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First Meet

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As meetings go, this first meet with this couple was starting out very normal. However as the evening passed, it would prove to be quite unique. Carole and I were ?prepped? for the event as usual. She had her sexy blue silk ?shorty? dress on. Her blue topaz strapped spikes, were highlighted by her diamond anklet and toe ring. Her nipples were slightly detectable through her dress. Her camel toe was perfect. She was the mantrap that was set for the kill.

I was decked out as only a man can fashion. Dockers, Acmes, and Levi?s.

Liz and Harry were ready for the meet, too. Harry was in his best suit of the day, and Liz had very worn blue jeans, and sweatshirt, with deck shoes. Perfect.

We sat down for the beginning of what was thought to be an evening of flirting and exploration into the psyche of each other. Hopefully, ending in some one getting the fucking of a lifetime. We had no idea how true that would turn out for one of us.

As the waiter descended upon our table with his litany of offerings, Carole slowly turned to address him. As she turned, it was obvious that he was interested in the slight bump of her nipples and the exposure of her cleavage. I could only imagine how he will respond to her camel toe when she stands up. She politely, in her sexiest tones, orders her fare. Liz, who was busy on her cell phone (texting), was oh so nonchalant about the waiter. She acted as though she didn?t want to be disturbed. Harry and I weren?t interested in food. We had a couple of stiff Long Island types, and munched on thoughts of fucking.

It was obvious that Harry was hot for Carole. It was equally obvious that Liz was very interested in the party on the other end of her texting session. I mean, Never have I seen someone so rude. She not only ignored Carole and me, she had no idea that Harry was there. I was OK with the prospect that she would be a bystander for Harry, Carole and me. I could envision her sitting on the couch, while Harry and I worked our wizardry on Carole all night long. She would be giggling and moaning to her texting partner. This takes phone sex to a new low.

OK, back to the table. After an hour or so of mfm conversation, I was ready to retire to the men?s room for some relief of the bladder disease I call, Igottapiss. As I announced my departure, I could see no one cared. I was not missed.

I cruised through the crowd to make my way to the well hidden restroom. Imagine that, they make the point where you put in the alcohol easily identifiable and the point where you urgently need to get rid of it harder to find than a dollar in your pocket. As I made my way I bumped into several acquaintances. One young man asked me about the woman at my table. I thought he was referring to Carole. However, he was talking about Liz. He said he knew her, and that she had some of the most interesting body art you would ever see. He also said that she liked ?surprises?. Immediately an idea came over me. I asked the young man if he would be interested in helping me ?surprise? her. He was game.

I quickly finished my business in the men?s room. Checked out the landscape, and returned to the table. Carole was not to be seen and Harry?s eyes were glossy and he was groaning. I looked down and could see the soles of Carole?s shoes protruding from under the table. Liz was (predictably) texting and giggling. I sat down and waited. After a few minutes, Liz quietly arose and headed for the lady?s room. My friend, Will, had placed an ?out of order? sign on the lady?s room entrance. He also put an arrow pointing to the men?s room. She bit. Into the men?s room she walked. I followed and removed the signs. Placing the ?out of order? sign on the men?s room door. I entered. Liz said someone is in here. I responded. Yes I know. Oh, it?s you. I told her that I had locked the door and was here to enjoy a few moments with her. She didn?t think too poorly of that, as it was surprising. She had put away her cell phone when she dropped her jeans to take care of business. I stepped into the stall and removed her jeans and she had no panties on. Her smooth skin was decorated in a magnificent way. She was completely encircled with a golden and green snake. Her pussy was highlighted by a tremendous spider and web. Her ass was adorned with a most beautiful lavender orchid. She had gold chains on her ankles and wrists, and a beautiful woman?s face on her left tit. It was looking at her nipple.

I managed to drop my pants and fill her mouth with my 6 inches of desperate dick. She was working hard, when the door opened. She was startled. She looked up and there was Will. I said ?surprise?. She smiled and reached for him while sucking on my dick. She was having fun with both of us when the door opened and in popped two strangers. They could only see our backsides, so you can imagine what they were thinking. They left. They must have passed the word, because it seems that every one was coming in to see what was going on. After she drained me down her throat, I pulled up my pants and went back to the table.

Carole and Harry were sitting next to each other. I noticed that she had some cum on her chin and ear. I sat there with a huge smile on my face. She said, what? I couldn?t stand holding back for long, but I tried. I engaged in some small talk, and Harry got up to go to the rest room. I thought, oh man, is he going to be surprised. I cleaned up Carole?s careless cum, and we were planning on escaping as soon as Harry returned.

When Harry sat down, upon returning, I was amazed that he was calm as though nothing had happened. He told us that the men?s room was too crowded and that when Liz came back, they were going to have to leave. So, we waited patiently. It was awkward. I couldn?t stand it any longer. So, I got up and announced that I was going to the bar to get something special. As I made my way to through the crowd, I ran into Will, he told me that he had left soon after me and that Liz was still in the men?s room. I went to the men?s room and there was a line of guys standing outside of the door. I walked past the line and opened the door. There she was, stretched out, getting fucked in every hole. She was covered in cum.

The evening was young and Carole and I had other entertainment for the night. So, I returned to Carole and Harry and apologized for having to cut out. As Carole and I left, I told the waiter to go to the men?s room and enjoy, but after that he should go tell Harry that the men?s room was clear for his pleasure.

Since that encounter we have had nine meetings with Harry and Liz. She has never since brought her cell phone to the table. I can?t wait to lock her in the lady?s room and watch the show.

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