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First Time Swing

Here's a funny one for ya. Hubby and I had been talking about the Life for a while. We finally decided to give it a try and in the research we had done, were told for better results, put pics on the profile. So we bought a cam and took some shots and put them on a website. They were approved and it was put up on Friday. We didn't expect response right away but we were hopeful. We got an email from a cpl having a party the next weekend. We responded and thanked them for the invite and accepted. The next weekend while getting ready, I got major butterflies. We got to the bar to meet and we noticed other people you could tell who were there for the party, but, there was a problem. They were all guys. Now the party was suppose to be 5 cpls. When we finally got to the room, it was the host cpl, us and 3 guys. Talk about being nervous already. Anyway, everyone knew it was my first time so we talked and had drinks and after becoming very tipsy, i grew a pair and dove in. Well, save the details, because we all know what happens at those parties, But the other female and I ended up winning the nite.

What a Great Life in the Lifestyle.


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