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My Girlfriends Fantasy

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This is a story about a woman's fantasy of being forced. It should be in the Male Dominant category.

My Girlfriend's Fantasy

My girlfriend Barb and I have been dating for about 14 months. We have both previously been married and have kids, so finding time to be intimate with each other can prove to be difficult. When we do manage to get togther, though, we make up for the time apart by talking about our fantasies and getting each other worked up figuring out how to make them come true. This story is about how I made Barb's biggest fantasy come true.

One night in bed Barb confided her most powerful fantasy to me: that of being forced. She had imagined herself in a man's home, cleaning up, and upon his return being told she had done a poor job. In her fantasy he grabbed her roughly, telling her she needed to be punished for failing in her job. He began manhandling her, telling her he would show her the consequences of her failure. The rest of her fantasy consisted of his forcing himself on her and her initial resistance. The end result was her eventual succumbing to his power and a big climax as well. This fantasy immediately began working on my subconscious and I became determined to see some version of this become real.

Barb is 45 years old, blonde, with a beautiful set of natural breasts which are full and shaped just as perfectly as they must have been when she was a teenager. Our sex life started out normally, whatever "normal" might be. Gradually it progressed to the point where we were trying new experiences and talking about trying even more. Barb loved being spanked and more, frequently telling me she would do anything I ordered her to do. I knew then that her fantasy would become the most powerful experience either of us had ever had.

In my mind I saw Barb's fantasy involving a stranger in order to add realism to the scenario. The stranger would surprise Barb and take her forcefully, possibly having help from another. Barb's safety made finding the right "stranger" of the utmost importance.

I have a married friend who is the male half of a Dominant/submissive relationship. John and his wife Jean have made other women's r*pe fantasies come true before, and I pictured them as being the perfect fit for Barb's living out her fantasy. It helped a great deal knowing that Barb had not yet met John or Jean. John was eager to help out, but only if he could be certain that Barb would not have him arrested following the fantasy!

One night I had the house to myself and invited Barb over. After she arrived I had her undress and sit in a living room chair, where I blindfolded her. I began playing with her, teasing her, using a small paddle to sting her thighs, pussy, and breasts, which drives her over the edge. Prior to her arrival I called John to invite him over so he could get a look at Barb without her having the opportunity to see or hear him. John jumped at the chance, arriving silently through the kitchen door, standing in the living room doorway just watching me tease and torment Barb. After he took up his position in the doorway, I told Barb I wanted to hear her describe her fantasy, and told her to include the details I had previously mentioned to her. As she sat in the chair, blindfolded, she told me and, unbeknownst to her, John, what she wanted to be done to her. I told Barb that if I made her fantasy become real, then she would not be told when it would happen. Further, while John was listening, I told her she would not be able to turn back once she had given her consent to being forced, and that I may or may not be there to ensure her safety. These were new elements to the fantasy and clearly frightened Barb, even while sending waves of pleasure through her body. Barb is a submissive person at heart and John's face told me he wished he could live out Barb's fantasy right then and there, but I had other plans.

After Barb finished telling her secret audience her fantasy I silently invited John to join me in front of her. I handed John another small paddle and motioned to him that he should begin paddling her right thigh while I paddled her left. I looked for some reaction from Barb that she was aware of another presence in the room but instead I only heard Barb moan a bit louder. After several minutes of this attention I slowly backed off, giving John my paddle as well. I reached for my digital camera in order to take a few pictures of the event and to give Barb another indicator that someone else was in the room. As I was busy snapping pictures John continued his torture of Barb's thighs and pussy. The only sounds in the room besides the whirring and clicking camera were Barb's moans of pleasure.

Several more minutes passed as John kept up his paddling of Barb's reddening thighs, pussy, and breasts. I put down the camera and approached Barb, caressing her breasts with my hands even as John continued his torture of Barb's lower region. Still no visible sign from Barb that someone else was present - a clear indicator to both John and me that she was comfortable with this new situation. Bear in mind that prior to that day Barb had only ever been naked in front of her ex-husband and me, yet here she was not only naked in front of a stranger but being paddled and teased by him or her-she later told me she did not know if it was a man or a woman paddling her, nor in her state did she care. She only knew she never wanted the sensations to end. Finally, after Barb's fifth or sixth orgasm I motioned for John to gradually cease his paddling. During the entire time Barb was being paddled by John no words were spoken by any of the three of us. Besides the sounds of the paddles on Barb's body you could hear only Barb's moans.

I motioned to John to sit on the couch as I knelt in from of Barb. I asked her how she had liked her paddling. She responded, in between her continued moans and heavy breathing, that she had enjoyed it a great deal. I asked her if she knew who else had been paddling her besides me, and she replied she did not. I told her "Mr. X" was the man who would, one day, be making her fantasy of being forcefully taken become a reality. She merely groaned with pleasure. I told Barb she should show her appreciation to Mr. X for his attention to her and asked her what she thought was an appropriate way to offer her thanks. Barb replied, in a questioning tone," By sucking his cock?" I agreed with her, telling her she should crawl across the floor until she found Mr. X on the couch and give him her thanks. Barb immediately complied, finding John and confidently undoing his jeans until she had his cock out of his pants and into her mouth. She greedily sucked his cock into her mouth, once again moaning in pleasure.

Several minutes later John gave me a look that told me he was about to cum. I merely nodded and gestured to him that he should feel free to cum in Barb's mouth. To leave no doubt in his mind of what Barb's reaction would be to his cumming, I asked her what Mr. X should do when he was ready to cum. She let out perhaps the loudest moan of the night before saying "He should cum in my mouth!" With that John erupted in Barb's mouth, filling her with what must have been a large load, as dribs and drabs gradually leaked out from the sides of Barb's lips. She greedily swallowed the rest.

After Barb finished licking John's cock clean he zipped back up again and stood up off the couch. I ordered Barb to remain on her knees on the floor while I walked John out the kitchen door. John's last words to me that night were "You have an angel there!" I asked him if he was still interested in helping Barb live out her fantasy of being forced. His answer was an immediate "Hell yes!"

When I returned to the living room I silently helped Barb to her feet, guiding my still-blindfolded girlfriend to the bedroom. We lay in bed together, Barb holding onto me for dear life. She began shaking uncontrollably, sobbing into my shoulder. Gradually recovering her composure, I finally removed her blindfold. Her eyes locked with mine and she told me how much she loved me. I asked Barb if she thought she could handle the full treatment one day and she only replied by burying her head in my chest and nodding her head in the affirmative.

Fast forward eight weeks to another evening when I invited Barb to my house. I had all the necessary preparations in place to help Barb live out her fantasy of being forced. I had told her following that first meeting with Mr. X that he would require that she sign a document absolving him of any responsibility for helping her live out her fantasy of being forced. After some weeks of thought she agreed to sign the document. Of course, such a letter would have no legal standing in court and, indeed, John had no such requirement. Instead, I dreamt up that piece of the scenario in order to heighten Barb's fear. Also, while suggesting that I may be asked by Mr. X to leave during the fantasy I had no intention of leaving her presence. Again, this was a ploy to heighten the tension and, ultimately, her excitement and enjoyment of the scenario. John and his wife Jean arranged for a babysitter to watch their kids on the night they visited my house.

To start the evening out right I took Barb out to our favorite restaurant, an Italian restaurant in town. I live in the country and it is a very safe environment, so it was not a concern to leave my kitchen door unlocked while Barb and I were out at dinner. John and Jean were to arrive at my house while we were at dinner, hiding in the den so Barb would not know we had "company" waiting for her. John even took the extra precaution of parking his truck at the end of the road in a vacant lot. I have a dog, Jack, who is familiar with John and Jean, so he would not give away their presence upon our return. Once Barb and I returned home I told her I was going to take Jack for his usual walk before Barb and I would retire to the bedroom. I also told Barb I wanted her to undress and wait for me, on her knees and with her eyes closed, in the living room. In order not to arouse her suspicion when the plan for her fantasy-to-reality was to take place, I occasionally instructed Barb to do this same thing. While I was gone Barb eagerly complied with my instructions, finally coming to rest on her knees in the living room. Just before my return from walking Jack John and Jean snuck out of the den and made a mad rush to Barb, each grabbing one of Barb's arms and forcing her head to the floor. Barb instinctively resisted but quickly realized that she was overmatched and could not possibly get away. John and Jean began speaking to Barb in a harsh way, telling her she was a nasty slut for wanting to make her fantasy of being forced become a reality. This was our previously-arranged signal to give Barb a clear indication that she was about to live out a fantasy and not about to be attacked for real. She continued to attempt to pull away from the pair holding her down as I walked in the door with Jack. After quickly putting Jack in his crate and closing the door between the kitchen and living room, the fun began in earnest. While Jean continued holding Barb's left arm I came over to Barb's right, taking that arm from John so that he could get the toys I had previously pointed out to him and begin Barb's torture.

John began with a rather large paddle I had built for Barb some time ago. It is about 18" long and has small holes bored through the business end, to facilitate hard swats. While Jean and I held Barb face down, John ordered Barb to push her ass up as high as she could, to receive the punishment she deserved for being such a slut. She slowly complied, earning her the first of 10 hard, fast swats with the paddle on her ass. Welts quickly developed, giving Barb's ass a fiery glow. Of course she responded to this immediate and very painful series of blows by crying out, but I could tell Barb was not in any distress. Rather, she was quickly becoming more compliant, no longer trying to pull away from Jean or me. Following these first ten swats, John commanded Barb not to resist further, warning her that continued resistance was both futile and would result in much harsher treatment. Barb's only response was perfect: "Yes, Sir". Replacing the large paddle for a smaller one John commanded Barb to remain kneeling and to spread her legs far apart. As she complied he began a methodical paddling of her inner thighs and pussy, gradually increasing both the speed and intensity of the blows. Soon Barb was experiencing the first of what would be numerous orgasms. Did I mention before that Barb squirts when she cums? She let the first stream of her pussy juice shoot from her pussy, catching Jean by surprise. Jean's immediate reaction was to stick first one and then two fingers in Barb's pussy, fucking Barb rhythmically until it produced another powerful orgasm from Barb. During this time Barb dutifully kept her eyes closed and, indeed, did not open them until she was invited to by John, much later at the conclusion of her fantasy.

Barb proudly considers herself my pain slut, so I knew it was not going to be an easy thing for John to make Barb beg to make him stop torturing her. Rather, with each new and more painful sensation John delivered to Barb's body, he realized her pain tolerance far exceeded anything he had ever experienced with Jean. This realization quickly became apparent as a tent seemingly erected itself in John's pants. Stopping his torture of Barb, John positioned himself directly in front of her, ordering her to kneel up and to unfasten his pants. Immediately complying, Barb had his pants down around his ankles in no time. By not wearing any underwear John's cock sprang out, hitting Barb in the chin. She needed no coaxing to take his cock in her hand, pumping him just enough to enlarge his already tumescent cock a bit more. Barb absolutely loves sucking my cock and proved she was up to the challenge in front of her, taking nearly all of John's nearly nine inches in her mouth and down her throat. Barb is quite proud of her newly-acquired talent of deep throating a cock and was rewarded for her efforts with a lusty groan from John. Not to be left out, Jean continued fingering Barb, alternating between her pussy and ass. Barb was beside herself with pleasure. Before he could cum in her mouth, John withdrew his cock and quickly moving around behind her. Ordering her to raise her ass up even higher, John didn't wait for Barb to comply, smacking her ass smartly with his bare hand several times. Rather than shrink away from this latest assault Barb made me proud of her by pushing her ass out even more, saying "Please spank me again, Sir". Before he could reply Jean withdrew her fingers from their warm, dark, wet places and responded with action, spanking Barb's ass and pussy herself. Meanwhile John was unable to contain himself and began stroking his cock at the sight of his wife spanking the submissive woman on the floor in front of him. When Jean's arm grew tired from her repeated swats John took his place behind Barb and prepared to enter her pussy. Just as I requested of him, John had come prepared and was wearing a condom. I was so engrossed in Jean's spanking of Barb that I didn't notice John's addition of protection. I was grateful, however, and John quickly and forcefully rammed his entire length in Barb?s pussy in one stroke. She was so overcome with sensation Barb briefly swooned but was caught by an ever-watchful Jean. While John pushed his cock in and out of Barb, Jean held firm to Barb's shoulders, frequently moving first one hand, then another, down to Barb's hanging, swaying breasts. All this time, I was sitting on the couch alternating between taking pictures and shooting video of this amazing fantasy come true. I lost count of the number of times Barb came but I would bet she had never come so often or forcefully with just me in attendance. This night had truly turned into an unforgettable event for Barb and me.

Finally, after holding himself in check for longer than I thought possible, John was ready to finish. He pulled out of Barb's drenched and well-used pussy and re-positioned himself in front of Barb once again. Jean reached up to remove John's condom while he ordered Barb to get up on her knees again to suck his cock until he came. She immediately responded, gasping out a strangled "Yes, Sir", so overcome with lust that she was having trouble responding verbally. After a short time and under Barb's expert oral skills John rewarded Barb with a large load of cum. Even as he began spurting into Barb's mouth Jean warned her not to swallow a drop. As soon as John finished cumming Jean took Barb's face in her hands and gave her a deep tongue kiss in order to share John's cum between the two women.

After Barb and Jean finished sharing a deep kiss and John's cum, I spoke for the first time since this ordeal began, telling Barb that she could open her eyes and see her tormentors for the first time. As she did tears came to her eyes and she could say only "Thank you". I am still not sure who she was thinking more - me for arranging her fantasy-come-to-life or John and Jean for their participation. What I do know is that it was just the beginning of a relationship between the four of us that continues to this day. I am more and more proud to call Barb my wife these days.

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