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My high school birthday present

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My story begins in July of 1997. I was a junior in high school enjoying summer school with my sophomore girlfriend, Dawn. My birthday was on a Friday so we got to spend some alone time without having to deal with school.

In honor of my birthday I got to chose what she wore for the day. I chose her baby doll outfit (resembled that of a catholic school outfit) , which consisted of a pleated skirt and top that had a full zipper on the front. Her skirt had two large black buttons on the left side that held it closed and on certain sitting positions the slit of the skirt is exposed to the hip. Her underwear choice was a front closure black bra and green velvet panties for later.

My best friend Travis, came over in the evening with a couple of his friends, Jeremy and Paul, to be apart of family time. I had known Jeremy since 9th grade when he was a senior and was always the ladies man and is now over 21. After some well deserved cake and presents, Paul announces that they are treating me and my girl to a movie tonight.

We met some seven more people at the theaters to be a total of ten guys and one girl going to a movie. The theater was packed so we all had to sit in the front row, myself on one side of Dawn and Travis and the other guys on her other side. Travis and Jeremy kept making jokes and sexual comments through out the movie. I over heard Jeremy dare Travis to do something and then bet him twenty he couldn’t keep it there. Not knowing that they were talking about so I just let it go and kept enjoying the movie. A few minutes later my girl kept adjusting her body in the seat so kept my head straight but looked over. My best friend was trying to put his right hand on my girl’s leg. Dawn resisted and pushed his hand off until whispered something in her ear. After that his hand remained on the inside of her left knee. I didn’t know if I was angry or excited to see such a bold move and could not believe that she would just let it happen. So I decided to see what was going to happen. Every minute or so I could swear her legs separated just one more inch and it looked like he was doing the forcing. I could hear Jeremy say something to Paul and then whispered into Travis’s ear. Within a minute Travis leaned over Dawn, while leaving his hand on her knee but resting his forearm on her thigh and asked me if I would like to get some beers or something after the movie. While I do believe that he wanted to know what I wanted to do it was more probably a diversion as I could faintly make out his left hand sneak up Dawn’s left leg and disappear for a few moments under her skirt. Once we were done speaking he withdrew his left hand followed by his right. Jeremy handed his some cash so I guess that was what they were talking about.

After the movie we decided to all meet up at the school and have some beers. Jeremy and Paul headed to the liquor store as they were both over twenty one and the rest of us drove our vehicles over to the school. In the car I asked Dawn what happened in the theater. She told me that Travis had tried several times to put his hand on her leg and when that didn’t work, he told her why he was doing it. Travis said he was bet twenty dollars by Jeremy that he couldn’t get her let him leave his hand on the side of her knee for five minutes without myself or her knocking him out. He pleaded with her to let him just this once as he was short on cash and would cut her in on it. As Travis was a good friend to her for two years already and she secretly had a thing for him she agreed. She didn’t truly see the harm in it as they use to wrestle and such last week. She also viewed as since it was dark and the skirt did dip down in the front even with the legs apart a little that no one could see the panties she was wearing.

She went on to say what happened next she was not expecting. Jeremy getting caught up in the excitement whispered something about another hundred and within a minute Travis leaned across her, she felt his other slide up her leg, massage her pussy through her panties, and then felt the panties themselves.

Being that this was the first time he had ever done that before; I was really not sure what to think. I asked her how she felt about what happened. She said that while she wishes that it was me that did it, she felt that it was very exciting that he felt her up, especially in public.

When we got to the school we parked in the back and waited till Jeremy and Paul got back from the store. Once they got there we all grabbed the beers and such and headed to the bleachers by the football fields. We went to a good size school so the bleachers were pretty high, and everyone wanted to hang out at the top. Most of the guys sat towards the edge of the bleachers and my girlfriend and I sat facing them. After a few beers the conversation got dirtier and dirtier, talking about who has done what to whom, basically a one up the last guy testimonial. Dawn stood up for a second and then sat down straddling the bench she was sitting on so she didn’t have to turn her head anymore. I know that how she sat down some of them were hoping she would straddled them and others were hoping to see her panties. Being that my birthday was in the middle of the summer I could tell my girlfriend was getting a little warm as she unzipped the shirt a little bit. A small amount of cleavage came into view as it was almost a full moon. Some of the guys started chanting, “Take it off, take it off”, to that she said, “That would be naughty and I am a good girl, see my halo?” Travis got up and headed over to her and she stopped him quick. He kept trying until she finally agreed to half way. The guys started hooting and hollering as she slowly unzipped the shirt to clasp of her bra and adjusted the shirt. After that I slid towards the guys so I too could get a better look at her breasts. Her tits looked so great that night, so firm and full, showing enough to get you hard, but not enough to see the nipples. I went over to her, kissed her passionately, and reached down and gave her right breast a squeeze. Paul whistled and said that was hot.

She mentioned that the beers went right through her and she needed to go the rest room. Travis said there are weird people out at night and that a beautiful woman wouldn’t be safe alone and offered to escort her to the rest room. Jeremy said he would escort her as well. Thinking back that was probably not the best idea but agreed and stayed up there with the others. After they headed down, Paul and the others then started asking me very personal and sexually explicit questions about Dawn and our relationship. Twenty minutes goes by and another boy James, a friend of a Travis that Dawn knows, whom we go to school with, and is about her age, offered to check on her and give a progress report. As the restroom is at least a few minutes away I agreed. Only ten minutes later the four of them came marching up the stairs again, Jeremy smiling like a Cheshire cat. I asked him what he was smiling about and he said he realized while he was down there that he had to go, Travis piped in saying he was glad he had to go too.

Another thirty minutes went by and she said she wanted to call it a night. We walked to the car. She gave the guys hugs and some tried to grab her ass, but most failed. Jeremy actually was one who got a great hug as one arm held her tight and lifted her up while the other went under her skirt. Once in the car I went touch her and felt that her panties were very wet. I started to ask and she stopped me in my tracks. She told me she needed to tell me something and drove to the next street down.

She told me that when they got the restroom the door was locked and was told by Travis that she will just have to go outside. Dawn made some whimpering sounds and Jeremy then said that he could probably jimmy the lock but that she will owe him. She said fine and he got to working on the lock. Once he got it opened, she walked past him and gave him a peck on the lips and said. ”there you go.” He said that isn’t paid in full but someday he will collect. She said. “Sure” as she closed the stall. When she got out of the stall she was surprised to see both of them in the rest room. She said that it was the women’s restroom and the little boys’ room was on the other side. Jeremy said that they were actually discussing her breasts and wanted confirmation. She asked what he meant and he went on to say that Jeremy thought that her breasts couldn’t be that perfect and firm unless it was the bra or they were fake. Travis told him that they are that firm and stated that one time he saw them bare. Hearing this she said that she cant remember him ever seeing them but being only sixteen they are pretty firm. Dawn did experiment with Travis a while ago and he did see her naked but never though he would tell anyone. Jeremy openly staring at her breasts within two feet in front of him contested and said that it was impossible to be that big, look that good, be real, and it must be extra padded bra. Travis trying to look reluctant to make the statement said that he would check the bra out for him on her behalf. He said ok as long as she agreed. She looked into Travis’s eyes and said that she would be ok with him checking the bra only. Travis stood in front of her, reached up waist, slid his hand up her sides to the side of her breasts and then across to the zipper. He slowly unzipped another few inches to expose the bra and then slid two fingers into the bra and felt the black velvet side. Travis stated that the bra was not very padded and if Jeremy didn’t believe him then he should check for himself. Without wasting a second Jeremy put his right hand on left cup of her bra, gave a slight squeeze, then curled two fingers over the lip of the bra and into bra against her breast. While slowly putting more of those two lucky fingers deeper into the bra, his left hand slid to the right side her stomach. He leaned in towards her, his right hand slid out of her bra and cupped the breast, and said, “I bet they taste as sweet as they look.” Travis added that they must feel amazing when they aren’t trapped in this bra as she can feel the tips of his finger nudge her nipple. She gave a smirk and said, “I guess you will never know.” Jeremy asked why not while brushing the underside of her bra slowly moving towards the center. She softly responded that doing that would be naughty and she is a good girl. Just as she finished that statement, he moved the fingers on his left hand to the center of the bra and whispered in her ear, “But I am a very bad man.” Within a second he looked into her eyes and unsnapped her bra, her breasts sprung free and he slid the bra off her shoulder. She stood for a second, shocked at the fact that this guy a friend of her boyfriend over five years older just opened her bra and is now caressing her naked breast. Not to be out done, Travis pushed the bra aside, caressed the right breast, and kissed her neck. They both started kissing her neck and slowly made their way to her breasts. They kneeled down in front of her and each kissed her lips. While they sucked and kissed her nipples, she threw her head back and closed her eyes. A slight moan escaped her lips and her hands held the back of their heads. Jeremy took his right hand placed it on the back of her skirt and squeezed her ass. A minute later Travis said that Jeremy didn’t believe him that she was wearing velvet panties. She looked at Jeremy and asked, “let me guess, you want to check don’t you.” His lips broke contact with her nipple and stated, “I dared him one hundred dollars to check what you were wearing and he told me soft velvet panties. I would just want to make sure he is not lying.” She looked down at this man who she barely knows who was just enjoying her breast, huffed and said, “well I guess since my breast was just in your mouth and your hand is already on my ass, what is the difference if it is under the skirt?” With that he slid his hand down her leg to her knee and then while looking into her eyes, inched his fingers under her skirt and felt her soft panties. Travis without asking joined in on the ass play. Jeremy slid his fingers between her legs and commented that the panties seemed very damp. Without asking he lifted the front of her skirt and looked at the small of her panties. His right hand finds its way under her panties and pulls at her ass cheek causing her to left foot to separate a little more from the right. She straight face looks at him and gives a strong clearing throat sound. He, trying to sound innocent, says just checking my findings, while his left hand slides to her cunt and begins rubbing through the soaked panties. She stammered that this is definitely naughty and he shouldn’t do that. Sheepishly grinning, he asks, “What this?” and with that pushes the panties aside and slides a finger inside her. She is so wet his finger makes a sloshing sound as he comments on how tight she is. Jeremy asks if she is still a virgin and Travis boasted that she cant be with what he has heard her boyfriend say, then asks if he feel her too. Before he can respond Travis pulled her panties down and slid one of his fingers into her pussy as well and then another. Jeremy removed his finger to allow Travis better access to her pussy and stood back to enjoy the sight of this little girl, top open breasts exposed being fingered by his friend. Travis commented that it was the tightest pussy he had even fingered and that I was a lucky man. Dawn said I always commented that she is like a virgin every time. Travis said that he is getting very hard right now.

She bends over and reaches down to touch his cock. She can feel his cock hard and strong through his shorts. He pulled it out and she caressed it lovingly. She turns her head slightly asks if Jeremy is enjoying the view of her bare ass bent over in front of him. She cant see him but feels his hand on her clit, so soft, so wet. She asked him if he was hard while he enjoyed the show too. He said he definitely enjoying the show and asked if she can tell. At that moment she feels something hard press against her clit. Before she can say anything his cock dipped into her pussy. She protested that this is not going to happen, as he slowly slid out and then back in. She tried to pull free but his strong hand held her in place and he asked if it felt good. She delayed her response and he increased his rhythm and force. Travis stood up, his cock directly in front of Dawn’s mouth, pressed the head of his long cock against her lips for a second before she parted them. She went down on him while Jeremy fucked her with wild abandonment. The sound of the juices sloshing was almost as loud as the slapping of his balls again her clit. She moaned loudly while still sucking on Travis’s cock, as an orgasm rushed through her body. Jeremy’s grip tightened on her hips as he let out a yell as he pushed deep inside her and exploded. She released Travis’s cock, turned to Jeremy and asked, “You did wear a condom, didn’t you?” While Jeremy was still inside releasing his manhood, answered, “Travis said that you were on the pill and your boyfriend loves to cum in you, so I am just helping his fantasies. Travis, you should come in here while the water is warm.” Travis, stunned at what Jeremy just admitted to but still very turned on, asked, “Dawn, may I have you?” She said sure and Travis stood next to Jeremy, his hard cock eagerly waiting to enter this pussy he has heard all about for years. As Jeremy pulls out, a little cum ozzed out of her pussy. Travis took his fingers scooped up the semen, placed it on the front of his cock, and slid it inside of her. He stated that if I really like her full of cum, then they should waste a drop. As Travis slid his large cock inside of her, Jeremy wiped off his cock and kneeled down to pay more attention to her tits. Within minutes Travis yelled and blew his load into her as well. While still hard he still fucked her and with more vigor. His well toned eighteen year old body caught a second wind and he went again. Jeremy started stroking his cock again, picked up her panties and kissed Dawn. They made out for a few minutes, Jeremy also playing with her breasts, Dawn jacking him off until her breathing started to get very heavy. She let out a powerful moan and she came and within seconds so did Travis. This time when Travis started to pull out Dawn clenched her legs together, no drops came out. Jeremy remarked that now he wants to come again and it will either be in her, on her, or in her panties, pointing to the center part of the fabric. She bent over a little more and said that he might as well just come in her again as they both did already. He got in positioned and slid in with great ease even though her legs were still closed. Once in she opened her stance and Jeremy picked up the pace. Only a minute passed until he moaned pumping his sperm into my girlfriend again. With his cock still in her, he asked Travis to help put her panties back on her. She raised one foot then the other and Travis pulled them up to her ass. Jeremy slowly pulled his cock out, wiped the cum that dripped out onto the center part of the panties, and then pulled them up the rest of the way. Her only next words were, “eww squishy” She straightened up and fixed her skirt. She buttoned up her bra and zipped up her top. Both of the boys thanked her immensely and both asked when they can have her again. Jeremy mentioned that if she really enjoys big cocks then he has a few friends she should meet and that she could even bring her boyfriend if she wanted.

As they left the restroom, James was standing there, a boy in her grade, smiling widely, his cock in his hand. He mentioned that he saw everything and wants in. She knew him from class, always thought he was cute and since they knew the same people she knew it wouldn’t be good to take him there. She unzipped her shirt and hand he began pawing at her breasts, still stroking his cock. He kissed her and said he was still a virgin and had planned to stay that way. She asked him what he wanted and responded by reaching under her skirt and rubbed her soaked panties. She unclipped her bra and his mouth went crazy on her tits. He mumbled that this is the first time he has done this much with a girl. Jeremy lifted her onto the counter so James could more easily get at her pussy and tits. He continued to jerk himself off and massage her pussy through the panties. Travis decided to help his younger friend out and moved the panties to the side so James to see his toy. Her clit was covered in a semi milky goo, the smell of cum permeated the air once again. As he fingered it she could tell he wasn’t going to last long. He asked where he can cum and she said she didn’t care. He took his cock which was average in size and placed it at the lips of her pussy. He came with such force that it sprayed over the whole area. He made a mess out of what I take pride in enjoying. James used his fingers to clean off his cock and clean up on her.

He must have cleaned up about four table spoons worth, and the pushed it into her. While he wiped his fingers off in her panties, he told her that he watches porn a lot but only masturbates twice a week and cums about a quarter cup or so, if I am interested in keeping her filled he would be happy to assist anytime. She re-adjusted velvet panties, giving herself a moment to get use to how soaked her panties and pussy are. She hops off the counter and Jeremy decided to give me a little surprise by jacking off one more time, cumming in his hands and then rubbing her breasts in his cum. With his hands still sticky with cum he inserts his hands into her panties and grabbed her ass. Travis helps Dawn reclose her bra as she is now spent and James rubbed the remaining cum off on the outside of her bra. His remnants were now going to stay permanently on the outside of her bra. She zipped it up once again and they all headed out. Before they got back, James made her promise that she would come out one night that next week. In her state she agreed without asking for what.

After hearing such a strange story from her I unzipped her top a little bit, sure enough stains of cum on her bra and breasts. She drove the entire way back home with her shirt mostly unzipped not paying attention to other drivers. Once hope, she closed the door and pushed me against the wall. She reached for my cock through my pants and asked if her being naughty turned me on. She asked how bad I wanted her as she took her top off. She unclipped her bra exposing her still very sticky breasts. There was enough on them alone that they shined and covered the entire breast even the underside. They felt wet and slimy in my hands as I remembered that my friend Jeremy came on them earlier. I undid her skirt and stains of cum were even on the back side of the skirt. Her green velvet panties were so soaked that the lower part was dark and shiny extending half way up the front and the part of the panties that covered her sweet pussy resembled the reservoir tip of a condom. She had been ridden hard and had three guys other than her boyfriend service her. I slowly pulled down her panties. The smell was strong of men sweat and heavy amounts of half dried cum. The smell actually turned me on more as I removed my pants. Dawn looked at me, tired and worn but still very turned on and said, “I have been fucked by two of your friends tonight and three came in me, I need your cum in me too. I want you to fuck your naughty girlfriend like the dirty whore slut she is.” I slid my cock in where three have been today and as each inch went in more came out around it. As I fucked her hard and fast she reminded me that the boys each wanted to see her sometime this week and that one mentioned that if she wants a guy with a very large member he has a friend. She told me that all she really wanted was to have me inside of her and it was her gift to me that she fucked another guy and that he came in her, which only turned me on more. I could feel myself getting closer with every pump and she began to scream out, “fill me, refill my naughty hole with your cum, I need it in me.” At that moment I lost it and blew my load, which was of great size due to the story I enjoyed and all the excitement of the night. She was finally with the person she wanted the whole night. She told me that she originally was against their advances, but figured it would be a great gift to me it she gave in. We both laid there for a little while afterwards covered in our friends cum.

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