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Halloween has always been a special day around our house. This year would be no exception even though both kids had been sent to Sally’s folks for the weekend. Her folks lived in the city where there were lots of houses to visit for candy. Our place in the mountains didn’t have many houses, and none were close to each other.

With the kids gone, Sally and I decided to go to Peat’s. Peat’s was the local, and only bar and grille within 25 miles of town. It was a good eight miles down a windy mountain road from out house and took about 20 minutes to get there.

Halloween wasn’t until the next day, Saturday, but Sally and I wanted to have a long weekend of fun before the kids came back home. Almost everyone who came to Peat’s were locals. It wasn’t a very big place. There was only room for one pool table and two dart boards as far as the games they had. Three small booths, a couple of tables with chairs, and 6 stools at the bar were all the space it had left.

The sign above the door showed the maximum occupancy to be 35 people. There were seats and stools for only 27 people. I guess all the rest would be standing. Peat’s was kind of a wild place. If parking was full on a Monday through Thursday, it meant there were drugs on the hill, and for sale at Peat’s. Since it was Friday night, all the local partiers would be at Peat’s, and so would be the drugs.

Sally and a couple of our neighbor wives had the reputation of being the life of any party. Whenever we went to Peat’s she would dress to be noticed! Tonight was no exception. She wore her very short blue jean cowboy skirt and very thin white low cut tank top. She looked very, very hot and ready to party!

We drove down the mountain and got to Peat’s around 10 in the evening. Peat’s was already crowded. I let Sally out and had to drive about 400 feet down the side street to find a place where I could park safely.

It should have taken me only about 6 or 7 minutes to park and walk back to the bar. Inn into some neighbors who were leaving and we started talking. When I did arrive, I didn’t see Sally anywhere. I figured she was in the bathroom, but I was wrong. I asked the bartender if he knew where Sally had gone.

He said that Steve and Lance bought her a drink. After a couple of minutes the three of them went out front and left in Steve’s truck. Steve told the bartender they would be back in a few minutes, but they bought a bottle of Southern Comfort and took it with them.

That wasn’t the first time Sally had gone off and left me behind. I knew Steve and Lance. They both came by the house quite often to party with Sally and me. I figured one of the two had drugs and they went into the forest to do a line or two and would be back shortly.

I grabbed a beer and put a quarter on the pool table to play a game when it was my turn to challenge. While I stood waiting my turn a couple of our friends told me how hot Sally looked that night. It made me feel good when other guys liked the way she looked and dresses. It made me proud.

Finally it was my turn to play. I won three games before I got knocked off the table. When I liked at the clock, it was almost midnight. I began to worry about Sally. I hoped they didn’t get stopped by a cop or possibly had an accident.

At twelve thirty I left Peat’s and decided to drive by Steve’s and see if they were there. The lights were all off, and his truck was nowhere to be found. They must have gone to Lance’s, so that was my next stop. They weren’t there either. I decided to drive by a couple of friends of ours. First I went by Billy’s, then Rob’s.

Steve’s truck was parked out front of Robs. His place was set back a couple hundred yards from the road and had a real steep dirt driveway. Most people parked on the road and walked up. That’s what I did. As I got close I could hear the music from his stereo and people talking.

I was about to knock on the door when I heard Sally giggle and say something like. “Rob, I’m a married woman.” I didn’t knock, but went to the side of the house and peeked through the blinds. I saw Sally sitting with her ass on the counter. Her skirt had been pulled up around her waist and Rob was pulling her tank top down in front trying to cop a feel. It looked as if Sally was really high on drugs and drunk. The bottle of Old Crow was nearly empty and Sally could hardly sit straight or talk.

Lance was on standing on Sally’s right and reached over and took hold of her left tit. While Steve raised her tank top over her head and took it off and reached from behind to grab both her tits.

There was my wife absolutely drunk and stoned out of her mind having her tits fondled by three of my friends. What’s more it looked like she was enjoying it! My cock was starting to stiffen and I noticed the bulges in their pants as well. I wondered where this was going to lead.

Steve picked up what was left in the bottle of old crow and handed it to Sally. In the mean time, Rob filled his crank pipe and took a hit. The pipe came round to Sally who had two big hits and another swig of booze. She then tried to put her top back on, but it was torn and wouldn’t stay in place.

Rob said he had a white shirt Sally could use and went to get it. When Sally put it on she was unable to close the front enough to button it up. She decided to tie the tails together in the hopes that would work. It did for a few minutes until Steve reached from behind and grabbed hold of her right tit. Then the shirt came apart in the front.

Sally asked Rob if he had something else she else to put on that might fit better. Rob was a small dude and he said he couldn’t promise anything but he would look again. He came back a few minutes later with a big sweater. While Sally was putting it on, she told Steve she should go home and get something else to wear.

I decided I should leave and get my car from the road before anyone saw it. I walked down the hill, got in my truck, and drove back to the bar. 20 minutes later, Sally called Peat’s asking for me. When I answered the phone, Sally said she was home with Rob, Steve, and Lance. She said when I was ready, just to come home. She had done a lot of crank, and drank quite a bit of booze. She didn’t feel like going back to the bar. I said fine, and hung up the phone.

On the ride back to the house they had talked Sally into letting them each pick a top for her to put on and play a dice game called 10,000. By the time I got to our street I had already decided to park in the back. We had 5 acres, and the back part wasn’t visible from the house. I could walk from there and sneak a peek to se what was going on.

Sally had already put on the top that Lance had picked out. It appeared that she would wear that one until she lost a game to one of the others, and then change again.

Lance chose one of Sally’s sheer red tops that tied at the waist. The top crossed in the front covering her right tit and nipple but the left tit and nipple showed through the material. I knew from prior visits this top was one of Lance’s favorites.

All three guys were checking Sally out. She would toss the dice and would cheer and yell if she lost her turn. I figured they must be playing for something else other than a change of tops. I couldn’t hear what they were saying above the stereo. Rob got up and moved behind Sally. He then untied the top in the front at the bottom.

Apparently he had won the game. It was his turn for Sally wear the top he had picked out. I didn’t realize that he got to takeoff the old top and put on the new one, but that’s what happened. He took a lot of freedom with his hands while doing it!

Rob’s pick was more of an outer top meant to go over another one. When he finished putting it on her, Sally had both tits exposed. All three of them cheered, and wanted to start another game.

I heard Rob tell Sally she should wear his outfit trick or treating tomorrow night. He said she would get lots of treats!

They started another game while Sally sat there with her tits hanging out of her top. I decided I had better go back to the car and come up the driveway like I was just coming home.

It must have been a quick game. When I got around to the front and came inside, Sally had changed into another top. This one Steve picked out for her. It was a knit top that had a zipper up the front. She zipped it up only about one third of the way. I must admit she really looked good in it.

I told Sally I was sorry for taking so long getting home, but I said I had to finish my game of pool before I left. She said she understood and it wasn’t a problem. She said they were about to start another game of 10,000 and wanted me to play as well. I told everyone I would play, but first I had to use the bathroom.

When I came back into the living room Sally asked if I would start a fire in the stove since it was starting to get chilly. Starting a fire seemed like a good idea. It was getting cold outside. I went out back and got some kindling and 4 or 5 nice logs and started the fire. I asked if anyone wanted a drink and went into the kitchen to get glassed and make the drinks.

I made Sally’s drink especially light since she was still slurring her words and having trouble walking. Everyone else got a normal half and half mixture. Rob filled his pipe again and passed it to me. He said to smoke all I wanted as they had already done three pipe loads that night.

Before the game started the guys wanted to know what Sally was going to bet. Sally wanted to know what the guys were going to bet. It was decided that each guy would put up 15 dollars.

Sally got to keep the 60 dollars whether she won or lost. The guy with the highest score then got to pick a new outfit for Sally to wear during the next game. The winning guy would have 10 minutes fit the outfit the way he wanted, but it had to be done in the living room in front of the rest of us.

The bets seemed innocent enough and everyone agreed. It was beginning to get warn, almost hot in the living room now that the fire was taking hold. Sally said she was getting warm in her sweater and wanted to change before we started the game. She got up and went to the bedroom to find something lighter to wear.

When she returned she was wearing her blue and white house dress that crossed in the front, but covered very little. Each time Sally bent over to throw the dice one tit or the other was visible.

Sally was pretty good at this game and usually won many more times than not. That was the case with this round. She beat everyone by a mile. She picked up her sixty dollars and wanted to know if we were going to play another game. We all decided to play the game again.

Rob filled his pipe again and gave it to Sally and Steve went to the kitchen to freshen everyone’s drink. Sally asked him to put a little more liquor in her drink. She thought the one I made was weak. It was, but I didn’t want her to get out of control. I didn’t think she would be able to tell the difference as high as she was.

While the drinks were being made I went out back and got a couple pieces of Oak and threw them on the fire. I also opened up a window to let some of the heat out. It was starting to get really hot inside.

The guys got out their money and put it in the center of the game board. Sally being the previous winner started the game. She did real well until Rob made four passes in a row. At the half way point, Sally was in second place behind Rob. Lance, Steve and I were all trailing. Steve made a surprising move during the last half of the game. Sally still beat rob, Lance and I, but lost to Steve.

Sally told Steve to go into the bedroom and pick out what he wanted her to wear. While he was gone, Rob filled his pipe again and Lance freshened up our drinks. Steve came back out with a blue denim shirt and told Sally it was the one he wanted.

Sally slipped out of her house dress and put on the shirt. To my surprise she didn’t say a word about wanting a pair of shorts or a skirt. She put on the shirt and buttoned it up. She was standing there in just the shirt and her thong panties.

Steve asked if she was ready to have it adjusted the way he wanted and walked over to her. He walked around to her back and reached under her arms. He began to unbutton the shirt starting at the top button and working his way down. He didn’t let the opportunity pass without reaching inside her shirt and rubbing her tits and nipples.

After a few minutes of readjusting and playing with Sally’s tits, he was satisfied with what he had done and so were we all.

Sally looked pretty hot with the front being left open like Steve had it. In fact, she looked even hotter when he was taking advantage of the adjustments he wanted to make. It had been a while since Sally had let anyone play around with her before that night. I was rather excited, and I could tell Steve was to by the bulge in is pants.

We started another game, but this time Sally wanted 25 dollars from each of the players against 15 minutes of her time in our motor home along with a choice of outfits. She already had 120 dollars and now was pushing it up to a total of 220 dollars. I didn’t know what she had in mind, but I wanted to win as much as the other three, if not more.

Sally could hardly keep her eyes open after all the drinks and crank. Still she was doing pretty well. At the half way point, Lance was the leader followed by Sally, Rob, me, and Steve.

I didn’t think Sally could catch up with Lance, but stranger things have happened in this game.

Lance was getting a little over confident. He was telling Sally what he wanted her to do once they were in the motor home. I couldn’t I was sorry when Lance’s game took a dive, and Rob’s jumped into fast mode.

The game was almost over with Rob looking like a sure winner when Sally got hot on her last toss and took over first place. The guys and I each had one more toss to try and catch up. Lance, Steve, and I didn’t do much to improve our standing.

It was Rob who surprised us with a double run to take over first place.

Sally told Rob to go into her bedroom and bring back out the outfit he wanted and to meet her in the RV out back. We had a 38 foot motor home with a king size bed and TV/VCR combo in the main bedroom at the rear of the vehicle. Sally and I had often called that part of the RV the penalty box. The name came from all the times Sally had to pay off bet in the RV.

Rob came back in carrying the outfit he wanted her to wear and went out the door and around to the back of the house. Sally had turned on the lights in the RV and was in the back bedroom when Rob opened the RV door.

I asked Lance and Steve if they wanted to go around back with me and sit on the hill. From there we could look down on Rob and Sally without them knowing. They both got a shitty grin on their faces and nodded yes.

We were real quiet walking up the hill so we wouldn’t be heard. I don’t think it really mattered. By the time we got on the hill, Sally had taken off the shirt Steve had picked out and was naked except for her thong panties. Rob and she were sitting on the bed kissing and fondling each other.

I saw Sally unsnap Rob’s pants and pull out his cock. She started stroking it while he sucked on her tit and pulled the thong aside. With that done, he was able to finger Sally’s clit and get her really going. It didn’t take Sally long to bring Rob to a climax. All three of us watching saw him cum on her tits as she pumped away on his cock.

When they were done, Rob showed Sally the outfit he had picked for her. It was her sheer black robe that laced up the front. Rob fixed it so almost all of Sally’s tits would be showing during the next game.

The other two losers and I snuck back in the house so they wouldn’t know we had been spying on them. While we were waiting, Steve freshened up our drinks and Lance cleaned Rob’s pipe.

The guys decided they didn’t want to put up 25 dollars apiece for a chance to take Sally to the penalty box. Instead they talked Sally into a 10 dollar stake each against 3 minutes in the living room. Sally agreed and this time Rob got to start the game.

I think Sally was starting to lose her edge. She didn’t hit a point her first three turns and was in last place. It didn’t last long though. At the half way point, Lance and Steve were in the lead with Sally next, then me and Rob. At the games end, there was no change in the order. Lance and Steve beat Sally. She picked up her 40 dollars and asked them who would be first to get his three minutes.

They looked at each other and said they would take six minutes and share her. Sally didn’t object. Steve and Lance both took off their shirts and dropped their pants. One got in front of Sally and the other faced her back. Together they slipped the robe over her head and began to kiss and fondle her while she started stroking both their dicks.

Watching them play around was too much for the three of us to handle. One by one our dicks came out. The three of us started to masturbate as they got more and more involved.

It didn’t take Lance and Steve long before one had his cock pumping Sally’s pussy while the other was pumping her lips. I believe we all came just about the same time. I could hear Sally moan as Lance emptied his load in her mouth. She4 did the same when Steve filled her pussy with his cum. The three of us just shot ours on the rug.

After it was over and everyone was dressed again we called it a night. We all had over done the drinking and the crank. We needed to recuperate for Halloween night. It had been a Halloween Eve that I’ll never forget. Maybe Halloween will be as good. After all, the kids are gone for the weekend!

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