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We had been planning a party for some time and the day had finally arrived. It was last night 12/21/05 and I just have to write and tell you about it. I am sure my husband will render his version of the party, but before he has a chance let me give you mine.

We had invited 4 other couples over for some Christmas merriment. The party was suppose to start at 7pm but by 8 pm there was only one other couple that had arrived. So we decided to get things going and get the guys away from ESPN for a few minutes.

Sally and Randy had been waiting around since they got here at around 6:45. Randy was content to sit and watch teh latest sport thing with Marty, my husband. I'm Wendy, just to let you know.

Sally and I had been sitting in the kitchen making small talk and trying to figure out what kind of party it was going to be with only us there. Sally started to open up after a couple drinks and began to let me know what kind of party she would like to have.

She made no mistake in letting me know that Marty was hot and if I weren't married to him she would be all over it. I also let her know that Randy was that bad either.

"I've got an idea. Why don't we play monopoly?" Sally asked.

"Monopoly? What in the world would you want to play that for? Don't you think it's a little boring?" I asked shaking my head.

"Yeah, but you don't play with money." She giggled.

"What do you play with and how do you play it without money?" I asked puzzled.

"Well, you role the dice and whatever property you land on, you own it. No cost. As you go around the board you land on other ones and you own them. You can't put a house or hotel on them until you own all that color. If a person lands on your property before you get a house or hotel on it, it doesn't cost them anything." She continued.

"So, what does it cost after you get a house or hotel?" I asked still puzzled.

"It cost you an article of clothing." She said with a sheepish little smile.

"That sounds fun, you think the guys would go for it?" I asked.

"They will if I come up with the idea. I see how Marty looks at me sometimes and Randy at you." She continued.

"Well, ok then. Let's give it a try." I told her where the board game was and left the room to sit with the guys.

After a few minutes Sally came into the living room holding the monopoly game.

"Hey guys look what I found." She said as she sat on the floor in front of us. The short little skirt she had worn was now up over her hips and you could almost see all of her panties.

"Monopoly? Are you nuts?" Randy asked as Marty began to laugh.

"Yeah, that will make a great party." Marty added.

"Hey, what else are we going to do. Come on Marty, don't be a party poopper." I told him as I san across from Sally on the floor. My skirt was now riding up over my hips too.

"Ok, let's go Randy grab some floor dude." Randy said as he grunted and flopped down next to me.

We choice our playing pieces and sat waiting for Sally to hand out the money, since she decided she was going to be the banker.

"What about the money?" Randy asked almost at the same time Marty did.

"We're not using money tonight." Sally explained the rules of the game and the guys just sat there staring at each other and then smiled.

While we were rolling the dice and getting the property cards, Sally had been busy writing things down on some 3x5 card. She took the and laid them in the middle of the game board.

"What's those for?" Randy asked as he reached over to pick up one.

Sally reached out and slapped his hand.

"Not yet, big boy. When you land of chance or community chest then you get to pick up a card and you have to do exactly what the card says." She said as she looked at me with another sheepish grin.

"Ok then. Violent isn't she?" Randy said as we all started laughing at his little joke.

Around and around the board we went until all the properties were taken. Now we needed to add houses and stuff to them.

"The only way you can do that is by giving up an article of clothes. The group will decide what the value of the article is, house or hotel." Sally said as she was making up the game as she went.

We started rolling again and Randy landed on chance. He was hesitant about taking a card that Sally had made.

"Go ahead hon, take your card and do exactly what it says." Sally told him.

Randy reached over and took a card and read it.

"You've got to be kiddin me?" He said as he turn 4 shades of red.

"Nope. You have to do what the card says, also you have to read the card out loud before you do the task." Sally continued to make up rules.

"Ok, then. Well, it says I have to reach over and fondle the breast of the woman to my left for 2 minutes, unless it's my wife, if it's my wife I have to do the woman to my right." He said as he looked at me.

Now I was blushing and Marty looked a little shocked.

"I don't know about this games Sally." I said trying not to let Marty know it was my idea too.

"It's ok, we're all adults here and it's just for fun." She said.

"Ok then as long as it's just for fun and nobody will get hurt." I said as I turned toward Randy.

Randy reached out and began to touch my breast through my blouse. Normally I don't like to be touched through my clothes, but in this case I'd have to handle it.

It did feel good. I had been wanting him to do this for some time.

Instantly I felt wetness between my legs and I was suddenly wanting him to touch me more, but I had to wait for the game to continue.

We went on and Marty landed on community chest.

He pulled his card up and looked at it. The sight of shock was on his face and some fear too.

"Well?" I asked.

"Hummmm. It says I must take a woman to another room and close the door and be with her for 2 minutes. It can't be my wife." He said and then put the card on the bottom of the pile.

He looked for some support, but I just sat there and smiled at him.

"Ok then, come on Sally let's go into the hall bathroom." He said as he got up and took her hand.

"Clocks running." I said with a little chuckle.

Randy and I sat there waiting and watching the clock and time seemed to get really slow.

"Hope you didn't mind me touching you a minute ago?" Randy asked still blushing.

"Not at all. I rather enjoyed it." I told him.

He was staring at my breast and I know he wanted to feel them again. I wonder if there was a rule against that.

"They have another minute in there. What do you think they are doing?" I asked him and he broke his stare on my chest.

"Who knows. You think they are touching and kissing?" He asked.

"Don't know." I said as time ran out.

"Ok guys, times up." Randy said loudly.

Marty and Sally came out of the hall bathroom and we knew right away that they had been touching and kissing. Sallys lipstick was on Martys face and by the looks of it he had a huge hard on.

They took their seats and we continued the game.

I landed on chance next and reached over and picked up my card.

"Oh my God." I said with a gasp.

"What does it say honey?" Marty asked with a smirk on his face. He was loving the game.

"It says..........ah.......well........I have to fondle the privates of the person across from me." I studdered. Randy was sitting across from me.

"Well, then let's see it." Marty said as his eyes lite up.

"Hang on." I said shapely. "Give me a second." I said as I got to my knees and reached over toward Randy.

"Randy, it would be easier if you got on your knees too, so Wendy can get a better feel." Sally said as she began to giggle again.

"Ok." Randy said as he got onto his knees across the board from me.

I reached over and grabbed and handful of his crotch. Thinking it was his limp cock, but suddenly knowing it was a set of really large hard balls. They were huge. I traced around them and found his cock. It seemed to go all the way to his belly button. I was guessing at about 9 inches.

My pussy was not a sopping mess.

After the 2 minutes were up I didn't want to let it go. Actually I wanted to take it out and get a look at this monster.

"That's enough Wendy." Sally said.

"Ok. Your turn Marty." I said as I sat down and kept my eyes glued to Randys crothch area.

My mind was spinning and I didn't know what to think.

"Oh great. I landed on boardwalk." Marty said as he looked across at Sally.

"Hey that's my property and I have a hotel on it. That's gonna cost you." Sally said with a smile.

"What's the price of a hotel on boardwalk?" Marty asked as he began to remove his shoes.

"Shoes don't count. It's gonna cost your shirt and pants." Sally said as she sat back to watch is take them off.

Marty pulled his shirt over his head and then began to unbutton his pants.

Now Marty isn't a body builder but he does have a nice body. He has a little belly on him but he's still nice.

"Now that's nice." Sally noted as he pulled his pants down and showed his boxer briefs. He had a huge hard on himself that was peeking out the top of his shorts.

"Glad you like." Marty said as he sat on the floor again. His face looked like a bright red beet.

After about 5 more turns around the board we were all down to our under garments.

Sally was wearing a sheer white bra and matching thong. Randy was wearing blue boxers and I was wearing a black lacey bra and matching thong. We already know what Marty is wearing.

Randy rolled the dice and landed on community chest. He reached over a pulled up a card.

"Oh my. It says I must, if not already exposed, expose the breast of the woman across from me and suck her nipples for 2 minutes." He read.

I jumped up on my knees and leaned over toward him. Hopefully, I didn't seem too forward.

Randy got up and pulled my bra down. Not wasting any of his 2 minutes he took on nipple into his mouth and started sucking it like a baby and fondling the other. Boy did that feel good.

After about 1 minute a felt an orgasm coming on. I had never had one with someone sucking my breast but I had been waiting for about 30 minutes for the game to get this far.

We went on for another 30 minutes or so until every one was naked and each of us had taken another card.

"Why don't we go sit on the couch." Sally said as she was staring at my husband hard cock. It had been oozing precum for some time now and I know he was about ready to bust.

We went to the couch and each of us sat next to the others spouse. Without any talking or discuss we began fondling and kissing.

I will have to send the rest in a few minutes. My logout time is coming up.

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