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Ive Never Liked My Wifes Best Friend

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My wife has a friend, Rhonda, who I?ve never liked. She?s a throwback to my wife?s younger days, and they?ve been friends since high school. I?ve always thought of her as a bad influence and more often than not my wife is drunk when they come back from one of their girl?s nights.

Rhonda has been married twice and both of the guys were good looking jerks who caused her lots of misery. I came home last Friday after just a hell of a week. More stress on the job than I was comfortable with, in fact I?d spent the last hour at work brushing up my resume. Rhonda was the last person in the world I wanted to find in my living room halfway into a bottle of wine with my wife, but I went over and gave her a kiss on the cheek and said I was glad to see her.

She?d gotten her final on the second divorce last week, and they were talking about the details, so I went into the kitchen to see if anything had been done about dinner. This latest husband was someone they?d both known in high school, and Rhonda had married him fifteen years later. I heard them giggling and leaned a little closer to the door.

?He came over last night to drop off a box of photos and one thing led to another. I sure am going to miss that cock.?

My wife said something I couldn?t catch and then I heard Rhonda again. ?It?d been months. I made him cum three times before he said he had to get back to his girlfriend. I left a nice hickey on his thigh.?

I banged around a few pots and pans and a minute later my wife came into the kitchen. ?I thought we?d take Rhonda to Superior for some margaritas and fajitas. Sound OK??

What could I do but agree? Off we went, and of course they each had three margaritas and I was driving so I stuck to one. Rhonda tried to rag me about it but shut up when I said I didn?t feel like taking a taxi. Sally was pretty loaded by the time we got home and it was clear that Rhonda wasn?t in any shape to drive. During dinner Rhonda had tried to steer the conversation to their high school exploits but Sally knew I didn?t really like to hear about them so she headed those conversations off at the pass.

When we got home though they opened another bottle of wine and asked whether I wanted to join them in the hot tub. I really felt like just going to bed and fucking but I saw that wasn?t going to happen, but then Rhonda started talking about the kinky sex she used to have with her ex and I figured they?d forgotten about the hot tub.

Apparently this guy was really into being tied up and tying her up and she?d gotten a taste for the whole dom/sub thing. I could imagine anyone wanting to beat this woman, but despite my dislike of her I started listening and asking questions. This guy who she?d just divorced had been captain of the football team and seemed an unlikely sort of guy to enjoy being tied up, but hey I guess it takes all kinds. My wife was really into the details as well and I could tell was getting a little excited. I figured I might get some later after all.

Rhonda said, ?I should show you guys. All the stuff is in the back of the van. Come on help me bring it in.?

Now I was getting worried and started making noises that it was late and I planned golf in the morning. Sally was gung ho though and the two of them were out in the garage and then in through the door with a thing that looked like a short hobby horse with a top about six inches wide covered in padded red leather. There were also side supports and ring bolts all over the thing. Sally was carrying a canvas bag.

They set it down in the living room and they were both laughing about it. Rhonda started unpacking restrainer bars, padded cuff, clamps and other weird stuff as well as a few dildos and plugs. I was getting a little embarrassed. Rhonda started talking about her ex and then she inadvertently dropped the bombshell. She looked at Sally and said, ?You remember how big his cock was??

They then both stopped and looked at me and I just raised an eyebrow. Or at least I thought I had, because I had also kept on drinking wine after we?d gotten home, so I wasn?t sure. Sally said, ?I fucked Mark a few times fifteen years ago, so no big deal right??

Rhonda snorted, ?A few times. I mean we fucked him a few times together, and then remember that night when he brought over those two guys and we did them all??

Sally looked stricken; we?d never talked about our sex lives before we met each other. There was an uncomfortable moment of silence and then Rhonda said, ?Man I?ve got a big mouth don?t I??

I had to laugh. Sally said, ?OK how about that hot tub??

She went to get towels and I went to put on a bathing suit. When I got back outside both of them were up to their necks. Rhonda said, ?You?re overdressed. I didn?t have a suit so we?re nakey.?

I stepped into the hot tub with my suit on anyway. I didn?t feel like inviting comparisons to her big cocked ex anyway, but I was a little buzzed and trying to figure out a way to get Sally to talk about her gang-bang. Coincidentally I?d talked to her about having multiple partners in a love making session a few weeks ago, but that was just play stuff.

The water was really hot. Rhonda looked at me and said, ?I?ll bet you?d like to hear about our gang-bang.?

That was one of the things that really irritated me about the woman, the way she could latch onto something. I said, ?Sure if you?d like to tell the story.?

?Well you?ve got to remember that we were young and wild. John had come over to our apartment and we were getting ready to go out so we were running around naked. At that time we?d both fucked him, but I was going out with him, and he said we looked good enough to eat.?

She looked at Sally, who said, ?I can?t believe you?re telling this story. It was a crazy time right??

They continued on with the details, which got pretty good. I also didn?t know that my wife had gone down on a woman, but that had happened that night. I wondered whether she?d been back for repeats more recently. The wine bottle was empty and Rhonda said she was going for more. I?d never seen her naked before. Her boobs were larger than I thought and I wondered if she had implants, because her ass was high and firm and her hips were thin. Sally had a much more womanly shape. Sally watched me watching her walk towards the door.

She leaned in towards me and kissed me on the mouth. ?You?re not upset hearing about my youthful adventures are you??

I found my hand grabbing her boob and felt her hands pulling my trunks down and squeezing me. She pushed me up onto the side of the Jacuzzi and took me in her mouth and that was how Rhonda found us. I watched her walking from the door, her big boobs swaying as she walked the wine bottle held by its neck in one hand.

Now, I like a good blow job, but I?ve never been able to cum from having my dick sucked. I don?t know why, though I did have a weird experience in my formative years. Anyway, Sally was going to town and I was enjoying it, but then Rhonda was standing beside her looking down at her blowing me and I realized she had a wineglass in one hand and her other hand was playing with Sally. Sally was starting to moan all over my cock and then she was cumming and I was afraid she was going to bite me so I pushed her off a little. She stood up and turned and kissed Rhonda right on the mouth and then she turned her around and sort of pushed her back. Angles were just right and I felt myself sliding right up Rhonda, which really caught me by surprise, but then I felt Sally licking my balls and realized she was also licking Rhonda at the same time. Rhonda started moving around. Sally was obviously doing a good job because Rhonda started cumming and her pussy started squeezing me tightly enough that I felt the cum rushing out. I jackhammered into her pussy as I filled it up, my hands going around her and squeezing those big tits. Sally never let up and kept on licking her. When I finally went soft and slipped out, I moved to the side and watched Sally clean her out completely. That was enough to make me hard again and this time Sally went for a ride while Rhonda did the oral thing. She was a little more aggressive and pulled my cock out a couple of times to deep throat me. Once she climbed up on the rim of the hot tub to stick her pussy in my face so I could lick her clit. It was a regular circus act.

I stumbled up to bed an hour later, trailed by two sleepy girls. I woke up once in the night to find them sixty-nining each other, but I was too tired to do anything but watch.

The next morning of course I missed morning golf. Both of them were pretty hung over. I went out to catch an early evening round. I stayed around for a drink at the nineteenth hole and had a hamburger before heading home. As soon as I let myself in I knew there was something weird going on.

I walked into the living room to find my wife strapped to the red hobby horse. There was a ball gag in her mouth and some guy I didn?t know was spanking her butt with a paddle while Rhonda was whipping her tits with a riding crop. There were a couple of empty wine bottles on the coffee table and a few glasses. I?d just taken in the scene when a guy came out of the downstairs bathroom, completely naked. He had the biggest, strangest cock I?d ever seen. It was thick as a coke can, looked to be about eight inches long and curved up. The head was even thicker than the shaft and looked purple. I was so busy looking at his cock that I didn?t notice his face, but then he said, ?Hi Rob.?

It was Rhonda?s ex, Mark, the big cocked football player. I had no idea who paddle boy was, but then I was distracted when a girl came out of the kitchen. She was naked and stunning. Five foot eight, she was a dead ringer for Angelina. Biggish boobs with just a little sag and they bounced when she walked, long dark hair, deep brown eyes, big lips. She didn?t look a day over 21. When she turned sideways I saw the cutest bubble butt.

She looked at me and said, ?You?re the guy who doesn?t cum when his cock is being sucked?? I didn?t say anything. She grinned, ?I?ve been so looking forward to meeting you. I love sucking cock and guys always cum too soon.?

I looked at Rhonda who said, ?Sally didn?t explain the rules did she??

I must have looked completely confused. She continued. ?If I fuck her man then she has to fuck my man, or at least a guy who I tell her to fuck.? She paused as her ex kneeled on the pad sticking out of the horse. ?I?m going to take the gag out of her mouth so you can hear the noises she makes when that cock goes in.?

I watched him lean forward and run his cockhead up and down her slit. She was dripping wet. He stuck his thumb in her pussy and then smeared it on her anus before putting his thumb in. Rhonda took off the gag. Sally couldn?t se me, but she said, ?Is Rob here? Is he watching this??

Rhonda stroked her hair, ?Yes dear. Now Mark.?

I saw him slip it in, one slow inch at a time, and I think Sally started cumming when it was only half way there. Rhonda produced a pair of nipple clamps and fixed them on her nipples and then started tugging in time with Mark?s thrusts. Sally was going ?Uhhh Uhhh Uhhh.? Her whole body was trembling.

The Angelina look alike came over and, using her hands, found out that I was a little stimulated. She led me over to the sofa, dropped my pants and went to work. She was an athlete too, and at one point she supported herself upside down with her hands on my knees so I could lick her slit while she blew me. By then Mark had cum. Angelina made sure I could see the dismount. Her pussy was gaping red, and volumes of cum were streaming down her legs. Paddle boy wasted no time in taking Marks place. By the time he came Angelina had had her fill. She said, ?I just have to fuck you, but I don?t want you to cum in me. Walk over and cum in your wife when you?re ready.?

She was the tightest thing I?ve ever done. About two minutes into it I announced I wa getting close and she moved off. I swaggered it over to my wife and added my load to the others. I then unclipped her bonds and lifted her in my arms, taking her upstairs to bed. She was exhausted. I ran her a bath, using a washcloth to clean her private places, bathed and dried her and tucked her in.

Then I went down stairs and took turns fucking Angelina and Rhonda with the other two guys until midnight, when they took their red horse, cleaned up and left.

In the morning Sally was still exhausted, but she wanted to hold me close. That was fine.


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