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From Tess, I Ran Out Of Gas

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Well, like the title says, I was driving home from a play time with Steve and the car just flat gave out of gas. I knew it was close but not that close. I had on my skirt and blouse but no undies since I would be home before anyone and shower, I thought.

I was in the country and it was about 1 in the afternoon. I stood by the car and after two or three cars went by a pick up stopped with a man and woman in it. Both very country so I felt comfortable. "Ran out of gas?" the woman said and I said, "Yeah, I have a gas can, if I can get a lift to the station and back." "No problem at all." the guy said and he was looking at my body through the sheer blouse that I had not really buttoned up all the way. I started to do that but he said, "Hey, don't cover up on account of me." and I laughed and said, "Okay, I won't."

Both were very trim and in shape and he had a t shirt on and jeans and she was wearing shorts and a tank top and was very firm all over including her boobs that looked to be 36C or so. I got the gas can and waited for her to get in the old pick up that had a bench seat and sit in the middle but instead she said, "No, you forst." and so I got in and sat in the middle. We drove off and the shift was on the floor in the middle and the guy (No I never got their names) shifted and his elbow found my tits and he said, "Oh sorry." and his wife said, "No you aren't" to him and they laughed. She casually put her hand on my leg and the skirt fell open and it was on my skin and that made me get hot all over again. Again his elbow found my tits and this time he kept it against them. "You know your arm is in he way?" he said and I said, "Well, yeah, I guess it is." and she loked at me and her hand was now almost to my pussy that was getting wet all over again. "You know, if you put your arms up behind our necks it would be easier for us to get to where we wanna go." she said and I said "And where is that?" She half turned to me and snuggled my neck kissing it, "Oh you know." and I put my arms behind their necks now totally open to them.

My blouse was open quickly and my skirt was pulled apart to show my lack of undies. Suddenly her hand was at my soaking wet pussy and then three fingers in it slipping in and out of the cum that Steve had left in me. She licked her fingers and said, "Oh she has been freshly fucked." and slipped them back in. My head was back and my eyes closed as she slipped 4 fingers in me and my hips moved forward to let her have access to me. We stopped and I opened my eyes and we were in some woods and a house was in front of us. His mouth was on my nipples now and she was shoving 4 fingers in and out of me. "I bet she can take it all and more." the woman said and I was leaned around across his lap and my legs spread towards the woman. I felt his hand cock under my head and it seemed big. Suddenly her hand drove into my pussy up to her wrist and she yelled, "Oh yeah, fuck yeah." and began savely ramming in and out of my pussy. My hips were out of control and she was now naked and her face was close to my pussy and she kept on fisting me. Several orgasm sprayed from my pussy soaking her chest and the seat.

After one she helped me up and they led me inside. The bed was there and I was on it spread out and then he was between my legs fucking me. He was huge and I was moaning my aproval as he rammed me as hard as she had fisted me. Then I heard someone, "Oh fuck, you guys were serious." and another pair of hands was on my body. Again after he finished and filled my pussy a fist was in me making me climb the mountain to more orgasms. I was turned over and a man said, "I want her ass." and then he rammed into me. I felt like I was going to die from orgasms but they kept on fucking me over and over. I am sure there were dildos and other things involved but did not care to look. All I knew was that I was getting what I liked.

They took me to the car and put gas in the tank afterwards. I was soaked in sexual sweat and my pussy and bottom gushed cum. "Well, we know who you are and all about you," one woman said, "So this is going to be a regular thing." I was kissed and drove home barely making it before everyone got home.

Fact or Fantasy?

love Tess

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