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My Freaky Niece Part 3

My Freaky Niece part 3

When I last told you of this adventure Jen had moved in with me and Steph now here is more that took place just a month after my first ffm encounter with Jen and Steph. Enjoy!

I had just got home from work and went straight to take a shower Steph and Jen were at work still and I had hard day at work and wanted to relax. I took my shower and was climbing out when the phone rang I went to get the phone and it was Jen. Hey babe you just getting in she asked Yea just got out of the shower whats up Well I am getting off work and Steph has to work over and I was wandering if you wanted a movie or anything. Well if you two do thats fine with me I need to make a beer run so if you can pick some up We hung up and I went to finish getting dressed for a night of slouching as Jen calls it. A couple of hours went by and I heard the door open and close I got up from the computer and went into the living room to see Jen putting away the beer and liquor. I walked up behind her and grabbed her around her waist and hugged her she turned and kissed me. Have any problems getting the drinks No Steph rang me out and the liquor guy down the street said you had told them that if me and Steph came in that it was alright cause you knew. I kissed her again and then I heard a cough behind me. I turned and saw my neighbor standing there embaressed and looking at the floor. Oh sorry. Didnt know we had company I said. She helped me carry everything up said she needed to talk to you. Im gonna go get changed and showered babe you to talk. Jen said smiling at me with her little grin. I watched her walk away I always love to she has a twist in her ass as she walks that drives me and I dare say any guy crazy. I turned to my neighbor and ask if she wanted a beer or anything to drink. Well rum and coke she said if you have it. she said setting at the bar. Yea I do I keep a cabinet full but not coke pepsi ok yea she said as I grabbed the glasses I fixed the drinks and we talked for a bit me refilling the glasses as we did Jen came out winked at me and went into the bedroom and closed the door soon after I heard the radio kick on. I learned that my neighbors name was Kris and she was really embaressed for coming over that day to see if everything was ok she had just got home and being the designated building manager she wanted to make sure that I was ok. I teased her about just being horney and she laughed and replied yea that to I guess. It had to be the drinks I said I was on my eighth one but she had me beat she was on her eleventh. I had poured another for both of us when Steph came in and I realized that it had been three hours me and Kandi had made our way to the couch and Steph came over and kissed me and asked were was Jen I told her in the bedroom. She left us and went to join Jen. Me and Kandi talked some more. You like young girls huh Yea I guess i smiled You wouldnt want me then I take it me being in my thirties she slurred a little. Kandi I am thirtytwo and I would in a heart beat. She smiled at me and said you know I am buzzed but not drunk.
I laughed and said yea me to I got up and went to get more drinks and ice for us by this time I had evened the gap between our drinks and when i got back to the couch Jen and Steph had came out and were sitting in the floor in front of the couch with the dvd remote in their hands talking to Kandi. I caught only bits and pieces they were telling her that they had filmed a couple of our parties and if Kandi wanted to see. Kandi agreed as I handed her drink. I noticed that the girls had changed and was in their skimpy skirts and teeshirts and leaned back on the couch jen between my legs and Steph in front of Kandi. Kandi asked how did you make a dvd Steph. Unc showed me how on his computer. she said without missing a beat. Kandi looked at me with a smile on her face Steph is your niece Yea and we are both his little bytches added Jen looking over at Kandi Kinky Alex Kandi giggled.The movie started and I saw Jen and Steph sitting on the bed looking at the camera talking about how they installed nanny cameras in the bedroom and they were going to catch everything on film and to enjoy. when it was over Kandi was starring at me in a confused way. You are kinky she said. Yea thats one night you called again we got a little loud. I guess you wished we got an apartment thats not next door to you now huh i laughed. No actually Im glad you didnt ever since my divorce I havent been on a date. I looked at her to see if she was joking and seeing that she was serious. Jen turned around and got on her knees and said babe you liked the show huh pointing out my hard on drawing Kandis eyes to it as well. Steph pipped in so did kandi i looked and saw that steph looking at kandis soaked shorts. well i guess i better get cleaned up said kandi trying to get up Steph put her arms around her and said ok let me help they stumbled and fell into my lap laughing jen smiled at me and I knew the girls planned this. jen acted like she was going to help and instead looked at kandi and kissed her. Kandi was shocked and looked at jen she hadnt noticed that steph was pulling off her shorts and panties until steph made the comment that her pussy was shaven like theirs. i looked at kandi and said well your trapped now she looked at me and said but i have never....the rest was lost in a moan i looked and saw that steph was rubbing her pussy and jen was opening her blouse and revealing some lovely large titts. My gawd their huge jen gasped as she leaned in and sucked and kissed them I felt kandi squirm in my lap i moved out from under her and stood up and watched as these two young girls made the older one feel at home. Jen looked up at me and said strip babe i want you to enjoy her to thats why we planned this. i stripped and moved closer and kandi reached up and grabbed my cock and said i want to suck that NOW. I could tell she was cumming as her back arched jen moved away and i lowered my dick to kandis mouth and she went at it like a starving animal as she was getting licked and sucked by the girls she took my entire nine inches in her mouth I could feel her throat squeeze me and she got faster and faster stopping long enough to tease my cock head and the take me all in again. she moaned load again and i was beginning to moan. I told the girls to stop and grabbed kandi and helped her up and turned her around jen sat down as did steph i told kandi to get on her knees and return the favor to the girls which she did after a few mins of this i started to lick her pussy and it was wet and so sweet i heard her moan fuck me please oh my god fuck me i placed my cock at her slit and told her to eat which she did as i slowly entered her pussy she thrusted her hips back hard and i had to grab her shoulders she turned her head to look at me from over her shoulder and said fuck me dont tease me. So i did i fcked her rammed her and it wasnt long before i was about to loose it im gonna cumm i said pulling out she turned at that moment and my cumm went all over her face and titts she smiled and the girls got down and cleaned her up kissing her sharing my cum between them. hours passed and the three girls played and fucked and sucked i woke up the next morning in my bed with kandi beside me rubbing my cock licking her lips. Good morning i said. good morning she smiled. I kissed her she said the girls passed out on us. I dont remeber that much though I told her thats ok the cam caught it i laughed she looked at me and smiled so were arent there any camsshe asked the bathroom and kitchen i laughed as she moved down to lick my cock. as she did oh well i guess we can watch the show later then as she started to suck me hard again. When i was hard she got on top and slowly slid my dick in her pussy and said yea in a little bit but first i want breakfast.

End of Story

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