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I Learned How To Make Extra Money

So i live in Cookeville my name is Samantha Y i am 135lbs and when.i was in school to be an LPN i found alot of guys wanted to pay me to have sex with them i mean i love sex and money and clothes so as long as i had money i was good i had a bf but what he doesn't know wont hurt rite so i had my own apartment at the time and my bf was under age so he lived with his mommy so i would meet these guys at my would and invite them over after i got off they usually brought alcohol liquor or what ever then i would just give them some story on how i couldn't make rent and i needed money and would end up striping for them for a lil at first but then i would wake up in the morning naked with some guy next to me naked so i soon decided to start charging for it 1500 an hour so i bought some hot as clothes nothing sluty really just some really short shorts belly shirts high boots that came up to my knees usually i hd on so shorts that showed my ass with knee high boots and a top that barley covered mg nipples oh and no pantys and one night i was talking to this guy and his friend as they where checking out and i invited them over well they invited a few more friends and just so happened i awnsered the door in some fish nets no pantys and a tiny shirt i was embarrassed but i tryed to act like thats how i dress at home even tho u could c my shaved pussy i just smilled and said oh come in walked to the chair and sat down with my legs spread like it was normal and we all got to drinking and talking well i just started tellinf them.all how i couldn't make rent and one just came over and started rubbing my pussy and said we could all work something out and one of his friends came over to me and pulled out his cock and they all started throwing money at me so i put it ib my mouth and started sucking him off then came his friends one was a big black guy i was kind of disappointed when he pulled out an average dick but then came his white friend with a 9 inch dick i took all of them and and the 9 inches he told me he never meet a girl that could take him and i soon found out y he was thick and it took me a few min but when i got all of him in me he yelled out omg ive got it all in her i took all 5 that night puss ass mouth all at once and i made 700 gotta love horney men

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