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MY wifes Cum Fest at her High School Reunion on the Beach!

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Ok, first... this was very different and have never ever thought it would ever happen... Second, I never would have planned anything like this ever... I don't think I could think of how to pull this off... lol

My mind is a bit naughty... but this was way over the top... way over! BUT, My wife is a MASTER PLANNER!

SO... it started with my wife and I just going to meet a friend of hers from a while back...I guess high school... We had a room for the weekend because it was a little far, on the beach...

Her friend was with her boyfriend and another guy that was his friend , it was a night after a class the hotel... We started out at a beach like bar, not dark yet.

Then we all get nice fruity drinks and go watch the sunset, and talk... and drink... it is now dark...

Well, so five of us where in a very dark beach area drinking some frozen drinks... a bunch of them... The one guy was actually a doctor, and the girls boyfriend was into stocks of some kind, all seemed like very nice "NORMAL" people.

NEVER would I have guessed what happened next....

SO... we started to get feeling good, and having fun talking... my wife was wearing a sun dress and nothing under, just because we knew that we would be alone later, but just the two of us later.

I guess the other girl had nothing under either... she had a short skirt... it was dark... but the lights from the near bar and hotel you could still see a bit rather well actually but dark just the same.

My wife and I was sitting in those big wood chairs with the large paddle like arm rest and high backs facing the Ocean. No one could see us in the chairs from behind us I am sure, and it was dark...

And the girl and her boyfriend were facing us a bit, rather close to us, I was facing her boy friend and my wife was facing her friend and the other guy was sitting close to my wife on her left side.

WELL, my wife whispered to her something, and they laughed... then the girl came over and sat on the arm of my wooden right side... my wife was sitting on my left, her boyfriend was right in front of me and she made it look like she was talking with him and wanted to move closer to the both of us... also my hand was right were she and she quickly demonstrated that there was nothing under her dress but her... yikes! I thought I did something wrong... but then my wife whispered to me's ok... and she smiled and kissed me... she said "PLAY" WOW! never thought that at all..

So while we talked I played a little, the other guys were talking with us and think they knew, but was not sure... except I knew I was HARD as a rock. She was small and very pretty too... and ahhh so

Then we started talking about things and making sexual talk, just jokes at first...and even my wife was talking about things like, how she liked the taste of cum with a frozen drink.... yikes.... but I did not mind at all... at the second I was kinda deep in this girl with my finger and she was playing tightening up games with her very sweet pussy... on my finger.... very nice. By now she had turned to make it much easier, and I looked at her a few times and she would lean over me to my wife and say things, at that time I would put my finger deep in her... she was so tight, it made me nuts.

So then one guy said to my wife...WELL... that sounds good to me... Could I help you with that! He was talking about the drink and

My wife laughed and said come over here then... just don't want my husband to feel left out or anything.... at all...then she turned to the girl that I was playing with...

Then the girl said OOOHH no, he won't be left out of anything... I was wearing a soft pair of shorts, very easy to get into.

Well, that girl just reached for me, and asked my wife if she minded... my wife said " DO your best" WOW! Then she pulled me out, and by that time I was a little wet myself, this was CRAZY!

So my wife actually held my shaft and pumped a little, and let the other girl start sucking me... YIKES!

Then one of the other guys, pulled his shorts down and that girl started to give him a in front of my wife... and then He asked me.... and looked at my wife.... he asked me "do you mind" I said not at all... I was in heaven at the My wife put some of her drink in a straw and dribbled it over his shaft. And then started to lick it off.

Then I am sitting in the chair and watching my wife suck another man while this very pretty thing is treating me to a very nice time.

Now her boyfriend eases up from behind the girl and places his chair a bit closer... then starts to pump away on this girl... she sucks even deeper and harder now....and she is rocking on him at the same time.

I reach over to my wife and feel how wet her pussy is too.... my GOSH! this is all very exciting...

I was thinking how I wanted to cum in my wife right now, but then this girl pulls up a bit and starts to work up my arm a little with her hand, she then feels my hand and follows it to my wife, under her dress... and she starts to play with my wife. wow... so nice... she was playing with her clit...then my wife is sucking harder on this guy... he explodes.... and he pulls out of my wife's mouth and you could see the cum, but she licks it off his shaft and then the girl grabs his shaft and lets him push it into my wife's very wet pussy to clean it up even more... just a few sweet strokes. But at the exact same time this girl actually sat on me and started to put herself onto me, and her hand is still playing with my wife still and all that cum from that guy is still on my wifes face and now on her pussy too. This was getting serious now!

Then My wife helps guide me into her, she said "Have FUN Baby" WOW! Only moments ago, I was thinking of fucking this girl, but knew that would never really happen... that is until now.

So I am like so ready at this point to explode in this girl... then her boyfriend works his way to my wife.... still wet from his girlfriend's wife reaches over to kiss me, and I am about to totally explode... then I watch this other guy enter my wife... just a little, he was just out of this girl so he was very close himself... I watch how pleasurable it is to my wife, then I just loose myself into this girl, Deep into this girl. My cum was pumping so much into her... she was hot and tight... it was heaven.

We both explode at about the same time.... WOW! The other guy is pushing into my wife, and I am pulling this girl down on me so deep. Watching my wife cum with another man that I don't even really know was so good. Lots of cum... much more than any other time.... I think I was super excited with all this going on. hmmm after her boyfriend came in my wife, this girl sucked him clean while resting herself on me... she pulls up slowly and I see my shaft with her sweet pussy pulling from it and hot cum just pours out of her, my wife smears it all over my tummy... and kissed me, and said how that was such a turn on to see me cum in another girl like that.

I just made love to another girl while kissing my wife and letting her take another man inside... well I loved it, and my wife looks like she loved it too TOTALLY! My wife took two men... yikes... lol Kinda...

Well... we were all ready for some serious stuff now... I mean I just cum inside this girl, my wife has cum still inside her...(NOT MINE) and she swallowed some from the other guy too.

It was actually nice to see him pull his shaft from my wife and watch the lips of her pussy stretch out all covered with cum... and his shaft had some too that looks so friggin HOT.

SO now to the room... a little time to re-charge...on the walk back, and lots of kissing and a little drinking.

and WOW! I guess this was CRAZY!

SO, then we kept it going... we were in the room now...

We can do anything we wanted... and over the welcome time, ALL clothes came off the first second... the girls were so WET! And most of the cum was out of them both. lol and we jumped in the shower... I had to sample my wife a little and help her clean up...

Then we all dried off... and well, for just a second it was a little awkward

My Wife started things by laying me on the floor... she slid me into her and started things going... I was ROCK HARD...

this girl was kissing me a little and my wife had no problem with that in the least....

Then the two guys grabbed her and held her up, like a cheerleader type seems that my wife had a little plan and what to do with her... so she told them.

Her legs where spread way apart... and they held her back and arms...

MY GOSH... then my wife licked her a little while she was being held over me... I was on the floor with my wife on me...and I was inside my wife.

Then my wife pulled herself from me and the guys lowered the girl just a little bit on me.... just to feel the head pop into her... my wife held me so I could make a nice entry each time.... and she was watching close, then they moved her up and down.... I could see the girl watching too, she loved it.

They moved her just so I would POP! into her....and back out, kinda teasing, I wanted to cum so bad again... Then my wife started playing with both the guys, she was trading sucks and her hands just all over them.... Wow what a sight.

My wife then backed up to one of the guys and slid them into her... Then the guys pushed the girl deep in my shaft... MY GOSH! they worked her up and down while this other guy was cumming into my wife... My very hard shaft was working he tight pussy and she could not do a thing... I could feel that she was trying so hard to tighten so tight on me, like she was doing with my finger at the beach.

IT was great.... I came so much again ....and we took turns at lowering both the girls on all of us... we all came a bunch of times... or as much as we could. Each girl got their fill for sure.

My wife said it was so fun not to have to do any work and to feel each of the guys POP into her just on the edge almost made her cum each time... and she did several times...all it took was a few strokes with a tip, She loved the time.... we all talked for a while, and rested up for the BIG bang! It was about two hours went by, we rested some, but still toyed with each other, still all in the same room. We all took showers again and got ready for round THREE! This time I got to shower with the other girl, and My wife was with the two guys...

I got so hard with her so fast... so she joked on helping her clean up... and soaped my shaft... with some nice scented slippery soap, very mild... She rubbed on the lips of her pussy... and kind of washed the cum from her.... then I held he against the shower and pushed inside her, told her this is the best way to clean up the cum from inside... I didn't cum, just had some fun.... well she let me "CLEAN" a few of her areas... lol I was a very happy man! So we rinsed everything... nice and clean! I am sure my wife was happy too... not sure if they cleaned all her areas for her... but I am sure they took a shot at least one, she was in there a while.... I just spent some time sucking on the other girls breast and a little kissing.

WOW! Ok this was fun on fun ....

Now the guys got to just lay there...

Then the girls road each of us all for a while now... and they just switched it up, sucked us and most everything else, but not to the point of cum.

AND that was just to get us all ready to go again.

The girls placed themselves on the bed and all of us took turns licking them and sucking on their clits... they were so ready for more... you could tell this was at the edge of excitement again.

Then my wife and the other girl sat on the edge of the bed.... tummy to tummy... hmmmm a very nice sight!

Well there we were, three guys.... with two girls in front of us...

We were all on the edge of going off... very hard and totally ready! I started to lick them both, just to see that was so much of a turn on, they were so wet, and they looked like they really was enjoying being close to each other.

My wife was on top of the other girl.... they were kissing on each other a bit and their nipples where touching... hmmm My wife had her feet on the floor, her legs spread wide.... and the other girl had her feet on the floor too, but tucked under just a bit, and plenty wide too...

Their pussy's where lined up about a inch or two apart.... SO nice and close to each other... for so much pleasure. MY GOSH!

That girls boy friend took the first shot... he went back and forth between them... both of us watched and played with the girls a bit, let them suck us a little and we played with their clit... my wife came... she makes a bit of a squirt... and that was just with the tip of my finger when the guy pulled out of the other girl.... she then quivered a little and he just went all the way into my wife... wow... she just let it all go.... the other girl was really into it... she grabbed me and sucked me so deep... well that guy totally came all inside my wife...I could see that's what he wanted to do.... And she enjoyed it a lot, looked like she had used all her energy but she was ok for more.

I was the NEXT guy and after a great suck job I WAS READY!

So I started with my wife... she was really wanting more it seemed... she was using her hand on another guy... and I could feel lots of cum already inside her... it was HOT! and super creamy...

I quickly pulled from her and dropped down just a bit into the other girl...She was still wet, but a little tighter .... I wanted to take a few strokes and go back and forth.... That was very fun for me.... My wife was sucking on the other guy by this time, and one guy was just playing with the other girls clit... so I started to pull a little cum to make things slick from my wife and play with my tip...some of the cum by now has came out of my wife and dripped into this girl, made things nice actually... just popping in and out of this girl... my gosh.... she came so sweet.... It made me want to drive hard... in fact my wife moved up to give me some pushing room.... She cheered me on....I sucked a few times on my wife's breast and she kissed me...a nice deep kiss as I was cumming inside the other girl. That was great!

I came deep inside her... again... YEAH! My wife was kissing me and she was on her knees on the bed, when I came I didn't even know she had another man inside her pumping her from behind, I could feel her rocking, but for some reason I did not know... until I was finished cumming. My mind was a little bit on

So then one man left that needed to finish... He was pre-pumping on my wife...

Now this was different, the girls were ready to cum again, and we were all worn out, except for one guy... he was still charged. (And about to cum in my

So my wife pulled forward and started to play... and we all played with them. And the other girl started to suck on the guy that pulled out of my wife, kinda kept him going...

We played with their clits till it was so close for them to cum.... I played with my wife and the guy that had not cum again played with the other girl...

The girls lined up again... but this time they change wife was on the bottom... the guy took about 5 strokes each... and played with the tip... he wanted to cum bad you could see.... the girls where close too... we waited to see when the time may be right... hmmmm my wife actually was very close.... so he moved to her a little... she let go again.... ahhhh love it...., and she was very loud about it... she grabbed me on my shaft and nearly pulled it off... lol He sunk deep into her and you could see he was excited.... to the point of cumming.

Well, when he was about to cum, he took one very long stroke into each of the girls, he pulled back, when he went back into my wife and it went off... he spurted all over my wife's pussy as he was pulling out of her and pushed deep into the other girl to finish it off... WOW! that was just cool to watch...

He did a few finish strokes to both of them.... it was badly needed for the girls.

We were all very tired but seriously charged... still, but us guys had cum about all we could... The next morning we woke about noon, I still had to make love to my wife for a job well done...

The others were already gone, and we had to check out.... we could not stop talking about it all day! And maybe all month... or longer...

Strange.... but it was FUN!, I made love to my wife like never before the day after all that.... think it was actually needed in some very strange way.



A VERY WILD TIME... I came so much from the excitement... and I see my wife came at least three serious times and maybe much more... the other girl did too...WOW! I love to see a woman quiver... :)~


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