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My Wife Making Movies Pt 1

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Last saturday I was at my buddies office and he pulls out this collection of homemade x rated DVD's. He had sold me some before, I take them to my office and watch, mostly laughing, but sometimes actually enjoying them. They were always in generic cases and never had titles. he gets them from one of his employees a college kid trying to earn extra money. I usually carry them in my truck for a week or two before I have time to watch them in my office.This week was no different as I was just too busy to watch it. the dvd sat on a shelf in my office for over a week and a half before I put into my computer to watch. I was in shock as I saw my house on the title page. The name of the movie was " Painting for SexIII". I did not know what why my house was in this movie, but 3 weeks ago our house was painted by a group of young college guys My wife had heard were very good and cheap. I remember that my wife had told me that her friend Connie (my buddy who sold me the DVD's wife) had used the guys to paint thier house last month. I said if didn't cost much go ahead. A day later she tells me that the total cost of the paint would be $600 and the labor would be detreminded after they were thru and could see how much extra paint they could use on the nex job. I now know why they never sent me a bill for labor.

As I start to watch the movie, I am not sure if I want to see what I think I am going to see. The movie opens with this painters truck pulling up to our drive way and the truck empties out with 6 very good looking college boys. As they go up to the door, they are talking to each other about how they are gonna paint the house. My wife opens the door and the leader of the guys says something to the rest of them and he enters my house with what must be a hidden camera, he and my wife sit on the sofa and begin talking pricing, She tells him that Connie has already filled her in on thier costs. He asked if that arrangement is agreeable, and she replies that her husband does not really think now is the time to spend money on something not very important, but she really thinks the house needs painting.She also wants to help young college boys anytime she has the chance. he then tells her what he expects of her during the time they are painting the house. he tells her she will feed and service his whole crew for the five days it will take to paint our house which is quite large.

What I haven't told you is that my wife for the first 23 years of our married life was a prude and for the past year my sex life has exploded as she has always been beautiful and very sexy. She just rarely acted that she enjoyed sex. her body is a perfect 34D 23-35.

As the leader of the students does a tour of the house with my wife they come to the guest house in the back yard, he tells her this is where she would take care of all servicing and that they would paint it for free. Just then he whistles and 2 very hunky studs appear out of nowhere and make thier way into our guest house. The keader is a guy about 5'10 and around 165lbs and very good looking the others range from about his height to one guy who stands at least 6'5" They are all very muscular, bare chested and very hard bodies. My wife is proudly displaying her very hard nipples during the walk thru. He explained that today they would prep the house and they would start tommarrow at 7am (I leave at 6:45) and that breakfast should be ready shortly thereafter. She has no problem with this. I remember she did fix them a big hearty brealfast that first day, she said to help them work better and that as college bos they probably weren't eating right. As the boys are actually working on the house I can see she was ready for some action only to be denied, as they were all business.

I do remember that night I got a real energetic fucking from her that I was not expecting it was a Monday night and was not my birthday. On Tuesday morning I also got a nice big breakfast as she was cooking for the painters. when they arrived she had a nice platter of bacon eggs, home fries and toast ready for them. They swallowed everything as the leader introduced all the painters to her. He was John then there was Jeff a blond god and Derek who was the tall sexy one he had brown hair, then Jim, Bob and Bill all of them were very goodlooking and they all had very hard bodies they very easily could make money selling calendars of themselves.

They started painting around 8 and by 9 John asked my wife to show him something in the guest room. Once they were inside he told her as he was the boss he got to get paid first, with that he sat on the sofa and she joined him and out her hand on his crotch and reached over and unzipped his shorts and pulled out a perfect specimen of man meat. His cock was at least 8" and as thick as any video i have seen in some time, she was on it in under 10 seconds trying to fit it in her mouth, she really had a good time with his cock as she sucked him until he started to arch his back like he was gonna shoot his load, she stopped sucking and started licking his cock all down to his balls, then back up to the head where she swirled her tongue all around it then without warning she deep throated his entire length in one motion, that was all it took he let loose with a yell and shot a huge load of cum down her throat. he then stood up and told her this is gonna be a good week. She then thru him a surprise when she told him for the rest of the week she did not want any of the group thing going on. that every encounter would be alone. he said if the whole week was like the first blow job that would be fine.

By lunch that first day she had swallowed 3 loads and had another 3 shot all over face, but she still had not exposed her fine body to the young studs.

She had pizza delivered for lunch the she became dessert as she wore a skimpy bikini and proceded to take each young stud and proceded to spend the next four hours with 6 different cocks in her very hot body, she really was gonna enjoy the newly painted house as a reminder to hte time with all six of these studs. When she fucked John after lunch she had him on his back, then her on her back, then doggie style, before he finally came all over tits from the missionary position. John had fucked her for over 50 minutes when he fanally came, next was the big guy Derek and he had avery nice cock a really thick 6-7 inches that she had a very wild time with, she only wanted him with her on top (she told him that the next time he could choose what position). She rotated her body around his big frame as his fat cock was burried in her hot cunt, he had a great time with her tits trying to suck the nipple off of them, she warned him her husband would notice any marks on her body so be careful, after about 15 minutes of her rotating she started bouncing on his thick meat and he exploded so hard she had avery hard climax as he was shooting into her as she climed off his cock the fluid from the both of them was pouring out of her cunt. Derek had lasted just over 20 minutes. 15 minutes later Bill shows up at the door, she waves him in and he asked her if he could fuck her standing up, She has no priblem with that. he has his hard 7" ready to enter her he is about 5 inches taller and she tells him to be careful when just then he picks her up and uses her body as a toy and impales her up and down on his cock He picks her up and impales her on his cock she is having a terrific orgasam as he continues to impale her against his pole. He explodes into her after her 3rd climax with this method. dave is next and she is amazed that this the fourth guy and she still wants to get fucked. Bob is old fashion and want her on her back and he climbs aboard and just drilled her for about 20 minutes after about 10 minutes she starts fingering her clit, he continues to fuck her hard but he takes over the clit treatment and soon she has a nice climax and closes the muscles of her vagina around his pistoning cock and he erupts inside her and quickly pulls out and shoot ropes of cum all over her tits.

She takes a quick shower and she is ready for Jim, Jim is the quiet one of the bunch and very respectable and he asked her what she would like to do, he still has his colthes on the other were naked within 10 seconds of entering the room. She proceded to remove his shorts and expose a very nice thick cock that she want to sit on. she has him sit in a chair she brought form the kitchen and he guides his cock into her hot wet hole, he has never been in this position an he really likes it, his hands have found her Tits and the nipples attached to them, he is feeling the fullness of her breast then tweaking her hard nipples sending her pouncing on his cock, she is having a ball with this gentleman and his thick cock, but he can only last about 10 minutes before he screams and empties wht she thinks is the biggest load she has taken all day. he says sorry it was so short. She tells him he was fantastic and that tommarrow will be just as fun. He smiles takes one last feel of her breasts as she climbs off him. She is leaking lots of cum right now so hse heads in to the shower to clean up for her last of the day, Jeff comes into the guest house while she is in the shower. he takes his shorts off and joins her in the shower, he scares her as she has her eyes closed and must have been reliving the past poundings in her mind. She quickly though find his hard cock and pulls it into her hot cunt, she loves shower sex and she clearly now in charge as she has him pound her as she is up against the wall of the shower, this goes on for about 10 minutes or 2 orgasams when she tell him to sit down on the shower bench, she then lower herself on his throbbing cock with her back to him. as she bounces up and down on his member he has to grab her tits so not to fall on the floor. after a good 10 minutes and at least 2-3 more mini orgasams the water turns cold, and she hates cold. he picks her up with his cock still imbedded in her and carries her to the bed where he never removes his cock and he burried her face in the bed while he pounded her from behind while he was standing up, She is lost in a series of orgasams and he still is a willing partner, she has him stop for a minute so she can turn around. She turns over and he wasted no time reentering her hot cunt, she had her legs wrapped around his neck when without warning he picked her up off the bed and started spinning around the room as he was fucking her telling her to hold on with her legs as he was gonna fuck her so hard that her legs would have to support herself, he spun her around as he kept pounding his cock into her, she had a constant orgasam as he kept going around and around while pounding her. His muscles all of the sudden tightened and he impaled his cock as far as it would go into her, releasing at least a quart of cum in her, she passed out from her multiple climaxes, he layed her on the bed and went down and drank all of his and her cum that was pouring out of her,he had a swallow and kept a mouthful for her when he climbed up to her she was just coming too, when he kissed her and filled her mouth with thier combined orgasams, he had fucked her for almost an hour and had given her the most powerful 5 or 7 orgasams of her life. I was watching all this in disbelief, as this all happened three week ago in my own house and I never knew anything. Coming soon Part II

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