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My Twin Sister High School Swap

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I've told this before, my twin sister Toni and I have been having sex since our teens. It started innocently enough with some "show me yours and I'll show you mine", then progressed into insatiable lust. We would fuck, lick, and suck each other every day, even experiment with bisex with some friends.

In high school my sister Toni started to date my best friend Dan. Some time earlier we three got naked together for some showing and mutual masterbation. Toni's was Dan's first blowjob and fuck, and I watched. Toni and I never fucked in front of Dan, we three got naked and played a little, but we kept our sex together secret. Dan introduced me to his cousin Lynn, and we also started to date in high school. Toni and Lynn were somewhat opposites. Toni was lean, athletic, with small perky breasts and short red hair. Lynn was taller, with long dark hair and a voluptous body and large breasts. Toni was also aggressive, uninhibited, and quick to get naked while Lynn was shy, modest, and not interested in getting naked.

Lynn confided that her cousin Dan was a "perv" and was always trying to fondle her, kiss her, spy on her whenever possible as they were growing up. Her description of Dan was basically "ewwwh"! I was just as bad as Dan. Together with Toni we tried to get her to skinny dip. She refused, but we stripped naked in front of her and went swimming anyway. This happened more than once, and Lynn couldn't believe Toni and I were naked in front of each other, but eventually accepted that as brother and sister it wasn't that abnormal, but she refused to get naked in front of her cousin.

It was some time before Lynn and I would have sex, prompted in part because Dan and Toni were fucking like crazy and would tease Lynn into "going all the way". Regardless, Lynn remained modest and resistant to much sex play with me.

Back to high school where Toni and I shared a car and still did everything together, including parking after school and fucking almost everyday. We talked a lot about having sex with Dan and Lynn and Toni described how Dan loved to have his cock sucked, and how he admitted he always wanted to see his cousin Lynn naked. He even told her he would fuck her if he had the chance. Toni and I would talk about this and get turned on thinking of the possibilities, so we started to double date.

It took some time to talk Lynn into parking with Dan and Toni in the back seat, but it eventually happened. Lynn and I were kissing, and a little fondling in the front with Toni and Dan in the back. This happened a few times before Toni couldn't resist unzipping Dan and sucking his cock. When Lynn saw this she froze. As Toni and Dan started to strip naked, Lynn almost freaked, but did stare at the two of them in the backseat. I couldn't get Lynn to do anything immediately, but as she watched Toni sit on her cousins cock, she relented and let me slip off her jeans and fuck her. When Lynn caught Toni and Dan watching her, even though she was partially dressed she almost made me stop. The four of us repeated this several more times, each time Lynn would undress a little more, but never unihibitedly expose herself like Toni and Dan would.

Both Dan and Lynn never knew, that everytime we woud double date, park, makeout, or have sex, Toni and I would stop on the way home and fuck everytime.

At least a year of this on and off teasing passed before there was a school trip and event where we stayed at a hotel. Dan and I shared once room, Toni and Lynn another. Toni and Lynn had a room with a kingsize bed, so we went to her room early the first night to have sex completely naked, and in a bed. The room was dark with light comming in through the open dr*pes. We were naked kissing and rolling around then I was fucking Lynn on her back when the door opened and Dan and Toni came in. They said something about getting beat to take the big bed, then said they would join us.

I still had my hard cock inside Lynn and had not cum as we watched Toni and Dan strip and climb into the bed beside us. Lynn held me close to cover her naked body and then pulled the sheets up. We watched Toni suck Dan's cock and then they were fucking on top of the covers within arms reach. I watched and continued to fuck in and out of Lynn until I came. I noticed Lynn was watching too. It was the first time we were all clearly naked and exposed in front of each other.

I got out of bed to go into the bathroom and saw Lynn bury herself under the covers, but she was on her side facing Toni and Dan and watching them fuck. Comming out of the bathroom I ran into a naked Toni who stopped me, grabbed my cock, kissed me and said she was so turned on being in the same bed. I asked if sharing the room was her idea, and she admitted she and Dan both wanted to see Lynn and I fucking, and she said Dan was so hot for Lynn she thought he would try and fuck her. Toni said she told Dan to go for it, if he dared.

Toni and I stayed quiet and looked from the hallway to the bed where we saw Dan naked on top of the covers, stroking his cock hard again, but this time he was right next to Lynn. While Lynn was covered by the sheets, Dan's hands were roaming all over her trying to catch a feel of her ass and tits. Now Dan was slightly humping against the sheets covering Lynn and kissing her neck. Toni and I saw Dan and Lynn kissing, but just as quickly Lynn was pushing against Dan and turned on her side with her back to him. Dan didn't stop humping against her ass and was nw reaching around to fondle her tits, still kissing her neck.

At that moment Toni and I were both surprised to see Lynn let Dan pull down the sheets and start to expose Lynn naked backside. Toni and I were both turned on and I was holding her tits from behind as she held my harding cock. Again Dan pulled on Lynn to face him, and this time they kissed hard for a long time before she turned her back to him a second time. But this time Dan turned on his back long enough to find another condom, and as we watched Dan lay on his back and put a condom on his long hard cock. Dan turned into Lynn, fumbling behind her, but it was obvious he was trying to slide his cock into her from behind. We knew he was suddenly inside her as she jumped to pull away but he held her close and started to fuck in and out of Lynn from behind. Now Lynn had relented and it was obvious she was letting it happen.

Now Toni said we have to join them, and we walked naked hand in hand to the opposite side of the bed to face Lynn. Lynn's eyes were closed, Dan's hands were holding her big tits, and she was really fucking him back and obviously enjoying the cock in her pussy. Then Lynn opened her eyes, and saw Toni and I watching. Her eyes opened wide in a panic. I lay on the bed facing Lynn and kissed her as Dan continued to fuck her. I told her it was alright. and Lynn said she couldn't help it, it just happened, then closed her eyes as Dan continued to fuck her. Toni was behind me, and leaned her naked body over mine to kiss Dan as he fucked his cousin.

Dan started to cum and unloaded into the condom deep inside my girlfriends pussy then pulled his cock out. Lynn lay back as I kissed her and I saw Toni reach Dan's cock removing the condom and sucking his still hard cock clean. While we all lay their quietly, not sure what to saw, Toni as ususal broke the ice and said this was such a turn on it made her so horny to watch Dan and Lynn fuck. Toni reached across Lynn's naked body to mine, grabbed my hard cock and said it looked as though it made me horny too. Dan chimmed in that Toni should fuck me now, that it was only fair that we swapped. Lynn said you can't get her to fuck her brother, but Dan again jumped in and said Lynn had just fucked her cousin.

There was no more talk as Toni immediately leaned further onto Lynn so she could take my now rock hard cock into her mouth and began to suck me enthusiastically. In just minutes Dan was handing me a condom, and Toni was on top of me sliding her pussy down on my cock. We fucked like this before changing to Toni on her back. I fucked my sister in front of my girlfriend until I came.

Now the four of us lay embracing each other totally exposed and naked in front of each other. I was so turned on and so were the others. Dan continued to fondle then kiss Lynn as I did the same to Toni. Lynn admitted that it was so wrong and so dirty, but it turned her on. Lynn told us that Dan had always wanted to "do her" and she said Dan told her that Toni, and Dan, and I had fooled around before, and that the three of us would get naked and go skinny dipping and then we would all masterbate together. Dan even said Toni sucked our cocks. Lynn said she thought it was all a story to make her jealous and join in some sex with Dan.

Toni spoke up and said I had watched Dan fuck her several times, and that I played with my cock because it turned me on. She also admitted she fucked a third friend of ours along with Dan while I watched. But Toni never admitted we were fucking each other. Toni was really pushing it, and I was a little embarassed, but mostly did not want Lynn to know what else I was up to, but Lynn jumped in and asked if she were the only one I had ever had sex with. Before I could answer Toni said I had fucked both Suzzane and Peggy, two girls from out school, who were both a little fat, but with huge tits, and popularly spoken about as the school sluts. Toni went on to explain how they had stayed the night and how she watched me fuck both her friends one after the other.

I thought Lynn was shocked, and tryed to weasle my way out of it, until Toni said she would bet that Lynn had fucked our high school music teacher when they went away to the music conference. Toni also said Suzzanne and Peggy admitted they were fucking "Mr. J". When the three of us turned to Lynn and asked her directly, Lynn admitted that a few months earlier Mr. J had seduced her in her hotel room, but massaging her, then getting her naked, and he fucked her "a bunch of times" over the weekend.

Now that we were all naked on one bed together, Lynn was finally more uninhibited and told us exactly in detail how Mr. J ate her pussy, a first for her, and how he got her to suck his cock until he came in her mouth, another first. We turned ourselves on with Lynn's admission, and as I lay back on the bed thinking about it, Dan was on top of Lynn,first just kissing her, then fucking her again on her back. Toni lay back and pulled me on top of her and the four of us fucked side by side. Before I came inside Toni, she said make Lynn suck your cock and swallow your cum. So I place my cock at Lynn's mouth, and she took it in and started to suck me. Something she had done only briefly. Now Lynn was in her first threeway with Dan in her pussy and my cock in her mouth. I was so turned on I came quickly in Lynn's mouth, and she swallowed my cum.

During the night we fucked each other in different combinations all night. And after that night would swap again......and more.

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