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Girls night out

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We are sitting at home on a Saturday afternoon, the kids are at moms for the weekend and we are (or I am) recovering from Friday night at the peelers. You get a text from Jenn asking if you want to go out to the pub for a few drinks with her and a few friends for a while. You as usual him and haw about it until I convince you to go. I?m just going to stay home and chill with the TV. We go about the day teasing each other. You clean in some thigh highs and a sexy little outfit that makes me hard all day as I watch and help clean. Throughout the day you show me the txt messages that you and Jenn are sending back and forth. About how you both want to taste and touch each other and how you want to feel your bodies naked together again. Later on as you are getting ready you ask me what I think you should wear out for the night. I suggest your little skirt and some thigh highs that match your fuck me boots. You tell me it?s too much and I convince you to wear it if only to let me think about you in it all night. As you get ready I can?t help but lie on the bed and stroke myself as you get ready. Once you have the thigh highs on you walk over and start to rub my balls while I stroke myself. You start to lick and suck on my cock until I explode in your mouth and you moan as it drips down your throat into your stomach and you say mmmmmmm that will do for dinner... I love it when you talk nasty and help but spread your legs and eat your sweet pussy and rub it all over my face. You stop and me and say that you have to finish getting dressed. But you tell me that I will have to finish when you get home. I agree and let you get ready. A while later the door bell rings, jenn has taken a cab to our house with a friend. You finish up while I get you all a drink. You hang out at the house for a little while and I drive you to the clover station so you guys and have a fun night out. I drop you off give you a kiss and tell you that I love you. You go into the pub and I go home. We txt a few times and I can tell your having a good time and getting a bit tipsy, About an hour later I get a picture txt of your panties from under the table. Jenn has taken your phone and taken one without you knowing. I txt you and say nice pink panties Hun and you just laugh. You tell me it was jenn so I txt her to say thank you, Jen doesn?t answer and a while later you call me from outside to tell me that Jenn and her friend have gotten into a fight and you may be coming home. I get ready to come get you and just when I?m about to leave you txt and say the you are staying for a while longer. You txt me about an hour later to say that you have met up with a bachelorette party and all of the girls are going to Legacy for a while, you and Jenn are going to go too. I say have fun and take pictures for You just lol me and go on your way. I have fallen asleep on the couch when I wake up to my phone ringing. I answer and you are smashed telling me that you love me and asking why I haven?t texted you back? I tell you that I was sleeping and that I?ll read them and call you back.

I read the texts and call and all I can say is come home and fuck me. You have been telling me how you have been watching Jenn kiss and fondle one of the girls from the party while she was rubbing you under the table. And how the girl turned around and to kiss you and started to stick her tongue down your throat saying that she wants to do that to your pussy. The nest text that I read says that you can?t wait to devour my cock in your pussy and ass when you get home. I?m so hard that I start to stroke my cock and can?t stop because it feels so good thinking about you and I can?t do anything but cum all over a pair of your panties. You tell me that you will want to come home soon so I get dressed and wait for your call. At 2am I hear a car in the drive, it?s you in a taxi, I walk down and unlock the door and there you are at the door with two of the girls form the party. I ask where Jenn is and you say she went home and that the two girls are going to sleep over if it?s OK? I say of course and go get them blankets to make a bed on the living room floor for them. I ask if anyone would like a drink and all three of you do so I go make some drinks and bring them in. We sit down put on some music and start to talk; you guys tell me all about your night at the station and at the peelers. One girl pipes up and says that she saw you and Jenn getting a bit wild and the station and she just couldn?t help but want to kiss you. We all laugh a bit and you guys get into some girly talk while I fuck around on the computer. After a while you way that you want to get to bed so I get up and say that I?m going to hop in a shower, you say you?ll be in bed waiting for me when I get out. I say good night to the two girls and ask if they need anything other than the blankets I have laid out. They say no and I head off the shower.

I have my shower and brush my teeth, as I come out to the bedroom I see that you are in your panties and thigh highs and so are both of the girls and they are both in the bed with you. I ask if I should go sleep in the living room and one girl pipes up and says nope you should just jump in here and help as all stay warm. I don?t say anything but jump into the bed with my underwear on and snuggle up between you and one of the girls, with the other one on the other side of you. As we lay down the girl on the other side of me reaches over and starts to run her hand up and down you thigh high and saying how good it feels to touch you. My cock is instantly hard and she can see it jump strait up and says holy shit is alive. We all laugh and she leans over me to kiss you as the other girl rubs my arm and says why you don?t let us have some fun for a bit. I sit up and lean against the end of the bed as the three of you start in on each other touching and kissing and rubbing. You tell me how wet your pussy is and one girl touches you and confirms its wet as fuck letting me suck your pussy juice off her finger. All three of you take turns licking each other?s pussies and sucking on tities while I stroke my cock. After about a half hour of me just in heaven you look over and tell me to come show them how good I eat pussy. I start on one while you do the other and they both moan at the same time. Me and you switch girls and go at it again. I stop and lay you down on your back and start to suck on your clit and pussy while the two girls go at it. After awhile I flip you over and take you from behind. While I give it to you I instruct one girl to lay under you and lick your clit while I fuck you and the other to lay in front of you pussy open for your tongue and finger. We all go at it like this for a while swapping every so often so everyone gets a turn on my monster cock and your magical tongue. After I tell you that I want to try all three of your tongues on my cock, we find out that three is too many and one girl sits on my face and you and the other suck my cock moaning and touching your pussies. I let out a huge moan as you suck on my balls and the other girl?s sucks on my dick, while she strokes me she looks at you and says that she is jealous that you get fuck that anytime you want. After a while I blow my load because I just can?t take it anymore. When I?m spent I look at the three of you and see that you?re not done yet and say I?ll hit the couch so you can fuck some more. You say thank you I have wanted this for a while and head out to the couch. I can hear the three of you moaning and fucking and I need to stroke myself. I cum one more time and go to bed.

The next morning we wake up have some coffee, as we get ready to take the girls home you sit me on the couch and all three of you take turns on my cock till I cum one more time. As I stand up and finish getting ready, you give a disc and say this is for later. We drop the girls off and come home. I put the disc in my computer and see that you went and got the video camera and filmed you three after I went to bed.

At the end of the video you stand up look into the camera and say that was a really good girl?s night out.

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