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Meeting The Neighbors Last Part

Meeting the Neighbors - Last Part

Sorry for the delay in getting this last part pulled together. It's been hectic!

Well Ava and Angela went to our master bedroom with me and I was in the middle playing with their pussy's while they stroked my cock and balls. I asked how they liked everything so far. Ava said it's been a lot of fun and I can't believe how much I've missed having sex with someone. Angela said it was so hot watching my grandmother get fucked in the ass! I still can't believe everything I've done and watched. I said well you are both always welcome to come over and play whenever you want and we can arrange others to join use if you like! Ava then said, well let's play with your cock first as she moved down and started sucking my cock. She swirled my cock head with her tongue and then slid all the way down on my shaft while stroking my balls. Angel a watched for a moment before moving up and sat on my face. She was facing towards her grandmother and I proceeded to lick her clit to her ass and moved one hand up to play with her great, large tits and the other I slid up to play with her pussy. She had a great pussy and was quite responsive to my tongue on my clit so I continued to lap at it and reached up with both hands to fondle her tits. Ava was really going to town on my cock, taking it in deep, then licking along the shaft down to my ball. She would lick my balls while stroking my cock and I guess she was also watching Angela get her pussy licked. In a few minutes Angela was cumming like crazy and moved off my tongue. Ava then moved up and sat on my face saying she loves to have her pussy licked. Angela moved behind her grandmother and mounted my cock. She face her grandmother's back and reached around and fondled her grandmothers tits. I reached up and slid a finger into Ava's ass while licking her clit and pussy. Angela had a nice rhythm going on my cock and I proceeded to finger fuck Ava's ass while licking and sucking on her clit. I would swirl my tongue in circles on her clit then rapidly move my tongue up and down over her clit. I would slip my tongue into her cunt then move back up and work her clit more. Soon I just focused on her clit and finger fucking her ass and she started to cum and cum. I was pumping up into Angela and moaned and unloaded into her pussy. Ava moved off my face and asked Angela to lay down on the bed so she could lick my cum from her pussy. Angela moved off of my softening cock and laid down and while Ava licked her granddaughter I moved behind her and rubbed my semi-hard cock on her ass to her pussy. In no time I was hard again, and reached over for some lube on the nightstand. I put a little on my cock and pushed in. I wasn't fully hard but hard enough to get past her tight hole. The pressure of her ass was enough to get my cock hard the rest of the way. As Ava licked Angela's pussy, both started to moan and I proceeded to fuck Ava's tight ass deep. I kept it up for about 10 minutes with Ava now just moaning into Angela's well cleaned pussy and Angela sitting up a bit and stroking Ava's tits when I unloaded again deep into Ava's ass. I held my cock in her for a minute, slowly stroking the last of my cum into her and then slipped out. Ava rolled onto her back and Angela and I both leaned over and stroked her pussy and tits. By now we are all thirsty and decide to head back to the kitchen, but not before I kissed and thanked both for a wonderful fuck.

We weren't the first to the kitchen. Seems everyone was also hungry and the snacks weren't cutting it so Marie had ordered a few pizza's. That had been about 5 minutes or so before we came out of the bedroom. We were all naked, Marie had cum running out her pussy and down her legs, while a quick feel of Sherri indicated most, if not all the cum she received was placed in her ass. I whispered in her ear, so how much cum is in there and she whispered back, 3 in my ass and one in my pussy and Marie took 4 loads in her pussy - she said her ass was worn out and didn't want more cock in her backside. I said well that explains the cum leaking from her pussy with a bit of a laugh! I got everyone another round and in about 15 minutes the front door bell rang. Marie and Angela got up, with a laugh, and said we'll get the pizza. I said you need money? Marie said, no we don't think so. Well in a minute they came into the kitchen with 4 large pizzas and one large guy! Not fat, just huge, like a linebacker or something! They introduced Dan and he said do you mind if I take a shower ? Sherri said not at all, let me show you where towels are. Now Sherri headed off with Dan while we ate pizza and had a beer or two. It was pretty obvious that Sherri was making sure Dan knew where more than the towels were and in about 15 minutes came back out with Dan in tow. She let go of Dan's hand and he gave her a kiss and he went off to Angela. Sherri whispered in my ear, nice fuck! I said great - good pizza and laughed. Dan was also well endowed, maybe 9 inches and fat around too she said. Well, everyone was getting rejuvenated but I wanted to go hang out at the pool as I was getting pretty tired. Ava joined me and we laid two lounge chair cushions on the ground as the rest split up into various rooms. Ava and I talked about how nice the day had been and it wasn't long before I had conked out next to her. I woke up about 4 hours later and she was still on a cushion sound asleep. I decided not to wake her and got up quietly and headed inside to take a leak. No one else was up so after peeing I went back to the kitchen for a glass of water. I must have made enough noise for Marie to wake up and she joined me for a tall glass of water. I asked her how the rest of the evening went. She said Dan had fucked Angela while Tony did her in one of the spare bedrooms and then they swapped. Ava and Sherri had entertained the other guys in the Master bedroom. Marie said she told them she needed to crash and they continued to fuck Angela for a while longer before crashing too. She had gotten about 3 hours of sleep and looked pretty tired and also a mess! I reached down between her legs and rubbed her pussy and she moved in and stroked my cock. Her pussy was still sticky from the cum she had taken in. I said, I love to lick a cum filled pussy and I'd love to clean you out! She took my hand and we went into the great room. She sat on the couch and I kneeled between her legs and began to lick and suck her well fucked pussy. She was really getting into it. Her pussy had the most amazing smell of cum and pussy odor. I slid fingers into her pussy and pulled out cum from her and licked her clean. I tongued her clit and finger fucked her and soon she was over the edge but trying also not to wake everyone up. She clamped her legs around my head, the universal sign to stop and I slowly moved up and slid my hard cock into her. I leaned over and whispered in her ear what a great tasting cum filled pussy she had. She said I'm glad you liked it, I had it filled just for you. I laughed and said I'm sure you did. I leaned back out and watched my cock go in and out of her young cunt and reached out to stroke her tits. I took her nipples between my fingers and twisted them then moved my right hand down to play with her clit while still using my left hand on her nipples - going from one to the other. It didn't take too much longer and I emptied my first load of the day in Marie's pussy. I leaned into her and gave her a kiss and then moved back and let my cock slip out so I could watch my cum run out of her. I moved up and had her lick my cock clean and then moved down and did the same to her pussy and got her off one more time before we both headed to the kitchen. I put on coffee while she went off to take a shower. I made two pots figuring they would be needed! I then went and hopped into the shower as Marie was getting out. When I got back Ava was in the kitchen sipping a cup of coffee with Marie and I went over and gave her a hug and kiss. She thanked me for a great night and said she had to be getting back home. We found her clothes and managed not to wake anyone up - Sherri was sleeping next to Ken and Josh while Angela, Juan and Paul were on the floor on a blanket with a few spare pillows. I pulled on a t-shirt and shorts and walked Ava back home, it was light out. I said anytime you want anything just let us know. I had written our phone numbers down for her and passed them to her. She offered to have me come in so she could write her numbers down for Sherri and I. I was about to leave, when she said can you fuck me one more time before I have to get ready and go over to my daughter's? I said sure! She said, I want to hop in the shower first though and while she showered I laid on her bed stroking my cock to life. She came out holding the towel and dropped it on the floor. She climbed up and said I just want to ride your cock - let me do the work. I said sure as she slipped onto my cock and slowly moved up and down on my shaft. She was on her knees and rocked back and forth on my cock as I played with her tits and her clit. She leaned back a bit giving me better access to her clit and she began to cum on my cock. She laid on my chest and I began pumping into her. She moaned into my ear and I just pumped her, not saying a word. I held her ass cheeks tight and pulled them apart, slipping a finger in her ass while pumping her pussy. I moaned I'm cumming and filled her pussy in 5 more pumps then slowed up. She leaned up and said that was nice. I said you are great! She pulled off my cock and kissed it and said well I better get ready to get going. I gave her a kiss and slid my shorts and shirt back on and told her I'll see you later! She said I will definitely see you later too! I then turned around and watched as she slipped on a skirt and a bra/top. I asked no panties? She said, no I think I'm going to go show my daughter how nice and full of cum my pussy is, and how nice and shaved it is too. I think she is going to be meeting you too! I then went back up to Ava and hugged her - I think we are going to be great neighbors!
And with that I'm going to conclude Meeting the Neighbors. Of course the rest of the day was quite full of fucking, sucking, licking and cumming. And although it sound like that's all we do we really do have other things we enjoy! Well --- not really!

End of Story

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