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Meeting The Neighbors

Meeting the Neighbors

Sherri and I had been in our home out in the desert southwest since October. It was June now and we had been enjoying our private backyard, pool and hot tub with swinger friends we had meet on the internet practically since we had moved in. Deb and Bill had visited over Memorial Day weekend and we had a great time just fucking, sucking and everything that four people can do sexually! It was two weekends later and the weather wasn't the greatest and I hadn't bothered opening the pool this Saturday. It was in the low 70's and overcast - just not nice enough to bother with the pool. I was sitting out back - Sherri was out shopping with a boy friend, Paul, who I introduced in the last update - who we had played with last evening and through the night - and I was just enjoying a beer. I heard the familiar sounds of a woman moaning that could only be from being pleasured. I crept to the fence - if you recall from the previous story our house sits higher than the neighbors and I could look through the fence slats and see the neighbor's older son, Josh, fucking his girlfriend on their back porch. The fences on either side allowed them both privacy except for straight back to our yard, provided a horn dog like myself wasn't peering through the fence slats of course. I couldn't see her face but he had her on her hands and knees on a lounge chair and was fucking her with his back to me. I was about to wander away when he tightened up and proceeded to cum in her. He collapsed next to her and she moved onto her back as he moved off the chair and into the lounge chair next to her. At that moment I realized he wasn't fucking his girlfriend but was instead doing his younger sister, Marie, who was 19 (he is 23). She is a nice, in shape brunette with short hair, about 34 tits and from my direct view, a perfectly bare pussy. He had a nice cock that was also bare and he is also very athletic. They were laying on chairs on either side of each other when the screen door opened and their Mom and Dad came out totally naked! They were carrying drinks and I could just make out Mom (Kathleen) tell them, you both look like you worked up a good sweat and that your Dad and I figured you could use a nice cold iced tea. Mom is a stunning brunette, with large breasts and also shaved while Dad is in pretty good shape but could stand to lose about 20 lbs or so. They both thanked her and as they enjoyed the tea Mom proceeded to kneel down in front of her son and start to suck his cock clean and hard again. Dad (Tom) had moved between Marie's legs and was licking her pussy. Josh and Marie had finished their drinks and Josh had his Mom, Kathleen, sit down so he could lick her pussy. Marie started to cum and Tom moved up and slid into her. Kathleen was now cumming and Josh had his Mom get on her hands and knees and he started pounding her. Tom had Marie get into a similar position and I watched them both pound away till Dad started to unload in Marie and shortly followed by Josh into his Mom. I had my cock out and I couldn't hold out and started shooting my load onto the fence and lost my balance and hit hard into the fence. The loud noise got the neighbors attention and Tom turned around and calmly wandered over and said in a normal tone, Jake you alright over there. I said yeah - sorry - I lost my balance watching you get it on over there! He laughed and said well we were wondering when exactly you would figure things out! I said well I'm a little slow on the uptake sometimes. He said we've been watching you guys have fun over there for a while. See the mirror in the tree over there? I looked and said now I do! It was one of those concave bus mirrors that gave a wide view and right into our back yard and most of theirs too. Josh's idea! Memorial Day was quite a turn on for all of us. We figured once you figured things out we would ask you and Sherri over for some naked fun. Josh put that up 3 weeks ago while you both were out one evening and you just figured it out! I said, well seeing as we have a pool maybe you could come over here and enjoy some sun and cool off. Tom said sure, although on a day like today your hot tub would be nicer. I said come on over whenever. Kathleen had wandered over and said how about now. I said sure! Josh and Marie said they were going over friends but would stop by and introduce themselves on a more personal basis later! I said great. Now I was tempted to give Sherri and Paul a call but decided to let them find out about the new developments in the neighborhood when they got home.
I met Tom and Kathleen at the front door in about 10 minutes. Kathleen had a wrap on and Tom had put on a pair of shorts and t-shirt. I asked if they wanted anything to drink and Kathleen said a glass of wine would be nice or a Bloody Mary. Tom said anything. I said how about if I make us all a Bloody Mary. Tom asked where Sherri was and I said out shopping with our friend Paul, who had spent the night with us. Tom said we wondered who he was - we watched you have fun in your hot tub while we had family fuck night. I said sounds better than playing Monopoly! So how does family fuck night work. Kathleen said, well we also like to play games and and we pretty much all end up naked and have fun sucking, fucking, licking and doing just about everything to each other! I said and I thought we had some fun! Kathleen said as I finished making the Bloody Mary's that you will have to join us next weekend. I said sounds like a plan that I'm sure Sherri will want to join in on. I then offered to lead them to the hot tub if they wanted. Tom said lead the way! I had opened it up and we set our drinks down and stripped and got in. Tom and I began to play with Kathleen in the bubbling water and I decided to set my drink to the side and had Kathleen raise up and sit on my cock. I started to fuck her as Tom played with her pussy and my balls and cock. Tom took his and Kathleen's drink, got out and set them on the table near the hot tub and got back in. Kathleen could read his mind and she leaned back into me and Tom positioned himself so he could enter her pussy along side my cock. We started double pussy fucking her and she was soon cumming from the full double cock fucking she was getting. I couldn't take any more and started unloading into her - it's always a great feeling fucking a tight overstuffed pussy. Tom quickly followed emptying his load into his wife. Tom moved back to Kathleen's side but she stayed on my cock until it fell limp out of her. She said that was really nice but I need to cool off. So we got out and pretty much ran back into the house since I had forgotten to get us towels. We weren't really cold but it was definitely cool after getting out of the hot tub. We were all wrapped in beach towels in our kitchen finishing our drinks when Sherri and Paul walked in from the garage. Sherri smiled and said hi Tom and Kathleen, what brings you over? Kathleen simply opened her towel and said we came over so Jake could fuck me in your hot tub! Tom said and I was hoping to get to fuck you but I had to help Jake with Kathleen instead. Sherri said, well I need a drink and you can fill me and Paul in on what's up. So we did and while I fixed more Bloody Mary's Sherri and Paul stripped and Paul started playing with Kathleen's nice tits and pussy while she got Paul nice and hard stroking his cock. Tom of course wasted no time and had Sherri lean against the bar and slid into her from behind. Sherri moaned, man you have nice fat cock as I handed her a Bloody Mary. I put the rest of the drinks on the bar and said help yourselves when you aren't occupied. Tom reached over and said I'm multi-talented like Sherri, I can fuck and have a drink. Paul joked I'm not so gifted as he had Kathleen sit on a bar stool and he slid into her while he stood. I was the only one left out so I walked up to Kathleen and she stroked my cock and I played with her pussy and Paul's cock. I sipped my drink while just taking in the scene of Sherri fucking our neighbor's husband and Paul enjoying our neighbor's wife. Paul tensed up and shot a nice load of cum into Kathleen and kissed her as he enjoyed draining his cock completely in her. As he pulled out I moved in and started pumping her sloppy pussy. Tom was enjoying Sherri and had moved her so now she also was sitting in a bar stool while being fucked. Paul moved over and was sucking on Sherri's tits while Tom pounded her. Tom and I kept up our pace for about 10 minutes or so and I unloaded into Kathleen just before Tom did the same in Sherri. There were two nice puddles of cum on our kitchen floor and I said - don't slip!

Paul said he had to get going pretty soon and asked if the lady's could clean his cock off? Sherri said hop up on the bar and she and Kathleen began to lick Paul's cock clean of cum. I said, so Sherri why don't you show Tom what else can be done on a bar stool while sucking Paul's cock? She knew exactly what I meant and as she positioned herself on the bar stool with her ass dangling over the edge I went quickly to our bedroom and got some lube. Tom got the idea and as I reached down and lubed Sherri's ass, Tom moved in and slipped up and into her tight ass. Kathleen stopped sucking on Paul to watch and she maneuvered her ass over the bar stool and I proceeded to lube up and slide into her. She has a nice tight ass too and as Tom and I got into a rhythm I ask Kathleen so tell us how you got your family night started? She looked at Tom and he nodded OK and she started telling how Josh and Marie had gone to get pizza one night and then to a movie with friends of theirs and Tom and her had decided to go out on their porch and get naked and have some fun with the kids out. Josh was 20 at the time and Marie 16. Well Josh after dinner said he wasn't feeling up to a movie - just too tired and asked if his friend to take Marie and her friend home after the movie and he just wanted to go home. Well he came in and we didn't hear him and Tom was busy fucking me doggy style on a lounge chair and right after he came in me I noticed Josh watching by the sliding glass door which was open but with the screen shut. I asked Josh to come out since he had obviously been watching. He came out and Tom asked if he had any experience with girls. He said some and well one thing led to another and the rest of the evening was Kathleen giving Josh sex-ed lessons. She taught him how to fuck patiently - the first time he came in about 10 seconds in her but he stayed hard and lasted quite a while before cumming again. Then she gave him a BJ which he said his one girl friend had done for him a few times but not nearly as good as me. In the mean time I was giving Tom either a BJ or having him fuck me. Tom went off to get a shower and I finished the night off by showing Josh how to lick a woman's pussy and then I joined Tom in bed shortly before Marie got home. This all happened on a Friday night.

I was about to bust into Kathleen's ass but somehow held on to hear more. Tom and Paul were also struggling but the distraction of listening to Kathleen kept everyone from cumming. I should add that I was also fondling Kathleen's tits and would slip a hand down to her clit so she wasn't exactly telling the story in a continuous or coherent fashion all the time. Also, in this position on the bar stools, with me and Tom (or anyone) in the lady's asses, their pussy's get pushed into the chair and it's hard not for them to get their clits stimulated by the ass fucking they were getting. Back to Kathleen's story: The next day Tom went out to cut the grass and do yard work and Marie headed off to a friends for the day. Well, Josh wanted to play so I was riding him in our bedroom with the door wide open and with all the lawn mower noise neither Josh or I heard Marie come back into the house. Josh noticed her watching me fuck him and I turned my head and started to get off of Tom and as I did Tom started shooting off. I instinctively reached down to stroke his cock and told Marie, why don't you come over here since you've been watching us I assume for a while. I asked her if she has ever seen two people make love and she said she had watched Tom and I once but we didn't see her. I told her to go ahead and touch Josh. She liked how sticky his cum felt and how hard his cock was. I then started to show her how to stroke him and had Josh tell her what felt good and then told her to go ahead and put his cock in her mouth. It took a little effort but she had natural talent, like me, at sucking a cock. At the same time I had taken her clothes off and Josh was stroking her pussy and her tits and he asked if he could fuck Marie. I said, not until we get her on birth control so you two will have to make do for a week or so. Then I had Josh lick Marie's pussy and while she was doing that Tom came into the room. He said I see you are teaching Marie all about sex too? I said, well she caught me riding Tom and one thing just led naturally to another. Tom asked Marie if she would like to feel what a cock was like in her pussy. She said yes but Mom said I couldn't fuck Josh because I'm not on birth control. Tom explained to her that he had a vasectomy and that he couldn't get her pregnant so it would be OK if she wanted. Well next thing Tom was fucking Marie and I went back to fucking Josh and that is as they say that! Now about near the end of the story I unloaded into Kathleen's ass - around the time she was teaching Marie how to suck Josh's cock. Tom held out just to the end and Paul fired off into Sherri's mouth soon after. Tom and I slipped our cocks out of the lady's asses and I went and got us warm wash clothes and we cleaned up. Paul said that was a really hot story and I hope to meet Marie. She said if you can stick around she and Josh would be over sometime later. Paul had to go pick up his kids but he would get in touch with us and hopefully he could hook up during the week or next weekend.

The rest of the evening with Josh and Marie will be another story. A true story believe it or not! Well slightly embellished but the main parts are true.

End of Story

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