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Friends Bach Party

My ex boyfriend Adam called me up in dire need of a stripper.
He had planned a failed bachelor party for his best friend.
They sent a male stripper to the party, he wasn't much
wanted. Adam called me and asked if I would mind doing the
deed. Keep in mind I'm not a stripper, but I didn't
really know any of his friends. Plus, Adam and I had broken
up but we still have wild sex nights. I told him he owes me
and asked what I should wear. I went in my closet and told
him never mind. When I was in college I helped out at a hospital
and had a uniform that would work perfect. I took a quick
shower and shaved my pussy and legs. Once everything was
perfect I got out and rubbed lotion all over my hot tits and
body so that I would smell perfect. Then I put on a sexy black
lace bra, a black garter belt and a black lace thong. I took
a double look in the mirror. I looked pretty good. I put on
the white nurse looking outfit, a big trench coat, and headed
out with a bag of sex toys. When I got to the apartment I barged
right in, and Adam came up to me and thanked me and turned
on some music. I started dancing into the room shaking my
ass and tits--I know, I'm a talented person. Every
man had his eyes on me, hey, this seemed pretty cool. I slipped
off my coat and grabbed a chair. I did things that I figured
strippers would do--mostly things I had seen on TV. I went
around to the various guys in the room and shoved my 36 D's
into their faces while grabbing their hard cocks. I went
up to Adam and sat on his lap and grinded my ass into his groin
area. Then I found the groom and gave him a big kiss and humped
him over his clothes. Then I dug my heel onto his chair and
gave him a clear view up to my pussy. His cock was hard and
I bit it through his pants. Then I undid his belt while shaking
my tits in his face. His eight inch cock sprung out of his
pants, already dripping with precum. I gladly cleaned
it off for him and told him to undress me. He unzipped me and
I wandered off again. I found a man in the corner jacking
off and gave him a quick smirk as I made my way to the front
of the room again. I shimmied out of my outfit to show off
my sexy garter and lace bra and thong. I had everyman's
attention. I did a little dance and and unhooked my bra.
Then I went over to the groom again and took off my bra in his
face so he was the only one who could see my huge hard nipples.
I got my bra and put it around the back of him and drew him forward
into my breasts and told him to suck them. He obliged as I
continued to hump his dick. My pussy was getting really
wet, but he was the groom, so I humped a little more and then
walked around the room some more. I found the cute man in
the corner jacking off and sat on him and shook my tits in
his face. He grabbed them with both hands as I leaned back
and put my hands on the floor and my feet went up and my back
went down so that instead of my tits in his face my pussy was.
Now everyman had a view of my hanging tits as my wet pussy
was in this mans face. He grabbed my legs and seperated my
legs further and started finger fucking me. My thong was
soaking from my wetness and he moved it to the side and slid
one finger in, and then two, and then three. I grinded my
hips further into his hand as I sat up and gave him a titty
face wash. Then I got up and moved to the next guy, who already
had his pants off. I put my hand around his hard cock and gave
him a nice hand job. I wrapped one hand around his balls and
massaged as my other hand slid up and down his shaft. Then
I started licking the tip of his cock as I kept rubbing his
shaft. To my surprise the next time I licked him he shoved
my head down. I gagged as his whole cock balls included were
shoved into my mouth. I made the best of it and licked his
shaft as he pushed my head up and down grabbing me by the hair.
Before I could get him to come another man came behind me
and ripped my garter belt off. Okay...this was kind of getting
out of control. But who am i kidding? I'm a total whore.
Then the man grabbed my hips as I was still sucking off the
other man and he shoved his cock into me from behind. First
there was excruciating pain and I looked back and found
the thickest cock ever being shoved into my pussy. The man
decided I had looked enough and shoved my face back onto
his precum filled cock. I kept sucking his cock, as I was
moaning about the cock in my pussy. The moaning added a nice
vibration to the cock in my mouth. The mans cock started
to twitch like crazy in my mouth, so I deep throated him more
as he screamed, I'm coming, I'm coming! I kept
sucking harder and harder as he comed in my mouth. I tried
to swallow it but it seemed like he comed a gallon. It started
oozing out of my mouth and before I knew it another man was
cleaning me up and sucking my nipples. I was starting to
like this stripping thing. Before I knew what was going
on I was flipped and dragged closer to the man fucking my
pussy. He was all the way inside me, I could practically
feel him in my stomach, but there was still about three inches
outside of my pussy, God, how big was this guy? His cock was
bigger than a soda can, I couldn't believe I was taking
it all. I've had two cocks in my pussy at the same time
and this was stretching it more than that. I started screaming
my lungs off until another man came and shoved his cock in
my mouth. I was so interested in my pussy that I wasn't
doing much with the cock in my mouth, so he started fucking
my face. I let him as the cock in my pussy started coming inside
me and the man was rubbing my clit. I couldn't take it
anymore. My legs went limp and I let the men take control
as I orgasmed out of control. Cum started dripping out of
me as another man started cleaning it up. The man with the
huge cock had comed inside me, but he wasn't done yet.
He flipped me over and said relax, and started putting his
head in my ass. It was to big I couldn't take it. I started
to inch away imagining the pain. He grabbed my hips and dragged
me back. I started to push him away saying, It is to big, don't...But
he told me would be gentle and I would enjoy it. I love anal,
so i decided to let him try. He spit on his hands and rubbed
it on his cock. I was thinking no way, that is not enough for
lube for your sized cock. Then Adam came out with Astroglide.
Thank God. Adam put it all over my crack and shoved some inside
my ass with his fingers. Then he handed the bottle to the
fat cocked man and he used practically the whole thing for
his huge cock. Then he started putting the head in again.
He stretched my cheeks to the side, and took two fingers
to stretch my hole. Then he started guiding his head into
the hole. At first it hurt like hell, but once the head was
in the rest stretched and felt awesome. I started pushing
my ass back welcoming his huge cock. He grabbed my hips and
shoved me back and forth running my body along the shaft
of his ass. I was dripping wet as the man continued to fuck
me. All the other man stood around and jacked off. Then a
man got underneath me. The big cock man pushed me forward
so that I leaned on him and my pussy was soon engulfing another
cock. I could feel both cocks rubbing against each other.
My pussy was throbbing as the pussy man was hitting my g spot
and I was already so wet. I orgasmed almost immediately.
Then I felt the cock inside my ass start to quiver and he blew
his second load of the night. And man does this guy have lots
of cum. It just kept filling my ass up. This warm come. It
felt so good. It started dripping out and onto the other
mans cock, hot come. The pussy man comed almost exactly
when the come hit him. I was being filled up on both sides
of me. The man in my ass kept going, he never got soft, but
the man in my pussy pushed me up and switched places with
another man who entered my pussy right away. This cock felt
really nice. It was so hard and long, and very thick--but
not as thick as a soda can. He had a very pointy top of his cock
and it seemed to cut right through me. He had opposite thrust
of the man in my ass, and rubbed my clit while he fucked me
and started kissing me. Then the man left my ass, and it kinda
hurt when he exited, but the pussy man flipped me over so
that he was on top and all was good. He was banging me like
a jackhammer but I was loving it. Another man pushed him
up and he was sitting and gliding my hips toward him and continuing
to bang me while another man sat over my stomach stuck his
cock in my breasts and rubbed it real fast. Then he shot come
all over my face just as the man in my pussy shot a load in my
pussy. Then the man in my pussy left and stuck his cock in
my mouth so I could clean him off. Another man stuck his cock
in my ass and was banging me as another man got on top and snuck
into my pussy again. I was traded off like that for at least
three wonderful hours. It felt so good, blowing guys, getting
my pussy and ass fucked, and getting come all over me. I was
so warm and sticky from the men's come. The night was
wonderful. When finished I gathered my things, gave the
groom a nice kiss, and was paid a thousand dollars. No one
ever knew I was Adam's ex. So, if anyone ever needs a

End of Story

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