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Four is better than Two Pairs

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Angela was walking in front of me as we left our spouses alone in the front room. My heart was pounding as my hands held her hips as we moved. After months of cock teasing she was committed to us fucking. As we entered the bedroom, I glanced back over my shoulder to see my wife Susan in the arms of Angela's husband Steve. They were all over each other, mouths and tongues busy, his hand up under her robe and her hand rubbing his cock as they kissed. They were in a similar situation to me and Angela, desperately wanting to fuck each other but waiting until all issues were settled among the four of us.

Angela had been the hold out in our desire to swap. Oh, she wanted me, we had enjoyed many close encounters, although I had yet to have her naked. We had enjoyed hot tongue filled kisses, used our hands on each other on many occasions, and when we danced it was like really dry fucking to music. Damn I had wanted her. She had a body which inflamed me. Not in the classical sense of big tits and round ass and long legs. She was more athletic in build. She had wide shoulders and hips, her breasts separated to each side of her body, and most mouth watering of all at least to me, was the space between her legs. Not sure why this sort of body drives me wild, but it does. Every time I saw her in a bathing suit, shorts or even tight slacks, that space turned my mind to her pussy. Tonight I was going to see it and best of all, fuck it. My lips were wet in expectation.

Angela's issue about swapping was not that she did not want to try it, but that she did not want to have her husband see her get fucked. She was not so concerned about seeing him in action but it just seemed more than she could contemplate with him watching her. This was why we had decided to separate for our first swap. The three of us were thinking of an orgy style meeting. I secretly wanted very much to see Susan being passionate with another man and to watch his cock enter her. We hoped this would be a first step towards that end, but I was very happy to get at least one shot at Angela this night.

She turned to me as I closed the door, and our bodies moved smoothly together. Our lips burned into each other's and my hands went straight to her ass, massaging and spreading her cheeks. I turned her around to face a full length mirror and standing behind her I opened her robe to view her naked for the first time. Her body was all I had imagined it would be, wide spread breasts with dark hard nipples, slim waist exploding to her wide hips which perfectly framed the Y of her legs, her dark bush trimmed in a sharp V. And of course, that space between her legs that had driven me to distraction so many times. I rubbed my hard cock against her butt, and she pushed backwards, rubbing her cheeks against it. We both watched in the mirror as my hands found her tits, squeezing and rolling the nipples between my fingers. And finally, I slipped one hand down to caress her mound and pussy. As my fingers slipped in between her legs, one to each side of her already swollen lips I whispered, "I am going to fuck you right there Angela, right between your legs, I am going to put my cock in you." Her voice was tense "I know you are, I want it."

We were patient despite the driving need to fuck. We wanted to enjoy more than just a wild thrashing orgasm, which would be there for us anyway. I dropped her robe to the floor and watched her climb up on the bed. As she crawled up, I could see her bare pussy from behind between those wide spread legs. She lay on her back and I climbed beside her on my side, and used my hands and mouth to taste and arouse her. I felt and teased her breasts and belly with my hands. I kissed and licked my way down to her pussy. She gradually spread wider as my face and fingers worked her wet cunt. She arched her back upwards to meet my tongue as I licked and sucked her. Her hands found my cock and she pushed me to my back to allow her to tempt and tease me with her hands and mouth. I groaned as she bent over me, slipping her lips over my knob while her hand stroked and fondled my balls. She moved up my body with her mouth, kissing and sucking at me, licking my nipples and then our mouths met and tongues tasted the mixture of pussy and cock. We were quiet, except for soft moans and meaningless words as we prepared to put my cock in her. In the background I could hear my wife Susan exclaiming, "yes, yes, again, deeper, fuck me Steve."

Angela did not seem to notice the sounds of her hubby fucking someone else. She rolled to her back lifting her knees and inviting me to that much desired cunt. I poised over her and she used her hand to rub the knob in her hole, and I sunk it in with one stroke. She whispered, "Ah God fuck me." And we went at it as if we had done it many times before, nice unison, she raising up to meet each stroke of my cock. We clutched together as we cum, straining and jerking our bodies as the tension was released. I rammed it hard up in her as I creamed her and she moved and twisted my cock as if sucking it off. We lay a while, touching and kissing, and then she began to feel my cock again, gradually bringing it back to life. She lay on her side beside me and massaged my semi-hard cock while kissing my chest and nipples. She said, "Now let me fuck you my way."

I was an easy mark as she straddled me, her knees on each side of my hips, and I watched that beautiful pussy, a dripping red gash spread to swallow me once again. She was spread wide and I just had to hold it again before she engulfed me. I pressed the palm of my hand up tight against her entire pussy and she began to rub back at it. I slipped one and then two fingers up her pussy and she closed her eyes as I fingered her once more. I was fully hard again and she sat right down on it and proceeded to fuck me like I had never been fucked before.

We had all enjoyed our first night, and over the following few months we enjoyed more of them. The bonus to it all was the vast improvement in the sex that Susan and I now enjoyed at home. We talked about Steve and Angela and how great they were. Susan was impressed with Steve's very thick cock, saying she loved the feel of it stretching her pussy when he fucked her. I told her of my fascination of Angela's separated tits and legs and the pleasure we had both enjoyed with each other. Our sex life was similar to our younger days and seemed as if we had returned to our twenties with the exception we were much more experienced and knew how to just fuck and enjoy it. No more mercy fucks, where one of us, usually me, needed some and Susan let me have some. We were fucking any time of day or night, with me coming home for a nooner. And when we did fuck, it was a seduction every time, no wham bam thank you mam type of fuck.

Getting back to the encounters with Steve and Angela they continued to be in separate rooms. Three of us really wanted to do it together, but Angela continued to resist. We usually had our meetings in a nice hotel just outside of town, with adjoining rooms. A weekend would involve fine restaurants, lounges with dancing, shows or theatre and then back to the rooms to fuck. Angela finally agreed to an experiment, a bit of role playing could best describe it.

One evening Angela and I returned to the suite first. We were sitting on the sofa when the door opened and Susan and Steve entered, totalling ignoring the two of us, all planned as if we were not present. I could see that Susan was a little tentative at first, but as soon as they embraced her mind went to the job at hand. I settled back to watch my wife be fucked. I had imagined and fantasized about just this for quite a while. We had discussed it many times in bed and it excited her to think about it as it did me. They kissed and fondled and then took turns undressing each other. Steve turned her and unzipped the back of her dress and dropped it to the floor. He unhooked her bra and her beautiful tits dropped out. She closed her eyes as his hands went around from behind and found them, rolling the nipples and caressing the tits. This did jolt me a bit; I had always considered her tits my preserve. I used to enjoy seeing other guys looking at them and knowing that I would be the one to take them out and make love to them.

Steve pushed her panties down to the floor and she stepped out of them. Susan was naked except for her heels. She has a beautiful ass and legs, and a trimmed bikini cut bush. Still standing behind her, Steve's hands slipped down her sides and one worked its way between her legs. She spread for him and I watched his fingers slide in and begin to work her pussy. She turned her head back to him and as his mouth closed on hers, her tongue was out a few inches and he sucked it deep. I had a massive hard-on by this point and it had partly been brought on by the performance in front of me, and partly because Angela had unzipped my fly and slipped her hands into my shorts. She whispered in my ear, "I want it now". I turned my head to her and she slipped her tongue into my mouth. Despite the feel of her burning hands around my cock I whispered, "Just a little longer baby, then you can have it, any way you want it."

By the time I turned back to look at my wife and lover, she had stripped him down and was kissing her way down his chest, holding his hard cock in her hands. And it looked like a good one and the thought passed through my mind that it was no wonder she loved fucking this guy. He spread his legs to let her get her hand between them to caress his balls as she licked the knob. She took it deep and his hand held her head still as he fucked her mouth with easy strokes. They were less than 10 feet from us and we could hear the sounds of the sucking noise and the groans and moans from both of them. He lifted her up and then pushed her to the bed with her feet on the floor. Kneeling between her legs his mouth moved right to her pussy and the sounds of long sloppy licks filled the room. Susan grabbed his head and raised her hips upwards to feed him as much pussy as she could.

Angela had lost any interest in watching her husband fuck my wife and stood up in front of me and stripped down. There it was again that pussy staring at me framed by the wide hips and space between her legs. Her eyes were defiant, daring me to not touch her. Her nipples projected out, almost quivering to be tasted. She leaned over me with her hands on my shoulders and fed me a nipple as my hands grabbed at her pussy. She cried out as I squeezed it and sucked her nipple; her mouth looking for mine with tongue showing between her lips. Her cunt was wet and slippery already. I am not sure what it was that had turned her on so quickly, but she had never been this hot and demanding in our other meetings. I easily slipped two fingers up her, one each side of her clit and fingered her. I stood up to strip down and she moved my cock between her legs, and we fucked a little without penetration. We were locked in a standing embrace, with our hands roaming each other's bodies.

I looked over just in time to see Steve putting his cock in my wife. He was half kneeling on the floor with Susan on her back on the bed, her legs wrapped around his waist. Susan is very vocal with a cock in her, and she was whimpering now as I watched fascinated as Steve's thick cock worked its way into her. He paused while she moved around, adjusting to the size and angle. She arched her back up to let him know she wanted all of it now, she wanted to be fucked. He began, slowly at first, rubbing his knob in her slit each time he withdrew, and then sliding in with an even stroke. Their pace quickened and the mixed sounds of fucking carried Angela and me to a new level of need.

I moved her to the other side of the bed from our partners, and turned her away from me to face them. I pushed her down to her knees and settled in behind her. She spread for me, my hands going down to feel between that erotic space and finding her spread lips. Ah god, I love to feel a hot pussy in my hands, and I drove her wild in anticipation with my fingers. I would wet them in her slit, slip one finger back out along her crack to her butt hole. I would tease and rim it then back in for more juice. Angela could not help but see what her husband and Susan were doing; she was within 2 feet of Susan's head; and her husband was laying into her with rapid thrusts. Susan's tits were bouncing, her arms were back over her head; her eyes closed in total abandon.

I worked my cock into Angela's pussy, holding her hips as I entered. She raised her hips up to provide a better angle and I managed to get all my cock in her by spreading her cheeks more and moving closer to her. We began to fuck, my hands moving from her hips around her body to grab her by the tits. I buried my face in the back of her neck and we just let it rip. Across the bed Susan and Steve were close to cumming. There was a steady stream of groans and words as his cock pounded her hard. She had moved her arms over his shoulders and was digging her finger nails into his back. Later I would think back to that moment in time, and wonder at how things ever got to the point that I would be doggy fucking a woman at the same time my wife was being banged across the bed from me. But at that moment in time it all seemed the thing to do and it was very erotic. Angela began to straighten up as we began to cum, my hands squeezing her tits and pinching her nipples while I whacked her ass with my belly. We jerked and trembled and almost collapsed to the floor before I caught her, my cock still shooting cum in her. We stood straight up then with my cock still in her and she turned her head for a wet lingering tongue filled kiss. I whispered, "Hmm thanks baby that was wild." I looked over across the bed just in time to see Steve pull his cock out of my wife. He held the knob in her pussy while it seeped cum and her pussy lips appeared to be licking it off. God, I was getting hard again, what a boost!

When Steve and I both stood up again, the ladies collapsed side by side on the bed. They kissed softly and Angela asked Susan if she had enjoyed her husband. Susan smiled and said, "I love fucking him, I love his thick cock. You seemed to be giving it up with Jim, sounded like you enjoyed it as well, even with Steve and I across the bed." Angela replied, "It was really hot and I love doing doggie and he has the long cock needed to do it right, and he did".

I was hard again and in fact had not lost much edge at all, I was so hyped. I was looking at Susan's pussy, still creamy with cum and a sudden thought occurred to me, that here was a chance to fuck a recently fucked pussy, and it was my wife's. She saw my eyes looking her over and my flag pole stiffening as I looked. She sprawled to her back with her legs spread. It certainly looked like an invitation in her eyes and I moved over her. I said "any pussy for your hubby baby? It's all nice and creamy, looks nicely used, and I would love to slip it into you." There was no response, her hand had my cock and was rubbing it in her cum filled pussy. We watched it split her lips and disappear easily. Ah god, what a feeling. It felt as if my cock was sliding through folds of hot wet velvet, the knob pushing them aside as I ended up with my balls in her crotch. Angela was on her side watching us, her head on the pillow, her fingers pulling at her nipples; her legs crossed as if cumming. Steve was moving in behind her. This could get good.

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