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ID At The Club

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My ex-wife, as I said in the first story, is petite, I mean by this that if she has a 32A cup that is because it is cold out and her nipples are hard. They are sensative but they really do get hard considering that she is flat. She is short and slim, very much the tom boy figure. Her eyes are beautiful and she has the looks of a model but the figure of a tom boy. She never wears a bra since she really has nothing to hold up. She wears shorts and jeans a lot and in a dress she looks great.

We went out to some clubs one night with another couple that we had known for a while. Helen and JAke were the couple's names and Sandra really admired her because she had what she called, "Boobs." Helen was a little plump and had nice 42DD tits and Jake was athletic and somehow Sandra and Helen had hit it off as friends. Sandra told me often that she would love to suck Helen's tits and eat her (Yes, Sandra is bi) and get a strap on and do her really good. Well, we went to a club that we had bnot been to and Sandra had three IDs amd still had trouble getting in the door. Finally we got in and sat at a booth and Helen had a nice thin blouse on and skirt. The bra she wore did little to cover her huge nipples that the cold air in the club made hard as rocks. Sandra had the same problem but her niples were less obvious.

We went in and had a few drinks and danced some. Jake and I were talking about play-offs and Sandra grabbed Helen's hand, "Let's dance while the boys talk. she said and they got up and danced three fast dances which looked like the drinks werer making Helen very much in the mood. I went to the band and asked to play something slow and long and they did. I heard Sandra say, "Oh come on, let's slow dance, I won't bite." and she reached out her hand and Helen took it and put her arms around Sandra's neck and Sandra put her arms around Helen's waist, Sandra taking the male role in the dance. I got the conversation from Sandra later and it went like this.

They danced and Sandra kept pulling Helen closer until their chests touched and their hips were close. Helen had her face inches from Sandra and Sandra looked at her, "You are so damn beautiful." she said. "Thank you." Helen, "You are too you know." "Yeh, but I have no tits, I think that is why I love women that are built like you Helen." Their faces were only an inch apart now and Helen said, "What do you mean, you love women that are built like me?" she said. "I mean that when I am with a woman that had a nice build like you do that it makes me feel more feminine. Most of the time I feel like a guy with no tits." Helen had almost stopped dancing and they stood in the middle of the floor arms around each other.

"What do you mean, "When you are with a woman?" Helen said. "I mean that when I am naked in bed with a woman, making love to her and she is built like you I go crazy and it makes me feel more feminine." "You make love to women?" Helen said and Sandra said that her voice was quivering. "Yes Helen and I would really love to be with you tonight." Sandra said. "You would?" Helen managed to get out. "Yes, very much." Sandra whispered to her now their mouths almost touching. Helen stood there with her lips parted the way you would just before a kiss and Sandra said, "Your lips are so beautiful, can I kiss you?" and Helen sighed and closed her eyes, "Yes." she said and Sandra pressed her mouth against Helen's and slipped her tongue in her mouth and licked all around the inside of her lips. Sandra found the bottom to the blouse that Helen wore and her hands went under it touching bard skin and then around to the front and under her breasts and massaged her tits thru the bra.

"I think that maybe we should get the guys and go to our place, would that be okay for you?" Sandra asked as she kissed her again and again. "Oh yes, please." is all that Helen could get out and they came to the booth and said, "Hey guys. lets go someplace more private." Jake smiled at me and we got up and left. Sandra insitsted on her and Helen sitting in the back so Jake and I sat up front. In the mirror I saw Sandra take off the bra Helen wore and suck her nipples and her skirt and soon the two ladies were naked in the back seat and then Helen was moaning as Sandra was eating her hairless pussy thru an orgasm. We got to our place and I opened the garage door and drove in. Sandra and Helen got out and headed to the bedroom as if on fire and left their clothes in the car. Jake and I followed and stripped and got into the bed one on each side of them, but we let the girls play. Helen kept an on-going dialog going. "Oh my god, that is so good, oh yes, do that, yes, yes, please don't stop." and so on. Sandra ate her thru several orgasms and then squatted over her face, "Time to eat me now Baby, do just like I did for you." she said and sat on her face. Soon Sandra was telling Helen how good she was licking her first pussy. Sandra got up and went to get her jumbo dildo to strap on and as Helen was reaching out for Jakes hard cock Sandra got between her legs. "This what ya looking for Hun?" Sandra said and pushed it into Helen. "Oh yes," Helen screamed as Sandra drove into all the way.

After the dildo was well used, Helen rolled over and I kissed her. Sandra reached for a hard cock to suck and Jake laid back to let her. Sandra loves sucking and swallowing and she wore Jake out. Helen whispered in my ear, "Please fuck me now, I need a real cock." I slipped into her and she convulsed with an orgasm. After several orgasms that came one after another Helen squeezed my cock with her pussy and it filled her with cum. Sandra sucked Jake till he was hard again and sat on his cock, torturing him slowly and making him beg to be made to cum. After a long time, Sandra sped up her strokes and he filled her pussy with a load.

After the night was over and we all woke up we had breakfast in the nude and Helen and Sandra went back to the bedroom to clean up. Tow hours later they came out and Helen was sore as she could possibily be. "Sandra loves using that damn dildo." Helen said. "You did not complain Dear." Sandra said to her. They smiled at each other and we all relaxed with the coolers for a while.

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