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Mary And Siobhans Bed And Breakfast Series Chapt...

By: Darla (dark whisper/Erotica)
This, like the entire series, is an exercise in fantasy. I am honored to be
part of this series as a "guest," and I'd like to invite more of the authors to
check in. When Siobhan and Mary first told me about this idea, I fell
immediately in love with the whole premise. I was so excited about it, that I
wrote this first part in a few hours. I love when that happens! *grin*
I hope you enjoy reading this series as much as we enjoy writing for it. We
look forward to seeing more of you arrive at the Inn.

I sat there looking at the advertisement in the newspaper with a raised brow and
a curl of amusement to my lips. What an intriguing idea--a clothing optional Bed
& Breakfast which encouraged active sexual contact with other guests, the
owners, and even the staff. It was a small place, and catered to all sexual
appetites. Two women ran the Inn in an effort to give open-minded people a place
to explore and play. Of course, I wouldn't be interested in such a place, but I
was sure that there were several people who would be. I read the article again,
then turned the page and got lost in the financial news of the world.
Two hours later, head buried in stacks of reports, the phone rang.
"Walters and Stewart. Darla speaking," I answered crisply.
"Darla, it's Ken. Can I take you to lunch? I need to talk with you." His voice
sounded odd, like he'd swallowed something that didn't agree with him.
I immediately sensed something was wrong--very wrong. "Of course, Ken. Around
noon?" I didn't want to wait that long, but this was his call.
"Yeah, noon is good. I'll pick you up. And Darla thanks." The phone went dead in
the characteristic manner of Ken's phone calls.
The rest of the morning dragged. My concentration was erratic at best, and I
finally gave up trying to do any work while I waited for my best friend's
arrival. Finally, twelve o'clock arrived, and I walked quickly to the main
entrance, so I wouldn't have to buzz him in when he got there.
He was leaning against the side of his expensive little sportscar. His body was
very good, long and lean. His posture displayed the casual grace that was his
trademark, and he looked good enough to eat. We'd been off and on lovers for
years, but both knew that we were friends first and foremost. We'd watched each
other go through a long series of boyfriends and girlfriends, but always our
bond remained strong.
I saw the panic in his eyes as he hugged me close, though he tried hard to hide
it. We made small talk on the way to the Mexican food restaurant that was a
favorite of both of ours. I waited until he'd downed half of his double
margarita before I got down to the reason for his almost frantic call.
"Okay, Ken, what's wrong? You're not yourself, and frankly I'm worried." I took
his hand in mine and stroked the back of his hand slowly with the pad of my
thumb. I could feel the slight tremor as he took a deep breath.
"You've heard me talk about Clay?" I nodded slightly, and he continued. "Well,
he's also been going out with Candy. I didn't really like it, but since I'm not
dating her exclusively, I really can't say much."
He looked miserable. I looked deep in his eyes and saw fear lurking in the back
of his eyes. I leaned in closer and kissed his lips softly.
"It's okay, babe, talk to me."
He took a shuddering breath, and it all came out in a rush.
"He invited the two of us over for drinks last night. Candy wanted to go, and
since I couldn't really beg off without looking the idiot, I agreed. We got to
his house around eight, and by nine, we'd all somehow agreed to a threesome."
Ken gulped the rest of his margarita, and sat staring into the bottom of his
glass. "I assumed that we would umm double-team Candy, and that was kind of a
turn on. Well, it turns out--they'd planned on double-teaming me."
He looked across at me as I sat in open-mouthed surprise. A million questions
swam through my mind as I imagined what he would say next. Ken wasn't bi-sexual,
or at least if he were, he'd never shared that particular secret with me for all
the years I'd known him.
"They double-teamed you? Do you mean they both wanted to have sex with you?" I
tried to keep my voice even as I asked the question.
"Yeah." His face was white as he nodded. "And I was so fucking turned on, I let
it happen." His eyes begged me to understand, and I smiled softly into his eyes.

"Ken, did you enjoy it?"
He looked at me and simply nodded.
"Then I don't see what the problem is, hon. We both know you're a very sexual
man. I know for a fact, that you enjoy anal stimulation almost as much as I do.
How many times have we played with beads and fingers with you?" My tone was very
reasonable despite the fact that for some reason, my pussy was getting wet.
"The problem is that I'm not gay!" He hissed the words, and then I understood
the reason behind his panic. He was confused about his sexuality.
"Baby, nobody thinks you're gay. One same-sex encounter does not make you a
homosexual. Not that there would be anything wrong with that even if it did.
Have you ever considered being with a man before?" I shifted slightly in my
seat, and for a moment wished I were Candy and could have been part of this
experience. My pussy was definitely wet now, and I could feel the lips sliding
against each other as I moved.
"Darla, I never really considered it, but well, there were some fantasies as a
teenager that I'd pushed way back in my subconscious. Do you think I'm bi?" He
looked across the table and his eyes begged me to make it all go away.
"I think you need to find out before this tears you apart." I said the words
softly, but I was aware that my voice was low and intense. He recognized my
concern, but also, I suspect, the underlying lust that was bubbling up through
my body as I thought about sucking his cock while another man fucked his tight,
virgin ass.
"Yeah, right. So how am I supposed to do that? Give ol' Clay a call and say, 'by
the way, I really enjoyed having your cock in my ass, but I need you to do it
again so I can tell if it was a one time thing or not?' " He shook his head
wryly. "I don't think so, Darla."
He had a point. Though I still believed that he needed to find out what was
going on -- not only with his libido, but more importantly, his mind. I sat
there across from him and held his hand, trying to think of something to say.
All of a sudden, the article I'd read that morning swam up into my
consciousness. I quickly recalled the point that was made about the staff--a
male and a female, both bi-sexual. Perfect. Now I had to try and get Ken up
there. The place was a couple of hours away from the city, and very secluded. I
began to see why the owners decided to run a business such as this; the
potential was fantastic.
"I have an idea. I think you need to get away for a few days, and take some of
the edge off of this stress. What are you doing this weekend?" I held my breath
and waited for his answer.
A spark of pure relief lit his eyes before it was almost immediately squashed.
"Darla, I'd love to hon, but I've got a big case coming up in a couple of weeks,
and I can't take the time away from the preparation."
"Yes, you can. Give the work a rest, you're probably not going to be able to
concentrate on it anyway while you're as stressed as you are. Let me take you
away for the weekend. I've got the perfect spot in mind. It's a brand new Bed &
Breakfast way out in the country. We'll be able to play and explore to our
heart's content, and then you'll come back relaxed and ready to face whatever
comes your way. Please sweetheart, let me do this for you. Hell, I could sure
use a weekend away too. Please?" I waited silently as the play of emotions ran
over his features. I literally saw him make up his mind.
"Damn, let's do it. You're right, I'm really too stressed to work effectively
right now anyway, and a weekend away sounds fucking fantastic." He squeezed my
hand. "Thanks, babe, you're the best."

The next several days went by in a blur of preparation. I needed to get several
projects finished that were due for completion the Monday after our weekend
jaunt, so I wanted them all done before hand. I made the reservations myself, no
need to feed the rumor mill by having my secretary call and make the required
arrangements. I could just hear the gossip floating through the hallways. No,
far better to do it myself, plus it gave me the opportunity to find out just
what they meant by 'clothing optional,' and 'open sexuality.'
What it meant, in a nutshell, was whatever you wanted to do, provided it was
done with the other party's permission, was fine -- encouraged, actually. I also
found out that we would be the Inn's first and only guests. The owners wanted to
start out slowly, a trial run, so to speak. Accordingly, the rates were
The woman who answered the phone had the most delicious Irish accent. Strong and
lilting, her voice invoked mental images of sunshine and sex. God, I wanted her
voice. Siobhan. Even her name was pure sex. She assured me that the staff would
see to our every need, and the only clothes we needed to bring were the ones we
arrived in. I wasn't too sure about that part. I wasn't shy about my body, but
the thought of living naked for forty-eight hours was a bit daunting.
I didn't tell Ken about the Inn's unique little rules. I didn't want him to
chicken out. I wanted him to have the freedom to explore all facets of his
sexuality, and knew this was the best, if not the only, place to do it. I'd tell
him about the clothing optional part on the drive up there, then lead into the
open sexuality part just as we arrived.

"What do you mean, clothing optional?" Ken looked at me as if I'd lost my mind.
"A nudist B&B? No way, I'm not a nudist." He shook his head and still stared at
my calm face as we made our way across the miles.
I laughed and replied, "It's NOT a nudist resort. It's, um, different. If you
feel like going naked, you do. If you feel like wearing clothes, that's fine
too. Whatever you want to do is fine. It's out in the middle of nowhere, and
we're actually the Inn's first guests, so it's not like there'll be any pressure
to do anything other than enjoy ourselves."
I placed my hand on his upper thigh while I drove, letting my fingertips caress
the bulge that slowly grew under my hand. I spread my own thighs, and guided
Ken's hand to my moist lips. He dipped his fingers into my slit and circled my
budding clit. I shifted further down in my seat, giving his searching fingers
more room. My foot pressed down on the accelerator, and the car shot forward as
he fingered my by then soaking pussy.
About three miles down the road I pulled off the pavement and shoved the
transmission into park. I was on fire from his searching fingers, and his cock
was hard and throbbing in my hand. As soon as the car stopped, we reclined our
seats and yanked at each other's clothes. Arms and legs tangled together as he
maneuvered his body and pulled me on top of him.
The first smooth thrust of his hips filled my aching hole fully. I lay across
his hard body and rocked my hips back and forth, stroking his cock with my
sodden cunt. His hungry mouth fastened itself on my right nipple, and his teeth
closed down sharply. God, yes.
"That's it baby, fuck me good. I love having your cock inside of me, Ken. It's
been too fucking long." My words were guttural as I rode his hot body. His hands
clamped down on my hips, and he lifted me up about four inches. His hips rose
and he fucked me hard. Long, hard jabs of his hard cock hit deeply inside my
steamy cunt.
His fingers dug into the skin of my hips, and I knew he was going to come. I
reached down and pinched his nipples as the first jet of semen splashed between
my contracting muscles. His groan reverberated through the tight space of the
car, as he pumped jet after jet of hot cum inside of me. My body followed suit,
and I jerked and trembled on top of him. Thick, hot juice splashed over his hips
and inner thighs as we both succumbed to the intensity of our fuck.
I collapsed across his body, and he held me tight. He ran gentle fingers through
my hair and smiled softly into my eyes.
"Thank you, Darla. You have no idea how much I needed to feel you in wrapped
around me like that." He kissed the tip of my nose and then shifted beneath our
still joined bodies.
"Mmm, well love it was my pleasure." I moved off of him and opened his door of
the car. I pulled on the shorts I'd been wearing but left my top off. He looked
at me strangely.
"Aren't you going to put your top back on? Not that I don't love seeing your
gorgeous boobs, but what if someone sees you?"
I looked around at the lush vegetation that stretched as far as the eye could
see in all directions, with only the road cutting a wide swath through the
middle of it.
"Who? Babe, we haven't seen any signs of life for at least eighty miles. Hell,
we haven't even passed another car. Besides, I told you it was clothing
optional." I got back into the drivers seat and rolled the window down. "Well,
are you going to go in starkers, or are you going to put your shorts on? Either
way is good for me." I stared at his cock, semi-flaccid and still glistening
with our combined cum. I watched it rise from the intensity of my look, before
Ken climbed out of the car and pulled on his shorts.
"Slut." He grinned at me.
"Pervert." I grinned back and put the car in gear.

When the sign for the Inn came up on the right, I almost missed it. Secluded. No
shit, it was secluded! A long winding driveway took us to the front door. I
sucked in my breath at the beauty of the log home that blended perfectly with
its surroundings. Huge westward windows shone with the last rays of sunlight as
the sun played hide and seek with the mountains. I thought about my tiny
apartment in the city, and felt a pang of envy that the people who worked here
got to enjoy this spectacular view and surroundings.
Ken looked at me and smiled nervously, eyeing my folded top on the seat next to
my right thigh. Just then, the front door opened, and out stepped two women.
Both were completely nude, and both had stunning figures. The blonde was a
classic beauty, and the redhead was absolutely dazzling. I looked down at my own
rather large breasts and felt a bit insecure about their heavy weight.
Ken sat with his mouth open as the two beauties approached the car. I nudged him
in the ribs, and he quickly opened his door. The blonde took his hand in hers
and smiled into his eyes.
"Hello, and welcome! I'm Mary, and this is Siobhan." She took him by the arm and
led him into the cabin, if you could call such a huge place a cabin. Siobhan
came around to my door and took me into her arms for a warm hug. She was a tall
woman, but of course, being an inch over six foot, I was still quite a bit
taller. I felt her warm breasts against my skin and inhaled her sweet scent. But
when she spoke, I practically groaned with pleasure. That accent mmmmmm.
"Hello Darla. I'm so glad you two are here, and we're going to do everything
possible to make your stay so wonderful you'll come back as often as possible."
She linked her arm in mine, and led me through the huge front door.
The place was gorgeous. Flowers in vases stood on almost every conceivable
surface, and by the variety, you could tell they were picked from the same
fields that surrounded the property. The air was rich and thick with their
perfume, and I enjoyed their fragrance as Siobhan led me up to the room Ken and
I would share.
It was absolutely huge, and was dominated by a massive bed in the middle of the
expansive floor. Ken stood at the window and looked out at the pool that
sparkled in the middle of the meadow toward the back of the cabin. Siobhan
smiled and left us alone to recover from the long drive. I moved to his elbow,
and saw what he had been watching so intently. A young man lay naked on a
blanket spread out on the thick lawn. He body was almost as good as Ken's, and
he looked healthy and sexy lying there.
I smiled to myself and knew I'd made the right choice in bringing him here. As
casually as possible, I brought up the 'other rule' of the Inn.
"Ken, one thing I didn't mention was the 'open sex' thingy. The guests are
encouraged to interact with each other, and even the staff, in any manner
mutually agreed upon." He turned startled eyes in my direction. "All staff
members are bi-sexual -- including that young man down there."
I saw his eyes darken with anger at my high-handedness, and he opened his mouth
to speak, but I silenced him with two fingers against his lips. "I know, I
should have told you beforehand, but I knew you'd never agree to come if I had."

"Damn straight, I wouldn't have! I can't believe you did this, Darla. What a
rotten thing to do! So, I suppose you expect to me to let that stranger fuck me,
don't you?" His eyes glittered with anger, and I stood there silently, letting
him run out of steam. He paced and cussed, and cussed and paced, until he ran
out of words to say. Eventually, he sat on the edge of the bed and dropped his
head in his hands. I moved over next to him and took him into my arms.
"You need to find out, babe. If for no other reason than to not let the
uncertainty destroy you. You know I love you, you're my best friend in the whole
world, and I just can't stand by and watch you slowly fall apart."
When he looked at me, I could see the resignation in his eyes. He took a
shuddering breath. "You're right. I do have to know. Ever since Clay, um, fucked
me, I can't get it out of my mind. I know I'm not gay, we determined that on the
ride up here," his lips curled wryly, "but I think I might be bi."
"Well, we sure don't have to do any exploring tonight, I'm beat." I yawned and
stretched out on the big bed, then tugged him down next to me.
That night, we made slow, easy love. There was no way to tell where I stopped
and he began. His hands traveled slowly over every inch of my body, making my
skin tingle and my juices flow. Hours later, we fell into exhausted sleep.

The sun coming through the windows tugged me awake, and I stretched out on the
insanely comfortable bed. I reached out for Ken, but my hand encountered only
tangled bedclothes. I opened one eye against the bright sunlight, and took in
the empty room.
I stumbled into the attached bathroom, and saw that one of the towels was still
wet from Ken's shower. He hadn't been gone long, then. I quickly showered, and
debated with myself whether or not to dress. This clothing optional thing was
pretty scary, especially since everyone's body I'd seen since we arrived had
been pretty damn close to perfect. I studied my body in the full-length mirror
on the back of the bathroom door, turning this way and that. I noticed the
rounded curve of my tummy and the heavy, large breasts that men so loved to play
with. My hips were narrow, and actually not bad. I looked over my shoulder and
saw the curve of my ass.
"Not tooooo bad." I muttered under my breath, and sprayed my tingling skin with
body spray thoughtfully provided by my hostesses. I took a deep breath, and
stepped into the hallway.
The rich smell of bacon lured me downstairs. We hadn't eaten the night before,
and I was starving. I followed my nose until I found the dining room. Ken sat
at one end of the large table next to a pretty young girl I took for the other
staff member. Mary and Siobhan were clustered together at the other end.
Everyone, thank God, was nude.
I smiled self-consciously and quickly took a seat down by Ken and the pretty
little brunette. She turned a bright smile in my direction, and let her eyes do
a slow pass down my body. I flushed, but tried not to squirm.
"Hi, Darla. My name is Cindy, and I'm here to help make your stay fabulous.
Anything you need, you let me know, and I'll do my best." Her smile was warm and
infectious, and I smiled back.
I turned to look at Siobhan and saw both her and Mary smiling softly at each
other. I also noticed that they both looked gorgeous in the early morning light
streaming in through the side windows. Wow. I wasn't normally attracted to
women, but these two mmm.
Siobhan's hair was a much brighter shade of red than my own dark auburn, and the
ends of her hair brushed softly against the points of her nipples. I watched,
fascinated, as the nipples hardened and pushed aside several strands of hair. I
drug my eyes upward and saw that she was watching me, watching her. Mary looked
back and forth between the two of us, and then deliberately bent to take
Siobhan's nipple into her mouth, her teeth nibbling on the rigid tip.
Immediately, I felt my pussy moisten. There was something incredibly erotic
about a woman having her breast suckled at the breakfast table. I looked over at
Ken, and saw that he too was watching the sexy little scene. I glanced down at
his lap, and saw his cock at full attention while Cindy's hand stroked it
slowly. Now I was getting really turned on.
Siobhan's head dropped backwards as Mary's hand went between her legs, dipping
between the swollen lips of her pussy. Siobhan moaned and shifted her legs
further apart to give Mary access to the deep pink of her inner pussy.
By this time, I was soaking wet, and I shifted in my chair. Just as I was about
to slide my hand down to stroke myself, I felt Cindy's other hand rub against my
mound. I looked over, and found her on her knees in front of Ken, with his cock
stuffed in her mouth. She was sucking him deeply, and his eyes were closed in
pleasure. Her fingers slipped into my cunt and unerringly found my swollen clit.
Tiny circles of her fingers had me moaning and pressing my hips upward,
searching for more pressure, more stimulation. Cindy willingly obliged, and she
pressed harder against my clit while her head bobbed up and down on Ken's
engorged cock.
I turned my eyes back to Mary and Siobhan, and saw Mary's head between the
redhead's thighs, her tongue rapidly stroking and flicking into Siobhan's shiny
slit. Siobhan's fingers were lightly pinching Mary's nipples and both women were
obviously enjoying what they were doing.
Ken groaned, and the little brunette's throat started working. I knew he was
shooting his load deep in her mouth and she was swallowing every last drop. Her
thumb replaced the finger at my clit, and she slipped two fingers into my hole,
fucking me with them as she slurped around the head of Ken's cock as it twitched
in her mouth.
"God. How incredible." My words were a cross between a mumble and a moan as I
took in all the eroticism of the five of us.
Ken's hips relaxed as the last of his seed found its way down Cindy's throat. He
looked over at me, and I saw the lust still shining deeply in his eyes. He
gently moved Cindy's head from his lap to mine, and she eagerly lapped at my
excited pussy. Her tongue was hot and sticky with Ken's come as she licked and
sucked on my pussy lips. Her fingers fucked me slowly as she pulled my clit
between her lips and sucked hard.
I came. The orgasm hit me like a steep wave of the ocean, crashing over me and
turning me inside out. My hips bucked against Cindy's mouth as she sucked and
flicked the edge of her hard tongue on my oh-so-sensitive clit. I let the
sensations flow over me while Cindy gradually slowed her movements on my flooded
cunt. I could hear the wet sounds of her tongue as it lapped and sucked my juice
from my now fulfilled hole.
I looked over at Siobhan and Mary, and saw that Siobhan had also come hard, her
hands were still buried in Mary's hair, but there was a look of satisfaction on
her beautiful features. Mary licked her way up Siobhan's body, and kissed her
breast lightly before finding her way to the redhead's full lips. They kissed

"How fucking sexy." The words came from the doorway, and I turned to see the
young man who had been sunbathing when Ken and I arrived.
"Hello, Josh, see what happens when you sleep in? You miss all the fun." Siobhan
smiled at him and then turned to Ken and I. "These are our guests, Darla and
Ken. I'm sure you'll do everything you can to make them feel welcome."
Josh smiled at me, then turned to Ken. Ken smiled self-consciously, then drug
his eyes down the full length of him. His eyes lingered on the thick cock that
was semi-hard from watching us play. As he stared, Josh's cock lengthened and
thickened even more.
I smiled to myself.
"So, is this a regular part of breakfast, or were we just incredibly lucky this
morning?" I grinned as I asked, and Mary grinned back at me.
"Well, since you are our first guests, I think we'll have to MAKE it a ritual."
Siobhan just smiled and took a long drink of her orange juice.
To be continued...

End of Story

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