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It Just Happened Part Two

After arriving at our house we opened a couple bottle of wine turned the fire place on to get everybody comfortable,and made many toasts for the new year.I had put some misltletowe on the end of a string and attached it to a yard stick.After a coulpe more toasts Donna held the mistletowe over Barb and I, so we put our wine glasses down and kissed,as we were kissing I felt Barbs mouth open and was greeted by a very wet and hot tongue. Now this began to get my cock torespond,I then grabbed the mistletowe and held it over Bob and Donna to wich they responded in a very long long mutual kiss this is so out of context for Donna but I was glad to see that she was having a good time! I then suggested we go to our bed rooms to change into our lounging suits, everbody agreed.

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