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Happy Birthday! by Paul

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My wife Sondra is one incredibly sexy girl, and we sure have a great sex life together. We are always exploring each others fantasies and often turn each other on by describing what sexual situation each of us would like to get into. Up until recently, I thought that that was just what these little sessions were fantasy.

On my birthday, though, Sondra presented me with a gift that was beyond my wildest dreams. Upon arriving at her apartment for what she had termed my birthday celebration, I found her in the company of two girls I had never seen before. Carla and Susanne were introduced to me as close friends of Sondra's when she was at college the year before.

Sondra is a tall, shapely brunette with long flowing hair and deep brown eyes and her girlfriends were equally as beautiful. Carla, a cute, slim blond, was much shorter than Sondra, though just as well proportioned. Susanne had a buxom figure with a well-developed bust and ass, and long red hair reaching down past her waist. She was as tall as Sondra but of slightly heavier build, but her long legs certainly carried no excess weight. Both were wearing short, colorful party dresses that clung sensuously to their curvaceous figures.

Following the introductions, both girls returned to the couch where they had been seated when I entered, chatting back and forth with each other, and with Sondra. The birthday drinks were flowing and it appeared that the girls had started the celebration before my arrival and were now becoming slightly tipsy. Their relaxed state, induced somewhat by the alcohol, caused them to be a little careless with their posture and both were sliding progressively further down into the couch, revealing more and more of their beautiful, shapely legs. Sondra, seated on the floor at the foot of my chair, must have had a good view because neither girl was doing a good job of holding her knees together.

I decided to join Sondra on the floor, and as I settled beside her she whispered into my ear, "Enjoying the view, dear?" I smiled and nodded my new vantage point certainly affording me a better angle of observation.

"Well, Happy Birthday," she added softly into my ear. "Carla and Susanne are about to unwrap your birthday present for you themselves. Remember how you fantasized about watching two girls together? They are bisexual, and have agreed to perform for you. Enjoy!"

I gasped and returned my gaze to the couch and realized that the show had already begun. Carla had tilted her head up to receive the soft, warm parted lips that Sue had presented to her. I watched her jaw drop slightly as Sue's wet tongue probed between her lips and snaked into her hot mouth. Carla stroked her fingers across Sue's contoured hip and slid her hand gently up over the swell of her ample breast, pausing to toy with the nipple and caress it into hardness. The nipple soon pressed against the material of her dress like a miniature cock in full erection.

As their lips and tongues continued to probe, Sue slipped her hand inside the top of Carla's dress and gently massaged her small firm breast. Carla responded with a deep-throaty moan and sank even deeper into the couch, forcing her dress to ride up even higher to the top of her thighs. She then spread her thighs even wider apart, displaying her pubic mound pressing tightly against the silky material of her white panties. As Sue slid her hand inside the top of Carla's panties and started to finger her pussy I felt Sondra's hand on my thigh. "Getting turned on yet?" she asked, smiling slyly at me.

"As if you couldn't tell," I responded, as she moved her hand over my bulging penis.

"Here, let me help you with this," she offered, unzipping my pants to release my straining cock. She very slowly ran her hand up and down the shaft as my attention remained focused on the two girls on the couch. They were helping each other out of their clothes while continuing to kiss and caress each move seemingly having been practiced many times before and they were soon completely naked.

I couldn't say for sure that Carla was a natural blond because her pussy had been completely shaved, revealing her full smooth lips, shining with her love juices. Sue was definitely a true redhead, her pink pubes protruding sexily through a nest of tight and now damp red curls.

Both girls were now so turned on that they were oblivious to our presence, moaning unrestrainedly in their sexual arousal. Fingers spread cunt lips revealing the creamy depths within; nipples rubbed against nipples as Sue's large breasts crushed against Carla's little nubs; hands caressed thighs, hips and buttocks in a frenzy of activity.

Then, as if by a signal, they reversed into a sixty-nine position and furiously pushed pelvis against warm lips and tongues as each approached the pinnacle of ecstasy. While watching all of this, Sondra continued to massage my cock, which had swollen to its utmost under the delicate manipulations of her hand. Her other hand worked feverishly on her own pussy through her panties, and she was obviously as engrossed in the action on the couch as I was.

I soon felt that familiar feeling building between my legs but couldn't defer it no matter how hard I tried. Just as one of the girls screamed in orgasm a stream of cum shot from my cock. It reached as far as Sue's expansive ass, leaving a trail down the side of her hip and across the rug. It was followed by several more blasts as Sondra clenched my throbbing member in her fist.

"Oh! Suck me, baby, suck me!" she cried out, springing to her feet, pushing her soaked panties into my face. In one motion I tore the panties from her body and buried my face in her wet mound. I molded my mouth around her clit, alternately sucking and licking until she, too, exploded in relief, her delicious, musky juices running down my chin.

Together, we made an arousing sight. Two naked girls, faces glistening with pussy juice, one guy fully clothed, except for a slowly shrinking penis protruding from his pants, and one more girl lying spent on the floor, her dress up around her waist, with legs spread, doing nothing to conceal the wet essence of her femininity.

"Man, what a fragrance in here," exclaimed Carla, her voice rising suddenly above the sound of heavy breathing, as everyone tried to come back down to earth. And we all broke into laughter. Then the three girls came close to me and wished me happy birthday, as we spent a few delicious moments tonguing each others faces, savoring the tangy taste of sexual satisfaction.

I couldn't resist asking Sondra if she and her friends had ever experienced three-way sex together while they were at college.

"Oh, several times, she replied, giggling, as the other two began to slowly remove her clothes. Our celebration had apparently only just begun.

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