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First Time Adventure

Title - First Time Adventure
My viewpoint on how it would come true.
Threesome - FFM

Chapter 1

The towel wrapped around Jen barely concealed her excitement ..Her nipples were clearly visible a little scared of being observed by our new friend for the first time .I knew that I had to take the lead .Our friend was mesmerized watching us still sitting on the chair by the bed ..she had an unobstructed view of our every move

I stopped Jen close to the bed ..Kissing her ..I dove my tongue deep inside her hungry mouth. Her breathing was becoming erratic ..I could feel a faint shaking as she became more aroused with my every touch We were standing less that 3-feet from our new friend ..Abruptly .I spun Jen around and my hands began exploring every inch of her towel laden body Reaching up I unrolled the knot of the towel causing it to drop to the floor .Kissing the back of her neck .while gently squeezing her sensitive, erect nipples .reaching behind her .she started rubbing the growing bulge of my jeans .Quickly stopping her .I teasingly said Not Yet... right hand moved downward to her cleanly, shaven, wet pussy as soon as my finger touched her ..she moaned ..moving it back and fourth .she gave up any pretense of being shy and embarrassed about having another person within 4-feet watching us .

Looking over my shoulder and our friend ..she appeared to be oblivious to me looking at her .her eyes clearly focused on the pleasure Jen was receiving from my intense finger-fucking .I noticed that she had shifted slightly in the chair her nipples were getting hard .positioning herself to get a closer and better look at Jen being pleasured

I whispered in Jen's ear if she was ready to give our new friend a Real Show... ..before she could answer ..I led her over to the edge of the bed turned her around ..and instructed her to sit down .with that stepping back I removed my shoes and socks slowly unbuttoned my shirt unbuckled my pants pausing only to let them drop to the floor ..My hard dick was straining to be released from the confines of my underwear .In one quick movement .I pulled down my underwear hard dick sprang out .standing straight up ..both Jen and our new friend stared in silence

The sexual tension in the room was overwhelming I walked over to the nightstand and got the new toy from the top drawer smiling .I held it up to let Jen and our new friend gaze at the size texture
It was about 8 1/2... long ..1 ½... to 2... thick ..At the bottom was a suction cup conveniently designed so the toy could be placed in a stationary position and used at the same time .It felt and looked very lifelike ..we would soon find out .

..Now it was time for me to demonstrate
..But not before I got a chance to show-off my oral talents

At my suggestion, I had our new friend move her chair so she could have a better, unobstructed view I gently pushed Jen backwards ..and started to work .beginning with her feet ..I trailed my tongue slowly up and down her right leg getting closer and closer with every move .I did this for several minutes before I stopped and paid close attention to her hardening clit ..Jen began bucking her hips in a vague attempt to rub and touch the tip of my darting tongue gently blowing barely touching .I knew how to drive her insane

Out of the corner of my eye .I noticed our new friend was struggling to maintain composure Subconsciously, her hand drifted down to the crotch of her jeans ..and she rubbed herself through the thick fabric of her jeans .her nipples had gotten hard .very visible ..and she continue to stare at Jen being driven into a state of frenzy

I could tell by Jen's movements she was nearing her first of many orgasms .as she approach her climax I intensified my efforts .gently sucking her wet labia while running my tongue up and down her hard clit ..
Moaning loudly .she came she came hard .as she subsided ..I noticed our new friend was quickly losing some of her pre-meeting inhibitions

At my suggestion ..I encouraged her to get more comfortable ..Not giving her time to answer .I said that it was time that Jen experienced 4-hands instead of two .After .all this was her afternoon and besides ..I needed someone to assist me in demonstrating the correct use of this new toy

Chapter 2

I positioned Jen in the middle of the bed .our new friend was nervously fumbling with the buttons of her shirt ..Jen's eyes wondered back and fourth between my hard dick and the actions of our new friend .I could tell .she was extremely turned on not knowing my next move hard dick that continued to throb ..and our new friend .who had now removed her shirt ..
I got off the bed .walked past our new friend .and climbed on the bed besides Jen whispering in her ear .I told her to suck my hard cock just for a minute .our new friend had a complete unobstructed view of the entire show ..quickly ..Jen moved up and engulfed me .My loud sigh must have been enough encouraged for our new friend ..she was now somewhat frantically pulling off her pants after a few minutes .not wanting to come .I pulled Jen off ..pulled her hands behind her head and instructed her to relax ..I reached for our blindfold that was in the drawer of the nightstand ..Placing the blindfold over her eyes I whispered to Jen ....You ready to be devoured... .her hips were now beginning to grind and buck .I instructed her to roll over and get on her knees ..

Getting off the bed ..I handed the toy to our new friend ..who was now down to her bra and panties ..without saying a word .I maneuvered under Jen .between her legs ..and went to work on her erect clit

Taking my lead our new friend was anxious and excited about our next move

Chapter 3

Teasing Jen to the point of no return ..I darted my tongue in and out of her .each time .going a little bit deeper .Her hips were grinding against the movement of my tongue Her muffled moans began getting louder ..she was getting very close but little did she realize .the tease had just started
The arousing flicks of my tongue began slowing down she was begging me not to stop ..but .I had other plans ..

As I slid out from under Jen, I heard the faint sound of buzzing ..My attention quickly turned to our new friend .Still clad in her bra and panties She was a very attractive, seductive woman .nice figure ..and from what I could tell, she was intrigued by the intensity of our love making .
Sitting sideways on the edge of the bed, her large-erect nipples were clearly visible through the semi-transparent white fabric of her bra She had the new toy in her right hand ..It was buzzing and using her left hand .she was running her fingers up and down the shaft .Smiling at her, I said Think she will like it...?
Blushing .she replied I'm sure she will....
Turing my attention back to Jen .I instructed her to turn over on her back .She was still somewhat taken back from the teasing I just finished .Kneeling next to her .I adjusted her blindfold Leaning down, I whispered Are you ready for the ultimate tease...? Pulling her arms above her head ..I instructed her not to move .grab .in any way, shape, or form She was gorgeous .totally naked ..Her large brown nipples were swollen with arousal .Her clean shaven womanhood was still drenched I moved and licked my way up and down both sides of her exposed body Our new friend was mesmerized with Jen's uninhibited passion and overwhelmed by the anticipation of my next move
Getting off the bed I removed my video camera from my suitcase. Turning it on .I handed it to our new friend ....We need someone to film us ... You up to the challenge...?

End of Story

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