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Marathon Night

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Having been in the polyamorous life for a number of years, my wife and I had grown tired of the party and club scene. We were in the dreaded rut! One Friday winter night I decided to bring back the extra passion. So I logged onto SLS and typed in the following tag line, "College boys, Cum and get it!". I waited a few minutes and told my wife to get ready for a night of extreme passion! She looked puzzled, but immediately headed for the shower.

Now we are both in our late forties, but my wife Veronica is a doll with long black hair, tanned skin, about 5'6" 130 lbs, with a beautiful set of "C's" framed with chocolate areolas.

It took very little time before my chat doorbell rang. It was a local college football athlete. After chatting to know him for a few minutes, I invited him over. He accepted. He said he would be here in 30-40 minutes. His name was Shonn. He described himself as a typical linebacker build and a long lasting ebony lover. He said he needed to jump in the shower and he'd be on the way.

My chat doorbell rang again. I answered and found a biology major on the line. We too, talked a bit and I told him he was invited to come over. His name was Michael. I told him to be here in about 3 hours. He was eager and willing. He agreed on the time and he was off to prepare himself.

I was good with two guys coming one after the other, but before I could log off, another guy was ringing my bell. So I answered this one as well. This one was an average young student away from home for the first time, I suspected he was a virgin to swinging lifestyle people as he was very cautious almost nervous with his words. His name was Stephen. He accepted my invitation as well. I scheduled him with a slight time overlap with Michael.

Veronica entered the room freshly showered and dressed in only a pair of shear black lace panties with a matching bra. She begged to know what was going on, but I refused to let her in on the details. I instructed her to go back into the master bedroom and wait for whatever was to come. I could tell she was beginning to get excited. She poured herself a mixed drink and retreated to the bedroom.

It wasn't long before I heard a knock at the door. I opened the door and met a 6'4 muscular mountain of a man. He came in and sat down in the living room. I got him a drink. We talked a couple of minutes and I told him that he had a beautiful woman waiting for him at the end of the hall. He asked if I was going to join them and I told him that this was a special night for Veronica. He smiled and practically ran down the hall. I heard Veronica say "Oh my God!" as he entered the bedroom. I strained to listen. I heard the sound of intensley passionate kissing. I was thrilled. It wasn't long until there was that sound of a retreating zipper and the sound of two bodies falling upon the bed. I heard the slurps of a man and woman tasting the passions of the other. There were sounds of a powerful ram plunging into my wife's tight hole. She panted deeply and her moans were rhythmical. I had to peek. I tiptoed down the hall and looked in. There was Veronica sitting atop this massive man rocking up and down on a 9" ebony manhood. Up to the shimmering head and then down until her pussy lips met his pelvis. What a sight! I retreated to the living room and enjoyed the waves of erotic sounds that continued on through the night. After nearly 2 hours, Shonn emerged from the bedroom and into the living room. He was covered in perspiration. He wore nothing but a towel. He collapsed into a chair. He could not compliment Veronica enough. He asked if he could chill out for a while and I told him it would be fine, but there was another man coming over. He said he was good with that.

Soon after, the doorbell rang, it was Michael. I invited him in and he was obviously a little stunned to see this massive athlete sitting almost nude in the living room. After a little chitchat, I sent him down the hall. Shonn high fived him and told him he was going to have the night of his life! Shonn listened as attentively as I did. Once again, Veronica was on her game!I think Shonn enjoyed this as much as I did. I invited him to take a peek. He sneeked down the hall as good as a linebacker can. When he returned, he had a massive tent in his towel. He prepared himself another drink and sat down straining to hear every moan from the bedroom.

Another knock rapped at the door. Shonn laughed! "Another one?""Yep". It was Stephen. He was a skinny pale young man. He trembled as I shook his hand. I invited him in asked him if he wanted a drink. He shook his head yes and looked puzzled as he saw Shonn sitting there. This little guy drank like a fish! I slowed him down when he was sufficiently loose enough to calm down. Shonn invited him to walk down the hall and peek. When they returned, Stephen had a smile from ear to ear and a hard-on in his pants. I talked with Stephen and eased his mind. Shonn kept creeping back down the hall and eventually did not return. I told Stephen to join me in a peek. We walked down the hall and looked in. The two men were lying on their backs butt to butt. Veronica was on top straddling them. She had Shonn's member in her front and Michael's tool in her ass. She rose up and dropped down devouring each member into her holes with each stroke.

As we watched, I felt Stephen's breath on the back of my neck. I could feel his hardon brush me as he craned for a better look. Being horny as hell and not being opposed to the idea of male contact, I bent over a little lower and backed into Stephen's member. He moved slightly to avoid contact, but more frequently brushed my jeans with his hardon. I could tell he was ready to explode from the scene before him. I reached back and pulled him into me. He moved forward and stayed this time. Stephen began to rub his crotch into my jean covered ass. In a short time, he was grinding me intensely. I turned and faced him. I pulled him close to me. I moved my face toward his and he opened his lips. We kissed deeply, standing in the doorway. I couldn't wait any longer, I led Stephen into the spare bedroom. I tore at his pants and unbuttoned his shirt. I laid him upon the bed and undressed myself. I moved over his body with my breath and settled upon his member with my lips. It was long and small in girth. I slid my lips over it and sank until my lips met his pubes. He moaned and grabbed the back of my head, pulling me deeper.I sucked the slim tool full length until I felt Stephen get ready to cum. I slid up his body to kiss him, while I wet my finger and slid it into my ass. I straddled Stephen and pressed his cock against my ass. I managed to get the head of it inside and I lowered myself on him. I pumped him slowly for awhile and then rolled off onto my back. I moved Stephen between my legs and put my feet on his shoulders. He knew what to do and reentered my ass with his cock. He pounded me endlessly. I saw him throw his head back and grunt as he fucked me. I felt warm liquid splash inside me. With his last squirt, Stephen collapsed onto the bed. Something in the hall caught my eye. It was Shonn and Michael looking in. Shonn whispered, "Veronica is exhausted, she fell asleep". I whispered back,"Put the little man in bed with her since he didn't get to play with her". Shonn picked up Stephen and put him into bed with Veronica.

Shonn and Michael entered the room and fell back onto the bed where I was laying. Shonn joked,"Ever had a black cock?" I answered, "No", he crawled up toward the head of the bed and pushed the head of his cock against my lips. I figured why not and opened my mouth wide for this large cock. I could taste Veronica's musk on his tool. I sucked as deep as I could. I licked and swallowed Shonn's member. I felt Michael's finger wandering across my ass. He found what he was looking for and pressed it into my hole. I opened my legs wider and Michael took the hint. He moved into me and breech loaded my prelubed ass. The loud sound of his hips slapping against my ass filled the silence. Shonn continued to fuck my mouth. Oh the pain and the pleasure! Shonn began to grunt and I sucked harder. A spray of hot cum filled my throat and I swallowed repeatedly to keep up with the load. Shonn was breathless and rolled off of me and fell onto the bed. Michael picked up the pace and once again my ass was splatterd with warm cum. Michael rolled off as well and laid down to sleep.

At around 6 am, I awoke covered in the crust of dried cum. I heard the familiar sounds of Veronica in the throws of passion in the other bedroom. I quietly got up trying not to disturb my bedmates and walked to the hallway. Little Stephen was pounding away on Veronica's love hole. I quietly tiptoed in and sat down on a wing back chair across from the bed. I took my cock in hand and began to slowly stroke it. It wasn't long before my bedfellows entered into the bedroom and followed suit. There we were, three men masturbating, while watching live porn. Shonn and Michal stood to each side of me stroking their cocks as I sat stroking my own. I felt a rush from deep inside and I held my breath and gripped my cock tighter. A little stream of milky semen flowed forth, but I saved my toy. I waited a minute and began stroking my cock again. It didn't take long before I felt the warm feeling flood me again. Shonn and Michael were both near that point as well. I stroked harder, clenched my teeth and anticipated the orgasm that was inevitable. Shonn turned to me and his cock launched forth a intermittant stream of white goo onto my face. I began to convulse and I pumped my the cum from my cock. As I reached my last squirt, Michael unloaded his tool in my face, just in time to see Stephen lose his load in Veronica's pussy.

We all slowly got up and took showers. Our three guys gave Veronica a kiss and left. Veronica and I went back to bed exhaused.

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