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Love to be watched Part 2

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Marge picked up the phone. Bev was on the other end and asked if Marge if she was part of the couple who liked to be watched. Marge explained that she booked the appointments, but knew the couple well and have seen them in perform. Their names were Elaine and Barry, both fit and in their early 50?s. She described them as a warm couple and eager to please. Bev told Marge that she was 69 and that her husband Bernie was in is early 70?s. Bev asked if Elaine and Barry could help rekindle the flame that seemed to have extinguished. Marge explained that if anyone could it would be Elaine and Barry. Bev talked as Marge listened with a sympathetic ear. She was so moved; she booked the appointment and agreed to meet Bev. She would accompany her husband Alan when he drove Elaine and Barry to the call the following evening.

Bev opened the door. She was still an attractive woman with platinum white hair and a fit figure. Bernie had gray hair, and a mature body with a few extra pounds. They invited in the two couples standing at their door. Marge hugged Bev and introduced the others. Bev asked everyone to stay for tea. While serving tea, Bev asked, ?how do we get everything started.?? Marge looked at Elaine and Barry and told them to remove their clothes. Elaine removed her shirt and pants. She then went over to Bernie and asked if he could help and unhook her bra. She gave him her back as he did what was asked. She then turned to him and asked if he liked what he saw. As he nodded yes, she dropped her panties to the floor and asked if that was better. Barry walked over to Bev and stripped down to his tidey whiteys and asked Bev to do the rest. She pulled them down exposing an already stiff cock. Alan and Marge took all this in as they sipped their tea. Marge thought this was a good time to bring up the fee and asked Bev if she was pleased with everything. Bernie answered that he was more than pleased, paid Marge and told them to come back later this evening.

Bev directed Elaine and Barry to a bedroom. As Bev and Bernie sat on the edge of the bed, Barry and Elaine stood before them in a powerful and loving embrace. They kissed first tenderly and then passionately as a show of the love they had for each other. Barry then presented Elaine to the other couple as he stood behind her, kissed her neck and lightly ran his finger down her body. He asked if either would like to feel her soft skin. Bev got up embraced Elaine from the front as Barry stood behind her. She ran her hands down Elaine?s body, caressing her breasts and then running them down to her thighs, glancing her pussy along the way. Bev placed a finger on her pussy asking Elaine if it was OK. Elaine nodded yes as she probed and felt her getting wet. She cupped her other hand around Elaine?s head and pulled it towards her, kissing her face and then her lips. Elaine opened her mouth Bev?s tongue found her way inside. This was a first for Bev and she felt something she never felt with Bernie. A warm glow within her and wetness in her crotch took over her body. Elaine reached down and rubbed Bev?s crotch through her clothes. Elaine pulled her face away so that she could look Bev in the eyes. As she did, she began to unbutton Bev?s blouse. Getting no resistance she continued to undress Bev, running her hands over her body. She removed her bra, exposing her breasts, still looking good for a 69 year old. She cupped them and ran her tongue over her nipples. Elaine then knelt in front of Bev and removed her panties. Her pussy had little hair exposing her well rounded lips. Elaine couldn?t resist the urge to kiss it and run her tongue between the lips and over her clit. Bev loved this new feeling from another woman, as she closed her eyes and took it all in. Bernie sat there rubbing his hands over his crotch. They moved onto the bed as they embraced each other. Bev never held another woman and liked the soft touch. She moved down to Elaine and licked her pussy taking in her scent and this new experience. Bev also experienced more wetness that did not come form her mouth as Elaine starting gyrating her pussy against Bev?s mouth and tongue. She gasped and then laughed as Bev brought her to climax. She pulled Bev up and kissed her passionately, taking in her own scent on Bev?s lips. Elaine then pushed her body down the bed and positioned Bev as she sat on her face. She licked that hairless pussy, running her hands down Bev?s back and in front. She found Bev?s nipples and lightly squeezed them between her fingers. Elaine noticed the goose bumps on Bev?s flesh moments before she shuddered with a climax. She got off Elaine?s face and kissed her lightly and said thank you.

This was not what Bev planned. It just happened, but now she was glad it did. But she felt she needed to do something for Bernie. He was having trouble maintaining an erection and she hoped Elaine and Barry could help get him aroused. She asked Elaine if she could do something for Bernie. Elaine walked over to Bernie, took his hand and lifted him off the bed. She held him close and they swayed together as if dancing to some imaginary music. Bev took this in and put on some soft music in the other room. She went over to Barry and they embraced and swayed with the music as well. His throbbing cock pressed against Bev. Not knowing what to do she just continued to dance. Elaine on the other hand was taking matters into her own hands. As she dance with Bernie she let her hands feel his cock through his clothes. She was getting a reaction but not enough. Barry and Bev danced and watched as Elaine started to undress Bernie. First she unbuttoned his shirt. Then she knelt in front of him as she removed his pants and shorts. She took his cock stroking it, coaxing it, gently. Then she placed it in her mouth, sucking and stroking at the same time. Looking down at Elaine, Bernie asked if he could watch her with Barry. Bev brought Barry to Elaine and they embraced and kissed as before. Elaine took Barry to the bed, laid him down knelt over him and sucked his cock. Bernie found this whole scene arousing. Bev was helping by rubbing his semi hard cock watching it grow and get harder as they sat on a love seat facing the bed. Elaine repositioned Barry on the bed so that she could look at Bernie as she laid on top of Barry while he entered her. She watched the look on his face as he got more and more aroused. Elaine touched Barry and motioned that she was going to Bernie. She knelt in front of them and took Bernie in her mouth again. Barry didn?t miss this opportunity to get behind Elaine and pump her pussy with Bernie?s cock in her mouth. Bernie loved the experience and came in Elaine?s mouth. Watching Bernie explode in his wife?s mouth Barry let lose his juice as well. Elaine then knelt in front of Bev and lovingly placed Bernie?s juice in her pussy. Licking it and forcing it in her hole with her tongue. Bev cradled Elaine?s head in her hands and rasied her head so that she can kiss her. Tasting her Bernie on Elaine?s lips.

Bev asked if she could get us anything to drink. They put on robes and Bev asked Elaine is she wouldn?t mind if she and Barry kept their clothes off. Elaine said of course not as they followed into the other room. Bev poured more tea as they sat around and talked. Bev placed Elaine and Barry on a couch in front of a coffee table so that she and Bernie could admire the view. Bev had never been with another woman before. She found Elaine, attractive and sensuous and she continued to gaze at her body. The warm glow was coming back. Bev put on some more music, walked over to Elaine, took her arm and held her close. She let her robe open so that she could feel the warmth of Elaine?s body, as they swayed with the music.

The doorbell rang and Bernie asked Barry to get the door expecting Marge and Alan. Barry opened the door and Marge was surprised to see Barry standing there nude. Then she looked over and saw Elaine and Marge dancing together. Alan and Marge stepped into the room and took it all in. Bev went over to hug Marge and told her she had a wonderful evening and that she would like to do it again. Barry and Elaine got dressed while Alan and Marge waited. Bev kissed both Barry and Elaine goodbye as she slipped a generous tip in Elaine?s pocket.


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