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Lynns Beach Fantasy

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Finally, I leave for Aruba!!! Get to escape the cold winter. I have rented a house on the beach. I am packing light. I am challanging myself... no bra or panties the entire trip, no matter what I'm wearing out. I am really going to push my comfort zone. I am going to have as much sex as I can with a man, woman or multiple of both. This is going to be a liberating and freeing vacation for me.

I land in Aruba. I am only wearing a short flowing skirt and a tight short sleeve top... again without bra and panties. As I exit the airport to find a cab, I feel a warm breeze blow up my skirt and I remember I am not wearing panties and all of a sudden a cab comes roaring up to the curb and asks if I need a ride. I think the cab driver caught a glimpse of my pussy. At first I'm embarrased but then I think to myself, who cares, you're having a liberating vacation and what the hell, you got a cab right away. The cab driver gets out to help me with my luggage. He's about 5'10", dark from being in the sun all the time and young and he appears to be in really good shape. I think to myself, if all the men look like this, I'm going to have a lot of fun!!! He grabs my luggage, puts in the trunk, comes up to open the door and I feel his hand carress my bare ass. He apologizes and says he was reaching for the door. But I know he did it on purpose. He had a nice carress and it turned me on.

So as we started to drive he said it would be about an hour or so to get to the Beach house. I said ok and thank you. I told him he looked like he worked out and asked him what he did to work out. He said he surfed a lot... whenever he wasn't in the cab he was surfing. I told him he looked very sexy and he said thank you. He was really turning me on so I started to play with myself. I was carressing and rubbing my clit thinking about my cab driver naked. Before I knew it I was lightly moaning and my eyes were closed and I caught myself. I looked up and saw the cab driver looking at me in the mirror. Again, this is going to be a freeing trip. So I pulled my arms out of the sleeves of my shirt so my shirt was around my stomach and freed my wonderful C cup tits. He didn't say anything, he just kept watching me. So I said, if you know of a place you could pull over, I could sure use your help back here. He quickly found an alley pulled over and without saying a word, got out, took off his pants and released his big throbbing cock. My eyes must have really opened up because he said is it o.k. I said oh yes, I cant wait... I grabbed his cock and started sucking it. He tasted so good. I felt his hands carressing my tits, playing with my erect nipples and then slide down to my soaking wet pussy. Without hesitation he slipped two and then three fingers into my pussy. I arched in ecstasy, it felt so good. But I had a plan. I stood up and layed him down in the back seat and started sucking his cock, oh do I love to suck cock!! He was moaning in ectasy and I love to hear a man being pleasured. Then, out of nowhere, I feel a very large cock fill up my pussy and I moan in pleasure. I don't even look back, I don't care who it is, it feels so good so I just keep sucking the cab diver. The guy fucking me starts slow but he can't contain himself and he starts slamming my wet pussy and just as I starts to cum I feel him pull out and I feel his warm cum on my asshole and on my back. Pretty soon I feel the cab driver blowing his load into my mouth. I keep sucking and swallow every last drop of his cum. It tasted so good. I stand up and look at the guy who just fucked me. He's a gorgeous guy, fit and very well hung. I looked at him and said I sure hope that wasn't all he had.

He looks at me with a smile as I back into the cab and grab the cab drivers cock and using the cum from the other guy, guide his cock into my asshole. As I slowly slide down on his cock, I look at the other guy and tell him he gets my pussy. As I slide my asshole up and down on the cab drivers hard cock, the other guy gets on his knees and slides his cock into my still wet and waiting pussy. I think to myself, wow, I havent even gotten to my house and Im being DP'ed, this is going to be a great trip!!!!

Before I know it, I can feel the cab driver fill my asshole with his warm cum but I don't stop. The other guy pulls his cock out of my pussy and puts it in my mouth. I suck him until I feel his cum sliding down my throat. I stand up bend over the cab and say I don't care which one of you but one of you needs to fuck me until I cum. To this day I don't know which one it was and it might not have been either of them, but he started pounding my wet pussy until I let out a loud moan of ecstasy and came and squirted all over him. WOW!! It was an awesome fuck!!!!

It was a good thing the cab driver was a surfer. He had towels in the trunk for us all to clean up. I pulled my shirt back over my shoulders, whiped the cum off of me, looked at both men, grabbed their cocks in my hands and said thank you and that the cab driver would know my address and they would be welcome to stop by some time. Got back into the cab, laid my head back and fell asleep for the rest of the ride to my beach house.

I get to my house and it is gorgeous!! But the best part is there is a deck that looks out over the ocean and steps from the deck that leads down to the beautiful white sandy beach. I know where I'll be spending most of my time at. The beach house is stocked with my favorite wine, whiskey and beer as well as enough food for me for the 5 days I'll be here. So I pour myself a glass of wine, strip naked and lounge on the deck and watch the sun set into the horizon. After about 3 glasses of wine I head to bed, tomorrow's a new day.

As I wake up to the sun coming into my bedroom, I slowly get up, hop in the shower, get cleaned up and ready for the day. As I get out of the shower, I realize, I don't have to put any cloths on. I make some coffee and sit on my deck watching waves slap on shore. I decide today I am just going to lay out on the beach and relax. So after I have some breakfast I go in to put my suit on. I brought the skimpiest suit I could find; the top is a string top that has a couple of patches that just cover my nipples and the bottoms have a tiny patch to cover my pussy and a string in the back and string sides.

I grab a blanket, a cooler of beer, sun tan lotion and head to the beach in my tiny bikini. I get there and lay down my blanket and lay down on my back. Oh how I'd like to take my suit off but I also would like the little tiny tan lines and am not sure if I can be out here naked. As I am laying out I hear a someone running down the beach. I look up and it is a guy that has just a pair of board shorts on and he has a beatiful sculpted body, blond flowing hair and incredibly hot!! I don't even try to hide that I'm staring at him, I look at him up and down as he runs by, sweating and gorgeous. He flashes me an incredible smile. I smile back and give him a wave as he runs out of site. I think to myself, if he would have stopped I would have sucked and fucked him until we were raw. So I turn over and lay on my stomach. About 20 minutes later, I feel a finger slide into my pussy and start finger fucking me very rapidly. At first I am startled but the look of that guy that ran by had me still pretty wound up so I just let him continue. Pretty soon he has two fingers in my pussy and one in my ass whole and I am up on my hands and knees thrusting back onto his fingers. He pulls his fingers out and I turn around and it was the runner. He takes down his boarding shorts and not only did he have a perfect body but his cock was perfect, about 7 1/2 inches long and about 6 inch girth. I turned back around and put my ass up in the air and I felt him slide that big, hard, throbbing cock into my wet and waiting pussy. He started very slowly fucking me and I could barely contain myself. I wanted him to fuck me and fuck me fast and hard but he was taking his time. As he was taking his time and I was there on my hands and knees with my eyes closed taking in every thrust of his cock, I felt another cock touch my lips and without a thought, I opened my mouth and I felt this cock start fucking my mouth. I all of a suddenly visualized what this must look like and realized I had a cock fucking my pussy and my mouth and before I knew it I came. And as I moaned in my pleasure of cumming the guys detected it and the guy fucking my pussy starting pumping harder and faster as did the guy fucking my mouth. Almost at the same time I felt my mouth and pussy fill with cum.

The two guys both sat on the blanket with me and told me they were staying the house next to me and watched me last night and hoped they could fuck me before their week was up. I asked them now that they had, what was their next conquest. They said they weren't done with me yet and I smiled and said I was hoping you would say that. They invited me up to their house for some wine. So we headed up there. The first guy went out on the deck to relax along with the second guy. We all decided we wanted pizza so we ordered a pizza. About a half hour later the pizza guy showed up. I didn't even realize I was still wearing my skimpy little suit. As I answered the door, the pizza guys eyes about popped out of his head and he said nice!!! I said, oops sorry I forgot, he said don't apologize, thank you for the view. I don't know if I was still horny or what but he looked super hot to me so I invited him in while I got the money for the pizza. He came in and set the pizza on the counter. I went and got my cash and as I handed him my cash, I pulled him in for a hard wet kiss and I ran my hand down his shorts... apparently he did like my suit or lack there of... he was rock hard. I started stroking his hard throbbing cock and got on my knees and started sucking him off.

Meanwhile the other two guys that were sitting on the deck saw me sucking this guys cock. The first guy came in and watched for a bit while the second guy must have been ready to go because I felt him stand me up, spread my legs and slip his hard cock into my wet pussy. He wasted no time and just started pounding my pussy with his cock hard and fast. The pizza guy must have liked that because I felt him fill my mouth with his warm cum and without skipping a beat, I swallowed it all down and knowing I just made this guy cum so fast, I came. As I came, the second guy pulled me over to the coach. He sat down and pulled me on top of him and we started kissing as he slipped his cock into me again. I looked over and the pizza guy just plopped on the coach and watched. Then I felt some lube run down my asshole and a finger start finger fucking my asshole. As I started moaning in pure pleasure I felt two fingers start fucking my asshole as I rode the guys cock up and down. Then the fingers were gone and I turned around and looked at the guy as if to say why'd you stop. He just walked up behind me and I felt his thobbing cock slide into my asshole. It was more than I could stand and I came again. Then he started thrusting into my asshole and I started really riding the guy on the coaches cock and started stroking the pizza guys cock until he got hard again and I could feel his pre-cum all over my hand and his cock. I pulled him over and he started fucking my face. The site must have been too much for the first two guys because I felt my asshole and pussy get filled with warm cum again. As the guy behind me pulled out the pizza guy stood up and he slid his cock into my asshole and started just pounding my asshole. The guy on the coach was still fucking my pussy, I was impressed because he was still hard and he just came. The pizza guy came in my asshole and feeling that warm cum fill me up again and the guy on the coach still pounding my pussy too, I came again. I rolled off the guy on the coach, he stood over me and started fucking mouth, he pulled out and came all over my tits... it was so hot, I just started rubbing it around as I laid there.

We all just collapsed on the coach as I lazily stroked two cocks and I felt two or three hands lazily stroking my clit. The pizza guy stood up and said holy shit, I have to go. I said come on back later, after your done. As were laying there lazily stroking and playing with each other, i all of suddenly feel a tongue on my clit. I don't even open my eyes right away, I just laid back and moaned and started to carress the head that was lapping up my juices. I slowly opened my eyes and it turned out one of the wives of one of the guys who I had been fucking all day had been watching it all and she wanted to taste me. I reached down and cupped and carressed her tits. Just then the guys stand up, lay me down and another woman comes out and sits on my face. I have never been with a woman before but almost instinctively my tongue starts flicking at her clit and I can feel her quiver with every flick my tongue has over her clit.

By the sounds and moans of what I hear, I can tell the two women's husbands have started to fuck their wives. The woman who is on my face, I switch my licking between her clit and the guys balls. Which must have been too much for him because I heard him moan as he came and his cum drip out of his wife's pussy and onto my face, it was so warm it felt awesome but the woman who was sitting on my face either felt bad or wanted some herself because she started to lick it off my face. Just then the woman who was licking my pussy climbed up and sat on my face. Again, I just knew what to do and thrust my tongue into her pussy and licked her clit. Then I heard the door open and a guys say fuck work, what was I thinking. I could tell it was the pizza guy coming back for more. But before I could say welcum back, his cock was slamming my pussy. He was so wound up that he probably only fucked me for 5 minutes before he came but as I felt his cum on my stomach, I felt a tongue on my clit again. It didn't take long for me to cum which must have set the woman off that was on my face because I felt her quiver and moan and fall off my face. That was the first time I had ever made a woman cum. It was pretty hot!!!

Well, needless to say we were all pretty tired. We all lounged around the house naked and had a few glasses of wine. I said I should go to my house and hit the sack and they said no, just stay here and two of the guys patted the bed between them. I climbed up between them, carressing their cocks as I slid into bed and feel asleep betwen them with a cock in each hand dreaming of the cab driver, the guy in the alley and the incredible sex filled week I had ahead of me...

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