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Moms A Sexy Teacher

I am in my mid 40s now, but this part of my sex life started in my late 30s. My husband and I have been married since our early 20s and have always had a great sex life. And we have always been very open and willing to experiment with whatever made us feel good. We had a couple of 3 somes in college and continued to play on occasion after we got married. There has never been any jealousy, just fun sexy times.

Over the years, my husband, Rob and I would take vacations to sexy resorts or attend conventions for his business and I would be sure to dress extra sexy on those trips. I stopped wearing a bra years ago as my 36Cs are nice and firm with pert nipples. As for panties, I wear either a thong, lacy boy shorts or nothing at all, which is what my husband prefers under dresses and skirts.

Rob loves the way men look at me when I am dressed to impress and I have always loved the attention men give me. The older I get the more turned on I am when I know a man wants me. On some trips we would pick up an attractive guy in a bar and invite him to join us in our room for some fun. And, on a number of convention trips, my husband had introduced me to some of his friends from around the country and we had ended up in our room for drinks that would turn into some hot sex. Rob has always loved watching me pleasure other men and watch their stiff shafts disappear into my wet pussy. He also has always loved fucking me after another man has filled me with cum. That has always made Rob extra hard and I love the pounding he gives me while feeling the cum of another man ooze out and run down the crack of my ass or down my legs. And several of the guys have played with me every year for several years at the conventions. Something Rob and I always look forward to. Rob starting videoing these sexy encounters a number of years back to have for our private porn collection.

Which is where this story really starts. We have one child, a son, Max. Our family has always been pretty open about discussing any subject and have not made a big deal about the human body. To the point of my even going topless in our backyard at our pool in front of our teenage son. He had inadvertently seen me naked a couple times as I walked into our bedroom after showering because he was talking to his Dad while sitting on our bed. Instead of immediately covering up I would just proceed to get dressed like it was no big deal. 7 years ago though, I had finished showering after working in the yard one afternoon, and slipped on a silky short wrap robe. I was headed down the hallway to the laundry room to get some clean clothes out of the dryer. As I passed our son’s bedroom, the door was closed except for about 3 inches. I heard some sounds that I was pretty sure was a woman moaning during sex. As I peaked in, I could see Max setting in front of his computer. His back was to me and he was just in his jockey shorts. I couldn’t see exactly what was on the screen, but I could tell it was porn. Max had just turned 16 at the time. I quietly eased the door open and took a few steps toward him and I could see then who the porn was. It was a video that my husband had taken of me and one of our friends at a convention. Our friend was doing me really fine and I was just starting to cum on the video.

That’s when I noticed Max had his cock out and was stroking it to the video. As he had grown into a teenager, I had gotten glimpses of his developing manhood. He was doing just fine in that department and his girlfriends and future wife were going to be very pleased! I was within almost 3 feet of him when he realized someone else was in the room and jerked around to see me standing there. He tried to tuck his raging teenage hard-on back in his shorts and shut the video off at the same time. He didn’t do either one very well. After shutting off the video, he turned to me and starting telling me how sorry he was and that he was so embarrassed and would never do that again. That’s when he turned away from me in his chair and kind of put his head down, feeling ashamed. Now remember, as shocked as I was to see him looking at something my husband and I considered our private time, I was also not wanting to make Max feel that sex was wrong. My mind raced for a few seconds and I just walked up to him and hugged him from behind. My soft breasts on each side of the back of his head and my arms hugging his upper bare chest. I said "Max baby, that’s okay, being curious is natural and pleasuring yourself is natural."

I wanted to make this embarrassing situation for him as comfortable as possible. I then stepped back and sat on the bed. I patted the bed and said, "come over hear and sit beside me and let’s just talk." He got up from the chair and moved over to the bed and sat next to me. He in his jockeys and me in nothing but a short wrap robe that was more open now than it was when I walked in. I asked him where he had gotten the video. To my shock, he said Rob and he had talked about sex and his Dad had given him a couple of our homemade videos to watch. Rob told Max that his Mom was the best and if he wanted to get some questions answered about what sex is like with a woman, he could watch these. I asked Max if he had watched these before or for how long. He said he "had them for about 2 weeks and had watched all 3 several times." He then said, "Mom, you are so beautiful and so sexy. And you obviously know how to make a man feel fantastic."

With those words, I felt a shiver go through me and realized I had some very strange feelings going on. My son was now looking at the front of my robe which was gapping open rather wide, showing a lot of cleavage and almost exposing my breasts. I then asked Max if there was any questions he had about when a man and woman have sex. He said, "I don’t know, it seems so natural the way you do things. And you look so soft. Mom, could I see all of you." I said "sure." I untied the belt from my robe and just slipped the robe off my shoulders. Now I am sitting in front of my 16 year old son, stark naked. Bare breasts with nipples that are getting hard and a freshly shaved pussy. He was looking me over carefully from head to pussy. I took his hands and placed them on my breasts. "Do you like how soft they feel," I said. "Oh, Mom, they are fantastic" he said in a low voice.

I said, "Max, have you ever felt up any of your girl friends." He looked at me, and said, "I sort of did once, but just a little." I said, "do you want to see what a soft pussy really feels like?" He just moaned his affirmative answer. I took one of his hands and guided it to my wet pussy and said to "stroke your fingers very gently up and down the slit." As he started to feel my pussy I let out an audible moan of my own. He stopped and asked if he was hurting me. I said, "no honey, that feels really good." I then pushed his hand down to my pussy again and said, "now insert your middle finger into me and see how I feel inside." As he pushed his finger into me, my eyes closed and my head went back. Within what felt like seconds, I came. My son made me cum, almost instantly. Now, my head was spinning. I was confused, conflicted and yet, I wanted to see his cock.

Apparently, while he was feeling me with the one hand, his other hand had started stroking his cock again. When I opened my eyes and started to come down from my own high, I saw the most beautiful hard 7 inch cock. The tip was glistening with pre-cum. I said, "Max baby, lay back and little Mom help you feel good." He stretched out on the bed and I slipped his shorts off. His manhood was magnificent. I gently wrapped my hand around the shaft and took my other hand and gently grasped his balls. I started to stroke his shaft and within a couple strokes he shot a load of cum almost to the ceiling. Moaning and squirming in pleasure, he just kept shooting his cum. As his orgasm subsided, I walked into his bathroom and got a wash cloth and towel and came back and cleaned him up. He was still hard as a rock.

I said "Max, you have a beautiful cock." Without embarrassment he said, "thank you, do you like it?" I said, "Yes honey, it feels very nice." We chatted for several minutes about sex and our bodies and then he asked if he could feel my pussy some more. He said, would I lay down on the bed and let him feel me all over. I stretched out naked in front of my 16 year old son as he started to run his hands over my entire body and was feeling a real woman for the first time. He gently bent over and kissed my breasts and then sucked on the nipples. I was so turned on with this forbidden new young lover. He then asked if he could "taste my pussy like he had seen the guys in the video." I said, sure and told him how to lick my pussy. What a talent he was from the very beginning. He was moaning as he flicked his tongue in and out of my pussy and licked every inch of my wet slit. He made me cum again! Only this time, I was yelling "Oh fuck, Oh fuck," and I just held his head in my crotch as my whole body continued to spasm. As I came down, I could tell he was wanting to feel my pussy in a different way. I said "honey, come put your beautiful cock in mommy." As I spread my legs, he crawled up and I guided the head of his dripping cock into the same pussy that had given him birth. I was over the top turned on. I was giving my son the best introduction to sex he could ever have. He started pumping into me slowly at first. Then as his body came down over mine, he made several big thrusts and exploded again. I could feel his warm cum shoot deep into my vagina. He seemed to just keep cumming and cumming. It was at that time he raised up slightly and looked at me and said, "are you okay?" As our eyes met, I pulled his head to my lips and gave him a deep kiss. He kissed me back and we just held each other quietly for several minutes while his still hard cock was deep inside me.

We laid naked together for almost 45 minutes just talking. We talked about everything from how he felt about sex, to what he thought about watching his Mom have sex with other men. He had already had a conversation with Rob about my having sex with other men, so he was pretty squared away with the idea that sex can be about making each other feel good, and no one in our family has any moral judgments.

That was the beginning of many incredible sexual experiences for me. That was a Tuesday afternoon. By the end of that week, Max and I had sex 4 more times after he got home from school and into the evening. Rob was gone most of that week on business and I finally shared with him on Saturday night the Tuesday afternoon encounter about Max watching our sex videos. Rob said, "I knew he would learn a lot by watching you." I then told Rob, just how much Max had learned this week. I have never seen Rob so turned on. The thought of his son having sex with me was apparently a huge turn on. He fucked me 3 times over the next several hours.

We talked more the next day and then decided to talk to Max together. The three of us talked about having a very open relationship within our family household. I started going naked around the house most of the time. Having both my husband and son getting turned on was keeping me turned on almost all the time. There were days I would have sex in the morning with Rob before he went to work, then have sex in the afternoon with Max after school and then with Rob again that night. And they both knew it.

One Saturday afternoon as I was laying naked sunning myself by our pool, both Rob and Max walk up to me and said "we want you, now." I said, "you both want me now?" So, for the first time, they led me into our master bedroom and both of them proceeded to take turns with me. Father and son, enjoying double teaming Mom. I came so many times that afternoon that I lost count. Rob came at least 3 times and Max came 5 times. They came in my pussy, in my mouth and for the first time, Max fucked my ass and came, as they gave me a DP. That may have been the hardest orgasm I have ever had.

I was finding myself constantly horny with all the sex I was getting. Rob was even having more men have sex with me on vacations and sometimes was even having me go on business trips with him, not just conventions. Out of town, he had me wearing the most revealing clothes and was making some very hot videos. I found out later, he was secretly letting Max watch every video after we came home.

Max was now 17 and was 6’2” and had several athletic friends. As a Senior in High School, he was always doing something with a group of guys. When I knew he was bringing friends over, I would put on shorts and a top. Still no bra or panties. I didn’t want to be slutty in front of his friends though. One day, Jake, one of Max’ friends comes up to me in the kitchen and says, "Mrs. D, you are the sexiest Mom I have ever seen. You are so pretty and always look fantastic." He then gave me a little kiss on the cheek. Very innocent. But, I was so turned on by his attention.

Later that same week, Max called and said he was coming over again with several of the guys. Thanks I said, I will be out by the pool and you guys can have the house. I decided to stretch things just a bit. I decided to put on a thong bikini bottom and lay topless on our lounge chair. I was facing away from the windows of the house toward the pool. When the boys came home, Max shouted out to let me know they were there. I said "okay honey, I’m just catching some rays." Apparently, Jake, was in the kitchen and could see I was topless from his angle. He quietly made his way out a back door and came up to me at the pool. He said "Mrs. D, can I bring you a cold drink, or anything?" I looked up and could see he was enjoying the view. I reached up and sort of covered my breasts with my arms. But the bulge in his gym shorts told me he was liking what he was seeing. I said, "no thanks" to the drink, but invited him to join me. Jake said again, "Mrs. D you are the coolest Mom. I wish I knew girls in High School like you." I said, "oh yeah, why?" "Because, you have so much confidence and sexuality. You just seem to have it all together." I said, "Jake, I’m sure there are lots of girls that would enjoy your company." He said, "not really, you and my Mom both seem to understand men and the world so well." I knew his Mom, she was divorced and she was very pretty and sexy. I said, "how do you mean about your Mom. Well, "my Mom is a very confident woman and not afraid to show her sexuality, like you." I said, jokingly, "does your Mom lay around your pool topless?" He said, "no, she normally doesn’t wear anything at home." I looked a little startled. "Really, I asked." "No," he said, "she has always been very open with me in helping me understand women."

Jake said, "I understand you have helped Max understand women too?" Then Jake says with a devilish smile, "I would love it if you would give me some pointers." Jake is about 6’4”, and had just turned 18 at that time. I could also tell he was really hung. About that time, Max pokes his head out the back door and says the guys decided to head over to the pizza place. "You coming along Jake?" Jake said, "no, he will probably head home in a little while." With that, Max and the other guys left. I said, "Jake, are you coming on to me?" "Absolutely Mrs. D" he said with a smile. "I have wanted to have sex with you for a long time." I just smiled, grabbed his hand and said "follow me."

I took Jake to our master bedroom and proceeded to take off my thong and stand naked in front of him. I said, "your turn". With that, he slipped off his shirt and gym shorts and out pops the most beautiful 9 “ cock. Thick shaft and great mushroom shaped head. I said, "I think we are going to have a good time Jake." I immediately went down on his cock and kneeled in front of him as I sucked his cock. He picked me up and pushed me back on the bed and spread my legs wide. He didn’t want any other preliminaries, he just wanted my pussy. Wow, did his strong young cock feel good. While he was fucking me, he said he had been doing his Mom for almost 3 years and she had taught him how to last a long time and hit all the right spots in a woman’s pussy. Did he ever! He fucked me for over 2 hours and came twice. I had multiple orgasms as he had ridden me. He said, he wanted to do me again real soon and I said, "anytime darling."

As he was walking out of our bedroom, Max came in. I only had on my short robe right then. Max just smiled and asked Jake, "how was it?" Jake said, "your Mom’s the best." I looked at Max as he said to Jake, "I knew you would enjoy her." The little shit had set me up! After pretending to be offended and mad, I said, "Okay you two. Tomorrow afternoon after school, you both be here for a special detention!" And with that I smiled and turned and headed for the shower.

The next afternoon after school, it was not just Jake and Max, but their two friends, Mike and Paul. Jake said, "if you like two in detention, we figured you might like 4." When they took me into our bedroom, I was looking at four of the most beautiful buff, hard young bodies and stiff cocks a woman could want. They proceeded to take turns kissing me, sucking my breasts and licking my pussy, while letting me suck each one of their beautiful cocks. Then they started taking turns sliding their horny cocks into my wet and very horny pussy. One after another they pumped their strong hips into my cunt until they erupted with massive shots of cum. And once they all had a turn, they started around the room again, although this time, I had one in my pussy and one in my mouth. That afternoon, each guy came three times in either my pussy or mouth. It was incredible. And they all thanked me over and over again as they were leaving that day: "Thanks Mrs. D, you are the greatest!"

And that was the first of a once to twice a week after school sex detention party for the 4 guys. They would get off with me over and over. They started doing DPs with me. We made videos so my husband could watch what he was missing when he was out of town or at work. At home, I was always naked after that when the group of guys came over. I got the best young studs in town to fuck me over and over. This went on for the remainder of their senior high school year and then would happen over the next 4 years at breaks in their college schedules and throughout the summers. They even brought a couple of new college guys home a few times to see what Mrs. D could do for them. I always love the new young guys! And my husband was still having me be his little slutty lady with business associates and strangers out of town and I was getting fucked by my son and his buddies the rest of the time.

Today, I only get to see the boys occasionally, sometimes just one on one, or sometimes as a group. Our son lives on the other side of town, but comes over on a regular basis to have sex with me, alone or to join Rob in a 3some. And Rob loves me being his hot wife. Most recently, he has introduced me to numerous black men. He loves the contrast as they have sex with me in hotel rooms and he has turned me on to the pleasures of a black cock. I love being his sexy little slut whenever he wants to take me out of town. More on my latest new adventures in another story!

End of Story

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