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First encounter, our friends

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In 1979 my wife and I lived in a small apartment in south Houston. We had a 1 year old child and barely a beer budget. I was from south Texas, 20 years old and my wife was 19 years old. We had visited some of my friends in south Texas there a few times. We always had a good visit. A couple of them later moved to Houston, on the north side.

When we moved into the apartment we had a black and white TV, a kitchen table that was given to us, 1 double bed with a worn out mattress, a chest of drawers, baby bed, and a hide a bed couch we purchased soon after moving in. A few weeks after it was delivered we decided to open it up in the evening and sleep on it. We then realized that it was more comfortable than our bed. After our discovery we would sleep on it about 50% of the time.

All of my friends that came to visit in the evenings were usually drinking beer and occasionally trying to get me to go out with them to bars and topless bars. I never did until once my wife said, ?Why not, let?s go out, we can afford to have a few beers?. She surprised me and the others as I knew they wanted me to go with them but never expected her to come too! We called my wife?s parents and told them we wanted to go out, eat and see a movie. Would they babysit? We hardly ever went out and they were quick to agree to keep the babe all night. All was ready now and we along with 4 other guys piled into an old Cadillac Eldorado one of them had and hit the road. All the other guys were single and immediately started talking about going to their favorite topless bar. These were guys that I had known for at least ten years and although they were single and wild, they were always respectful of us and our marriage. I suggested another bar but again my wife surprised us and said that she had never been to a topless bar and wouldn?t mind.

At the bar the chairs were arranged to view the stage and we sat in the second ?row? of tables. We stayed long enough to see 4 dancer?s dancer?s who took turns dancing 2 dances each. The first dance was a kind of strip and the second was their real money dance with just a g-string to hold bills. I was really hard, as the others were I?m sure and to complicate my condition my wife was rubbing me under the table. The song, ?I believe in miracles? was the money song that 2 of the girls danced to. All of the 4 guys tipped the dancer to the song. We all had a good time and they were to drop me and my wife off at our apartment. It being Friday night I had them stop at a 7-11 and I bought some more beer and asked them to stay a while. 2 of them shared a house on the north side and the other 2 were visiting them for the weekend from Corpus Christi. We had big pillows, the couch, beer and a stereo radio, life was good. While talking my wife and I sat on the floor along with one other and the rest were on the couch. We started talking about the dancers and one of the guys commented that he didn?t see any pubic hair on the girls; others said they had seen women, ?bare? in magazines. I was about toasted so I and my wife mostly listened to their BS. My wife asked one if they liked the way the dancer danced or did he just like the song, I believe in miracles? She started singing the song and stood up and started to sway with the song. He said he liked both the dancer and the song. She and the rest of us were drunk and she walked out of the room through the short t shaped hall and straight into the bathroom. I figured that she was probably going to be sick. A couple of the guys commented that she was younger and even better looking than the dancers that we had just seen. They said that they had rather watch her swaying to that song than see the girls in the ?g? strings. I agreed with them, that I did get lucky with her, and I could see that they were truly envious of me. Turned out they were surprised as me that she had gone out with us. I couldn?t resist telling them of how she was rubbing me under the table at the bar. She had been in the bathroom for about 10 minutes and I thought that I should go and check on her. She had locked the door into the hall, so I went into our bedroom and entered from the door there, it was a ?Hollywood? bath. She was in the bath tub with her panties off, shaving her pussy. She was shocked to see me and asked me to leave. I was shocked because this was the first time she shaved. ?OK?, I said and left her red faced from being caught in an ungraceful pose. Now I knew that things were going to heat up!. I came back into the living room and told the guys she was fine, not sick, but just hot from being at a strip club and now in room full of guys. and would be out soon. I knew that she was determined to show her stuff which was fine with me. After a while she came out with a trim fitting red nightgown on and sat back down next to me. One or the guys asked her if she was ok and did her dance get her woozy? She said no and that she took a quick shower so she would be more awake and comfortable. While the others were laughing and enjoying themselves, I asked her quietly to sing the song and dance to it, and to go around and rub them like she had done to me earlier. Based on her actions in the bath, I thought that she was ready for some ?experimentation?. The stereo was playing some song she liked so she just started singing along with it. Some one said, ?Yea, sing it? and she did, then stood up and started dancing. Wasn?t long before she was rubbing her own tits to the rhythms. These 4 guys could hardly believe their eyes. They were totally shocked. They were more shocked when she lay down on the floor next to one of the guys and started to rub and pull at his dick to the rhythm of the song. She moved over, turned on her back, and as she arched up she spread her legs, pulled up on her nightgown to expose her fresh shaved pussy pulsating to the song. She was now the center of attention as all eye gazed at her wide open pussy. She rolled back and got on her knees as she rubbed the guy on the floor more and helped him pull his jeans down. The whole ordeal seemed surrealistic; I said that we should unfold the mattress in the couch to have more room. We did and the guy with his dick out got on the bed with just her as we watched and he had the first fuck of her ever, besides me. She pulled her gown off and she held her 34c?s as she eased herself down on his dick and started riding him. For an evening that had started out by being not too different than many others, times had taken a turn for the HOT side. We had talked about doing similar things but I didn?t think that she was taking me serious. Evidently she was! She went into the bedroom and came out with K. Y. She applied it to herself regularly. I was awe struck by how casual and comfortable she was being nude, letting them know she had an IUD and she would like to suck or fuck them. She made it clear that it was their choice. Everyone, through the night took turns 1 on 1 with her as she fucked and sucked them all multiple times. She alternated between guys to give them a chance to recharge. They all came several times, till they couldn?t get it up any more. All I did was watch with the hardest dick I had ever had. She was drenched in her own sweat and their cum, that is, all that she didn?t swallow or have in her pussy. They left very spent after about 3 hours. Then it was my turn. We went into the shower and then to bed. We both sucked on each other, and fucked till I was in the same condition as she had left my friends. On weekends after that, occasionally our two friends from town would visit with a couple of six packs. They would never bring up the subject but my wife would unfold the couch into a bed coax them out of their pants, and get their dicks out to suck them or suck and fuck them. They were like the Popsicle vendor bringing her a treat.

We never had another encounter with anyone else for years. Still today we have stayed friends with some of them and they have a big smile for my wife when we see them. About 2003 we had our next encounter. The encounters are seldom now with MFM, same room swaps with another couple, and she has had some ?dates? with single guys, on my encouragement. Her sex drive has stayed well oiled through the years and her pussy shaved. Whenever we are about to get down to a serious encounter with others she always looks at me with a grin and a body sway as she sings ?I believe in miracles?

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