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The school bus pulled out of the church parking lot carrying a load of kids
to summer camp. My eight year old son Jeff was on the bus. I now had a full
week to myself. My husband John had been on a business trip for two weeks
and was not expected back for another two. I missed him very much and was
starting to miss Jeff.

I had been looking forward to the time alone. Now, I wasn't sure it would
be that much fun. I had planned to spend time with my best friend Judy. I
wanted to check out a new maternity store at the mall and Judy said that
she would tag along. I thought that afterward we could have lunch and maybe
see a movie. The Saturday crowds at the mall made shopping a drag and we
couldn't find a suitable movie. We settled on a quick lunch then decided to
try shopping on Monday.

The rest of the weekend went slowly. I watched a lot of TV and read a
little. The two weeks without my husband was causing a hunger between my
legs. I partially relieved myself by watching one of John's porno films
while fingering my starving pussy. The immediate tension was released with
an orgasm. It was not the same, however,as a good old fashion screwing that
my husband always gives me. I missed him more now.

Judy called Sunday afternoon to tell me that something came up and that she
wouldn't be able to go shopping on Monday. We rescheduled for Wednesday.
Now I had two more days alone. I decided to make the best of it. Three
weeks earlier, I had bought a mail-order dress pattern. I knew John would
like the dress. It had a plunging neckline and the skirt was very short.
The pattern called for a form fitting material that would show off my
figure. I originally planned to make the dress after the baby was born, but
now that I had time on my hands I decided to make the dress. I couldn't
wait for John to see me in the dress once I had regained my figure. I
decided to go to the sewing center first thing in the morning. I fell
asleep after another session of finger play. My sexual frustrations were

The next morning I showered and dressed casually. It was a warm July morn-
ing. The kind that makes you wish you weren't seven months pregnant. I
figured it was going to be a scorcher before too long. I drove to the sew-
ing center with the windows down. The breeze felt good, but it made a mess
of my hair. I pulled into the nearly full parking lot and finally found a
spot just a few doors down from the sewing store. I made an attempt to
straighten my hair in the rear view mirror. I finally gave up and got out
of the car.

I was parked next to an automotive repair shop that specialized in oil
changes. It reminded me that John had ask me to have the oil changed in my
car. I thought that I might as well take care of it while I was here so I
entered the shop. At the counter a nice looking man ask if he could help
me. I asked, "How long before I can get the oil changed in my car?" Sam
replied (I looked at the patch on his shirt), "We can have it done in 45
minutes." He smiled at me and I returned the smile and said, "Fine, here's
the key. Its the red Mustang."

Still smiling, Sam asked, "Has anyone told you that you look like Pamela
Anderson?" I felt the blood rush into my cheeks as I admitted, "Yes. A few
people have told me that." I added, "But, could you imagine me on the beach
in a swimsuit looking like this?" I gestured to my swollen belly. Sam's
look became mischievous as he said, "I for one think that a women becomes
more sexy when she's pregnant." My face must have been beet red at his
forward comment.

Sam chuckled and said, "Mam, you can have a seat in the waiting room. I'll
let you know when your car is ready." I regained my composure and offered,
"That's OK. I'll use the time to run down to the sewing store." "Ohh," Sam
said. He added, "Making something for the baby?"I saw my chance to get back
at Sam. "No," I replied evenly, "Its something for Daddy, a low cut tight
mini-dress for me." It was Sam's turn to blush.

I smiled mischievously as I left the shop, Sam's handsome red face on my
mind. The rest of him wasn't bad either, tall and muscular. My thoughts
momentarily turned to my husband. I missed him terribly. I resolved to
attack him when he returned from his business trip.

My thoughts were interrupted by some hoots and whistles. I was passing in
front of the garage next to the repair shop office. The mechanics had
noticed me walking by and were rudely making their presence known. I turned
to look at them with a 'Go to Hell'stare when I noticed how cute they were.
My expression dissolved into a smile. I walked on overhearing their
comments to each other, "Did you get an eyeful of those big knockers." The
other said, "I couldn't get past her angel face and those big blue eyes."

Their crude comments shocked me, but deep down I was flattered. I work hard
to keep my 28 year old body in shape. I was a little puzzled that they
didn't notice my belly. I guess their view was blocked by the cars in the
garage. I had not intentionally dressed to draw stares this morning. All I
was wearing was a ribbed top with my overalls. I guess the outfit was sort
of hot. Rather than long pant legs these overalls were cut short like short
shorts with cuffs. Washing had made the material fit me snug. The bib
usually covered my breasts. While pregnant, I had to loosen the shoulder
straps. The bib now only covered the bottom half of my breasts. My nipples
were clearly visible through the thin top.

Now I realize why my husband liked the overalls. He's a dirty young man. He
likes bragging about my figure. I caught him telling one of his buddies my
measurements, 37C-23-35. I popped him on the shoulder for embarrassing me
like that, but secretly I beamed because I know he's proud of my figure.
But now those numbers don't apply. I have no idea what I measure now and
don't want to know. I do know that my breasts have swelled over a cup size
since getting pregnant. I wasn't wearing a bra under my top.

I walked into the sewing store with a bright smile. It felt good to be
noticed. It also reminded me of how horny I was. I found exactly the
material I was looking for. I knew I was going to look hot for John in this
red skin tight mini-dress. I paid for the material and headed for the shop
to get my car. As I approached the garage stalls I braced for the comments.
I heard none. I confess I was a little disappointed. It seemed that no one
was in the garage.

I walked on to the shop office and entered. I heard conversation coming
from the waiting room. No one was at the counter. I was about to walk into
the waiting room when I heard Sam's voice. He said,"Boys, she is definitely
pregnant." Another said, "I guess we didn't see all of her, but what we did
see was beautiful." A third said, "I'd like to see all of her naked and I
don't care if she's pregnant." Sam's voice said, "Now lets not get carried
away. She's a married woman." A new voice said, "Does she know about the
free BBQ tonight for our customers?" Someone else said, "Maybe she'll be
there." Sam said, "I'll make sure she knows."

Sam's last statement was made as he walked out of the waiting room. He was
startled to see me there. Judging by his reaction he knew that I had over-
heard. He said, "I guess you heard." I nodded with a smile. "Sorry about
that, Mam," he said, "the boys know a lovely lady when they see one." I
shifted my weight and found myself thrusting out my breasts as I said,
"Please thank the Boys for me." My car was ready and I paid Sam. As I was
leaving Sam said, "We WOULD like to see you tonight for BBQ." He added, "We
do it for ALL the customers and it starts at six." I knew his emphasis on
"ALL" was an attempt to put me at ease. I said, "Well, thank you for the
offer, but I'm afraid I can't." He said, "I assure you Mam that you would
enjoy yourself." I returned, "I'm sure I would, but, I just can't." His
disappointment was obvious but he smiled and said, "If you change your mind
Mam, we start serving at six." I said, "I'll keep that in mind."

My car was still in the stall. One of the mechanics came out of the office
to get my car for me. Several others followed. I smiled at them as they
passed by. The young man that got my car pulled it up next to me and held
the door open. I chuckled inwardly as I caught him steeling glances at my
breasts. I didn't realize until I was seated that my nipples had grown and
were making large points in my top. I thanked him for my car and then drove
off before he noticed how red my face had become. All the comments from
those cute mechanics had had an effect on me. I realized that my pussy was
damp. I hurried home to take a cold shower. I was a happily married woman
and I was loosing control.

After a shower and lunch I busied myself making the dress. I tried to sup-
press my horny urges without luck. Sewing the dress helped a little to for-
get Sam's invitation. I kept wondering what that hunk had in mind. He said
"I assure you that you would enjoy yourself." Enjoy myself at a BBQ? Those
cute mechanics and me? No, I was letting my mind run wild. It was for all
the customers.

I finished the dress in just five hours. It was not that hard. I was
tempted to try the dress on. I knew that I'd look silly with my pregnant
belly. For some reason I really wanted to put it on. The material was flex-
ible enough to fit my belly. What nagged me was the comment one of the
mechanics made, "I don't care if she's pregnant."Sam also made some comment
about pregnant women being sexy. I always thought that having a fat belly
was unattractive. I was beginning to wonder. That mechanic seemed to be
interested in my body despite me being pregnant. I figured,"What the Hell."

I tried the dress on and it fit perfectly. It hugged every inch of my body.
The front flexed enough to be comfortable with my belly. The hem was set
about half way between my knees and my waist. I was going to have to watch
it if I bend over. My breasts looked like they might burst out of the
material. The dress pushed them together showing very nice cleavage. I put
on my 3 inch red pumps and pranced around in front of the mirror. From the
rear my ass and legs looked great. You couldn't tell that I was pregnant.

My profile showed the gentle curve of my belly. My firm milk filled breasts
barely sagged at all without a bra. It occurred to me that I've seen women
with plump tummies that didn't look that much different from the way I
looked right now. My bulge was a little higher. Another two months would be
a different story, however. I was beginning to feel sexy with my pregnant
body. The dress didn't look silly. It looked hot. My nipples began to push
against the stretchy fabric showing my arousal. I caught myself thinking
about what those mechanics would think of me rather than what my husband
would think.

I looked at the clock and it was six o'clock. I noticed that I was getting
hungry. Was it hunger or was I looking for a reason to go to that damn auto
shop. As I stood in front of the mirror the devil in me though about show-
ing up at that shop dressed in this mini-dress. I bet their jaws would hit
the floor when they saw me. I dismissed the idea quickly. I couldn't go out
in public dressed like I was. Women just didn't wear a sexy outfit like
this when they're pregnant. People would think I was a tramp or something.

My curiosity continued to nag me. What would those handsome mechanics think
of me in this dress? My excitement at the thought continued to grow.
Finally, I decided that it wouldn't hurt just to go have BBQ. I wouldn't
stay long. I was just so curious to see people's reaction to a pregnant
woman in a sexy dress. I had to finish getting ready. I bent over in front
of the mirror to see if my breasts would fall out of the dress. The tight
dress held. I turned around still bent over and noticed that my white
panties were visible from behind. I needed to change my panties.

I looked for a red pair but remembered that I had thrown them out. I was
reluctant to go out without panties but my sexy mood finally drove away my
reluctance. I would have to avoid sitting down. My hair wasn't in bad
shape. I usually wore it long a strait. I teased it a little on top and
sprayed it giving it a full look. I quickly put my makeup on, a little
heavier than usual, and checked one last time in the mirror. I looked hot.
This just might be fun. Watch out, teasing pregnant woman on the prowl.

I jumped into my car and headed for the auto shop. I pulled into the same
parking spot I had earlier at exactly 6:30. There weren't that many cars
around. I got out and went inside. The activity seemed to be taking place
in the waiting room. I walked in and was surprised to see a big screen TV
against one wall. Quite a setup for a repair shop waiting room. Against
another wall was a buffet setup with about twelve people standing around
it. Half of the people were in shop uniforms. I recognized Sam and three of
the other mechanics. I saw two couples and two other men. They must be
customers. Not a big turn out. One of the boys saw me and his expression
was priceless. He was speechless as his flailing arms tried to alert the
others. I loved it.

Finally, others notice me and the conversations started. Sam came over and
made a big show of how glad he was that I came. He tried to act nonchalant,
but I could tell that I was getting to him. The bulge in his pants betrayed
him. I was now convinced that when it comes to men, a hot looking woman is
a hot looking woman regardless if she's pregnant. Sam ushered me to the
buffet and I made a plate for myself. Sam gestured to a table but I re-
fused. I was mindful of my lack of undergarments. I didn't want to start a
riot, or didn't I?

I began to wonder about my motivations. I realized I hadn't thought about
my husband or son in quite a while. Here I was, a married woman strutting
myself in front of all these strangers. The thought gave me a tingle in my
groin. My thoughts were interrupted by one of the mechanics. He commented,
"Mam, I wanted to say how great it is to have such a beautiful woman come
and eat with us." His shy manner and corny line touched my heart, or was it
somewhere further south. I thanked him and suggested he call me Tiffany. We
continue to chat as we ate.

Others joined our conversation and finally I was introduced to all the
guys. I even met the two men who were customers of the shop. The two
couples seem to avoid me, no doubt at the urging of the wives. They both
left after twenty minutes or so. I couldn't think of leaving. I was having
a ball with all the attention. Every one of the men were gentlemen. They
wanted to know all about the baby. When was it due? What were the chosen
names? One of the men was married and he talked about his experiences. He
said jokingly, "I don't remember my wife looking as good as you when she
was pregnant." We all laughed and I coyly thanked him for the complement.

I got up the nerve to ask if they thought my outfit was inappropriate for a
pregnant woman. Everyone agreed that it was just fine. Not surprising since
they were all men. As time passed I was becoming more and more aware of
that fact. I could see that I was having an effect on them. It was exactly
the effect that I had hoped for. Now, however, I was beginning to feel
sorry for them. My teasing had gotten them worked up and I knew they were
frustrated. The irony was that seeing all these horny frustrated men around
me was making me more horny and frustrated.

I decided it was time to leave. I began to say my good-byes. Not surpris-
ingly, none of the guys wanted me to leave. One said, "Its just such a
pleasure looking at such a beautiful woman." I smiled at his sweetness and
thank him with a peck on the cheek. He blushed immediately and I noticed
him squirming to contain his growing erection. I couldn't believe the
powerful effect I was having on these guys. It was threatening to make me
lose my control.

Sam suggested that we put on the TV. He said, "Tiffany we have a nice
selection of movies to put on the VCR." I shook my head and gestured to the
door. Before I could say anything Sam said, "Your choice. Come look at our
tapes." I thought it over and finally agreed. At least it might distract me
from my hormones. Sam unlocked a cabinet and pulled open the door. It was
filled with at least a hundred tapes. I walked over and looked at the
titles. I noticed that some of the guys were whispering to each other and I
wonder what was happening.

As I scanned the titles I noticed that about half of the tapes were triple
X rated. I looked at Sam with reddening cheeks and gestured to the shelf of
tapes. He knew what had caught my attention. He stuttered, "You don't have
to pick the adult stuff unless you want to." His invitation was plain.
That's what he wanted. I gave him a smirk and returned my attention to the
selections. I love porno movies. I was hot enough to consider pulling one
out. I was becoming hotter by the second. I knew that with me in the room
and a porno tape rolling these guys would likely get excited beyond control.

Clearly flustered, I asked Sam, "Where's the ladies room?" Sam pointed the
way and as I hurried away I said over my shoulder, "Put in whatever you
want."I heard groans as I left the room. Only then did I realize the double
meaning. The guys were obviously hot and getting hotter. In the bathroom I
began to shamelessly think about the possibilities. I was so horny that I
began to think about cheating on my husband. I was pregnant with his child
for God's sake. My passion overwhelmed my brain. I looked at myself in the
mirror. I squeezed my breasts, pushing them together causing my cleavage to
grow. My blood was boiling. I rubbed at my crotch in frustration. I was
beside myself.

I tried to calm myself down. I pulled the hem down to an acceptable level
for public. I knew that if I didn't control myself, the acceptable level
would probably be higher. I couldn't believe how I was thinking at that
moment. A pregnant married woman thinking the way I was. I tried to concen-
trate on something besides sex. I began to think about the baby. Inevit-
ably, I thought about the night it was conceived. It was one of the hottest
nights my husband and I had ever had. We were both convinced that that was
the night that knocked me up. I ended up with four loads of sperm in my
pussy that night.

Continued in part 2. . .

End of Story

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