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My First House Party

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(Names have been changed to protect the guilty)

I started out my Saturday evening knowing that I was going to have fun. I was going to Naomi and Jason's for some dinner and a drink and then we were going to a swingers meet and greet being held at a local bar. Well, local for them; I had driven an hour from my home to meet them and attend the party. I just feel more comfortable letting loose when I am not so worried about running into someone that I know from my ?public? life.

Before I get into the juicy details of my latest adventure, let me tell you a little something about my hosts. I first met Jason and Naomi at a New Years Eve party hosted by a swingers group and held in a little bar. I was attending with my friend Frank and it was my first meet and greet for a swingers group. Me and my friend chatted with Jason and Naomi briefly and that was the extent of our interaction. Of the people I met that night, Jason and Naomi were really the only ones I felt that I would enjoy meeting again. A month or so later I ran across their profile and decided to send them a message. We agreed to meet and really hit it off. They are a good looking and friendly couple and very down to earth. Jason is a social butterfly and loves to meet new people. He will talk to just about anyone. Naomi is a little more reserved than Jason but if she likes you, warms up quickly. They enjoy entertaining and invite others over for BBQ's and drinks often. Jason is straight and Naomi is bi and like me, prefers to have a dick in the room rather than a pure woman on woman situation. Neither are pushy and have the attitude that if the sexual attraction is mutual and something comes of it, then great. If not, they have made some more friends.

When I spoke to Jason Saturday afternoon he told me that some friends of theirs would be over for dinner and drinks before we all went to the meet and greet. When I arrived the other couple was already there. I had met Sandra and Dale once before at a previous meet and greet. We all chatted for a while and shortly the doorbell rang. Jason had invited a couple that he had chatted with to ride with us to the meet and greet as they were from Texas and didn't know where the club was located. We chatted with the new arrivals, Sonya and Ben, for a bit and then we left for the club. We had a lot of fun at the club and I even worked up the nerve to show the birthday boy my tits. He had on a pin that said ?Show me your tits! Its my birthday.? I danced, laughed a lot and made some new friends. I wasn't the only one. Jason was his usual gregarious self and was chatting with just about everyone there. It was also obvious that Naomi had hit it off the new couple, Sonya and Ben. By the time we were ready to leave Jason had invited another couple, Carla and Dan, that he had befriended over for drinks as well as Dale and Sandra.

Back at the house, everyone was getting comfortable, making drinks and Sandra was even warming up the food from earlier. I was really glad that Jason had invited Carla and Dan as I thought Carla was really hot and that Dan was pretty sexy himself. Although nothing more than drinks was planned I was hoping for more. What happened though was more than I expected. I drifted from group to group and at one point, when I came back into the living room Carla had one of her breasts out and Ben was sucking on it. I enjoyed the show and was disappointed when she put her breast away. Next thing that stood out in my mind was hearing Naomi moaning and screaming from her bedroom. I hadn't even noticed when she had slipped away and was curious as to who was with her. Myself and a few others went take a peek to see what was going on. Naomi was laying on the bed, skirt hiked up with Dale' face buried between her legs. My pussy had been on a low simmer for most of the night and seeing that bumped up the heat between my legs.

I went back into the living room and was chatting with Carla and Dan. I don't remember how it came about but soon Carla's fantastic boobs were out again and I was pinching, sucking and biting them. It wasn't long before we had attracted an audience and I could feel hands pulling at my clothes and rubbing my pussy through my pants. Jason interrupted long enough to remind us that there was a bed available. Soon most of us were in the bedroom and the clothes came off pretty quickly. There were bodies all over the bed and surrounding it. It wasn't long before my senses were so flooded that I couldn't keep track of all that was going on. I touched, licked and sucked on whoever was closest. I was fondled, licked and sucked on as well. Sometimes I wasn't even aware of who was touching me, I just enjoyed the sensations.

While I had cum several times I had yet to be fucked. I looked around every now and then checking to see who was available but kept missing my chance. Jason disappeared for a bit after he heard the door bell. When he returned he had another couple from the bar with him. Apparently he had invited Greg and Tina for drinks as well and had given them directions. The look on Greg?s face when he saw the bodies everywhere was a little funny. You would have sworn he was a kid that had just been told he could have one of every candy in the store. He and Tina undressed very quickly and wasted no time in joining in. After a bit I spotted Jason trying to leave the room again. I called him to me because I wanted his dick in a bad way. He said give him five minutes, he needed a cigarette break. I was confused as Jason doesn?t smoke. My brain was on overload or I would have caught his meaning sooner, lol. Apparently Tina is fantastic at giving head and had drained him dry. I will have to get pointers from her, lol. Soon after Greg came up behind and began to play with my tits and pussy and asked if he could fuck me. Finally! I almost cried it felt so good when he slid his dick inside my pussy. At this point I stopped paying attention to what was going on around me and just concentrated on how good it felt to have a dick pounding in my pussy. I felt myself getting closer and closer, my body wound tighter and tighter. ?OH GOD, FUCK YES!? I screamed when I came. Greg kept going and I came one more time on his dick.

After I recovered some I went to check out what was going on in Naomi's room. Naomi had taken out and plugged in her vibrator. She and Sonya were making use of it. I made a note to myself to take a turn with it but completely forgot about it later. I went to the den where I had stashed my toys and pulled out my purple rabbit. I went back to Naomi's room with it. I asked Sonya if she had a problem with using someone else's toys and she said no. I knelt between her legs and lubed up the vibrator. I slowly worked it in and turned on the rabbit. I began pushing it in and out of her pussy trying to get the bunny ears aligned with her clit. After a while we got a good rhythm going and she was moaning loudly. I tried to keep it up and kept switching hands but after a while I had to turn the toy over to her boyfriend who had been watching us and stroking himself. Soon she was cumming, shaking and moaning loudly.

After a while things started to wind down. Jason set up Sonya and Ben in the den and Sandra and Dale were going to be staying in the spare bedroom. Normally I stay in the spare but that night, er, morning I would be sleeping with Jason and Naomi. We all got dressed, well those that weren't going to bed right away and said our goodbyes to Carla and Dan and Greg and Tina. After Greg and Tina left (we had chatted in the garage a while) Sandra informed Jason that he still owed her a fuck. By this time Naomi was in bed sleeping so it was me, Jason, Sandra and Dale who went into the spare bedroom. I watched Jason and Sandra for a bit then I laid across the bed with my head hanging over the edge and began to suck Dale to hardness. Soon he had turn back around and he fucked me while Jason fucked his wife. Watching them, hearing Sandra's moans turned me on even more and soon I was cumming.

When Jason and I finally crawled into bed it was around four in the morning but we weren't going to sleep just yet, he still owed me a good fuck. And he gave me one. After he moved a sleeping Naomi over to make room for us in the bed, lol. It was slow and gentle, just what I needed after the nights activities. When I finally tried to get some sleep it was five in the morning. I really couldn't sleep though, it was just too crowded. At seven I finally gave up. I pushed my butt back again Jason, hoping for morning wood. Nope, nothing. I lay there for a bit and soon I heard moaning coming from another room in the house. I got up and judged the sound to be coming from the spare bedroom where Dale and Sandra were. Now I really was horny. I decided to get dressed and start some coffee. On the way out the room I almost ran into Ben. I guess he got woken up by the moaning too, lol. I couldn't find a coffee maker so shelved the idea of coffee. I tried to curl up on the couch and get some sleep but I was too keyed up to sleep. I went back to the bedroom and decided to take a shower. When I was done Jason was sort of awake and talked me back into the bed. He had that morning wood I was looking for earlier. He got me good and wet and then laid back for me to climb on top. I saw that Naomi was half awake and watching the two of us. I started a slow grind, enjoying how deep he was inside me. Soon I was ready to speed things up and sat up, grinding my pussy back and forth on his dick. I could feel myself getting close and I wanted him to cum with me so I reached around and began playing with his balls. When I saw the look on his face that signaled that he was about to cum I let go and came.

I stayed and had lunch and then around three I headed home. It was a fantastic weekend.

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