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Meeting The Neighbors Part 3

Meeting the Neighbors Part 3

No one seemed to want to get up the next morning so I opened the pool and skimmed the top while drinking coffee. Unlike the day before this morning was clear and already warm. Since we now intimately knew the neighbors I was nude while doing my pool cleaning chores. Technically the widow next door could have seen me but I figured the odds were low on that. She was an attractive late 50's Hispanic woman whose husband had died about 3 years before. She was nice enough but kept to herself. Anyway after I finished I got in the pool and did a few laps - nothing better than doing laps nude! I then sat on the pool steps mostly out of the water laying back on my arms and had my eyes closed when I felt someone near me. I opened my eyes and Sherri was positioning herself so I could lick her pussy while standing. Marie was also with her and was getting in and moved between my legs to suck my hardening cock. I asked so you two decided to get up? Sherri said we'v e been up! I've been licking Marie's pussy like I told her I wanted to do and Al left you another load of cum to clean up! I started licking Sherri's pussy, it was quite sticky with Al's cum and I made sure to lick from her well fucked ass to her clit and into her pussy to clean her well. I concentrated on her clit and reached up to play with her tits at the same time.
In the mean time Marie was making it difficult to concentrate on Sherri's pussy. She started by licking the head of my cock doing a few circles slowing along the rim of my cock head while slowly stroking my cock with her right hand and cupping my balls that were dangling in the pool with her left. She moved the fingers of her left hand over and around my balls while slowing taking my cock as far down her throat as possible, bottoming out near the base of my cock. My cock was totally rigid as she pulled it down towards her, heightening my pleasure. She moved back up my shaft and held the base of my cock firmly and rubbed my cock head across her lips. She then took my cock back in her mouth and did many quick short strokes on my cock head. My tongue licked Sherri's clit rapidly to the same pace Marie went up and down on my cock head. Sherri soon started to cum and before she lost her balance she squatted slowly and I laid my head back on the pool deck so she could balance better while allowing me to work her pussy with my tongue. I used my hands to cup her ass and let my fingers drift to her ass and I pulled her ass cheeks apart while licking from her ass to clit. Marie took my cock back into the base and now had both hands on my balls. Her right hand moved under the water and I felt her pushing her index finger into my ass. She got it in and started wiggling it around while now holding my cock with her left hand and doing slow sucks on my cock head. Sherri was cumming nearly uncontrollably now and I could not hold it any long. I moaned I'm cumming and Marie pulled off my cock and stroked my cum out while shoving her finger into my ass as far as she could. As I blasted my cum out Sherri moved off of my face and I watched my cum shoot into Marie's open mouth and onto her face. Sherri moved down to Marie's face and started kissing her and licking my cum off of her as my last cum dribbled from my cock over Marie's left hand that was still pumping my cock. She pulled her finger out of my ass and I moved down to help clean her face with Sherri. Sherri and I cum-tongue kissed and also did the same to Marie. I fondled Marie's and Sherri's tits and pussies at the same time while their hands continued to roam over my cock and balls.

My cock was still hard and I moved around behind Marie and slipped into her pussy. I made a few strokes as Sherri got out and said she would get us all some coffee. Marie moaned I want two sugars and cream in mine. Sherri said and I bet some cream in your pussy too! We laughed as I continued to fuck Marie in the pool. As I fucked her, Marie moaned I really want to try having my ass fucked later and Sherri said she would prep me later on. I leaned over her back and kissed her and said I hope I can be the first in your ass? She said absolutely! Sherri came back out with a tray of coffee cups, sugar and cream and a carafe of coffee and both Marie and I were a bit surprised when we heard her say, why hi Mrs. Martinez! I turned and standing at the opposite corner of the pool was Mrs. Martinez who had her shorts off, and was playing with her pussy - she still had her blouse and bra on (which was soon off). Sherri went over to her and took her by her arm and said come on over, you are welcome to join us if you want. She and Sherri walked over and she told us she had seen me out doing the pool naked, which she hadn't seen before, and although she knew we liked to get naked with others, I heard a lot and peaked over a couple of times when you were with folks in your hot tub, she didn't know we were playing with the neighbors and thought she would be bold enough to join us. Sherri in the mean time was taking Ava's clothes off and had her stripped in a few seconds. Ava had a trimmed bush and breasts that were still firm. While Sherri got Ava naked I continued to pummel Marie's pussy while we both took in our older neighbor being prepped for fucking. We were wondering where Suzy, Paul and Al were and they came out at the same time with coffee. Paul and Al had been fucking Suzy for quite a while and Al, once seeing our neighbor Ava being stripped immediately sported a hard-on. He moved up behind Ava and pressed his cock into her while reaching around to stroke her tits with Sherri. Sherri then led her to a lounge chair and had her lie back and instructed Al to lick Ava's pussy while Sherri explored her tits to her pussy with her hands and tongue. Ava offer no resistance to anything Sherri did.

I could take no more and shot off into Marie's pussy in the pool. I kissed Marie and we hugged and got out and I got us towels. Marie wrapped one around her as she was a little chilly. I poured us coffee and Suzy, Paul, Marie and I watched as Al moved up and slid his cock into Ava. We just watched as Sherri and Al pleasured and took pleasure from Ava for the next 20 minutes. Ava was cumming almost from the start and was also rather loud as she moaned in pleasure. Al had Ava's legs up on his shoulders and rammed his cock deep and hard into Ava as he came in her. He held his cock in her and slowly pistoned his cum into her. Ava began to cry and Sherri held her tight as Al left his cock in Ava. Ava said she hadn't had sex with anyone since her husband died and that this was just an emotional moment to finally get a sexual release. By now Paul was hard, particularly with the help of Marie stroking his cock. He got up and tapped Al on the shoulder who knew what he wanted. As Al moved out of the way we could see his cum flow from Ava's pussy which was also matted with Al's cum - he had pulled out and had rubbed his cum on her pussy hair. Paul slipped in and again we just watched Paul fuck Ava for the next half hour in a couple different positions, except now Sherri had also joined us drinking coffee. The ladies stroked our cocks while we played with their pussy's and Paul and Ava gave us a nice show as they fucked. Paul pulled out of Ava who was on her hands and knees on a lounge chair and shot his load on her ass when he came. Ava reached back and wiped his cum onto her fingers and tasted him and then kissed him. Ava and Paul then got up and went into the pool to clean up. Ava hugged him and thanked him for fucking her. He said it was my pleasure. We then went around and introduced Al and Suzy and Paul. She knew Marie and Sherri.
Well this is all for now. After this we all cleaned up in the pool and parted company except Marie and Ava stayed and enjoyed the sun. We pretty much just laid around by the pool and had brunch and drinks. About 2 Sherri took Marie inside and told her let's get you ready for Jake. Ava asked me what that meant and I told her Sherri was going to prep Marie's ass to be taken for the first time. Ava said, I think I'll join them if you don't mind - I think I want to experience a cock in my ass too! And Marie and Ava's first ass fucks will be the next story.

End of Story

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