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I sat on the stage in the middle of the swarm of people, hearing
only the sound of my heart beating loudly in my ears like wind-up drums. Boom,
boom, boom, the sound grew louder, as if an army was marching through my chest.
I nervously wiped my hair away from my damp forehead, only to have it fall
once again in wisps around my face. I saw four men in the in the crowd, eight
hungry eyes fixated on me. I took a deep breath and tried to relax, leaning my
head against the wall and spreading my legs farther apart. My eyes went back
to the group of men. Huddled closely together, studying me, I could see their
white teeth glimmer as they spoke. One man in the crowd, wearing a pair of
wrinkled khakis and a button up shirt, had his right hand in his pocket
stroking his dick. I chuckled and felt my muscles relax, wondering if he
thought he was actually being sneaky.
I looked at the clock, there was ten minutes left before we needed
to start. I scanned the large crowd, looking for Benway, but unable to locate
him. I grew nervous once again, aware that he was watching my every move from
a dark corner. I wish he had not chosen tonight to test my limits.
This was to be my third public sex show, and the crowd appeared ten
times larger than usual. I wondered if every freak in Atlanta had shown up
tonight. I looked frantically for Benway again, wishing I could see him just
once before it started. I always perform so much better after his eyes tell me
all that's expected of me. I perched on the cushioned table up on stage, my
head leaning against the wall, my legs spread apart showing my perfectly waxed
pussy. I silently wondered what percent of the audience was secretly rubbing
themselves like the man in the khaki pants. A man walked out on stage wearing
nothing but a pair of satin red boxers. He smiled and winked at me before
plopping down on the matted floor.
I attempted to block out the crowd and recall the night two months
ago when Benway first told me of his idea. He sat me on his lap, telling me
all about the sex shows.
"I want you to do it, Kas, it means a lot to me," Benway said, that
serious but sensual look on his face.
I panicked, begging him not to make me do it. Assuring him there was
no way I could have sex without him, with many other people at one time while
being watched by hundreds of others. I pleaded and begged, promising him I
would do anything else he asked of me. I knew in my heart that it was my
responsibility to do as he asked, and that he would only want me to do it more
since I was so against it.
"It would turn me on so much, Baby," He said as he pulled up my skirt
and inserted two fingers into my cunt, "and in all actuality, you shouldn't
argue with your Master, correct?"
I leaned my head against his shoulder, moaning as his expert fingers
caressed my pussy.
"Right," was my answer as my moans turned to screams.

My eyes studied the clock again, 9:55 pm, five minutes left. There
were now four of us on stage. The man in the red boxers sprawled across the
floor. I examined him. He had no hair on his chest and barely any on his
legs. His hair was black, wavy, and hung in his eyes. His face was thin, but
he appeared completely relaxed. A thin girl with long, curly auburn hair
looked at me, and she seemed overly excited for what lay ahead. I shyly
returned the smile, praying to myself that her pussy tasted good. On the
opposite side of the stage was a pubescent looking girl, she hardly looked
older than seventeen. She wore nothing but a lavender camisole and a matching
thong. She looked frightened and nervous as my eyes met hers. I patted the
soft table next to me, telling her to come sit down. I watched her long legs
as she walked toward me, looking thankful and freshly innocent as her light
brown hair fell loosely around her shoulders. She raised her small body onto
the table, taking her right hand and straightening out the leather slave collar
I wear around my neck.
Suddenly I spotted Benway in the front row, as though he'd heard my
silent pleas. He smiled at me and nodded his head, holding two of the fingers
on his right-hand straight up, his sign for me to stand. He was ready for the
show to begin. My body relaxed and I felt moist between my legs, tonight I
would make him proud. I slid off the table, feeling the light blonde tail fall
between my legs and tickle my thighs. My tail always gets a reaction from any
onlooker. I stood before the audience in nothing but a see through white dress
that barely covers my ass, and the blonde butt plug that hung between my legs.
The rest of the cast had appeared: two men, both completely naked.
One man was blonde with thick hair that hung to his shoulders, and an overly
thin body. I had visions of snapping him in half as I quickly looked away.
The other, with thin red hair, had broad shoulders with thick forearms. His
eyes looked friendly as he eyed the audience. I began to shake, realizing
there were more men this time. The last two shows I had gotten out of any
direct contact with the males. I consumed the women like a hungry wolf, only
because it felt more comfortable.
My eyes returned to Benway, who gave me an encouraging smile as he
rubbed his cock through his jeans. I felt dizzy and felt my pussy moisten even
more, studying his hand. He then rubbed his palms together, my sign to remove
my clothing, and I immediately slipped my dress off over my head as the
background music came on.
The girl with auburn hair turned toward me, allowing her blue robe to
fall to her feet as she walked my way. Her breasts were small with large dark
nipples, and the hair on her pussy was thick and black. She walked slowly in
my direction, swaying her hips so much I thought she might fall over. She
rubbed the bulges of the two men as she passed them, then stuck her left
pointer finger into her pussy and took a lick. I eyed the audience, attempting
to get one last look at Benway before he got swallowed up by the crowd. I
silently wondered whose hand would get him off as he watched me up on stage.
I now stood before the girl as she pulled on my slave collar, jerking
my head forward. Her other hand went to my nipple rings, and I bit the inside
of my lip as she tugged and pulled on the thick silver hoops. I slid my hand
in between her legs, feeling the hair poke my fingers as I found the way to her
clit, already saturated. She raised herself onto the cushioned table, grabbing
a fistful of my champagne blonde hair and shoving my face into her pussy.

The hairless man in the red boxer shorts went to the young girl in the
lavender, ripping her thong off and pulling out his cock. She winced and
attempted to pull away, looking as if she was ready to run off the stage. I
watched as the stranger pulled her toward him, removing her camisole. I
continued eating auburn's wet pussy, moving my tongue back and forth over her
clit, feeling her legs shake with each whip of my tongue, as I watched the
couple next to me.
I wondered why the young girl looked so nervous, her face was pale and I
could see her small body tremble. Her skin appeared soft, and her breasts were
firm and seemed too large for her body. She sat with perfect posture, legs
closed, as she looked at the man. He took her left nipple in his mouth and I
watched his cock get hard.
Suddenly, I was blinded by a surge of pain and excitement that ripped
through my body like a sword as the man with broad shoulders shoved a
way-to-large dildo into my pussy. My eyes rolled back into my head, I felt
light-headed as the beat of the music circled in my brain and the large dildo
moved in and out. The man pulled me away from auburn and lowered me to the
floor, expertly working the tool and moving my butt plug around with the other
hand. I felt his thick cock rubbing against my thigh as he worked.
I looked up at the puerile girl in the lavender, realizing why she had
been so nervous. The man in the red boxers with his cock sticking out like an
animal was rubbing her clit, and below his fingers a tampon string dangled from
her pussy. I could hear her moan, and getting carried away by the man's hands.
She was slowly grinding her pelvis up and down against his stomach. His cock
was being sucked by the emaciated man. His bony head moved back and forth
expertly, as he deep throated with ease I envied. He stroked his dick with his
left hand, moving it in a circular motion, stretching the skin so hard that it
had to hurt.
I felt myself getting wetter as the dildo got pushed in harder and
harder, and the sounds of my wet pussy filled the overcrowded room. I scanned
the audience for Benway, knowing the moment I laid eyes on him I would cum. He
stood in the second row, watching intently, and I could see a female head
bobbing to the beat of the music. He smiled, puckered his lips, and an orgasm
ripped through my body. My pelvis lifted up off the floor as I grabbed my
tits, playing with my rings. I felt wetness splash down my thighs as I began
to relax; my legs spread apart as the man licked up the mess I made on my legs.
My attention then went back to the young girl and the man with the red
boxers. He had his finger in her ass, moving it in and out quickly. Auburn
lay with her head in the girl's lap, fingering her own pussy. The man licked
the girl's clit, taking the tampon string in his mouth and gently pulling, then
allowing it to drop again. The girl's hips began to move faster and faster,
forgetting all about her reasons to be self-conscious. He then put the tampon
string in his mouth once again, pulling it out with his teeth. He stood facing
the audience, looking like he had won a wrestling match, as the crimson tampon
dangled from his mouth. He then hurled it to the corner of the stage, turning
towards the girl and thrusting his hard cock into her ever ready sea of warmth.
Her screams filled the room, echoing over and over.

The anorexic man was sucking the cock that belonged to the man with broad
shoulders. I felt someone playing with my tail, and realized it was the thin
man. I watched as his head moved back and forth to the music, with my tail in
his hands. I had visions of picking him up and twisting him like a pretzel,
sending a moaning, bony head flying into the audience, blood and brains
splattering everywhere. Another wave of pain rushed through me. Bony had
pulled out my butt plug in one swift movement. He wrapped the tail around his
own minuscule cock, then placed the butt plug in his ass. He moaned with pain,
looking at me with a beastly face, as though he had read my thoughts. I felt
instantly ashamed and turned my face away, only to have a dick stuck down my
throat. The guy with the broad shoulders held onto my head, ramming his dick
down my throat over and over. His pace only continued to quicken, and I was
unable to breathe as I attempted not to gag. I could feel my pussy moistening
once again, with the repetitive movements forcing me to submit.
I looked to my right. Red Boxers was fucking the minor with amazing
force, his left hand on her hip, his right hand balled into a fist. His fist
slid in and out of auburn with ease. It looked like a magic trick, now you see
my fist, now you don't. Auburn screamed out in pleasure, her own hands around
her throat, binding herself until she turned a dark purple.
My face instantly stung like thousands of needles as the man smacked
me hard across the face and forced me to take his cock in my mouth once more. I
gagged and attempted to catch my breath, beginning to feel nauseous. I could
feel the size of his dick grow every time it hit the back of my throat. He
moved to lie on his back, easily moving my body on top of his. I rubbed my
clit on his leg, working my way up to his cock. I felt the softness slip easily
into my wet pussy, and the man let out a soft moan, rubbing my body all over,
as though he would devour me. He pulled my head to his chest, and lifted my ass
in the air. I screamed as I felt a cock enter my ass, trying to compose myself
after the sharp pain. I held my ass out in the air as the man under me moaned
and pushed his dick into me over and over. I wondered whose cock was behind
me, swimming in and out of my ass like a fish. The pain began to fade, and I
could feel myself ready to cum, overwhelmed and a tad ashamed for taking two
men at one time.
I searched for Benway again, wishing he would come up and rescue me,
only to take me himself. He stood in the crowd with a pretty blonde girl
hunched over in front of him. All I was able to see was the top of her head,
his eyes fixated on me as he repetitively pulled her hips toward him. I could
see sweat glisten on the top of his head as he stared into my eyes. I came
hard again, screaming as my head reeled around and around. Auburn was sitting
on broad shoulder's face, grinding her pussy into his mouth. I could see fluid
from her shining all over his chin, and I bent down to help him lick.

Moans began to fill the room. I looked into the audience to see many
people jerking off. I continued to look, when warm sperm splashed into my
mouth from a man in the audience. He stood directly in front of me, with gray
hair and a gray beard. He smiled and mouthed the words 'thank you'. I quickly
looked away, wiping my mouth with my hand and wishing I could rid myself of the
sour taste. The beating to my ass continued to quicken as I felt bony hips hit
against my ass. I was then warmed with cum all over my back, and I sighed with
relief as I let my butt relax. I began to ride broad shoulders harder, feeling
his cock grow in my tight wet pussy. He began to moan and I removed myself
from him as he came, laying myself onto the floor in exhaustion. Auburn bent
over and took his condom off with her mouth, and began to suck. She started to
writhe with pleasure as she bucked like a horse, leaving a wet glaze all over
his face while she screamed.
The crowd was thinning quickly. I lay on the floor, every muscle in my
body screaming at me. I felt cold due to the wetness on my back that was no
longer warm, and let my eyes follow the minor as she pulled her lavender thong
and camisole back on too her rode hard body. My head was swimming, and I lay
motionless, waiting for Benway to come get me. The mat under me felt sticky
and uncomfortable, and it smelled like sex. I rubbed my hand through my matted
blonde hair, yearning for a shower.
Large hands came up behind me with a warm cloth, wiping my back and my
clammy face. Then the cloth went to my pussy and wiped up all the excess mess,
while I felt soft kisses on the back of my neck. My arms were raised, and my
white dress was slowly put back on my naked body. I was raised to my feet, and
turned around. I leaned my head against Benway as he pulled my dress down the
rest of the way and wiped the hair out of my eyes. He walked me off the stage
and sat me on his lap in a large chair, pulling me close to him. I put my arms
around his waist, squeezing tight.
"My Kas is such a good girl," Benway said as he rocked me, "such a good
little slave, such a perfect slut." I pulled him closer to me with a content
smile. He then raised me to my feet and took me home.

End of Story

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