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Interracial Mmmf

We had often talked about what it would be like to try out a swingers party and would we take part in one.Well it happened.My wife,Julie,and I were at a "Welcome Home"party for my buddies brother,who was returning home after being away in Canada for several years.While I was having a drink I got talking to a couple of young guys who had been away in Europe for a vacation.The subject of women came up and they started telling me of their experiences that they had while away on vacation.Pete,who was the older of the two,described the session that they had with a Swedish couple.He described the feelings that they had as "Astral"I then asked Pete if they ever did that here,sure we did,he said.So I asked them if they would join myself and Julie back to our home for a "drink". Ok we will, they happily said.I went over to my wife and told her what I had arranged and asked her if she was ready to try out our "fantasy". Yes, she replied,in a husky voice.When will we leave,she asked.Right now,if you want,I said.I told Pete and Art,thats the other guys name,that we were going now and for them to follow us in their car. We all arrived at my home about an hour later and my wife Julie went up stairs to "get tidied up". I poured a drink out for Pete,Art,and myself while we waited for my wife to reappear.We were engaged in small talk when the living room door opened and standing there was my wife. She had gotten "tidied up"for sure.Julie was wearing a long sheer black nightdress.She was dressed in a shiny black basque and a quarter cup bra.She was also wearing silk black stockings and a tiny G string.Well us guys just looked at first but Pete went over and stroked her hair and started to kiss her.They both then started to caress her nipples and slid their fingers into her horny cunt. Soon my wife had two cocks in her, one in her mouth one in her cunt.She loved it when both cocks cum in her at the same time.When the guys left my wife fucked me all over the house.GREAT.Next time Ill join in the fun with them.

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