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First Vacation at a Lifestyle Resort

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Last year we had our first experience; we?d decided to spend four days at the Desire Resort in Cancun. We?ve been married for twelve years and during that time we?ve been monogamous, though both of us have admitted occasional flirtations with others. Desire bills itself as a ?lifestyle resort? but we didn?t know whether we?d actually do anything but felt that if we just got to hang out on the beach naked for four days that would be ok.

The first three days we just relaxed by the beach and by the pool. We?re both fairly shy, so we didn?t really say much to anyone, though we found that we were having sex twice a day and that was a great change for both of us.

We?d developed some pretty intense fantasies, or at least I had, and since I was the talkative one during sex I spent my time thinking of scenarios I felt would turn my wife on. One of the fun things about going to Desire is just the opportunity to see all sorts of bodies; the age range is pretty broad. It wasn?t until the second day that we discovered the big hot tub on the second floor of one of the buildings. There were two times when the hot tub was busy; the first was happy hour and the second was late in the evening. The first time we went there it was a little before happy hour and there were only two other couples in the hot tub. The tub is not really only about three feet full of water so you slide in and then walk over to the bar with your cock dangling in front of those who are sitting on the edge. I?m in pretty good shape and have always considered that I have an average size cock, though my wife is always telling me it?s a little bigger than normal, but I figured she was just being kind. She on the other hand has the most beautiful set of natural d titties, well you can see them yourself on the site. Anyway we walked over to the bar past the two couples. The women were talking to each other and I didn?t think they were any great shakes and I was pretty sure one of them made some uncomplimentary comment about my wife. We got a couple of drinks and sat down chatting. We?d already had a couple of rum punches, which was unusual for us, but neither one of us drink very much so we were probably feeling the liquor more than most. The two women kissed their husbands goodbye and left the hot tub. They were chatting by the railing looking over the ocean and one of them turned to walk over towards the bar to get a drink. I was sitting on the ledge of the hot tub with my wife sitting with her back to me leaning backwards into my chest. We were both wearing shades. When I saw his cock I nearly dropped my drink. This guy had a cock that was at least twice as large as mine. Now, maybe he?d been pulling it or something. I leaned into my wife and said, ?Honey look at that cock.?

She turned her head towards me and said, ?good gosh? and we both chuckled. I looked up at him, as he got close and said, ?Hi?

He smiled and stuck out his hand, ?Ken?. I introduced us and saw him looking at Susie?s boobs, I mean who wouldn?t? I felt her arch her back a little and I thought to myself, she wants this guy to like her. I tried to think of something to say, and ended up saying, ?How long how you guys been here.?

That was enough to get him chatting, introducing himself as Bill while he was waiting for his drinks. I leaned in to Susie?s ear and said, ?I dare you to ask to touch it.?

To my utter surprise she said, ?My husband just dared me to ask if I can touch your cock. Do you mind??

He laughed and said, ?Absolutely not.?

I watched in amazement as she stuck out her hand and wrapped it around him. She looked in his eyes and said, ?Nice,? and then she moved her hand down and cupped his balls. In the meantime the bartender had set down his drinks, but he seemed quite content to stand there while my wife fondled his cock. I looked up to see his friend walking over. His cock was more normal in size. He introduced himself as Jack. He looked at Susie?s hand wrapped around Bill?s cock and said; ?I see you?ve introduced yourselves to Bill?s cock.?

I said, ?Actually this is the first time she?s done anything like this. I guess she was inspired.? Bill was obviously responding and had gotten impressively thick and even longer.

Jack said, ?Do you mind if I touch your boobs??

I knew he wasn?t talking to me. Susie said, ?Go ahead.? Bill obviously took this as a go ahead and I looked over to see Jack?s hand cupping one and Bill the other. Bill reached over and grabbed a drink, handing it to Jack and then took his own. He clinked glasses with us and said, ?Here?s to body parts.?

Susie handed me her drink and I saw her hand reach down to Bill?s cock. Now she had a cock in each hand, while both of her boobs were being fondled. I could feel my own cock lengthening against her back, so I knew she could feel my arousal. I was actually beginning to be a bit uncomfortable because she was pressing me back into the seat ledge, but then I felt a hand brush my balls and then disappear. I knew that one of them was playing with her pussy, though I couldn?t really move and see. I reached over to the edge of the bar and put her drink down and then wrapped my arm around her waist and leaned into her ear. ?Are you OK.??

She looked back and said, ?Oh yes.?

I didn?t really know what to do. I mean I?d started this and now my wife was jerking off two guys in front of me while one of them had his fingers in her pussy. I felt kind of like a third wheel. I felt the fingers on my balls again and I figured one of them was trying to slip a finger up her ass, which I didn?t really want so I moved her hips so they were pressed into me. She was squirming around, and her hands were really going at both the cocks. Suddenly Jack shouted, ?Oh yeah.? He pulled his cock out of her hand and jerked himself furiously, sending ropes of cum all over her chest. A few seconds later Bill grunted and did the same. I moved my hands up to her tits and rubbed the cum into her nipples, pinching them as I did so. That and I guess Bill?s fingers did the trick because she started moaning a few seconds later and started shaking in the familiar signs of orgasm.

Bill and Jack stood back and said, ?Thanks.?

I didn?t know what Susie would do but she laughed and said, ?It was good for me too.? She got off my lap and walked out of the hot tub right to the shower that was on the edge. As she turned I could see the shine of two loads of cum on her breasts. Anyway she showered off. I was still hard, which was kind of embarrassing, but I said good-bye. As I walked away I heard Jack say, ?Lucky the girls left when they did; they would have been pissed.?

I walked out of the hot tub and grabbed a couple of towels, handing her one and we grabbed our things and headed to the room.

When we got to the room, Susie pushed me back onto the bed and said, ?Happy??

?That was fun. It was a little more than I expected, but it was fun.?

?I felt how hard you were so I thought you were ok with it. You were weren?t you??

She lowered her head to me and said, was your cock a little jealous??

I immediately sprang hard as she took me all the way into her mouth. I said, ?Did you want to suck that big cock??

?Maybe just the head. I don?t think I could get much in my mouth.?

?How about Bill you could have gotten him in your mouth.?

?Bill was just a bonus.? She?d taken me out of her mouth and now moved up my body and put me inside. I?d been so close to cumming for over an hour that I figured I could last a little.

?What if we?d come back here, would you have fucked us all??

?Oh, I don?t think I could do that.? She was moving faster on me and her tits were bouncing the way I love. When she gets crazy they?re all over the place so I filled my hands with them. I felt her juices flowing out of her and making a squishy spot on me.

?Oh I think you could have handled that big cock.?

?And Bill?s turned up at the end. Did you see that??

She was really moving on me now, grinding into the base of my cock so I was painting circles inside her. I couldn?t remember her being crazy like this and then she started cumming. She was so wild with her orgasm that I almost lost my desire, but then she looked in my eyes and said, ?Fill my pussy.? And I lost it inside her.

The next day we lay out on the beach in a cabana. There was a couple next to us and we started chatting. They were from New York and he was a take-charge kind of guy. She was about ten years younger, but she had a killer body, with slim legs and a really tight ass. Apparently she was a ballet dancer. Her boobs were shapely but fairly small, and she didn?t seem that friendly. We said goodbye at sunset but didn?t go to the hot tub, preferring to nap before the evening. After dinner, with a couple of glasses of wine we hung out at the bar and then went up to the disco, which was pretty lame.

Just as we were leaving we saw Jack and Bill and their wives and smiled, but I felt unfriendly vibes from the wives. Susie was wearing a corset dress that showed a lot of cleavage and maybe a little nipple, but Desire is like that for women. I know Susie felt the snub and that?s probably why, when we saw the couple, Roger and Sally, from the cabana on the beach, that Susie greeted them with more friendliness than I?d expected. They asked us to have a drink with them and then we ended up on the dance floor. Sally was a great dancer and she seemed friendlier than she had at the beach. We stayed, drinking and dancing for another hour. I don?t know who suggested the hot tub but I found myself following Sally and Susie up the stairs behind Roger. Once there we all migrated to one of the beds and started taking off our clothes. It was funny but I realized that the three of us were watching Susie taking off her clothes and then Susie got into giving us a show. She took off the skirt first and of course wasn?t wearing any underwear. She shaves completely, so I could see her little lips poking out and I could also see a little bit of wet. She asked Sally to help her unclip the corset and Sally of course commented on her breasts and asked if she could touch them. I?d never known Susie to be interested in other women, but she said, ?Sure, go ahead.?

Sally filled her hands with them and then stroked them slowly. Roger and I were standing to the side watching and we started talking about our experiences. They were, apparently, fairly experienced at swinging while of course we were complete newcomers. Susie exclaimed proudly that she had jerked off two guys yesterday and that they had cum on her tits. This story made me half hard, so when I took off my pants my cock was at half-mast. I saw Sally eyeing it. ?Looks like you enjoyed watching her.?

I admitted that I had. Susie said, ?I don?t know if I could have fucked them though. I?m not sure about taking it that far.?

Sally said, ?I know what you mean. I don?t usually cum when I?m playing. I have fun though.?

I thought that was a pretty strange thing to say. There were about six couples in the hot tub while we sauntered over. There was a couple that Sally recognized and she said she?d introduce me. I started chatting with them not really noticing where Susie had gone, but then I saw her standing at the bar with Roger, chatting. At a certain point Sally left and then returned with a drink for me. A couple of times I looked for Susie and aw her chatting with a group of people at the bar. Sally was friendly and after we?d had a couple of drinks backed her butt up to me and stroked my cock. It seemed natural to squeeze her ass and then reach around to cup a breast and stroke her nipple, but I didn?t really get any turned on vibes from her. After a break in the conversation I said that I was going to check in with Susie and in response Sally turned around and grinned at me, sliding down in the water and taking my cock in her mouth. The people we were taking with cheered her on; I was shocked, but I let it go on for a minute before I lifted her up and gave her a kiss on the mouth. I took her by the hand and waded over towards Susie, who was laughing. Roger was behind her and as I moved closer I thought I saw his hand in her pussy while another guy was standing in front of her fingering her clit. Susie?s color was a little high, but she was giggling. Her eyes opened when she saw me and I realized she was a little drunk; she has a certain look she gets when she?s had too much. ?There you are. I was wondering where you were. Roger?s to put his cock in me.?

I reached down and sure enough felt his cock-head between her cheeks.

He said, ?Hold on there fellow. I don?t dig guys.?

She moved towards me and I saw it briefly as it moved from between her cheeks; it was fat, short and had a pronounced curve up.

She put her arms around my neck and said; ?I think I?m pretty drunk, was it ok I nearly had a cock in me??

?As long as you were happy. Sally sucked me for a little.?

?Umm, can I suck Roger??

I said, ?Sure but then I think we?ll call it a night, OK?? I?d decided I didn?t really want to have sex with Sally. She was really pretty and had a great body but there just wasn?t any responsiveness. I wondered if she really wasn?t into this kind of thing and was doing it only for her husband.

Susie patted the side of the hot tub and Roger jumped up. His cock was still standing at attention and I noticed that the pool was pretty full. Susie definitely had everyone?s attention as she pushed him back so he was leaning on his hands and his cock was waving in the air. She started running her tongue on his leg and continued up his balls, which she sucked into her mouth one at a time. She then ran her tongue down the other side of his leg and then looked at his cock before running her tongue all the way around the head and down the back of the shaft. She then opened her mouth and put the head in; it was thick enough so that it stretched her mouth, but she didn?t have any trouble deep-throating him. Sally moved behind her and I saw her fingers cruise down Susie?s ass and then I assumed into her pussy. Susie didn?t miss a beat but I saw her push back onto Sally?s hand. I was feeling left out so I cupped my hand over Sally?s closest butt cheek. She turned and grinned at me. I slipped lower and was surprised to find, as I slipped a finger in, that her pussy was really wet. I moved around and slipped my finger up to find that her clit was now standing proud, so I reached my other hand around and pinched it lightly while my fingers went back to her hole. She was now working Susie with both hands while Susie was going to town on Roger?s cock. This probably went on for ten minutes and then suddenly all three of them started cumming. Susie pulled his cock out of her mouth after taking a first swallow and jacked him off on her tits and shouted she was cumming. Sally finished her off and then turned around and dropped to her knees swallowing my cock. It was only few seconds before I came and she took every drop. As we all separated I realized the entire pool was cheering and clapping.

Shortly afterwards we said our goodnights and wandered off towards our room, but on our way we found a hammock next to a couple having quiet slow sex and we spooned, my cock slipping into Susie's wet pussy. We heard the next couple kissing and laughing while they fucked and we did the same. The next day was our last and next morning at breakfast we found that we'd developed a number of fans. That last day was a story unto itself!

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