy pussy just like I did Lisa the first time. I wanted to make a cream pie. I pulled out as Amy and I caught our breath. Lisa clapped and cheered and said we gave a great performance. I pulled the rubber off, and handed it to Amy as she had requested it…I guess for a keepsake or something.

Lisa and I kept fucking and sucking at every chance we got. I also was fucking Amy throughout our freshman years as long as Amy could supply the condom. Then in May, mom went to a wedding shower at the Country Club, and dad was out of town for the day on business. Lisa and I thought we had the house to ourselves for the entire day. As soon as mom left, we got naked. By now, I knew that mom was buying Lisa D cup bras even though her body was a size two. Those titties were beautiful and fun to play with. We got on sister’s bed and were fingering and playing and kissing, and both of us were getting slick. I was really pumping pre-cum; it was gushing out the pee hole and pouring down my shaft. Lisa was trying to lick up every drop. Sister reached into the drawer for a condom, but found the box empty. We were too far gone to stop; Lisa pulled me over on top of her and whispered that we would use the shook up coke for a douche. I drove my hard dick into that juicy pussy as deep as I could get it. Lisa put her legs over my shoulders to give me better access, and we were fucking away. My hard dick was sliding in and out of my sister’s pussy like a pro. Lisa’s pussy muscles were like a vice around my dick, milking me for all she could. Lisa’s whole body shuttered as she reached it and I filled her hungry juicy pussy full of cum.

As we lay there resting and letting my semi hard dick soak in Lisa pussy, we were unaware that a power failure at the County Club had ended Mom’s function early. When I finally rolled off Lisa, our mom was standing in our bedroom doorway. We froze; Lisa and I both knew that we were dead ducks in a heap of trouble. My cum soaked dick went limp on my belly and my sperm was running out of Lisa’s fifteen year old snatch right there in front of her biological mom. Rather than screaming and threatening my death, mom calmly noted that we were not using protection. Lisa admitted that in previous times she had used a coke, but most of the time we had been careful and used a condom. Mom, in a surprisingly soft voice, sent Lisa to the master bath room and told me to come along as well. Once there mom mixed a douche with something from her medicine, and instructed her how to use it and gave me directions as well. While mom was taking all of this calmly, I fully expected to be sent to a military academy in Brazil or Germany or somewhere a long way off. Once Lisa was through with the douche, mom sent us both to our respective showers to wash.

Showered and fully dressed, we meekly went to the kitchen as mom had ordered. About the time we set down, dad called and said he was about fifteen minutes from home. Mom then sent us to the den to watch TV until dad arrived, and until they had time to discuss the situation. Once dad was home, mom briefly explained what she saw and our parents disappeared into their bedroom. Nearly an hour later, mom and dad emerged from the master bedroom, and told us to go the kitchen table where they joined us. I assumed that I was about to learn whether or not they would cut off one of my hands or both of them…or worse yet, they would cut off my sperm producing balls. Either way, I knew I was as good as dead.

To our total surprise, mom and dad hugged us both before they said a single word, and then told us that they loved us and that they were not mad at us. Dad then remarked that when he and mom got married, they wondered if their children would get along being the same age and all. Since you are now fucking each other’s brains out, as parents they apparently didn’t have to worry about you not getting along. Then they said, look kids, fucking is fun. It is a natural part of life and a biological need in all of us. It will do us no good to order you to stop, because you won’t and you can’t. But Lisa, you are going to the doctor to get checked out, and then we are going to put you on the pill. We don’t any surprises in diapers to show up.

And as parents, we don’t know why some parents fight in front of their children and hide the love making and the fucking; it should be the other way around. Since we don’t fight, we are no longer going to hide the fucking and the love making…our door will never be closed. And your doors should not be either; you two are not blood kin, so you have no need to hide what you are doing. You have our permission to enjoy all of the sex you can; we would rather have you in the safety of our home fucking each other than in the bushes or on some dangerous back road with someone we don’t know. Now have either of you fucked someone else? I admitted to fucking Amy several times, but always with a condom. That is fine they said, keep fucking her as much as she will give it up, but they wanted a solemn promise from us that we would always use a condom when fucking anyone else.

Mom made the doctors appointment and soon Lisa was on the pill so pregnancies were no longer a question. She and I enjoyed the skinny dipping now that we were free to do, and Amy joined us when mom and dad were not home. While I fucked Amy about two times per week with her supplying the condoms, Lisa and I tried out her protected pussy as much as we could. Dumping all of my cum in that glorious sisterly pussy was wonderful. No rubber, no pulling out, just releasing my sperm into that wet, willing, little teenage snatch. Sis and I also started the open door policy our parents had suggested by fucking with our bed room door wide open. Quite often, we found our parents standing in the doorway and watching us. Usually they were naked and dad would have a hard on. In fact, dad seemed to always have a hard on. All four of us were usually naked at home and in our pool. We all got comfortable about fucking anywhere in our home the mood struck us.

Mom and dad continued the family sex discussions in many sessions, usually with all of us nude. It was sometimes hard for me to concentrate while staring at mom’s triple D beautiful titties. Our parents taught us about sex, pregnancies, STD, and explaining that dad had had a vasectomy and mom had had a partial hysterectomy so neither one was fertile. They further explained that was a great relief in their open lifestyle. Since neither Lisa nor I was sure what they were talking about, they went on to explain that they enjoyed sex with multiple partners but always in view of each other. For example they said, you two know our friends, Jack and Judy Johnson. We nodded yes. Well, dad went on, when we visit them I often fuck Judy while your mom fucks Jack. I blurted out that I would like to fuck Judy as she was a beautiful little four feet ten inches tall size two petite woman of about thirty five. I turned red at my bold statement, as mom chuckled and said that she could probably eventually arrange that.

Now Dad said mom and I dearly love each other, so the sex with Jack and Judy is purely recreational, not love. Lisa and I then admitted that a video that we had found in the machine about six months before was of mom and dad and about six other couples, all naked and all fucking each other. Mom and dad laughed about the mistake of leaving the tape, but guessed it was good sex education material. During many of our family sex conversation, mom and dad, more importantly, impressed upon us that our secret family life was never to leave the house as the law and the children’s protection agency would take a dim view of them as parents and of us as promiscuous teenagers. Both Lisa and I thoroughly understood the grave situation of what our parents were saying, and we never violated.

Dad was getting hard and announced that all of the talk of sex was making him horny. When he stood up, his six feet five inch two hundred pound frame had an enormous erection sticking up. He invited mom to their bedroom and said that we children were free to watch them if we wanted to. Lisa and I were so taken aback by what had just transpired that we said yes. Once in the bedroom room, mom stepped out of her cloths and joined dad, as Lisa and set down on the love seat. In a 69 position, Mom took that big cock in her mouth and sucked and licked while dad licked her pussy. Lisa and I were naked playing with ourselves and each other as we watched. They changed positions and were apparently getting ready for some serious fucking, and mom patted the bed inviting us to join them.

When Lisa and I laid down by mom, mom’s hand went to her daughter’s wet teenage pussy and played with her clit. Dad sucked on Lisa’s titties that were beginning to look more like mom’s triple D’s. Mom was a size six, and with those huge titties, she made me hard just looking at them. She reached over and cupped my balls with one hand and stroked my raging hard with her other hand. My dick was pumping pre-cum like an oil well, so much so mom called dad’s attention to the flow as the juice ran down my shaft. Both were impressed; mom licked it off. Then mom got on all fours and dad slid his dick into her forty year old dripping pussy. Her daughter got on all fours and I slid my hard dick to her fifteen year old pussy. Watching dad, I duplicated dad’s long slow rhythm as he fucked mom. Gradually, he picked up the pace and he and I were soon pounding hot pussy for all it was worth. I felt Lisa’s pussy muscle tighten around my dick as I felt the sperm load coming up my shaft, and I knew we were both nearly there. Mom and Lisa were having simultaneous orgasms when dad and I unloaded our sperm into the ladies. After catching our breath, dad and I rolled off the ladies and all four of us watched and played in the cream pies that we had just created. I played with mom’s cum filled pussy and dad had his fingers in Lisa’s cum dripping teen pussy. Dad and I were soon hard again; mom’s interest was directed to my cock. Dad was sucking on Lisa’s clit, and Mom was sucking my dick. All of us were getting steamed up again, when mom rolled over on her back and pulled me on top of her. She guided my dick to her pussy opening and told me to give it to her. I eased into my step mom’s pussy and was in heaven as her warm wet pussy engulfed my young cock. Dad, in the mean time, had Lisa on her back and had his huge dick buried into her wet teen pussy. I picked up the pace as mom pulled her knees to her shoulders which allowed my dick total access. I told her I was about to cum, and she said she was ready also. As I unloaded my sperm into her, she moaned and shivered with a climax. In the meantime, Dad was filling his step daughter’s young snatch full of his cum as Lisa was in a violent orgasm. We remained there in bed as cum dripped from two well fucked pussies. Cum was everywhere. We finally got up, stripped the sperm stained sheets from the bed, and all four of us went into mom and dad’s big king sized two shower head shower. Soaped and wet, we hugged and embraced each other and savored the moment and the close relationship that few families have the courage to share.

For my seventeenth birthday gift, Judy Johnson started sharing her pussy with me, as her husband Jack, by then, had had a mild stroke and couldn’t perform very well. Judy was so small and so tiny, but she could take a big dick with the best of the ladies. Judy was also a squirter; she could launch a stream of pussy juice completely over my shoulder on some occasions. She was a great piece of pussy. It all started a day after my birthday. Lisa and mom had gone for some Saturday shopping for a prom dress. The door bell rang and it was Judy Johnson. At four feet ten and maybe ninety five pounds, she looked like a junior high girl since she was dress in white short shorts, a pale blue tee shirt, new Nikes with no socks, and obviously no bra. Indeed, she wasn’t any bigger than most of the fifth graders that she taught. I invited her in but told her that mom was not home. She said that she knew that, and that was why she had driven over. She added that she wanted to give me a seventeenth birthday gift. I said okay, even though I saw nothing in her hands. With that she hooked her thumbs in the waistband of her shorts and with one quick action removed her shorts and panties. The tee shirt quickly followed and she stood there in front of me buck fucking naked. Born and raised in Columbia, her Latina heritage had given her beautiful thick black hair. Her pubic bush was also black and thick but neatly trimmed. Her naturally tan body was so tiny and petite. Her little A cup titties stood straight out from her chest with nice puffy nipples. I just said wow. She took me to mom and dad’s master bedroom where mom had already placed a sheet over her bed spread. I laid down on my back and Judy crawled on top of me, and started kissing me with plenty of tongue. I moved my hands over her ass, and slipped a finder in her juicy pussy. She soon worked her way down to my hard dick, and sucked and licked it until I could not stand it anymore. Between her saliva and the pre-cum that was pouring out of my dick, I was slick all the way down to my balls. She stood up on her knees and straddled me, and slowly lowered herself down on my hard dick. She was so small I worried about hurting her, but the head of my dick slipped easily inside of her and she settled down on it. Not only that, she then straightened out her legs so her feet were by my shoulders. That meant her entire weight was on my pelvis bone, and my nine inch dick was in as far in her pussy as it could reach. She began to rock back and forth and heated up rapidly. We rolled over, and I was enjoying that little lady’s pussy. I pumped away as her pussy muscles messaged my dick. She said that she was about to reach it, so I picked up the pace and then slammed into her one final time, as her body shuttered with a climax. I shot my wad into that willing little woman as deep as I could get it as her little body went in to orgasmic convulsions. As I unloaded my balls into her pussy, she squirted and gushed what seemed like a quart of pussy juice; her little body was still quivering. When we caught our breath, she said that she was definitely coming back for more of my young hard dick. We laid there enjoying the moment, before she wanted up to go to the bath room to clean up. When I pulled out, cum went every where and it rolled down her leg as she retreated to the bath room. As she stood for a moment in the doorway giggling at me, a thin string of cum dropped from her pussy and, for a second or two, went all the way to the floor without breaking, sort of like a spider web. Another glob poured out of her pussy breaking the string, and all of it fell between her feet and made a pile on the tile floor.

I told Lisa and mom about Judy and me when they returned home. Mom laughed and admitted that she had arranged the rendezvous with Judy for me. Lisa said that next time I fucked Judy she wanted to watch, but mom said that Judy was bi and that she would enjoy a threesome. The next weekend that threesome occurred much to everyone’s delight. Lisa and I often enjoyed Judy’s warm willing body over the next year. Unfortunately, both Judy and Jack were killed in a car wreck a year after Lisa and I graduated from high school. That fine tiny pussy was gone forever.

During our high school years, Lisa and I fucked dozen of others, but we always enjoyed sex with each other the best. After Amy turned eighteen, dad began fucking her occasionally as well. Once we graduated from high school, Lisa and I stayed at home and attended a nearby college to earn our degrees. During those four years, I fucked Lisa and Amy almost daily. After graduation, Lisa and I married and, just for the hell of it, attended a college fuckfest of about forty naked fucking couples for our wedding night. We soon moved away to the state’s capital city to attend graduate school for our MBA’s. Amy also moved with us to earn her MS degree, and she shared our apartment…and our bed. She and Lisa really perfected the girl/girl thing and I was happy to see them enjoying that relationship. Besides, their relationship provided me a steady supply of threesome pussy.

Now at forty, Lisa and I are still in good shape and very happily married. I am six feet five like dad and weigh about two hundred. Lisa, like mom, is five feet eight and a size six with triple D titties. She turns heads in any restaurant we walk into, and causes instant cock erections at the nude beach we occasionally visit. Now twenty five years later, we still fuck each other nearly every day. And we still fuck our ol’ friend Amy, as well as her lawyer husband Paul, regularly as they live just across the street from us. We also have a small circle of about a dozen couples that are our swing play partners, so recreational fucking is a big part of our lives.

When we go visit our parents or they come see us, we still share family sex with them. My step mom is still a fantastic fuck at sixty five and Lisa says her sixty six year old step dad is a master with his hard dick. To say the least, we have a very unusual relationship, but we love and treasure it. In fact, as I have typed this story, my wife has been sitting in an executive chair next to me with her arms around her knees with both feet in the chair next to her butt. Her juicy slick pussy is fully exposed to me and both our dad’s cum and my cum have been leaking out of her bare pussy onto the chair, because dad and I gave Lisa a double load of cum a half hour ago since mom was away from the house. As soon as mom returns home from a reception at the Country Club, we are going to have another round of family fucking before Lisa and I drive home.

End of Story

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