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Katies Apology

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Katie was in a hurry to her next class when she hurried around the corner and accidently ran into Matt as he was trying to down his soda.

?Shit!!? yelled Matt as his soda spilled all over him and more importantly his report he was going to be turning into his next class.

?I am so sorry,? exclaimed Katie. Matt was very upset about his report. ?I would do anything, if I can help,? continued Katie. Matt said, ?My report is due next period and it is ruined. Mrs. Applewood would never understand.? ?I will explain it to her myself,? said Katie as she took the report and lead the way to Mrs Applewoods class.

After arriving to Mrs. Applewoods class, Katie went up to Mrs Applewood and said, ?Mrs Applewood, I do not mean to interrupt, but I just accidently ran into Matt in the hall and in doing so I ruined Matt?s report. I told Matt I would be willing to do anything to fix the problem, what can I do so Matt does not get in trouble.?

Mrs Applewood smiled and said, ?um this is truly a problem. I do not accept any excuses for late or unacceptable work. However, due to the nature of circumstances, I will make this one time exception and allow Matt to retype his report tonight and turn it in tomorrow if both of you will be my volunteers for this next class?? Both Matt and Katie agreed to volunteer and Mrs Applewood informed Katie she would explain the situation to her teacher about her absence later.

Immediately Mrs Applewood called the class to order as she motioned for Matt and Katie to remain standing in the front of the class. ?Class,? Mrs Applewood said, ?today Matt and Katie have so graciously offered to be my aides today in helping demonstrate our lesson. I want everyone to clear their desk and give me Matt and Katie your undivided attention. In our class we have been discussing the basics of sexual education. Today we are going to illustrate what we have learned. John can you do me a favor and lock the doors and close the blinds, we cannot be interrupted today.?

Katie, did not realize this was Sex Ed and she was now wondering what Mrs Applewood meant by illustrating the lessons.

?Class we are going to begin by reviewing what we have learned about our bodies and how they respond to sexual attention. Matt I want you to begin by slowly and erotically unbuttoning and removing Katies blouse.?

?Mrs. Applewood??? Katie began to be cut off by Mrs Applewood, ?That will be enough, Katie! Matt do as you are told!? Matt then stood in front of Katie and slowly began to unbutton her blouse revealing a blue lacy bra. Katie is a brunette with 36C breasts and well tanned body.

The class was completely silent as Matt began to slowly peel the blouse off of her shoulders. ?Thank you Matt, I will take her blouse.? Matt handed Mrs Applewood Katie?s blouse as Mrs Applewood instructed him to kneel in remove Katie?s skirt.

Matt knelt in front of Katie and slowly unzipped her skirt and allowed it to fall to the floor revealing a pair of sexy blue panties. As Matt handed the skirt to Mrs Applewood. He instructed Katie to now remove Matt?s shirt and pants.

Katie is a virgin and has never been with a boy before. She nervously approached Matt as all eyes of the class watched as she was standing before them in her matching blue bra and panties. She then reached for Matt?s shirt and began to gracefully lift it over his head. She tripped in doing so, causing her to fall into his bare chest. Out of instinct Matt reached around and accidently grabbed her ass.

Both of them apologized as Katie quickly moved away and Matt quickly removed his hands from her body. ?It seems like you guys have a knack for running into each other today, but that was very erotic, thank you for the view. Now Katie, I will take Matt?s shirt, continue and remove Matt?s pants.?

Katie hand Mrs Applewood Matt?s shirt and then nervously knelt before Matt and slowly undid his pants and began pushing them towards the floor. As she did she noticed the bulge in Matt?s shorts growing with a wet spot in front of his boxers.

Matt stepped out of his pants and Katie handed Mrs Applewood Matt?s pants and placed them on her desk with Katie?s clothes.

?Now class I want you to watch closely as Katie and Matt continue to arouse us. Matt remove Katie?s bra so we can see her lovely breast,? instructed Mrs. Applewood. Katie wanted to cry but she was brave and stood still as Matt reached behind her to unclasp her bra. He slowly slid the bra down her arms and off, revealing her breast for all to see. ?Lovely Matt, please give me Katie?s bra as you remove her reveal to us Katie?s pussy as your remove her panties.?

Matt knelt before Katie again and hooked his fingers into the waisteband of Katie?s panties as he slowly lowered her panties down her legs revealing to the class Katie?s beautiful pussy.

Matt handed Mrs Applewood Katie?s panties and placed them with the rest of their clothes that were piling up on Mrs Applewood?s desk.

?Katie you have a very lovely body, you have nothing to be ashamed about thank you,? said Mrs Applewood. ?Katie, please remove the rest of Matt?s clothes so we can continue with our lesson.? Katie knelt before Matt and slowly began to lower his boxers, and as she did his cock sprang out and hit her in the face as she gasped. Matt stepped out of his boxers and Katie handed Mrs Applewood his underwear.

?Let?s give Katie and Matt a hand,? said Mrs Applewood as they stood naked in front of their classmates. ?Now class, as you can see both Matt and Katie are aroused, just simply by stripping each other sexily and by being naked in front of all of you. As you can see Matt has a beautiful hard on and Katie has a dripping wet pussy. Both of which look beautiful to feast on.?

?We will continue with Matt and Katie but first I want to allow each of you to practice what you learned just now. I want all of the guys to partner with a gril in this class and I want each guy to remove the clothes from their girl partner and then I want each girl to remove the clothes of each guy.?

Everybody moved quickly until there was three girls, Amy, Illena and Kia without a boy partner. Mrs Applewood, told Illena and Kia to partner up with each other and Amy would partner with Mrs Applewood.

Each boy began removing the clothes of their female partners as Illena began removing the clothes of Kia and Mrs Applewood began removing Amy?s clothes. Once all of the girls were naked except Illena the girls began to remove the clothes of the boys and Kia began removing Illena?s clothes while Amy began removing Mrs Applewood?s clothes.

Soon the entire class was naked as Matt and Katie. And Mrs Applewood began addressing her class in all of her naked glory.

?Now Matt I want you to begin fondling and caressing Katie?s breast, instructed Mrs Applewood. Matt began to fondle Katie?s breast as Katie began to softly moan. ?Now suck on her nipples and lick her breast, continued Mrs Applewood.

As the class looked on, Mrs Applewood encouraged the class to do the same. As did Illena, Kia and Amy, including Mrs Applewood and you could her soft moans from throughout the class.

?Now Katie, I want you to sit on that table in front of the class and spread your legs wide, so we can have a good look at what a sweet pussy like your looks like,? said Mrs Applewood. Katie reluctantly complied and sat on the table in front of the class and spread her legs wide.

?Now Matt I want you to spread Katie?s pussy lips so we can see inside her pussy, continued Mrs Applewood. Matt did as he was told and knelt before Katie and began spreading her pussy lips.

?Now begin to rub her clit, like this,? Mrs Applewood got on the table too and spread her own legs and pussy as she began to rub her clit and masturbate in front of the class.

?Amy come and rub my pussy while I show Matt and Katie what to do.? Matt began rubbing Katie?s pussy as Amy knelt before Mrs Applewood and began to rub her pussy.

Both Katie and Mrs Applewood began to moan. Mrs Applewood began to instruct Matt and Amy to insert a finger or two into their pussies as they massaged their clits. Both Katie and Mrs Applewood began to moan more and more as many of the girls and gusy throughout the class began rubbing their own pussies and jacking their own cocks.

Mrs Applewood then instructed Matt to lick and suck Katie?s pussy like this, she then leaned over and began to slowly lick Katie?s pussy and sucked on her clit as she reached up and massaged Katie?s breast while Amy continued to finger fuck her own pussy.

Matt took over and began licking and sucking Katie?s pussy as Amy began licking Mrs Applewood?s pussy. Both Katie and Mrs Applewood began to squirm and moan and then all of sudden Katie and Mrs Applewood came and squirted in unison in Matt?s and Amy?s faces.

Out of breath Mrs Applewood instructed to boys in the class to practice on the girls and lick and suck their breasts and pussies. So all of the boys began to lick and uck their partners breasts and pussies as did Kia with Illena. The room began to be filled with moan and sucking sounds all throughout the room.

?Now Katie I want you to begin fondling Matt?s cock and balls and then I want you to put his cock in your moth so you can demonstrate what a blowjob looks like,? instructed Mrs. Applewood. Katie had never been with a boy before, but she knelt before Matt and grabbed his cock and began move her hand up and down his shaft and then began to fondle and caress his balls.

Mrs Applewood began instructing the girls to switch places with the boys and begin sucking their cocks.

As Matt was preparing to cum he stopped Katie and instructed Matt to sit on the table with his cock pointing up in the air. He then instructed Katie to come and sit on Matt?s cock and fuck him while facing the class.

Katie obeyed and slowly lowered her pussy onto Matt?s waiting cock and they began to fuck in front of the class. Without further instructions the girls in the class began to sit on their partner?s cocks and the sounds of fucking and moaning filled the room.

Illena and Kia moved into 69 position on the floor and began eating out each other?s pussy.

Mrs Applewood began to grind her own pussy with Amy?s pussy on the same table , next to Katie and Matt as they fucked.

All across the room you could hear the screams of orgasms as every girl and boy came with their partners.

Mrs Applewood, encouraged each st0udent to lick each other clean and to begin to get dressed as the bell should be ringing soon.

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