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Most women have done that

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My wife Cyndi and I were at a party in the neighborhood along with four other couples in our late forties or early fifties. Our host and hostess were Connie and Gary. The usual gals in one place and guys on the deck turned to everyone in the rec-room once the rain started. The mixed crowd held topics form TV shows, newspaper articles and somehow turned to working women and the different standards held for men and women. Most of the comments were addressed light heartedly and humorous quips came mostly from the guys. Then our hostess added ?Well, you guys don?t have to give your boss a blow job like we women do? The room suddenly got quiet till the pause was broken by Gary?s wife Connie to said ?Oh come on now you guys, its not like we all haven?t done it, and after all most of the time it?s just a blow job.?

We were now into the deep end of the conversation. Connie was asked how often she and her boss were sexually active. To which Connie suggested an honest poll of the ladies in the room and she started by revealing that she had been giving her boss oral attention about twice a month and had intercourse a few times per year since she got promoted to her current position. She then waved her hand in a gesture to have Bob?s wife Anne be next to fess up. Anne boldly spoke up that she had been giving her boss oral sex about twice a week since he got divorced about a year ago. Then with a like hand gesture passed the floor to Mary, Larry?s wife who made the next announcement. ?I only have sex with my boss when I want something or if he?s distraught over something going on. Like bad news form home or work problems. You know, just to take his mind off things for a little while.? Next was Tom?s wife Rita, who admitted to using sex to get a raise or a day off from time to time but only gave it up about four or five times per year. She gave the floor to my wife Cyndi who said ?I give my boss sex sometimes.? Connie asked her to elaborate, since that comment was too vague.

My Cyndi shyly admitted to one or two blow jobs a month and fucking him about once a month. I was in a slight state of shock and thought back on times when we had been a function with her boss and his wife and how Cyndi and he reacted in front of us. I asked if the boss? wives know about any of this sex going on. Only Mary admitted that she and her boss? wife had shared the fact with one another. The other wives sitting there just shook their heads to indicate ?No?. I was surprised that all the women in the room had been having sex of one kind or another at work. Connie then asked how many of the men had gotten sex at work and the women all perked up to hear the male side of the equation.

Mary then told Larry to start with his confession. Larry told the group that his secretary sucks him off about once a week. Bob said there isn?t any secretary on his bulldozer, which got a laugh from the room. He then added that he?d have to look into getting one, which got another laugh. Gary was next to reveal that he gets a piece from his administrative assistant about once or twice a month. Tom said his secretary is having an affair with one of the salesmen that call on the company but maybe he should start hitting on her for some pussy. My turn had come. I said that I get a piece of ass from the phone book advertising sales lady each year at renewal time.

I quickly change direction to ask how many of the couples in the room were aware of all that was just discussed. Only Larry and Mary said they openly talked about sex with others and how the discussion usually turned into a hot night of sex for them. Connie said she was ready for a hot night after all this open discussion. Cyndi added that it got her in the mood. Rita jokingly offered to interview for the bulldozer position which broke the room into another laugh. Another round of drinks was suggested so we all gathered around the island in the kitchen to freshen up the beverages. Cyndi snuggled under my arm and whispered, ?You okay with all we?ve been talking about?? I hugger her and nodded to the affirmative. We were all looking around the room at everyone else?s spouse, knowing that they admittedly fool around. All the gals were in fairly good shape and they all looked like they were thinking along the same lines as to what it might be like with one of the other husbands in the room.

Mary said she was surprised that the group wasn?t into wife swapping like she and her husband Larry were. All eyes were on them as she said that she and Larry swap partners a few times per year and further explained how hot they were for each other for weeks on end after seeing one another having sex with someone else. Gary and Connie said they talked about it but nothing came of it. Anne said ?I?d do it if Bob would go along with it and not be jealous? Bob replied with?Hey if you get to then I get to too, Honey? The room laughed nervously this time. The idea was open for discussion. Tom and Rita politely excused themselves and said they?d have to have a long discussion before swapping wives. Bob and Anne said they too might up for it sometime but he had to be up and at it early in the morning so they?d have to call it a night.

Cyndi asked Connie and Gary, our host and hostess, just what they had in mind. Connie replied ?We hadn?t planned on this at all, honest. I think Larry and Mary should tell us more about wife swapping.? Mary went into what was almost a sales pitch about how much fun and how exciting and how erotic it was to be with a sexual partner in front of your spouse. As she spoke she moved around the room touching each of the men. A slide of her hand across the front of his chest the other hand rubbed his ass. Then as she continued with the explanation she led Connie by the hand over to my side and then my Cyndi was repositioned next to Larry leaving Mary to focus her attention to Gary. Cyndi looked at me and winked saying ?It looks like we are going to swap wives tonight. Are you sure you are okay with it, Honey?? I nodded.

Mary said ?Lets play follow the leader; I?ll go first.? She kissed Gary and directed his hand to unbutton her blouse. ?Now each of you, do likewise and keep up? The men each got a kiss and started to undo buttons removing their tops. Mary then went for the shoes and pants. Next were the lady?s bottoms, then the guys shirts and soon we were all in our underwear. Each item of clothing was preceded by a wet kiss. Mary took her bra off and tossed it onto the pile of clothes. Each of the girls did the same. Connie pulled my skivvies down for me to step out of and grabbed my husky cock wasting no time it went right into her mouth. I looked over to my wife who had squatted down in front of Larry to give him a blow job. Around the room all were engaged in the same oral activity.

Mary stood up first making a loud sucking noise with her mouth as Gary?s cock came out. She quickly pulled her panties off and took Gary over to the sofa positioning him to eat her pussy. We each found a spot for our partner to settle back as we went down of them once the panties were removed. My Cyndi was first to moan, but not by much as soon the girls were all into getting eaten. Mary kept telling Gary encouraging remarks about how good it felt and added some occasional oohs and aahs. In her true leadership role, Mary told Gary ?Get up here with that cock and fuck me!? From my knees I looked up to find Cyndi already wrapped around Larry who was deeply pounding my wife?s pussy. Connie spread her legs for me to enter her wetness with a slow push followed soon by thrusts of mutual consensual pleasure.

Mary kept talking to Gary telling him to go faster and harder and deeper and to let go with his load. This only heightened the mood in the room for all of us. Soon Gary let go with a grunting forceful stream of thrusts which ere thoroughly enjoyed by Mary. I was next to cum followed shortly by Larry. Connie wouldn?t let go of me. Her legs and arms holding me tight as she whispered ?I?ve wanted to fuck you for a long time and I hope we do it again soon?. Then she called to Cyndi saying ?Your husband is a great fuck?. Cyndi replied, ?I think we all enjoyed what we got tonight?. Larry stood up saying ?You are one hot lady Ms. Cyndi? Mary quickly got down in front of her husband Larry and sucked on his cock.

We all headed for bathrooms and bedrooms to clean up and get dressed. One more drink topped off the night before a gauntlet of kisses and hugs with one another?s wives before leaving the ?den of sin?. Cyndi and I had hot sex with one another every night or so for the next two weeks it seemed. No jealousy just erotic memories of a hot night with friends with benefits. We plan to have everyone get together again soon to swap with a different spouse this time.

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