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Hedo III FF & GB

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The Mrs. and I have been in the lifestyle for quite a few years so we?ve had a number of ?nights to remember?. There are a few which really stand out though and this is one of those. We had gone to Hedo III a few years back, before it was closed down. We went during the off season so we weren?t really expecting a whole lot?just some relaxing times with a possibility of more thrown in. Pretty much got what we expected! The first five days were pretty slow. On Wednesday, though, another couple showed up who we were instantly hot for! Very attractive but definitely approachable and friendly. Game on! lol

They were quite a bit younger than us but we?ve never had a problem with that. Rarely does anyone guess at our actual ages. We both work out religiously and take very good care of ourselves. Ann is a spinner?5 foot tall, 100 lbs., with a great ass and legs. Smaller breasts but her nipples are about ¾ inch when aroused. VERY suckable!!! She is also very bi and she wanted Britta, the lady from the other couple, bad!

Anyway, that night we approached them at the disco and had a great time. The guy?s name was Ted and she, as mentioned earlier, was Britta. They were in their late 20s compared to our mid 40s. Didn?t seem to bother them any so, naturally, it was no problem for us! ;-) We did, however, have our work cut out for us! Turns out that they were first timers and were just checking out the waters, so to speak. Britta found women attractive and was very curious about being with a woman. This, of course, had Ann smiling. She loves to break in the new ones!!! We sensed that they were just about ready but didn?t push too hard. We said good night and left them to think about it.

The next day we ran into them down at the nude beach and spent the day drinking, talking and, eventually, flirting. There are times when everyone clicks and this was one of those times! That night we met them at the restaurant then to the disco for a night of dancing. By now Ann had definitely gotten Britta much hotter to the idea of the two of them getting busy! They spent much of the night on the floor, in each other?s arms kissing, licking, nibbling and all sorts of other naughty behavior. Eventually the two of them walked back over to where Ted and I were and told us that they wanted to go somewhere more private. Ted and I looked at each other with big smiles on our face and off we went.

Britta had a certain vision of the way she wanted her first time with a woman to go. It involved being outdoors and a hot tub. We wandered around looking for a private hot tub. There are a few scattered throughout the property but they all seemed to be taken. Some of the larger, less private tubs seemed to have an inordinate number of single guys at them so we continued to look. As we walked around the ladies continued to explore each other?kissing, holding, etc. Of course this didn?t help with attracting the attention of the SMs! A couple of times we were followed for a short distance until we made it clear that we weren?t looking to play with any of them. We finally found one that was fairly private, stripped down and climbed in. It was the tub in the quad but, amazingly, nobody seemed to be around. The ladies went down to the far end and started getting to some serious love making. Ann got Britta seated up on the edge. She was kissing and sucking on her neck as she used her hands to explore Britta?s body. Britta was leaning away with her head thrown back, supporting herself on her arms. Ann slowly allowed her mouth to move down Britta?s body, tracing small circles with her tongue and occasionally lightly nipping her with her teeth. Ann?s tongue began to circle Britta?s nipples and, as she sucked a nipple into her mouth, Britta shuddered and let out a quiet moan.

It was about then that Ted and I noticed a group of four men heading over our way. From the way they were looking our way, we could tell they were coming over to get a closer look. There was no way I was going to let them screw up the girl?s time so I got up and moved to intercept. As I approached them, you could tell they knew why I was on my way and were bummed. ?Hey guys. How you doin??? One of them answered, ?We?re good. Looks like you?re doing better than us though!?They all laughed. I explained to them what was going on and that we?d appreciate it if they?d let the ladies alone to have their fun. They asked if it was cool that they watch from where they were and as we didn?t seem to be bothering the ladies any at this distance, I said it would be okay. All of the guys we had seen that night seemed to be in their 20s with short hair. They all seemed to be in good shape and, as they continued to talk, I got the impression that they may be military. ?Hey guys, I?ve noticed a ton of single men here tonight. Is there something going on?? They told me that they were in the navy and had been deployed for almost a year. They had gotten back recently and some of them had decided to go check out the famous Hedo resort. They said that there was about 20 of them there for the weekend. Being a Marine myself, we exchanged some of the mandatory USMC/USN jokes for a few minutes. I then told them that I wanted to get back over for a closer look at the ladies. Knowing Ann, I knew she would be okay with the deal I was thinking about so I made them a proposal. I told them that, if they would run security for me, I was sure that Ann would make their trip to Hedo worth it! They readily agreed. I also told them not to be running around looking for their buddies! She wouldn?t be able to handle all 20 of them!!! From the way they laughed, I could tell that was exactly what they had been planning on doing!

I returned to the tub with my perimeter security set and continued to enjoy the show. Ann had her face buried between Britta?s legs and was slowly running the flat of her tongue up and down her slit. Britta was moaning and each time Ann?s tongue curled up at the top to flick the clit, Britta?s moan would get louder. Ann wrapped her left arm under Britta?s leg and pulled up the hood to reveal her hard little clit. Ann slipped two of the fingers on her right hand into Britta?s pussy and began to slowly slide them in and out. Her mouth moved in to cover the clit and she gently sucked on it, causing Britta to shudder. I noticed that Ted had moved closer to get a better view. He had a raging hard on and was stroking it rhythmically as he watched. Ann pulled her mouth off of Britta slightly and began to rapidly flick her tongue up and down on Britta?s clit. Britta was looking down at Ann, watching her clit get licked for the first time by a woman. Ann had curled her fingers up and was massaging the g-spot as she continued to flick her tongue over the clit. Her breathing picked up and I could see her abs starting to contract. Suddenly she threw her head back and moaned out loudly, shuddering with her climax. She lifted her hips up off of the ground, driving her pussy up onto Ann?s mouth. Ann rode it out as she gently sucked on Britta?s clit.

Britta finally collapsed back onto the deck around the tub and started to giggle. Ted jumped up onto the deck next to her. He was quickly stroking his cock and we could tell he wanted to cum right now. Ann looked up at him as she continued to slowly massage Britta?s g-spot. She then looked down at Britta and asked if it was okay for Ted to cum in her mouth. Britta laughed and said sure with a smile on her face. Ann opened up her mouth to accept Ted?s cock into it. Within seconds, Ted moaned out loudly and shot his load into her mouth. He was hung with an average size cock so that wasn?t a problem, but later Ann told me that it was a HUGE load that he shot into her mouth! She swallowed much of it but some ran down her chin as he pulled his cock out of her mouth. Ann climbed up onto Britta and began to deeply kiss her, sharing both Ted?s cum and her own pussy juices with Britta. I could also see her fingers still expertly sliding in and out of Britta?s pussy.

Britta began to sit up and as she did, Ann let her face slide back down to her pussy. Britta laughed and, tried to push Ann?s face off of her. She said that she thought she had to pee but that she would be right back. Ann looked up at her and asked Britta if she trusted her new mentor. Britta laughed and told her yes but she felt like she had to pee. Ann told her to stay put as she began to rapidly spin her fingers around Britta?s pussy walls. A friend of mine called this the ?Tornado Twister? and had showed the technique to me. Of course I had passed it on to Ann. LOL I could see Britta?s face going back and forth between concern and pleasure as she tried to surrender to the feelings but was afraid that she was going to pee on Ann. Ted was relaxing and not totally paying attention so I nudged him and gestured that he should watch. Ann changed her technique and began to finger fuck Britta harder. Not in and out but up and down with her fingers hooked up behind the top of the pussy. Suddenly Britta shuddered again, moaning loudly and spraying juices up Ann?s arm. Ann continued to slam her fingers up and down as spray after spray shot out of Britta?s pussy. Britta?s head was whipping back and forth. ?Oh, my God! Oh, my God!? ?Fuck yeah!!!? Once again she relaxed back onto the deck.

I looked over at Ted. He seemed to be in shock. Britta sat up and looked at Ann. Ann had juices all over her tits and face. She said, ?Oh my God that was so great! I am so sorry! I told you I had to go!? Ann laughed and looked a little surprised. She realized that Britta had never squirted before! She told her not to worry and that she hadn?t peed on her. She told her about squirting. She said that she could feel a swelling inside that told her that Britta might be a squirter and she had gone for it. If she didn?t believe her she could lick Ann?s tits and see for herself! With that Ann wiped some off of herself and sucked it off of her fingers. Ted started laughing and told us that we HAD to show him how to do that! He was already hard again from watching! Oh to be in my 20s again!

It was at that point that I remembered my security. Looking over, I noticed that a few more guys were talking to them. Oh well?anything for our servicemen! I told Ann about the deal I had made with my security crew and told her about their deployment, etc. I also told her that it was four guys, not the seven she was looking at. She replied that it was okay with her as soon as Britta and her were done. As Britta?s mentor, she felt it was her duty to instruct her student in the proper way to pleasure a woman! I laughed at her sacrifice and told her to get to work!

Ann turned back to Britta and began to kiss her passionately. As things heated up, she guided Britta?s hand down to her own pussy and slid Britta?s fingers in. Britta began to slide her fingers in and out of Ann?s pussy. Ann pushed her pussy up against Britta?s and began to hump up against her. Their two pussies and Britta?s hand and fingers got into a rhythm. Soon both of the ladies were moaning as they ground themselves against each other. Ann turned her back to the edge of the tub and slowly slid herself up onto it. She gently pushed Britta?s head down to her nipples, where Britta began to suck on first one, then the other. Ann was cupping the back of her head and had her eyes closed with her head thrown back. Britta was still fingering Ann as Ann softly gave her instructions. Britta licked her way down over Ann?s stomach and began to lick Ann?s wet pussy. Ann has large pussy lips and Britta was gently sucking them into her mouth and then releasing them. She looked as though she was giving head as she slid her lips up and down on Ann?s lips. She then slipped her tongue in between the lips and into the pussy. Ann gasped slightly with a small spasm running through her body.

Ted had seated himself next to the two of them and was, once again, stroking his cock. Britta saw this out of the corner of her eye and, taking Ann?s hand, placed it on his cock. Ann was busy focusing on her own pleasure but began to leisurely play with Ted?s cock as she enjoyed having her pussy licked. Assured that her man was enjoying himself, Britta got back to licking Ann?s pussy. She still had her fingers in Ann?s pussy and, following Ann?s instructions was curling her fingers up to massage Ann?s g-spot. Ann reached down with her free hand and lifted and spread the hood over her clit. Her large hard clit popped out from under and she told Britta to focus on it. Britta was told to lightly flick her tongue up and down alternating with back and forth. She commenced to licking Ann?s clit and Ann responded. She began to moan louder and was moving her body languidly. She arched her back as she told Britta to increase her pressure but continue to lick rapidly. Britta did so and very soon Ann let out a loud moan and arched her back violently with her orgasm. She grabbed the back of Britta?s head and pulled it into her pussy hard. She relaxed then as she said, ?Oh fuck! That was great!!!? ?You?re a natural Britta!? They both laughed.

Ted was sitting there beside them and pointed out his condition to the two of them. He was hard as a rock and needed some release! The girls laughed again, shrugged their shoulders and got to work. Britta bent over at the waist and began to suck Ted?s balls. Ann leaned over from alongside him and began to lick up and down the shaft of his cock. From where I was, I had a great view of Britta?s ass. I don?t normally do this until I really know someone but I?d been drinking some and it looked great, so?I leaned over and started to rim Britta?s ass. She had mentioned earlier that she loves this so?hey, always trying to please the ladies! lol I slipped my finger into her pussy and continued to lick her asshole, She was pushing her ass back into my face trying to get my tongue as deep into her ass as she could.

It was at that point that one of the guys walked over and asked if it would be okay if they joined us then. I laughed and said, ?Sure the FOUR of you are welcome to join us.? He said that a few more of his friends had shown up and were we sure they couldn?t join us. I told him no. Ann wasn?t about to take on all seven of them. At that point, Britta mumbled something to Ted. He nodded and she told the guy, Mike, to bring over his friends. Ann said she was okay with that as long as Britta was going to help. Mike waved over the guys and they almost ran over, dropping clothes as they moved. I looked over at Ted and asked him if he was sure they were ready for this. He said he thought he was and that there was only one way to find out! I answered that they were going to have a hell of a first time to remember! We all laughed and the good times continued!

Ann was bent over on her knees sucking down Ted?s cock. Britta was standing in the tub bent over and leaning over with her hands on the side as I continued to lick her asshole and pussy from behind. As the guys got there, I figured that I had better claim my spot. I stood up and started rubbing my hard cock head along the lips of Britta?s pussy. I wanted to let her know my intentions, as this was going to be the first cock she had taken other than Ted?s since they were married. She looked back at me and I could tell she was still unsure. I told her that she could still say no and that I would stop. She reached back between her legs to grab my cock and smiled. She had been seeing me nude for the last couple of days but had not yet seen me hard. She had commented a couple of times about the size of my flaccid cock but seemed surprised. I am about 8? long but I am also very thick. She slowly rubbed my cock head along her lips and then started to pull me into her wet cunt. She gasped slightly as the head popped in and I continued to slowly slide the length of my cock into her. I started my rhythm, sliding my cock in and out of her hot pussy.

As I was fucking Britta, I had a perfect view of Ann. I love to watch her fuck! I love to watch her use those little tricks that she uses on me on other men. The look they get as she does something that they?ve never had done in quite that way before! The look she gets when a man does something to her that she?s never had done quite that way to her. When she orgasms as a man uses his own little tricks to get her there! HOT!!! Mike had already gotten in behind Ann?s upturned ass and was sliding his thick dick in and out of her wet pussy. He was already hitting the short strokes. I guess watching us and being at sea for awhile had taken their toll on his stamina! I made a joke that a Marine would definitely have lasted longer than he was going to! The guys laughed. Mike then grabbed Ann?s hips and stopped her from moving, so that he wouldn?t cum yet. The male ego is such a fragile thing! LOL It wasn?t going to work though! Ann is able to work her pussy muscles in such a way that she can milk a cock. There is a tell tale little movement that her hips make when she does it and she was doing it now. I could see Mike?s face as he tried to retain control but Ann?s muscles were contracting and relaxing on his cock, which was buried to the hilt in her pussy. He groaned as he lost control and started to fuck Ann hard from behind, slapping his hips up against her ass. He yelled out loudly as he shot his hot load deep into her twat. Ann moaned onto Ted?s cock which was also buried deep into her mouth. She had her mouth opened wide against his stomach with his cock head buried deep in the back of her throat. She was making gagging sounds but hanging in there. Just as Mike slowed his rhythm down, Ted yelled out and shot his load into Ann?s mouth. With the pressure from behind letting up, she was able to lift her head up slightly, clamp her lips onto the shaft and suck hard, swallowing every last drop.

I was still fucking Britta hard from behind, giving her a reach around and playing with her clit. One of the sailors had stepped in front of her and had his hard cock in front of Britta?s face. He was a black guy named Chris and was proof of the BBC myth being not always true. His cock was about 6? but it was pretty thick. Britta looked up at him. I leaned forward over her back and told her again that she only had to do what she wanted. She can say no at anytime. I knew she had never been with a black guy from earlier talk. She seemed to overcome her reticence and slid her lips over Chris?s cock. She now had her first black man in her mouth and the first cock other than her husband?s in years in her pussy! I thought to myself?well I guess they?re okay with the lifestyle. They better be! lol I noticed a change in Britta?s movement as soon as the cock was in her mouth. She had been slamming her ass back into me with long movements. She now was shortening up her stroke and I could feel her pussy contracting slightly. She slammed back into me one last time, burying me to the hilt in her cunt as she moaned loudly around Chris?s cock. I continued to rub her clit quickly while she continued to cum. I could feel her juices running down over my balls and I almost lost control myself. Chris then grabbed Britta?s hair and started face fucking her. He moaned as he began to shoot his load into her mouth. She pulled away and he shot the rest of his load into her face.

In the meantime, Ann was now lying on her back. The other black guy in the group, Mo, was between her legs and rubbing his cock head up and down the wet slit there. Unlike Chris, he did fulfill the myth! We don?t find a lot of cocks bigger than mine and when we do, Ann makes sure to sample it! LOL I?m guessing Mo to be about 9? and about as thick as I am. Ann looked up at Mo and said, ?Well, are you going to fuck me or not!?!? I laugh?she can be very out spoken sometimes! Mo answers her. ?Oh yeah?I?m going to fuck you good!? With that, he slides his cock all the way into her. She digs her heels into his ass and starts lifting herself into him, fucking him as she hangs underneath. He starts fucking her back. God, that is SO fucking hot!!!

Britta looks back at me. She still has Chris?s spew running down her face. ?I want to ride you! Get up on the side!? I say, ?Well, yes Ma?am!? I climbed up on the side as she wiped off her face and climbed up on top of me. She stood over me and lowered herself down onto me. The length of my cock slowly disappeared in to her wet pussy. She balanced herself and begins to do flat footed squats up and down my cock. It is so hot watching her slide up and down the length of my dick! Ann is lying next to us with her feet held up over her head by a couple of the other guys as Mo slams his huge cock in and out of her. The guys holding her feet are both stroking their cocks over Ann. Does it get any hotter than this!?! One of the guys holding her feet can?t hold it any more. He releases her foot and straddles her face. He squeezes her small tits together as well as he can and starts rubbing his dick in between them. Immediately he shoots a big load allover her tits. He backs himself up, rubbing his balls over her face and squeezes the last few drops into her mouth. She sticks out her tongue and catches them. This proves to be too much for Mo. He slams his big cock into her pussy as he yells out in pleasure. His hot load hits the far end of her cunt and she moans out loudly as she cums hard on his big black cock!

I?m also getting to the point of no return as Britta continues to slide her twat up and down on my cock. I grab hold of her hips and drive myself up into her as hard as I can. I can feel a massive load filling her up. I rolled her over onto her back. I could tell she was almost there so I started to fuck her again before I went soft. I made sure the angle was right so that I was rubbing her clit with each stroke. I?m thick enough that, with the right angle her clit actually gets dragged in some for more intense contact. Her pussy started contracting and then her whole body spasmed with her orgasm. I felt like I was being soaked and, looking down, realized that Britta had squirted again on my cock! Her whole body was spasming and she had both her arms and legs wrapped tightly around me. HOT!!! When she relaxed I pulled out and saw my load leaking out of her along with her juices. That was great and I was spent for the moment.

Looking over at Ann, she had extra guy #1 on his back and was mounted on him reverse cowboy style. Never did get the names of the extra three guys! lol She was rubbing her cunt back and forth on his hard cock. There was cum and juices there to lube everything up nice and wet. She leaned back some so that his cock was now sliding up and down the crack of her ass. Ann layed back against his chest and, reaching down, started rubbing his cock head against her little asshole. She pushed and popped the head into her ass. She then came up onto her feet and started to ride his cock up and down in her asshole. Pretty soon she was fucking him hard, her ass cheeks slapping down against him. He had his hands wrapped around her, keeping her balanced on him and was playing with her tits. I could see that she was tweaking her nipples pretty hard and knew she was loving it! In minutes the guy moaned and lifted his hips up to get all the way into her ass. She told me later how she could feel his giant load shoot up into her and it triggered another small orgasm in her as she rubbed her clit.

In the mean time I had moved out of the way so that extra guy #2 could enter Britta. I looked over to see that Ted was watching his wife with a small smile on his face as he played slowly with his cock. Looked like they were going to be fine with all this! Whereas a lot of single guys in this situation are all about getting themselves off, this guy seemed on a whole different thing. As he slid his cock into her wet cum filled pussy, he laid himself forward so that they were pressed against each other. He was kissing her neck, ears and lips as he slowly rotated his hips slowly. She was responding in kind?nibbling on his ears and neck as he fucked her. I hesitate to use the word fuck though. I thought to myself that I wished this was Ann under this guy! He was definitely working it. In stead of pumping in and out, he was circling his hips around in an ever quicker pattern. She was moaning louder as he picked up speed. Shortly both of them spasmed in simultaneous orgasms.

Ann had slid down off of extra guy #1?s cock. She was still lying between his legs on her back, cradled by his thighs. Her eyes were closed and her head was layed back on his stomach as Dan, the last of the first 4 guys I had met, was licking her pussy. He must have been doing a pretty good job because, in spite of all the action she had been through that night, she was responding. She reached down and started pulling Dan up onto her as the guy under her wriggled out from under. As Dan got in line with her pussy she got a puzzled look on her face. Nobody else would?ve noticed but I did. She sat up and pressed herself up against Dan as she reached down between them. Seeing as how Britta was still underneath the man she had just done, extra guy #3 had come over by Ann to watch as he stroked his cock. Unfortunately for Ann I could see that it was very small?maybe 5? but very thin! To make matters worse, Ann had slid down Dan?s body and was sucking a cock that was about the same size! 6? but just as thin! She is a bit of a size queen and prefers the big ones but she always wants to make sure that everybody has a good time. As she is sucking Dan?s cock, she reaches out and grabs #3?s cock. She pulls him in and begins to switch back and forth between the two cocks. At one point she manages to get both into her mouth at the same time. At that point, she told me later, she got an idea.

She got Dan up onto the edge of the tub and laid him on his back. She straddled him and slid his thin cock into her pussy. She then motioned for #3 to get up behind her. Having seen her take it in the ass earlier, he of course takes aim on her asshole but she grabbed him before he got there. ?I want you both to fuck my pussy!? They kind of looked at each other and she asked them if they had a problem with that. They seemed to come to an agreement of sorts and #3 slid his thin cock into her pussy. They couldn?t move very well but Ann began to move her hips, controlling the motion. I could see their cocks moving slightly in her cunt and I could tell that she was really beginning to enjoy this! Her breathing was coming faster, as was the breathing of the two guys. She had always wanted to try DVP but this was the first opportunity she had had when she knew it wouldn?t hurt her. They continued to pick up speed and were moving well together. The two cocks inside of her pussy were really doing it for her. All three were moaning. Ann came first. She spasmed and arched her head back as she yelled out, ?Oh fuck yeah!? ?Fuck me good!? ?Oh fuuuuccckkk!!!? At that, #3 drove into her hard and shot his load into her and Dan yelled out with his own orgasm. They were both shooting their loads into her as she continued to yell out in pleasure. Their orgasms seemed to last for minutes. Ann continued to fuck them both, gyrating her hips on both those cocks. Finally one by one their cocks got too soft to stay in and they fell out, flaccid and spent. Cum was leaking out of Ann?s pussy in gobs. She rolled off of Dan and I could tell that she was done for the night.

Looking over at Britta, she disentangled herself from her latest lover and crawled over to where Ted and Britta were holding each other and talking softly. She wrapped herself around Britta from behind and softly kissed her on the neck. I crawled over and got behind her. After a few minutes we invited Ted and Britta up to the room to sleep. They looked at each other, laughed and said, ?Sure, why not?? We said good night and left the guys where they were. They thanked us for a great night and continued with their conversation. Over the next couple of nights, we spent some fun times with Ted and Britta. We also met a couple more of the guys? ship mates. All in all a great vacation! Going to have to call them and see if they?re looking for some company! ;)

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